it will be okay

Please believe this :))



Break-up advice.

It will be hard. Suddenly small things will become big and tricky, people will keep asking if you’re okay, and you will say yes because it’s easier, but really you’re hurting. You may have a period of time where you don’t want to eat much, because you feel sick at the thought of a world without them or you might eat too much, you might have sleepless nights but you might sleep to get away from it all. Everything will remind you of them. Occasionally you may just be getting along with your day and catch a scent that reminds you of a time you spent together, and suddenly you’re a mess. You might be having a great day with friends and out of the blue you have to excuse yourself because someone mentioned something related to them and you got that burning feeling in your throat again. 

You may play moments you shared over and over and wonder whether you were stupid to end it, but please remember to not regret it. You made that decision for a reason and don’t go back to them just for fear of being lonely. You deserve someone who gives you the things that they didn’t give you.

The best thing you can do is fake it until you make it. Take photos of yourself laughing uncontrollably, dance around when nobody is watching, tell yourself you are better off without them, and slowly you will start to believe it. It may take weeks or months or years, but one day there won’t be a pile of screwed up tissues by your bed, and you won’t have that dream again. One day you won’t check their Facebook before you go to sleep, you will just fall asleep, the way you did before. One day you will be able to eat their favourite food without thinking about them. One day you will be able to go to that cinema where you had your first date, and you won’t be consumed with memories, you will just be going to see a movie.

They may still cross your mind occasionally, but one day you will wake up and they won’t be your first thought any more.

So what? You had a bad semester. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.
—  never give up

just in case anyone needs this

My lullaby for your pain

They will regret losing you. You were the only one that listened to them. You did not only listen, you understood, took in every word felt the pain all because of the love you had. You forgave them even if you told yourself it was enough the last time, you always tried to see the good in the bad & toxic. You knew you were the only one that could love them that much, waste so much time without feeling you lost any, hold on even if you knew it was pointless. You cared, loved, gave and never asked for anything back.

You are not a bad person because of this.
You are not alone.
You are not unlovable.
You are not ugly.
You are not gross.
You are not a coward.
You are not “too much”.
You are not unintelligent.
You are not useless.
In fact, because of this you will grow.
You are lovely.
You are beautiful.
You are intelligent.
You are handsome.
You are brave.
You are creative.
You are inspiring.
You are wonderful.
Don’t let this get you down, it’s okay to feel but please don’t give up on yourself.

A few years ago, I was living in a tiny little room in a shitty house with abusive family members. I was depressed and I attempted suicide twice. I met a guy online and he became one of my best internet friends. We became closer than I’d ever been with anyone and we talked on the phone all night every night for months. He lived across the country so I was pretty sure we would never meet, but he came up to see me that summer. We spent 3 weeks together and it was the best time of my life. He went home, but we remained in contact, and the next year, he found a place in my home state and moved all the way across the country to be with me. We now live together, we are engaged, and I just found out I’m pregnant.

Don’t ever let anybody undermine your internet relationships and friendships, or tell you they aren’t real. Especially those of you that are stuck at home in bad family situations or abusive relationships. They are just as real as befriending someone you met at work or school. Distance doesn’t change a thing. It may take time or money or both, but your closest internet friends are only a plane ticket away. Remember that, and keep holding on.


Be patient. You got this :))