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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Seven- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Seven

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,009
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

You groaned as you awoke the next morning- you and Dean were a tangle of limbs.  He had you smashed to the edge of the bed with one heavy leg slung over your hip.  His arms were interlocked around your upper shoulder.  Basically, you were trapped under The Mr. Sex God.

“Ughhhhhhh.”  You groaned as you tried to move, but your head simply bobbed back against your pillow.  “Jesus.  He sleeps like the dead.”  You grumbled as you finally accepted your fate.

You glanced over to the side table when you heard your phone buzzing.  Trying desperately to reach out, you found that your reach fell just short of being able to get to the phone. Your eyes narrowed when Dean began to snore softly in your ear.  You turned to look at him with malice as his snoring grew louder. This was going to be the longest morning of your life.  

“DEAN!” You hissed as you shook his arm.  “DEAN! WAKE UP!”  

Dean groaned a little in his sleep but didn’t budge.  Sighing in frustration, you began to try to wiggle out of your prison.  You managed to get one arm free and used it to prop yourself up.  Your phone was still buzzing, and you had to figure, it was your friend calling.  You had said you would be half-way back to Virginia by now.  Finally freeing your other arm, you crawled upwards and Dean’s arms ended up around your waist.  You rolled your eyes when he never even flinched.  

You grabbed your phone and took note that it said you had ten missed calls.  You cringed as you saw the text messages from Charlotte.  She was now threatening to send in the brigade if you didn’t answer her.  You chuckled to yourself and pushed the call button.  It didn’t even get to two rings before Charlotte was barking at you on the other line.

“Where the hell are you?!”  She screeched. “I was about to send everyone we know to look for you!!!”

“I’m sorry Char. We are still at the motel in Kentucky.” You answered meekly.

You pulled the phone away from your ear as she began to berate you for not calling her.  You took it all in stride- being a hunter meant having people worry about you continously.  You were surprised when Dean began to stir awake, but then again Charlotte’s voice was enough to wake the dead.

“What’s going on?”  You heard Dean groan loudly.  

His voice caused Charlotte to stop mid-sentence and let out an unholy squeal.  Your eyes widen when you figured out what was about to come out of her mouth.

“DID YOU GET LAID?”  She screamed happily.   You could feel her jumping for joy on the other end of the phone.  

“Char!”  You  chastised her. “That’s not funny!  You know I’m with Dean Winchester.”

“Ummm.  That’s even fucking better!  That man looks like he can fuck!”  Charlotte mused as  

you cringed at her words and then cringed even harder when Dean started laughing.  You wanted to go crawl in a hole and die somewhere.  

“And then there’s that little crush that you’ve had on him for like the last five years…”  Charlotte let slip.   Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head at this revelation.   When the hell had you ever said that?!

“Charlotte Greene!  Don’t make up lies to embarrass me!” You hissed into the phone.  You went to turn it off speaker but a hand came up to stop you.  Your eyes wandered to Dean and he was looking at you with extreme interest.  Dear Lord in Heaven, could someone just kill you: Now!

“Pssshhhhhhh.  I’m not lying.  You’ve got it bad for that man.”  Charlotte chittered.  “You’re always talking about how good he looks when you’re drunk.  How’d you like him to…”  

“OKAY.  THANKS FOR THAT.  I’ll call you later Char.”  You hissed as your face turned a cherry tomato color.  She simply answered you with a devilish giggle before saying her goodbyes.   You buried your face in the pillow not wanting to face the consequences of that conversation.

“Oh Y/N….”  You heard Dean say in an almost mocking tone.  You groaned and tried to curl into a ball.  Dean snacthed you and pulled you into him.  You made that mouse squeak sound that you always made when you were nervous as you were once again trapped in his arms.  Dean’s strong embrace calmed your embarrassment, but you still wished the earth would swallow you whole.

“Don’t worry sweetheart.  I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, too.  I’ve just been too stupid or afraid to admit it.”  You heard him say as he placed a kiss on the back of your neck.  You shivered at the touch and bit your lower lip.  Your denial had been strong for years, but your lips were always lose when you were shitfaced.  You never let yourself get that drunk around anyone but Char.  You trusted that girl with your life and you would never lie to her.  Even when you were drunk.

“Dean.  I guess I should tell you something.”  You murmured as your hand gripped one of his arms.  “I think I do like you. I think I would sleep with you….  But, I’m afraid.”  You whispered.

“Oh sweetheart, there’s nothing to be afraid of.  I want to take you places that no other man ever has or will take you.”  He groaned as he pressed himself closer to you.  You could feel his erection pressed against your thigh.  You swallowed hard and flinched away from his embrace.  It wasn’t that you were afraid of sex- you were afraid of losing him.  Just like you lost Jacob.

“It’s not that.  I’m not afraid of sex. I mean I have no idea what to do…  But….  That’s not why I’m afraid.  I’m afraid that we’re going to fall in love.”  As the words left, you felt the thickness in your throat.

“Me too, sweetheart.  Me too.  But that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”  Dean said as he pressed his lips to your forehead.    Those words broke all the resolve that you had.  All the years of built up emotions came pouring out of you in a swift river.  The sob that ran through you made you cling to Dean like he might disappear.  These feelings were too much for you.

