it will all end well if he would just go to sleep

Day 1 - Kerberos/Pre-Kerberos

Headcanons - Kerberos/Pre-Kerberos

- Baby!Shiro was absolutely obsessed with space ever since his Dad showed him some Star Trek.

- His room was covered in posters with planets and he nagged his parents for MONTHS until they agreed to stick glowy stars on his ceiling so that he could gaze at them before he went to sleep.

- His Mother studied books on stars for ages until she finally knew almost all of the constellations, so that she and Shiro could sit outside and name them all (they just end up making up the names for them anyway).

- He always knew that he wanted to go into space, and as soon as he heard about Galaxy Garrison, he made sure that he would get in.

- He was so excited when he was told that he would be going on the Kerberos mission that he actually picked Matt up and spun him around.

- Matt did not approve (he did really).

- Keith ended up knowing more about space that he ever wanted to because Shiro never shut up about it.

- On the way to Kerberos, Sam Holt had to tell him to go to sleep all the time because he wanted to gaze at the stars and planets all the time instead.

- He thought that space was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


- His parents still sit on Shiro’s bed and stare up at the ceiling, cursing the day that they had shown him the stars.

- His father can’t watch Star Trek anymore.

- His mother no longer star gazes. She can’t bring herself to look at the things that took her son away.

- Shiro has realised that the most dangerous things are often beautiful. He doesn’t love space anymore.

- He wants to go home.

[NOTE: @bosstoaster inspired the one about Shiro wanting to look at the stars on the way to Kerberos instead of sleeping with her Day 1 fill. Go read it. Seriously. It’s awesome!]
how the ninja sleep with their partners

Jay and Nya:  They sometimes like to have space to themselves, but most the time it’s a complete cuddle fest. They take turns being protective of each other during the night with lots of spooning.

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Kai and Skylor: It’s a constant struggle all night for dominance over bed space. They barely ever have blankets on them, and lots of flying limbs. (One might even end up on the floor) Yet they always wake up feeling well rested.

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Zane and Pixel: Since Zane has the bed to himself he just activates sleep mode and hes out. (I miss Pixel’s body)

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Cole and Seliel: Although Cole takes up most of the bed he’s a complete teddy bear. He will latch onto Seliel and wont let go until the sun rises. Seliel doesn’t mind it, even though it’s sometimes hard to breath.

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Lloyd and “Whoever”: Lloyd would be a gentleman and let his partner have most of the space on the bed. He would lay so close to the edge that “Whoever” would have to pull him closer. After a hard day he would hold “whoever” close to feel better.

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how well a relationship between GOM and a medicine student could go? Like, the s/o not having much free time, because they study lots and all that

This one hits me hard

Kuroko: Kuroko is a very patient person so your lack of time doesn’t frustrate him much, albeit he does miss you at random times. He knows how hard you’re working so he doesn’t mention it a lot, though. Overall, he’s a cinnamon bun who makes sure to use the free time you have together wisely.

Kise: He pouts a lot, but you know he means no harm. He likes you very much and being the person that he is, he’d want to spend a lot of time with you. It would take a lot of patience on both ends because you’re always busy and he is a man-child. He is very supportive though, I’ll give him that.

Aomine: He just constantly sleeps. When he can, he makes sure he’s in the same room as you as you study, sleeping or otherwise. Probably ends up distracting you with his snoring though. You’d try to kick him out but not even a hurricane can wake him, so you eventually get used to it. Be prepared for the times when you have free time though.

Midorima: Being a medical student as well, you two see each other pretty infrequently. You’d meet on campus for a cup of coffee in between classes, sitting in silence, simply enjoying each other’s company. Not that you have the energy to do otherwise.

Murasakibara: He doesn’t understand why you torture yourself so much. Constant studying and having barely any time to eat goes over his head. He doesn’t, however, pout as much as he usually would when he’s being neglected, simply because he doesn’t want to put more pressure on you. Who would’ve though he could be so caring? He does cling to you a lot, though. There’s no escaping that.

Akashi: Ah, yes. The prince himself only graces your presence when he knows he isn’t getting in the way of your studies. However, if he feels like you’re pushing yourself too much, he will put his foot down. He takes time out of his own schedule to make sure you’re not overworking yourself. Takes you on low-energy needing dates and overall makes sure he himself doesn’t waste much of your energy.

