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After tomorrow, when Sherlock has been in theaters, then will I make a decision about how I feel about this show. I don't want any chance of any fuckery, any tricks.

Only when I’m 100% sure there is no possibility for more immediate Sherlock content will I make an educated decision about how to proceed in this Fandom. You guys have given me so much and I’m a better person because of you. I do not regret a single thing I’ve ever said on this site - I don’t regret a single meta I wrote. If the episode in theaters is the exact same as the episode we just watched, then I know I’ve inspired more queer people to find their voices and accept themselves than Mark Gatiss did.

If they can’t change the world, then I fucking will.

This is my favourite post on this site bc this really shows these ppl know nothing I’m dead… if we changed ally to closeted.. that’d be outing urself if you interacted with the lgbt community… closeted ppl still wouldnt have access… im dead

PSA to Monbebe

One of my favorite things about Monbebes is that as a fandom we have always been kind and respectful and wanted nothing more than to support the boys who bring us so much happiness. The comments I have seen bashing Melon and Pristin and others since the ‘Beautiful’ MV dropped are making me sad. The other group has done nothing wrong and we can’t change the rules of the streaming sites. All we can do is continue to support Monsta X by streaming and sharing and voting. Let’s not get so full of ourselves and blind in our pursuit of their first win that we become an ugly fandom. Monsta X are the 7 sweetest, most deserving group I know and we should strive to be a fandom that mirrors them and is worthy of them.

Standing Rock was an intense and unique experience for many water protectors. While inspiring and engaging, the time at camp can also have consequences on our emotions. We may be experiencing changes in our behavior and mood as a result of our time on site. Just as we supported each other on the front lines, we need to continue providing help and caring for our relatives who have and will return home. It is normal to be experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder or other forms of emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance after what we went through.

Please know that you are not alone. Please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance, there are helping hands and listening ears, community members and healers of all types ready and willing to share with water protectors.

If you are in need of support please email:, and

We have compiled a list of people identifying as healers who have come forward to offer support and assistance to people who have been experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and emotional imbalance as a result of their time at standing rock. They are located around the country and many can work virtually over the internet or phone, depending on the modality.

We are water protectors who feel called to provide support for our relatives emotionally, some of us as peers and some as professionals. This offering is not affiliated with the standing rock medic and healer council. Many of our relatives are struggling with mental, emotional and spiritual challenges after experiences at Standing Rock. We need to have access available for emotional well being support, mental health counseling and holistic healing opportunities to support the process of recovery and reintegration for people after camp.

We cannot verify the credibility or capabilities of these providers, they are volunteers who contacted us to offer support. We encourage people in need of support to thoroughly interview and research the providers before engaging in a therapeutic relationship (contact for examples of questions to ask). It is important to feel safe and respected, heard and listened to by a provider.

Typically it takes time to develop an effective relationship with a therapist and we encourage seekers to attend several sessions and stick with the process over time. It may take a few attempts to find the right healer and healing modality that is most helpful to you. It also requires intention, courage and strength to address and work through repercussions of such an intense experience. It takes personal responsibility to avoid unhealthy coping strategies and bravery to acknowledge when you need support. Dedication is needed to develop a routine conducive to recovery. It is essential to have faith in your own ability to heal.

We are grateful to the many people who offered services and look forward to including more in our network. We are expecting the integrity of providers to treat water protectors with respect and professionalism in their support. Cultural sensitivity is necessary, particularly to honor Native water protectors. We support holistic approaches to healing especially indigenous traditions. We are also open to including centers and communities which welcome water protectors for support.

We are working on developing a more comprehensive and indigenous centric list with the standing rock medic and healer council but that will take time and we feel it is important to make support available as soon as possible. If you want to be informed of this list when it becomes available you may also contact us.

This list is compiled by Lolly Be Healing and maintained by The Icarus Project and Lolly Bee.

If you are a provider who wants to be included on this list please contact us or stay tuned for a comment below with a link to a form to fill out.

If you are a water protector needing support, please contact us!

We are in this movement together, Standing Rock was the beginning and we are so grateful to everyone who has given so much. Everyone deserves support and healing so that we can become an even stronger community to protect the water! Mni Wiconi, Water is Life!