“Dean.  Please just promise me.  If this doesn’t work out.  That we will still be friends.  I need you.  I need you and Sammy in my life.”  You murmured as you pressed your face into his bare chest.  

“Like I told you before Y/N.  You will never lose me.”  

You nodded slowly before bringing your lips up to brush over his.  You were almost completely a virgin to kissing as well.  You had only ever kissed one other guy and that had been almost eleven years ago.  Dean groaned at the contact and snapped his hips forward.  His throbbing erection brushed along your leg and he grunted at the slightest contact.  You smirked a little wanting to give Dean a little preview of what was to come.  

Your hand gently slipped between his thighs as you caught his clothed erection in your hand.  So maybe you weren’t completely a virgin.  You had watched that porn that one time.  Though you supposed that wasn’t the best comparison to real life.  You shook your head and swallowed back the fear.   Being afraid got you nowhere.  Slipping your fingers into the waistband of his boxers, you gently slipped them down his legs.  Dean couldn’t control the the volume of his moans as he awaited your touch.  

Your breath hitched in your throat as you sat up.  Dean’s cock bounced free and stood rigidly at attention.  Blushing scarlet, you moved to touch him but the anxiety that moved like a knife through you was too much.  Bouncing up and off of the bed, you nearly fell on your face.  

“I-I-I can’t…”  You mumbled as you brought your hands up to cover your eyes.  You felt incredibly embarrassed you had even tired.  “Sorry.  I’m so sorry.”  

The bed groaned under Dean’s weight as he stood up to hug you.  You blanched when you felt his erection press into your stomach as it was trapped between the two of you.  

“Don’t apologize sweetheart.  We can take this as slow as you need.” He said as he pressed you closer to him.  You nodded slowly and kept your eye gaze upwards.  If you looked down you felt like you might die of embarrassment.

“Ummm..  Dean.  Do you think you can put your boxers back on… Please?  I would like to be able to look at you and not that water stain on the ceiling.”   You squeaked when you felt Dean shifting slightly in order to get some friction.  He groaned half in agony and half in compliance.  Waiting for you was worth it, but damn he needed to jerk off again.  He wasn’t sure if anyone had died from having an erection for too long, but he wasn’t about to find out.

“OK, baby girl.  Why don’t you go to your room and get ready?  I’ll take you out for lunch….  Just give me twenty minutes of alone time and I’ll be good to go.”  He said with a wince.  You had bounced forward on your tiptoes and your breast had brushed his chest.   

You blushed again when the thought of staying and watching crossed your mind.  Though, you quickly dismissed it- the thought making you queasy.  You didn’t begin to know how you were going to actually sleep with Dean.   Now that you had sort of worked through your feelings, you were still left feeling insecure and bashful.  He had been with a lot of women and you had only kissed two men.  Your experience was obviously lacking, but it was your confidence you were most concerned with.  How could you expect him to want to sleep with a quivering pile of nerves?  

Slipping next door, you made your way to the shower in order to get ready for the day.  You stopped dead in your tracks when the ringing groans from the too thin walls caught your ears.  Dean’s moans of your name cut straight through to you.  

“FUCK!” You groaned as you quickly turned on the water in hopes that it would drown out the dirty thoughts.  Stripping off your clothes, you allowed the scalding water to take you away from your thoughts of Dean.  At least your lewd ones.

A smile played on your lips as your replayed the last few days.  The relief you felt was immense and overwhelmingly beautiful.    You could finally admit it to yourself and the world.  

You had feelings for Dean Winchester.

Once you were out of the shower, you grabbed your rummaged through your bag.  Bringing out the trusty flannel and leggings combo, you quickly got dressed before running a brush through your hair.  You onced yourself over in the mirror before shrugging.  Dean had seen you hungover and half-dead before so this was actually an improvement.  You laughed to yourself when a knock came from the adjoining door to the rooms.  

“You can come in, Dean.”  You called as you pushed your hair out of your face.  He walked in with a beaming smile on his face.  He gave you a loving  look and you shifted from side to side to calm your nerves. The man was going to make you a nervous wreck if he kept looking at you like that. 

 The look like no one else existed but you.   You reached and scratched your head.  That nervous tick left over from childhood.   Dean closed the space between you and gently grabbed your hand.  Placing a kiss on the top of your hand before making your heart squeeze in your chest once again.

“So…  Where does my girl want to go for lunch?”  

You smiled brilliantly at his words.   They came as no shock this time, but as a welcomed term of endearment.

That was right…  You were his girl.

AN:   :D  Hope you enjoyed the update.  Sorry this update took a little longer than excepted.  Life happened.  Please be aware that the smut finally begins next chapter and that the several following chapters are pretty much just smut as reader well….  gets to enjoy Dean.  ;)

  Feedback is greatly loved.  Please leave a comment if you have time.  I will be back with an update on Tuesday.  See you then and enjoy your week!

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Loyalty. Courage. Integrity.

Read on AO3

The front door to the apartment slammed shut, and Derek shouted out from the second-bedroom-turned-office, “In here!” 