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prompt : ( because this happens to all woman at some point ) Akward moment for effie,after war maybe hayffie sleeping in bed togerher end effie gets her period somewhere in the middle of the night without knowing and they wake up its kinda messy and effie is mortefied whn he helps her clean up

Well, it’s the week or never XD [X]

When You Live Together…

Haymitch was used to Effie’s coming and going in the middle of the night. Neither of them was a deep sleeper anymore and nightmares still plagued them too often. If she needed comfort, she would seek it but sometimes she just couldn’t sleep and she would get up to go downstairs and watch TV or whatever it was she did at two in the morning.

A constant, though, was that she always tried to be discreet when she couldn’t sleep because he was just as much a victim of insomnia as she was and actual rest wasn’t easy to find – which was why he was a bit annoyed and surprised to find himself woken up one night by her making a racket in the bathroom.

His first instinct was to check the alarm clock because he was known to oversleep and she liked to be up at the brink of dawn. It wasn’t dawn though. Far from it. It was four a.m.

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Dating Seokmin (DK) would include

- colliding foreheads sometimes whenever you both decided to kiss each other, cause you both lean to the left and end up head butting 

- him acting all sheepish whenever you took pictures of him with your phone, but then 2 minutes later he’s vogueing for you

- seokmin constantly sending you daily texts asking about your well being, “have you eaten enough today? Did you get a good nights sleep? Have you drank any water?”

- you’re both so excitable so whenever anything (even small stuff) gets you guys going you both start jumping around all happy and squealing like idiots

- woozi catching you both hopping around in the practice room at 2 am over finally winning a game on his iPad and jihoon just walks out like what the hell why are they so weird

- dancing together, like you’ll be cleaning and then all of a sudden a song will come on and your working the broom like a pole and seokmin as shaking his ass while he dusts down bookshelves

- seokmin being extra giddy during some performances because he knows you’re in the audience and he’s sliding around that stage so much because he’s trying to show off he almost falls

- trying to teach him English to get back at that one time mingyu finished him 

- kissing his cute little nose and cheeks whenever he felt stressed out and assuring him it was okay to feel like that

- seokmin is the type to not let you pay for ANYTHING, like even if it’s a $1 soda, no, get away, he has this

- during interviews, he’d do this little sign thing that you both knew, so whenever you saw them, you would know he had been thinking about you and wanted to give you a little shoutout to feel better

- him making you forget about a majority of your worries, with him you just feel refreshed and your child like happiness and imagine feels so full

- him reenacting the part in Mansae where he ties the girls shoes and making Vernon record it because he thought it would be cute

- you’re red the whole time because it is really cute and he just gives you chills and warms your insides at the same time

- your thighs falling asleep because seokmin fell asleep on them while you stroked his hair and told him little sweet things until you heard him snoring but you don’t want to move because he looks like an angel

- seokmin is literally the most amazing boy to you? Like he honestly just loves staring at your face and always telling you how happy you make him and you always tell him the same because how can you not feel happy with such a ball of fluff?

WINNER’s reaction when you call them at night when you can’t sleep

SEUNGYOON - Would know exactly what to do when you call him at night, when you could’t sleep. He would try his best to stay awake and would talk to you over the phone as he prepares his guitar. He would play a few songs for you and sing for you, Seungyoon wants you to sleep well, so he makes sure that you are fast asleep before he hangs up the call.

SEUNGHOON - Once you tell him you couldn’t sleep, he would continue talking to you in the phone. Unbeknownst to you, Seunghoon is already getting up and preparing himself to go buy some midnight snacks and go to your place. The both of you would have ended up talking all night and would just notice the sun rise when the both of you are finally sleepy.

JINWOO - Known to get little to no sleep, he wouldn’t mind at all when you call in the middle of the night. Since Jinwoo has a mellow voice, talking to him would be a great help. He’d tell you about the adventures of his cats and how he misses you. Jinwoo would shyly offer to sing for you through the phone, but he would have guessed you were asleep because he hears you snoring.

MINO - Mino’s struggle to get up would be the first, but when he sees your name in his phone screen, he would instantly get up and pick up his phone. Worried, he’d ask what was the matter and when you explained to him that you couldn’t sleep, Mino would just laugh because he was ready to throw on his jeans and get up. Mino would tell you about his childhood until you fall asleep~

TAEHYUN - Would do anything to help you fall back to sleep. He’d even try to send you links to calming sounds, for you to listen to. If going to your place wasn’t optional, he would also be the type to bring out his guitar and sing a slow song for you. Taehyun would video call you and the two of you would talk nonstop until the both of you fall asleep.

Funfact: Izuku and Shigaraki both wear the same type of shoes, or at least the same colour.