Has it occurred to anyone that we’re creating our own coincidences? For example, Star Trek on BBC America showed Moriarty hacking into the computers in an episode that aired out-of-order just as the inauguration was finishing, which was one of our tinhat theories that blew up four days ago – knowing literally anyone without tumblr can read our theories, is it plausible whoever can change the BBC lineup thought “hey, that’s a cool idea, let’s air that Moriarty hacking episode”? Or was that just the strangest coincidence this site has ever seen? Is the universe really that lazy?

Now there’s the theory that this is fake floating around Tumblr but let me show you this:

As @gorillaztrivia pointed out, the OkCupid account is linked to Noodle’s Instagram and you clearly need said Instagram’s password to link it.

You can’t see it on the mobile site, but switch to desktop and you’ll see her Instagram pictures, that upload automatically to OkCupid too.

And the profile picture? The original with Noodle’s was deleted, it actually spent a few hours pictureless because most dating sites don’t allow non-real life images.

Apparently she’s online right now so who knows what changes we’ll see in the next minutes/hours.

Ok so, I know that we can all agree that this year has been pretty damn horrible™, but seeing that I’ve almost reached 500 followers (which was my follower goal), I decided to make my very first follow forever to thank all of my lovely mutuals for making this (hell)site a bit brighter for me by being amazing. Also I am terribly sorry if I am forgetting anyone.

Happy new year!!!

(there was indeed once upon a time a tagging system but everything changed when my laziness attacked)

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BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Epilogue)

I decided not to section the epilogue into two parts, so please have this treat! If you thought the suffering ended, you were wrong. Thanks to @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi @bananasaurr and @e-ki for proofreading as always!

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funny story

when i was younger, i played a lot of club penguin and was a member on and off with a lot of neat clothes and furniture and stuff. i don’t know if people on that site still pretend to be dating other penguins, but back in my day, we would all ask each other out and pretend to go on dates and stupid stuff like that. i would dress up as a girl with a wig and clothes and ask other penguins dressed as guys if they wanted to date, and if they said yes, i’d invite them to my igloo and quickly change into boy clothes and wigs and when the other person got there, i would say things like “who are you” and “get out of my igloo” until they got freaked out and left

No Shave November

My Dad had prostate cancer. 

My Dad had just been divorced, then found out he had prostate cancer. My Dad only had us every other week and never opened up about his cancer. He never talked about it and we weren’t even able to be there to support him. No one was there to support him. He didn’t have family that lived close by that would come over, his wife had just left him and we couldn’t even be there because of an arrangement my parents had made.

So when I see all of this shit about how no shave November is about changing beauty standards or rubbing it in men’s faces that women have body hair its disgusting. Not the body hair, your fucking attitude. 

No shave November is about supporting men with cancer. I know this is tumblr, God forbid we support men on this site but that’s what its about.

Its not about your feminist cause, its not about sticking it to the man, its not about being out there and unique. It is a cause that is raising awareness for men’s health. 

Of course women can participate in it as well. More awareness being raised is always a good thing. But the reason you’re doing it shouldn’t be to prove a point it should be about being supportive. 

I’m unfollowing anyone who reblogs/posts about No Shave November being anything other than what it is.



As most of you already know, on May 13th Tumblr has decided to lock us all out of the site and make us change our passwords for safety reasons, without as much as letting us know about the overhaul in advance. 

Now while for most this was no more of an issue than the minute lost on changing the password, many of us have stayed locked out. The problem here is that these blogs are tied to defunct e-mail addresses we no longer have access to, therefore changing the password is out of the question and so is logging in for, as it seems right now, ever.

Addressing the issue I have written to tumblr spport and got this reply:

How considerate, we are now supposed to throw away years of work on our blogs (MAIN BLOG AND ALL SIDEBLOGS), thousands of posts, original content, url and its reputation and of course ALL OF OUR FOLLOWERS, simply because Tumblr @staff failed to notify us on the matter.

However, there is still a possible solution. 

As we can still use the Tumblr app, this hideous failure could be fixed by updating the Tumblr app with the option to change the e-mail address on mobile.

I shared this idea with Tumblr support as well but I was met with the answer that, i cite, ‘’the changes aren’t up to our department’’


You screwed up big this time fellas, are you seriously letting it slide?