He adjusted the glasses on his nose and continued to stare down at the paperwork spread out in front of him. Now, if he could only figure out what to do with his investment in-

Derek what the fuck!

Derek startled, dropping the papers down onto the desk and turning in his wheelie chair to face the door. Stiles stumbled over the threshold, his over-the-shoulder bag sliding off his arm and thumping to the floor. Derek winced in sympathy for the state of the laptop enclosed. His gaze raised backup to take in Stiles’ haggard appearance.

“Hard first day?” Derek guessed, taking his glasses off and tossing them gently onto the desk. He pushed himself forward with his feet and extended a hand towards Stiles. “You can vent, I have time to listen.”

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When Batgrandpa gets fed up (because you’re wrecking all the furniture in the Manor)…

Alfred: All of you be. Quiet.

Alfred: Master Timothy, Miss Stephanie’s mad because you said “awesome sauce” instead of “I love you, too”.

Alfred: Miss Stephanie, he loves you. Stop being a child.

Alfred: Master Richard, you’re clearly at fault here. Blaming Master Jason won’t save you.

Alfred: And, Master Jason, we both know you were hanging out with Bizarro instead of watching over Master Damian like you promised.

Alfred: So. *looks around at his stunned grandchildren, who are bruised and battered from trying to “resolve” things earlier*

Alfred: Everyone apologize to everyone else. Now.

What would this family do without him?

There are a lot of people talking about their headcanons for Perc’ahlia children and they are all very excellent and fleshed out and articulate and this is not but–

I really want one of their kids to grow up and become either a paladin or cleric of the Raven Queen. 

Because nothing would vex her parents more and children live to vex their parents, and also because, well–

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Lost - The Forgotten Series - Pt. 3

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Rowena, mentions of Crowley and Cas

Warnings: All the Angst

Word Count: 2.6k (hey look, it’s the longest of the series)

A/N: I know that it’s been a while. I had to wait for this one to come to me. I thought it was going to be the last one, but it turns out this Series has other plans. So, I bring you third installment of The Forgotten Series, Lost. I really hope you guys like it! Catch up on Pt. 1 & 2

Feedback Appreciated 

Tags at the Bottom

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anonymous asked:

If it's okay with you, and I will absolutely understand if you delete the request, but how do you think the RFA + Saeran would react if MC confessed to them that she never liked herself? ~~it's fine if you don't want to, and thank you ❤️~~

Sure! We hope you enjoy this one:) 


  • You were so confident and bright
  • But he also appeared that way on the outside
  • He had some suspicions in the way your confidence faltered when you thought no one was looking
  • He approaches you about it when you spend a little too much time frowning in the mirror
  • You try to brush it off and say sometimes you don’t feel like a somebody next to someone like him
  • He shuts you down right there and tells you not to compare yourself to anyone
  • It’s enough to make you open up and confess that you never liked yourself ever
  • He gives you a little pep talk, but nothing too deep
  • He knows from experience that talking doesn’t always heal those insecurities
  • But, he compliments you every day on little things
  • If you’re doing your hair, he’ll say how cute it looks, or if you’re cooking a meal, he’ll praise you on how capable you are
  • After a few months of this, you come back to him with a smile, “You know…I think I’m beginning to think I’m okay.”
  • It would still be a little longer until you truly liked yourself, but he was so happy at the progress


  • You had this bad tendency of beating yourself up 
  • Usually it was small comments here and there, but Yoosung noticed
  • He asked why you always tore yourself down and it came tumbling out that you really couldn’t stand yourself
  • You’ve never seen him look so hurt
  • He starts spitting out compliment after compliment
  • Somewhere in the middle, you found the air being squeezed out of your lungs as he hugs you
  • He apologizes that he didn’t realize it was so serious
  • He starts this little tradition every day where he makes you name one thing about yourself that you like
  • If you name a body part, he’ll kiss it
  • “I like that part of you, too!” he would say. “But I love every part of you.”


  • They say people inexplicably open up to each other after midnight
  • Well, you and Jaehee were sipping tea together past midnight, and you just slipped
  • “Do you ever feel like you don’t like yourself? Because…I do all the time.”
  • Jaehee falters for a moment, but she’s very calm
  • She asks you what you don’t like about yourself
  • You start stating some traits
  • For each one, she asks the same thing: Why don’t you like that about yourself?
  • This little back and forth goes all night until the sun comes up and you’ve gotten to the root of some things
  • You resolve to at least attempt to love yourself more
  • And Jaehee promises to do her best to help you see what she sees


  • You were always so strong, so he always assumed you were confident
  • But then one day, he bought a floor length mirror for the house and you did not look thrilled
  • “I thought you might like something to see your full self in,” he says when you rush out of the room
  • You reply that you don’t really like looking at yourself in the mirror
  • The more you look, the more flaws you see and you already despise yourself enough
  • The confession just keeps tumbling out of your mouth, and soon you’re admitting that you feel you don’t deserve the gifts he gives you because you probably don’t look the best in the dresses, and jewelry and the rest of the things he showers you with
  • Jumin’s chest just ached…He hurt so bad because he could see that you were hurting
  • He takes your hands, “Have I ever lied to you?”
  • “No…”
  • “Then believe me when I say you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. You have so many great qualities, that it would be a shame if you couldn’t see them yourself.”
  • He makes a vow to help you love yourself, and for once you try to put in the effort


