it will always be stefan

It’s no secret I was always a fan of Stefan and Elena ending up together. In another universe, that would’ve been the ending, but we didn’t have time to tell that story in the last season because we didn’t have Elena. We couldn’t get them back together.”

“We were torn between Damon and Stefan,” Williamson says, before confessing, “I’m a Stelena [fan]. I’ve gone on record as a Stelena [fan]. It’s Stefan and Elena for me. That’s who, in another universe, that’s how I would have ended the show.”

“If we’d had her [Nina] back for all of the eighth season, we could have worked our way back there [to Stefan and Elena]. And I would have loved to explore that. But we didn’t.”

“Well, I always thought it would be Stefan and Elena. They were sort of the anchor of the show, but because we lost Elena in Season 6, we couldn’t go back. You know Nina could only come back for one episode – maybe if she had came back for the whole season, we could even have warped back towards that, but you can’t just do it in 42 minutes.”

—  Kevin “our Stelena King” Williamson

Stelena Forever Meme || [5/9] Quotes

↳ 2x20: The Last Day

Well, I always thought it would be Stefan and Elena. They were sort of the anchor of the show, but because we lost Elena in Season 6, we couldn’t go back. You know Nina could only come back for one episode – maybe if she had came back for the whole season, we could even have warped back towards that, but you can’t just do it in 42 minutes
—  Kevin Williamson talking about The Vampire Diaries series finale.
So, basically...

Things I liked about the finale:

- Seeing everyone who’d passed away

- Defan 

- Bonnie kicking ass

Things I didn’t like about the finale:

- Stefan dying

- Katherine’s weak ass comeback (she just got stabbed and thrown around, how exciting)

- Stefan dying

- Why the fuck was Vicki in hell?

- SteFaN dYinG

- How the fuck did Bonnie wake up Elena? Also she sort of had Enzo in the end but not really??? Also how did Enzo wake Bonnie up just by touching her I’m??? YOU GUYS I GET THE FEELING BONNIE BROUGHT KAI BACK TO SAVE ELENA IN RETURN FOR HIS FREEDOM WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE CONSIDERING HE WANTED TO GET HIS ASS OUT OF MYSTIC FALLS AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD LIFT THE SPELL. but no. plot holes! :D

- Stefan. Dying.


- Stefan always sacrificing it all for everyone and being so loyal and brave and kind and then DYING

- I miss Kai. Why did everyone love the siphon twins but not him.

- Why is Stefan dead

- Why didn’t they just stab Katherine and throw her in the tunnel, or tie her to a chair in the tunnel it makes NO SENSE that anyone had to die

- Did I mention Stefan’s death?

- I was expecting more out of the Delena scenes to be honest

- S T E F A N 

- How did Katherine’s hair magically curl itself between shots?

- he deserved better : ))

- Tyler’s character was tossed off the show like he meant nothing and I’m still mad

- Honestly who cares about Matt’s family

- Didn’t they say we were gonna have a two hour finale? IT FELT SO RUSHED.

- Caroline is the only vampire left which is so weird and I don’t like it

- Alaric deserved better, him and Jo were so beautiful together

- Do you think I’ve forgotten about Stefan bc I haven’t


favourite steroline moments


After a heated argument with your boyfriend, Klaus, you decided to get out of the mansion to clear your mind. When you drove off to go elsewhere, he assumed you went to sit outside to get fresh air or something. Then, after a few minutes when by, he went to check up on you, only to see you were gone. This caused your phone to blow up with texts and calls from Klaus, but you weren’t having it. He was the last person you wanted to talk to.

After the 16th call, you finally decided to pick up the phone. “What?!” You said with the biggest attitude while rolling your eyes.

“WHERE IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?!” Klaus shouted. From hearing in his background, it was obvious Klaus was outside, possibly walking towards his car to drive to wherever you’re at. You wouldn’t be surprised, though, because he’s done it before. You were at Damon & Stefan’s home. Being their beloved human cousin, they always opened up their home to you.

“Don’t worry about it. I just needed some space from you. Okay?!” Sitting on the couch, whiskey drink in hand, you chugged whatever was left while Damon walked around to pour himself a drink. He was always there for you. Stefan on the other hand, was elsewhere with Elena.

“Oh don’t be such a child, love. I’m coming to get you!” Klaus said.

“Huh?” You let out a laugh. “You don’t even know where I am! So don’t even bother!”

“Do you not know, sweetheart? I put a tracking device on your phone. Considering the last fight we had, I spent hours driving around the entire town looking for you.” By the tone of his response, if you could see his face right now, he would be smirking.

“Then I’m turning off my phone, so fuck off.” You hung up before Klaus had the chance to get a word out, then you immediately turned off your phone. Of course this pissed him off. From his frustration with you, he was so close to throwing his phone, but instead, he resisted.


The Vampire Diaries | Favorite Scenes with Paul Wesley | The CW


Rebekah:I would pray for them that would not mess with our beloved, Y/N.

Klaus:DAMON! STEFAN! Give me back my human!

Kol:It’s always fun to swipe someone’s head clean off with a bat.

Elijah:You know Y/n came crying to me complaining about someone being mean, I came to check it out.


Would include:
- Damon cooking for you
- They will always help you out
- Very protective
- They first have to approve a boy before you can bring him home
- They will annoy you
- Always joking around with them
- Cuddles
- You can talk with Stefan about anything
- A lot of house party’s

Full offence but, Damon’s hatred for Katherine is just a violent supernatural manifestation of that guy in real life who is obsessed with a girl spends AGES chasing her and when she rejects him suddenly she’s a hoe bitch tramp scum of the earth.

Like I’m sorry I know Katherine Pierce isn’t perfect but I swear ever since she uttered the words ‘I don’t love you Damon it’s always been Stefan’ there hasn’t been a single word uttered out of Damon’s mouth regarding her that wasn’t violently charged or derogatory.

Before Katherine’s rejection the sun shone out of her ass. Despite what she did to him and Stefan in the 1800s, despite playing a part in ruining their relationship, despite turning him - which he made out to be his eternal burden even though he literally begged her to do it - desperate the fact that Anna and her mom revealed to Damon that Katherine knew exactly where he was in the 80s and gave no shits; still Damon worshipped her, riiiiight up until the point where he discovered that her world didn’t revolve around him the way his did her.

That’s why I am sooooo glad Katherine’s apology was actually ‘sorry not sorry’ because she owes him literally nothing.