Now I have a (crack-fic like) headcanon stuck in my head where a younger Izuku and Mama Inko want to go buy a pair of shoes (perhaps in a scenario like in this cute little fic by Izuqu). And they run, without knowing it, into the younger Shigaraki who’s also there to buy shoes. And he and Izuku both begin a discussion while choosing their shoes. Probably Shigaraki just wants the red shoes because they look really cool, whereas Izuku wants them because he saw them on TV (worn by All Might, most likely. Again, hint at this fic).

Whatever the reason, they end up buying the same red, too-big shoes and part on good terms with each other – because, well, everybody loves Izuku and Izuku is nice to everyone.

The gist of it: The boys bond over a pair of red shoes.

Without knowing that they would fight each other years later as villain and hero.

Bear Lake Monster

(John x Reader)

„Where are we going this time?“

„Bear Lake.“

You get out your laptop, searching for the new destination. You and John had just finished a hunt but he already had the next case on his list. No rest for the wicked.


“Hmm.” He grumbles, tiredly beside you in the car. He hadn’t slept that much and although you had offered to drive, John wouldn’t let you. God forbid you touched his car.

“Why there? How do you even find all these cases. I haven’t seen you using any kind of technology other than your phone, since I started hunting with you.”

“Bobby called earlier when you were sleeping.”

“You know, you should really learn how to use the internet.”

“No thanks, I’m fine.”

You had tried to get him a laptop before and it had ended…well, it wasn’t really his thing. Though it would make things a lot easier sometimes, especially since John had a habit of not answering his phone when you called.

You leaned your head back and tried to get some rest while you were on the road. It would take quite a while until you’d arrive.

“Okay so we’re basically looking for a big ass snake who’s eating people?” You ask, sitting on your bed in the motel room. You both had slept a few hours but were already awake again early in the morning. Not really your choice but John kept tossing around beside you until he finally got up. Of course you weren’t aloud to sleep any longer either.

“Care for a swim?”


“Don’t worry.” He laughs, “I was planning to go anyway, you don’t have to.”

“Noo please don’t. I’m the one who has to get you out again. You always do this reckless shit.”

“I put my complete trust in you Y/N.”

“You shouldn’t.”

You drove out to the lake around midday when the sun was shinning and it wasn’t too cold to swim. If you didn’t know about the supposed monster you might have gone in yourself because it was getting kind of hot. For now you rather watched John swimming around, searching for anything out of the ordinary.

“You found anything yet?”

“No nothing.” He yells back, “You know you should…” He’s suddenly cut off and when you look out onto the water you can’t see him anywhere anymore.

“John?…that’s not funny!” You wait a few moments but he’s not showing up so you run into the water and swim over to the last place you saw him. You almost get a heart attack, feeling something brushing your leg. You suddenly feel two hands on your shoulders and jerk around to see a smirking John looking at you with a smug face.

“You asshole! Was that necessary?”

“I was just trying to get you into the water with me.” He gives you an apologetic look, “See? My trust in you wasn’t misplaced. You would have totally saved me.”

“I hate you sometimes.”

John pulls you close to him, hands wandering down to your waist. His face is inches away from yours and he gently kisses you. You smile until you see something in he corner of your eyes.

“John…” He turns around following your view. There’s something coming your way, very quickly. You’re not able to see it clearly but it sure as hell doesn’t look friendly.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god…” You both start to swim back to the shore as fast as possible. Luckily you make it in time, a bit out of breath but alive.

“Next time you want to get me into the water with you pull me into the shower.” You say while panting heavily. That thing, whatever it was, had scared the hell out of you.


Let’s talk about AkaKuroo

Okay, so first off - I’m having a lot of trouble knowing that they can’t have smart, attractive sarcastic babies together. Like they should just adopt Kiyoko and have done with it. Please stop me

But I was just - well, I was thinking about them showering together? So, okay, picture this with me:

Akaashi’s had a very hard, exhausting day, right? He just wants a hot shower, maybe some tea, and then bed.