  • “Saeyoung, do you know how we promised we were going to be honest about our feelings?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “Well…I don’t like myself.”
  • He was surprisingly calm about it
  • He had been there himself, and freaking out would not help
  • He sets everything aside and has you talk about it
  • It takes some digging, but he tries to find the root of the problem
  • When you’re done, you’re a mess of tears
  • You admit that you want to love yourself, but you really can’t see any good qualities
  • This is where he steps in and starts listing your qualities one by one until you’re even worse of a mess
  • He knows it’s a process, so he tries to remind you daily of reasons to love yourself
  • He makes you list one you like about yourself in return
  • He also programs the robot cat to spit out compliments when he’s not around
  • You can’t shut it off unless you say a nice thing about yourself


  • It slipped out as a morbid joke actually
  • You were doing something, and you messed up so you chuckled
  • “Ah, I hate myself.”
  • Saeran’s attention snapped to you right away and he asked you to repeat that, since he wasn’t sure he heard right
  • When you say it again, he gets really upset
  • He went through years of actual self-loathing and he doesn’t like that you’re making a joke about it
  • It’s at this point you confess that it was a joke, but with a lot of truth behind it
  • You admit that you never really liked yourself
  • For some reason, the confession causes your emotions to burst and now you’re crying
  • He apologizes immediately, because he felt he was a little harsh before
  • It gets quiet except for your crying, and then he murmurs, “You’re worth a lot to me, and you should love yourself too.”
  • You were so touched by a simple sentence
  • From that point on, you tried to see yourself in a better light, and he tried to help you do so

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Guilt [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Omg your stories are insanely amazing. I LOVED the one about rick walking in on the reader masturbating.. sooo will u please do one where the reader is younger like 20 and rick likes her but is scared to make a move bc shes younger than him and he feels guilty for wanting her. And the reader walks in on him masturbating and moaning her name.. Thank you!!! 💕

Here you go anon! I really hope you enjoy it! This request really inspired me and I was so excited to write it, I couldn’t wait! 💛

Originally posted by yemme

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, masturbation, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex

Words: 2,431

A/N: This is pure, dirty smut. 

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The Montreal Problem

Chapter 8

Summary: The reader has big plans to spend a month in Montreal with her boyfriend. The problem? He breaks up with her just as her flight is leaving. Now she’s going to be stuck in an unfamiliar city for a month with no place to stay. That is, until an unexpected hero offers her a solution.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

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Forgive Me [Draco x Reader, Five]

A/N: THERE WILL BE TWO SEPARATE ENDINGS!!! Yes, this is the last fic before the end! One ending will be where the reader gets back together with Draco, the other will be where they split ways. Also, heads up, this one sucks lol

also can we just appreciate this gif of Tom Felton he’s so hot i can’t

Word Count: 2,036

Warnings: Cursing I think?? awkwardness!!! really poorly written draco not gonna lie on this one

Tags: @friceaurelia07 @fandomlover03 @tiny-strawberry- @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night @1amorales1 @missidontknowwhatimdoing @weasleyswizardwheezs @canadianbirdie @all-theesee-fandoms @jellyunicornsworld

Part One/Two/Three/Four/Five(you’re here!)


Originally posted by nellaey

Draco pulled away from (Name) gently, eyes half lidded and hands shaking. (Name) looked at him with dazed eyes and rosy cheeks. 

The silence was almost comfortable. It wasn’t tense, nor awkward, but simply just silence. 

Draco could feel his stomach doing flips. He didn’t know what to say or think, he just knew that whatever he felt couldn’t be ignored. 

“I… Don’t really know what to say,” (Name) mumbled. Her eyes were cast downwards and her hair fell in her face. Draco lifted her chin up and gazed into her eyes that held the constellations he loved. 

“You don’t have to say anything.” He pulled her into another kiss, in which she complied to. 

The two parted ways, promising to meet up the next day at the same place. There was definitely something that needed to be resolved. 

(Name) went to sleep that night not feeling regret, but anxiousness. Was this what she had wanted all along? Could she just forgive him like that? Was it even okay to forgive him for what he did? 

Draco went to sleep that night knowing that she was what he wanted. Nothing more, nothing less. He had learned from his mistakes, and his decision was final. 

Draco Malfoy was in love with (Name) (Last Name), and he wasn’t ashamed for what he felt.

However, Draco also understood that (Name) was not naive, so he was nervous as to how should react when she came back to her senses. Would she yell at him? Be frustrated with what happened? Or would she cherish him? Tell herself that the kiss they shared was a new start?

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Giveaway prize for @krem-alicious-aclassi, who requested a heartbreaking Pavellan scene from their Faravel Lavellan’s canon. Angst ahoy!

Content Warning: Major character injury. Major character death. 

They say that when you die, your life flashes before your eyes. That you relive every moment; every trial, every pleasure, every regret.  Dorian has always found the concept rather foolish, all things given. After all, when one died, the gruesome process of death itself was likely to be at the forefront of one’s thoughts.