Charlotte: Theories (after ep.6)

Most of them are not mine. I just collected them and added some comments.

1. Time Travel

In OP we see many words which represent superpowers (collapse, telepathy and… time leap). What if someone has gained this ability and used it already? A person from future who know about events in ep 6 and wanted to prevent them from happening?

But who is she? And this guy?

Take a look at the OP again. In a split of second, five mysterious characters appear…

Looks interesting, right?

Hah, it’s only getting better.

What if they are…our main cast from the future?

Even main site of the anime changed:

“A collapsing world was the fate he saw.” 

There’s no way there won’t be time travel in this show.

2. Another theory is about this guy in the middle: 

Instead of this forgotten family member it can be also Yuu. Why?

Yuu somehow became blind and have to use a cane there.

Remember when Nao said that one of ZHIEND members is blind…?

Honestly, I have no idea how to connect those clues… It doesn’t make sense to me now, but we will see…

Another noteworthy things:

Who’s that?? Yuu? Is this a river? Are those scars? Where is he? There are reflections of buildings in the water.

And the most mysterious one, the promoting poster on the right:

Kinda creppy, right?

I think Jun Maeda has prepared many surprises for us…

What do you think about it? Tell me your thoughts!

OKay, so before I work on replies, I wanna say something.

There are some people on this site who get too much anon hate. And only after they get shat on and mocked do they get any positive messages.

I wanna change that.

I propose we all, every day, send five asks, on or off anon, to five different people we follow. It doesn’t matter if they’re having a bad day or the best day ever. Just five random people tha we follow and love on our dashes. 

Because it doesn’t matter whether or not someone is having a bad day online, everyone needs some love. Because we don’t know what they’re going through offline.

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the skam fandom - is using a vpn required to see the trailer??

Helloo anon,

We don’t know for sure, but since all the clips from the other seasons are geoblocked (which means you can only see it when you’re in Norway) on the Skam site, we are just setting up a vpn in case the trailer is geoblocked as well!

If you want to know how to change your location: here’s how

hope this helped!

Someone over on Twitter brought up that the Faerieland crash during The Faeries’ Ruin was unexpected, and it reminded me of how giddy we were when it finally went up.

And also how the decision to completely change one of the most popular lands on the site came about.

I could ramble on about this topic for quite a while, but is that something y’all are interested in? I feel like photos and art and actual pictures are much more interesting than reading me blather on, but if I’m wrong and blathering is indeed a welcome proposition, then I’m willing to give it a shot.

Well, what I remember of it anyway. It was 6 years ago.

Let me know, yeah?

[CLOSE] MNSTX.NET 2015 - 2017

We know we have not created much impact for the MONBEBEs and the KPOP Fandom. We have been around for almost 2 years, a year of which we’ve gone hiatus for the same reason— we do not have enough man power to continue on. As a fan-site solely operated by one, at times with guest mods, I was hopeful that maybe I could keep up with the surge of updates. So, we decided to re-open for their “Fighter” comeback with the hopes that maybe we could ace it this time. Now, times have changed. I am not as available as I was back then. Life and work demands consume greater time, thus having less time to visit the site and update.

To all the followers and visitors of the site, thank you for the support. Thank you for staying with us.

(The site will still be accessible until June/July)

ok i’m so pissed. it’s already been 24 hours since we called amazon & still haven’t got an email from an account specialist. my info could literally be stolen by now.

i loved amazon until all of this mess. no verification when my password & email was changed just an email saying it was changed and thanking me for shopping at amazon, then we call customer service & they acted like they didn’t know what was going on. we had to explain 3x what happened. then we still don’t know if they got my email right bcos they at first was putting in the email that stole my account to contact me back. then i haven’t been contacted in 24 hours?! wtf. i literally want to die bcos of this. if i could only get that account deleted. i even looked up that email & apparently the email site it marked as a spam and fraud email site.

ok so i’m constantly twittering with @kendallcats​ (whom i love and adore)​ about check please and

“Um!! Um. Jack’s reaction to bitty’s slutty Halloween costume 2k15″ was a thing that was said

so here we go (dialogue rudely stolen from this post on the comic’s site)

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