So Kuroo’s watching him dragging his feet all the way to the bathroom, and he hates the idea that Akaashi would end his day feeling like that - that being the last thing he feels before falling asleep. As if he’s gonna let that happen. Goes into the bathroom, and the water’s already running. So he strips down, says something to announce his presence - because he knows Akaashi’s kinda stuck in his head just then - asks him if he’s okay, or how his day went. Then carefully pulls the curtain open and steps into the shower. Wraps his arms around Akaashi before he can even get out a groan. Just stands there with him for a bit, until he feels Akaashi relaxing a little - rubs circles into the small of his back, kisses his forehead, just lets him stay there as long as he wants. Massages shampoo into his hair and smiles brightly at him whenever their eyes meet, talks about something stupid to distract him. Once his mood’s improved a bit, Kuroo starts screwing around with him until he manages to coax a laugh or two out of him (probably an “idiot!” or two as well, oop). Akaashi kisses him a bit, they finish washing and wrap themselves in fuzzy towels and have some tea together before falling into bed and wrapping themselves around each other and just… existing together until they fall asleep.

And Akaashi wakes up feeling so refreshed and actually able to take on the next day~

Kyaa this is so cute tbh :) 


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Cutie over here would be so happy to see his adorable girlfriend wearing his shirt. Specially since it’s probably a bit big on her :) He probably wouldn’t disturb her sleep, maybe just give her a sweet kiss on her cheek because he finds her so cute like that, oh and he will take a lot of pictures of her. 


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Our little Donghyuk would be just like Jinhwan but would find it 10x cuter and like the gif above, would get all flustered and cover his face because his heart can’t take the sight of you in his shirt ^^ Expect a lot of pictures too and he may end up cuddling with you if he found you sleeping on the bed and kiss your cute face :) ahh the feels 


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watch me go over board here Ahh our Hanbinie~ Well he’d walk in coming from a tiring day of practice and would just want to shower and sleep. He’d call out your name and idk why but I feel like he may get a bit frustrated when you don’t reply after he calls your name a few times and walk into the bedroom and once he sees you sleeping on the bed with his shirt on, he’ll instantly melt and that cute dimple smile of his will appear. He would be really quiet and go take a quick shower, and when he comes out he’ll lay on the bed with you and pull you in close and maybe whipper cute stuff to you like “i love you” or “my princess” and kiss your cheek and fall asleep while holding you and agh Hanbin is so precious~

Head canon of that "your not my type" thing NOT being true -Percico

Percy and Nico started hanging out and slowly they got close. To the point where the first thing they do after getting up and getting dressed is going over to each other’s cabin -even before breakfast. Well actually Percy would meet Nico at the hades cabin to walk the nerd to breakfast. And eventually they had a lot of sleep overs- where after a while they ended up cuddling on the floor as they sleepily fell asleep. One night Nico-just before he fully fell asleep, confessed to Percy.
“Remember that stupid thing I said..“Nico said yawning. Percy chuckled, "which thing? You say a lot of stuff, not all stupid..well not to me anyway..”
Nico slapped Percy’s arm, “I mean when I said ” , he yawned in mid sentence,“ that you aren’t my type. ”
Percy’s memory flashed back to that day that made him feel a twinge of pain in his heart and made his stomach turn. “Yeah.” Percy’s voice sounded flat.
Nico yawned again. “I lied. I don’t really know why I said that but all I know is my type is someone who makes me feel as good as you have been doing Jackson. ”

Seventeen Reaction: You talk in your sleep

[Performance Unit]


Jun would giggly adorably as soon as he enters the room and listen to you singing along to Mansae, he would say something to tease you like “Oh hey Jagi” and when you don’t answer he would be like “I didn’t even want to talk to you anyways.”

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Then he would notice you are sleeping and…

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(Well, both gifs explains themselves.)

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He would walk to you and sit by your side like “I need to film it but… she’s going to kill me… that’s, that’s so funny and cutie.” He would end up filming you and when you wake up he is all giggly but doesn’t tell you what happened, also he is very cuddly and you’re like.

Wen Jun Hui what did you do?”

“Nothing, just remember I love you ok?”

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When you find out what is it he would tease you for the rest of your life.


He would see you laying on the couch and listen to you swearing so he would…

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But he would see that you’re sleeping and would laugh, but also would be very curious about what was happening. Like that fluffy ball would sit on the floor next to you and keep looking at you like “That is so… incredible.”

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He would stare at you 1 hour… 2… 3… the time you sleep, playing with your hair, poking your nose and when you wake up he would be with the same look… “Incredible”.

“Nooooo jagiya, back to sleep and talk I want more.” and you’d be all flustered and confused and he would just…

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He would just be casually waling through somewhere around Pledis and then he would see you laying on the couch and he would be already worried.

“Is she/he ok?”

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Then you would start saying something …

“Woooow… what is _____ doing?”

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But then turns to him find it adorable…

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I have no words he would be just like “WHAT”

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(gif explains itself)

Sorry for taking too long to post the performance unit one! I was just very very busy… But he it is! I hope you like it…

(Feedback is appreciated.)