Yet, perhaps the phrase’s meaning had simply been confused, the way words tend to be when retold over the course of generations. As Dorian spun at the sound of his name being hoarsely screamed, there was no denying it. He could only watch as Faravel’s limping run halted with a sickening jerk, the elven man’s legs crumpling beneath him as he hit the ground with a ragged gasp.

It was in that moment that Dorian’s life flashed in a spray of red.

“No!” The word tore from his throat as his feet tore from the ground, hurtling him forward, staff clutched tight. Dorian’s magic flared on instinct, the few remaining airborne arrows striking a sudden barrier of iridescent purple and glancing off, scattered amid the trees of the Emerald Graves. Their massive forms stood watch like silent wardens as Dorian skidded on his knees to Faravel’s side, eyes wide, pupils narrow as pinpoints. Three arrows jutted from the elf’s back to greet him.

“Oh Maker.” His hands hovered inches from the wounds, shaking, uncertain as blood began to well up and spill around the wooden shafts. This was not… he couldn’thow was he supposed to…? “Faravel? Amatus? Don’t move, yes? J-Just stay still. Breathe.”

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Drunk Kat leaving Adena hanging for @daredevil27

“Guys Adena is going to kill me,” Kat whined from the back of the Uber, making her way home from a night of heavy drinking with Jane and Sutton.

“Just tell her how we made you do shots,” Jane said, not sounding nearly as drunk as the other two.

“Yeah, we made you do shots, and then you kept making us do more shots,” Sutton agreed, leaning her head against Jane’s shoulder.

“I know, that was such a poor choice.  But after the work week we had, it also was really needed,” Kat stated matter of factly, recalling the crazy amount of hours that they had been putting in at Scarlet to prepare for a big event.  

“It really was…she won’t be mad. Adena seems like super calm and super understanding.  LIke what is she going to do tell you she loves you and kiss you goodnight?” Jane joked, but also knowing that Adena could never be mad at Kat for too long.

“She can be pretty feisty,” Kat remarked.

“Like in the bedroom?” Sutton immediately chimed in.

“Stop thinking about what happens in our bedroom,” Kat slapped Sutton in the arm. “But seriously, I had told Adena I was going to be home by like 11 at the latest, and we’d cuddle and watch a movie…and you know…other stuff. Don’t ask what I mean by other stuff!” Kat quickly interrupted Sutton’s train of thought.

“Well you’re not that late,” Jane mused. “It’s only….” she fished around for her phone to check the time. “Oh nevermind.”

“What time is it?” Kat quickly asked.


Kat groaned loudly and hoped she could pull herself together before walking into her apartment.

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anonymous asked:

Heyaa~ could you do a RFA boys+Saeran reaction when they and MC are on a date or something, walking down the street when MC suddenly slows down, breathes heavy and finally collapses because of a circulation problem? Nothing to dangerous tho, just enough to feel the angst (≧∇≦)thank you so much my friend I love your work :')

LOL you all don’t let up with the angst requests, do you <3 this one might not be as long as the others because i’m currently feeling a bit under the weather

edit: i was wrong


  • it happened while you were walking to the convenience store with him
  • he finished a LOLOL marathon and was craving cup ramen
  • it was only after a few minutes could he really tell that you were considerably slowing down, to the point where he was barely taking a step forward
  • he started to get a bit worried at how abnormally you were breathing, given that you both weren’t even walking that fast
  • “is something wrong? are you having a panic attack?? are you feeling sick???”
  • when you suddenly fall over, he barely scrambles to catch you before you hit the ground
  • now he’s about to have his own panic attack because he has no idea what’s happening with you
  • goodbye Rational Thought
  • he’s too busy yelling your name and trying to wake you up to even consider calling for help
  • it’s okay though because some nice civilians rush over and try to gauge the situation
  • they’re 0.5 seconds away from calling an ambulance when you suddenly wake up, disorientated and confused
  • what a scene to wake up to: yoosung yelling “thank god” with tears in his eyes as you’re cradled in his arms while some people you’ve never seen are rushing to 1) hand him tissues and calm him down 2) ask you how you’re feeling
  • you sit up, rubbing your head and assuring them that you were fine, it was probably a brief bit of lightheadedness 
  • he insists on taking you to the hospital for a checkup though he’s fully prepared to piggyback ride you
  • but lo and behold the kind strangers have called a taxi for you (and paid the fare) 
  • yoosung thanks them 249 times before helping you into the car
  • literally glued to your side and holding your hand the entire ordeal
  • turns out it really was nothing serious, and he finally lets out a big breath before hugging you
  • you remember there’s a convenience store down the street so time to begin Date 2.0
  • “so… how about that cup ramen?”
  • yoosung laughs and agrees, although he insists on piggybacking you this time
  • you go along with it because he looks so determined but lowkey worried he’d get tired halfway
  • turns out he’s a lot stronger than he looks, picking you up like it’s nothing
  • “it’s from my LOLOL training, i swear”
  • “wouldn’t that only physically strengthen your fingers?”
  • “no, i always have to carry my team on my back, so i can handle carrying my girlfriend ;)”
  • “…..”
  • “it’s true! really!!”


  • he insisted on walking you home after you visited him at his practice studio
  • especially since it was getting dark out, but also because he wanted to spend more time with you
  • he thought you did too, given at the slow pace you were both taking it at
  • it’s only when you mention having difficulty breathing does he realize what was actually happening
  • he reaches for your hand so he can guide you towards a nearby bench except your knees are already giving out
  • good thing he has actor reflexes cause the the second you start falling down he twists his body underneath you so he can cushion your descent
  • he’s barely registered what was happening, just moves on instinct
  • immediately gets into a sitting position and is about to full on flip out cause wtf is happening
  • you don’t black out this time, so the whole time you’re scrambling to assure him you’re fine while apologizing for ruining his clothing
  • he still won’t calm down, busy checking over every centimeter of your body to find the source of the problem
  • “zen, i said it’s fine”
  • babe, you just collapsed!!! actually, i need to take you to a doctor, something could be wrong!”
  • “it was just a circulation thing, it’s probably not serious…”
  • he’s not having it and literally picks you up bridal style before hailing down a cab
  • you insist on walking into the hospital, but he carries you in bridal-style anyways
  • diligently massages your legs in the waiting room while waiting for a doctor to arrive
  • thankfully, it was nothing serious (just like you said)
  • although now zen always insists on walking you when he has the chance
  • “the only time i ever want you to fall down is when your knees go weak at the sight of my devastatingly good looks”


  • jaehee needed a break and so did you
  • she’s been muttering about a new cat project jumin proposed for the last 3 hours and it’s driving both of you insane
  • luckily, a new coffee shop opened down the street earlier that week
  • so you casually suggest taking a short walk to visit it
  • coffee? she’s sold
  • you two are both enjoying it, since these little moments together are pretty rare because of her intense workload
  • except halfway down the block, you ask to take a pause in the walk because your chest felt really tight
  • she frowns, not out of impatience, but of concern
  • about to ask a laundry list of questions about your symptoms before you suddenly sink to the ground
  • she grabbed your shoulders to ease your fall just in time
  • literally has her phone out and the ambulance contacted in mere seconds
  • you’re too busy trying to even out your breathing so you just listen to her recite the address and take instructions from the operator
  • she seems calm, although once she’s off the phone, you can tell her inner Panic is coming out
  • just stays kneeling by you and wrings her hands while you hurry to calm her down
  • “what can i do? are you hurting anywhere?”
  • “i’m really fine, jaehee. my legs just went weak for a second”
  • “that could entail more serious health concerns… we should get you examined immediately”
  • when the ambulance arrives, you move to get up and meet the responders except jaehee forces you to stay on the ground
  • that’s the gurney’s job
  • when you’re given the all-clear at the hospital, she actually asks the doctor to be doubly sure that things are fine, since she doesn’t want this to worsen or anything
  • but she’s finally convinced that it wasn’t a precursor to anything serious
  • you squeeze her hand reassuringly before giving her a peck on the cheek
  • “let’s go grab that coffee”


  • going out in public for dates was difficult since he was so high-profile
  • but he insisted on having some once in a while
  • and although you agreed and would like them, you mentioned that the paparazzi might get out of hand
  • so he rented out an entire park for a day
  • “jumin, this is a bit….”
  • “hmm, you’re right. renting just a park was too small. we’ll run out of things to do quickly”
  • “that is definitely not what i meant, but i appreciate the sentiment”
  • nonetheless, the park is rented, so you two start off with a stroll
  • you’re on one of the walking trails when you suddenly lose your breath and sink to the ground
  • jumin doesn’t even skip a beat, calling for his guards and they’re over there in a flash
  • he insists on being the one to carry you back to the car, though
  • you were out of it for a few minutes, so you missed the rare opportunity to witness Frantic Jumin
  • when you wake up, your head’s in his lap and you can feel the car rumbling underneath you
  • he tells you not to move around and relax, since they’re heading to the hospital
  • you’re lowkey kind of touched to see the immense worry in his eyes
  • “sorry for ruining the date… after all that effort…”
  • “don’t apologize, my love. i can rent the park again anytime not what you meant, jumin so you just focus on letting me know immediately if anything feels uncomfortable or painful”
  • he has multiple doctors come in and take you through a variety of examinations to be extra confident that you’re going to be fine
  • now that everything’s resolved, he promises that next time he’ll rent out an amusement park for the two of you