Vocal Unit Version

Hip Hop Unit Version

You can request!


A groan escaped his lips as his stomach rumbled and his hand moved to his stomach. It was well past dinnertime but that Quidditch practice earlier had seemed to burn through all the food he had consumed during it which had been a lot. The problem was he was dead tired and wanted nothing more than to just stay in his bed as he was, but it seemed his stomach wouldn’t be silenced as it grumbled again. As soon as his roommates got up here they would start to complain, a rumbling stomach would definitely not be conducive with sleep. So with a sigh, he threw his legs over the edge of his bed and trudged down the stairs to the common room. He didn’t see anyone he could drag along on this little mission so he just kept going. Connor was hardly aware of the journey there the path so well known to him he just autopiloted the whole way ending up in front of the portrait of fruit before he realized. He quickly tickled it watching it transform into a door which he opened and crawled inside. The house elves greeted him enthusiastically like always since he was a frequent visitor but he waved them off assuring them he could find himself something. With that, he rummaged around the kitchen looking for something to satisfy his hunger.

crush (calum)

the night calum hung up the phone after you had said goodbye, he got this indescribable rush of feelings. that night he went to sleep thinking about how maybe this feeling was what you were feeling at that same moment, as well. calum thought all day the next day about how running from his feelings and thoughts was inevitably tragic. though this feeling was new, he knew exactly what was happening: he was falling in love with you. after that night, whenever he saw you his mind would be consumed with thoughts of how maybe when you’re alone, you think of how well off you two would be together. he would also often follow your actions and think to himself, ‘i wonder if i make her breath hitch,’ or ‘is she holding back these same feelings?’ calum would often get discouraged as well; he’d walk away from his feelings but ended up right back in the same position because he knew his crush on you wasn’t just going to fade away. every time you two were together, he would wonder to himself if there was more than just friends between you two. when he finally took a chance on you, he knew it would last forever and his crush certainly would not just crush him.


maximum tragedy

i love all those posts that are like ‘do you REALLY want trk to end with gansey dead and blue crying and ronan locking himself in his room and refusing to come out and and and’ because i’m sitting here like …literally yes?

i mean this story began with him dying [getting stung by the bees, you will live because someone else is dying etc] so it would just be really good and bring things full circle for him to die at the end as well. also i love it when things actually have fucking consequences which almost never happens in media in general, much less YA shit.

but anyway, me and scissures and cabeswxren have devised our ideal trk endgame for maximum tragedy:

  • gansey replaces glendower as the king sleeping on the ley line
  • so he’s like 'dead’ but also not really dead
  • and noah gets brought back to life
  • and this happens because ronan asks for noah’s life as the favor
  • so noah coming back to life inadvertently causes gansey to die
  • which just fucking DESTROYS ronan
  • and also could lead to the scene of him clutching gansey’s dead [or sleeping] body and yelling at adam about it [bc he’s blaming adam for knowing about it an not telling him]

i mean obviously for the very end i want them to be like working through their grief and coming to terms with things and i don’t want this to break pynch up permanently or anything [that might be too much tragedy even for me]. but oh god can you imagine all the angst and how amazing that would be.

Just a tech demo... right?

Starting new tech with R&D was always exciting, and for Dan he would get to go to the showcases and see the newest soldiers or just hired assistance to provide demo’s with gear, it’s uses and purposes. He really enjoyed the weapons and training parts more than the armor but it was all well in the end.

Taking a flight to Italy, the plane ride was long and he had  terrible jet lag. Getting his bags from the baggage claim he set out to his hotel, it was 8 am. He had two hours before the tech demo and needed rest so took the rental car there as fast as he could to sleep.Waking up on time, he showered, dressed in TRAIT shirt with slacks and nicer shoes, he made his way over to the agency holding the event.


You know what a nice plot twist would be? If the one eyed ghouls turned against the CCG. I don’t just mean Eto and Kaneki -who are already there- but ALL of them. All the oeg. Including the Floppies (because c'mon, Amon was a step away from doubting the organization’s moral grounding as a whole), including Furuta -because even though you can never tell with him, I can see him threatening Washuu’s (and V’s) power- hell, including THE QUINX because it would be amazing if they revolted against the breast who fed them (and if Mutsuki is really going with the Kaneki parallel until the end, he may as well leave the Chateau just as Ken left Anteiku).
Just imagine it though. A unite front challenging V’s balance with the most morally gray crossbreed existences to ever blur the boundaries between species