  • you two decided to take a walk and visit the nearby pet store 
  • cause cats
  • you’re both energetically chatting like usual as you walk down the block
  • until you come to a halt, one hand grabbing onto his sweater sleeve
  • he thinks you spotted another fat squirrel again or something 
  • but you’re literally hyperventilating and he literally whirls around in a panic
  • right before you collapse he grabs you and prevents you from falling
  • although he gets to the ground so that can have a stable hold on you
  • for a terrible moment he thinks that someone who was after him (cause of his agent/hacking life) got the hit on you instead
  • some passing people run over to see what’s wrong but he doesn’t even register them
  • he’s too focused on trying to wake you up and figure out what’s wrong
  • only when he hears someone mention the police does he whip his head up, trying to get a look at the faces of the people crowding him
  • just to make sure he didn’t recognize any potential threats
  • you come to just as the ambulance arrives and he almost bursts into tears
  • he was so worried you’d never open your eyes again
  • will not leave your side the entire ride, even though you tell him you’re fine now
  • when the doctors explain it a brief circulation problem, he presses for specific details to make sure nothing worse was happening
  • holds your hand the entire time almost like he’s scared you’ll disappear if he lets go
  • once you both leave the hospital, he’s still shaken up
  • you ask if he still wants to visit the pet store, and he says “only if you feel well enough to go”
  • “i’m always well enough for cats, seven, and so are you”
  • on the walk there, he upgrades from holding your hand 24/7 to keeping an arm around your shoulder
  • “seven, they said i’m fine. so stop worrying”
  • “….yeah”
  • there’s a few seconds of silence before you go “woah, look at how fat that squirrel over there is”
  • he finally cracks a smile at that


  • he was walking you home after picking you up from a meeting with a potential party guest
  • he still doesn’t particularly like crowds, so he sticks considerably close to you when walking down the busy sidewalk not that you’re complaining
  • he frowns when you mention feeling a bit dizzy, discreetly trying to step out a bit so he could create more space for you
  • he actually notices you’re about to faint before you do, so he catches you with ample time
  • of course, some good samaritans dash over to make sure everythings alright, except saeran won’t let them anywhere near you
  • literally glaring daggers at anyone who tries to get close
  • you come to and find yourself squished against saeran’s chest
  • “saeran…? crap, did i faint?”
  • “…..are you okay?”
  • “i’m fine, sorry, let me just get up and–”
  • “no. stay still. you might collapse again”
  • “but–”
  • “no”
  • you know better than to argue with him, so you comply
  • the samaritans (still keeping a fearful distance) call out that the ambulance arrived, and saeran carries you over to the vehicle
  • he thanks the strangers via a very stiff nod of acknowledgement he tried okay
  • cue loooong awkward ride to the hospital because even the responders are feeling awkward at the intense stares saeran’s giving them
  • although you’re enjoying the way he occasionally asks if you’re still feeling alright (since him acting so concerned for an extended period of time is very rare)
  • the doctors confirm this wasn’t anything major, and that it shouldn’t happen a second time
  • on the way out, you notice he keeps glancing at you
  • to the point where you ask him what’s wrong
  • for a long minute, he doesn’t say anything and you’re about to drop the subject when he goes “i’m glad you’re okay”
  • well there goes your heart
So i ain’t gonna lie to y’all...

i’ve got a headcanon where rita is obsessed with trini.

but not the whole “i wanna wear your skin” type of obsession, more like the “i see myself in you, so let me test you. become mini-me or whatever” obsession

so when the rangers battle other big bads, rita (’cause y’all know she needs to make a dramatic comeback) is like “leave little yellow to me”

or! or! or! it could be like xiaolin showdown season two, where chase tries to turn omi into a baddie and succeeds, but only for a moderate amount of time before omi reverts back to being a good guy. except in this instance rita is chase in the situation and trini is omi

and rita does all these terrible things to sorta test trini

during fights, rita usually tries to corner trini and have a one-on-one to see if she’s gotten stronger and test her resolve in being a good guy. the others would try to intervene, but rita would just casually dispatch them before making them watch her fight trini and subsequently injury her horrible before leaving with a mocking compliment and promises to meet again

lol, i guess you could also say rita is possessive of trini when it comes to other baddies

idk, i just really like the idea of rita having an obsession with getting trini to join her

Bonus trimberly:

kim gets really protective over trini whenever rita shows up

trini becomes really insecure about being a ranger when she realizes she can understand rita’s twisted mind and her games. kim reassures her she’s nothing like the disgraced green ranger

kim being heartbroken when trini joins rita (under the influence of rita’s magic/possession/mind control/blackmail) and promising to break trini outta rita’s control

kim camps out on trini’s roof right next to the girl’s window for like a straight week after trini is back to normal

trini invites her in after zack tells her there’s a sleeping ranger on her roof

snuggles and deep talk

trini can’t promise it won’t happen again because she truly believes she is like rita so kim vows to give her a reason to never go astray and prove that she isn’t a mini-rita

their first kiss happens ‘cause of this convo. trini actually initiated it, kim was caught off-guard but kissed her back


Rachel choreographed her own mime to the song “Watch the Lamb” by Ray Boltz for Columbine’s 1998 talent show. The mime portrayed Simon of Cyrene, who carried Jesus’ cross along part of the Via Dolorosa. 

The same night, Dylan Klebold was in the sound booth during her performance. At one point, the sound broke, and it was Dylan who saved the performance by hooking up a reserve tape deck. 

Rachel’s mother was told that Dylan was anxious to get it right that night because he knew she was performing.

“Rachel’s decision to perform a Christian mime to the Ray Boltz song “Watch the Lamb” in the annual school talent show clearly demonstrates her commitment to God. Many of the students saw the talent show as an opportunity to do something fun or silly, but Rachel saw it as a wonderful opportunity to perform mimes to Christian songs with a real message.

I think she was definitely going against the grain in doing this, and there were always a few mockers in the crowd. But she was not worried about criticism or ridicule. I know that she was walking a line that was not popular, and it cost her in being ridiculed by certain groups of kids. She knew she would take some heat for being that up front about her commitment, but she was willing to pay the cost.

In Rachel’s case, it wasn’t a sudden outburst of courage that allowed her to perform the explicitly Christian mime and risk the ridicule of her friends. Instead, it was a consistent approach to putting her happiness last on her list of priorities. […]

Rachel performed another mime in the 1998 talent show. As Rachel started her performance, the audiotape sound became very garbled, and the music stopped. The audience started looking around to see what was wrong. Meanwhile on stage, Rachel kept right on with her mime. It was probably at least two minutes before the tape was fixed and the music came back on. Since Rachel had been keeping the song going in her head, when the tape restarted, she was in perfect step. She was miming the Ray Boltz song “The Hammer.” It is about a Roman soldier who witnesses Jesus’ crucifixion and asks the question, “Who would nail this innocent man on a cross?” In the song, he comes to realize it was his own sin and the sins of the world that crucified Jesus. Ironically Dylan Klebold was in the sound booth that night, and he was the one who eventually fixed the audiotape. Once again, through Rachel, the gospel had gone forth even to her killer.

As Rachel left the stage, the audience applauded her for her bravery in not abandoning her performance. Darrell had been working late but was trying to get there in time to see Rachel’s part. He did not make it until she was walking off the stage. His timing was perfect. Rachel was crying and felt totally humiliated as she walked past the curtains, and who was standing there but her father? Dana and I rushed out of the auditorium to be with her backstage. We all comforted her, and only a few minutes later she stopped crying and resolved, “Well, next time I will make sure that my tape won’t fail me. I will be better prepared. I have learned a hard lesson but one I will never forget.” She lifted her head, and that was that.”

–Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo

However, a week before Rachel’s death, Rachel randomly went up to her older sister Dana remembering a promise she made to teach her the mime a year before. They got into character and went to the basement. Dana watched Rachel do it a few times, then was asked to practice along with her. They spent the next few hours doing so.

A year after the shooting, Dana performed the mime at an internationally televised event commemorating the first anniversary shooting, shown in the video above.

“It was as if Rachel knew she was going to die and she needed to pass the mime off to someone else. It personally meant so much to me that I was the one was got to perform it that day.” - Dana


Grayson x reader

warnings: none

words: 1.922

note: after Fine i had to write something happier to cheer me up so here it is! hope ya like it! [edit: there’s now a part II for this fic!]

There is this really great ice cream place, right below your flat. It offers every flavour you can imagine and even a few you’ve never heard of before. The walls are covered in mirrors, but not normal mirrors; instead they’re all broken up into tiny squares that reflect nothing really but still make the room seem bigger than it actually is. The ceiling is painted in purple and the plushy chairs strewn around oval coffee tables are the same shade. They have actual ivy growing up around the tall windows going out to the street, and there is always movie soundtracks playing softly in the background.

To put it quite frankly: even if ice cream wasn’t your weakness, you would love to spend all your time in there, just for the pleasing aesthetic and relaxed atmosphere.

As it is, ice cream is your weakness and you live literally above the place, so it is really no surprise you’re often enough in there to befriend the owners – an elderly italian couple, Rico and Valeria. You’ve been living in the flat for about half a year, slowly getting used to living on your own and going to college and all that. By now you have a ‘usual spot’ in the Luna D’Estate and Rico knows your favourite flavours by heart. It’s a wonder you haven’t gotten fatter from all the ice cream you’ve been eating, but then you’re also stressing a lot more than ever what with exams and papers to write.

Your ‘usual spot’ is occupied today, loads of people piling in to get some ice cream and cool down from the summer heat outside. Valeria tuts at you when she spots you sitting on the windowsill but doesn’t tell you to get off, so you send her a sheepish grin and stay where you are. Rico is preparing your order – mascarpone, blueberry, and hazelnut – when the door opens and a sweaty guy steps in.

He has a skateboard tucked under his arm and is wearing shorts and a cut-off shirt. On his feet are trainers and a hideous pair of socks, pulled up his calves as far as they possibly can. You watch him get in line and pull up his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face. And. Okay. Those are some abs. Holy hell. You nod to yourself, impressed, and flush a little when Rico chooses just that moment to hand you your ice cream.

“Thank you”, you smile and Rico nods with one of his signature wide smiles, eyes as dark as olives, skin crinkling around them as his bushy, grey eyebrows wriggle, before he turns back to the next customer.

You tuck one of your legs up onto the window sill and take up the tiny plastic spoon that comes with your ice cream. Only when you’ve put one spoonful of blueberry ice cream into your mouth do you look up again, and notice two brown eyes watching you. Skateboard guy notices you catching him staring, and he pulls his lips into an easy smile, pearly white teeth flashing cheekily as he nods politely. He has a ridiculous earing dangling from his left ear.

Your mouth curls around your spoon into a responding grin without you tellling it to.

When it’s skateboard guy’s turn to order, he asks for “mango and Nutella, please”. You’re unable to hide your snort in your ice cream.

He doesn’t even look surprised, just turns halfway into your direction and cocks his head to the side with a challenging smirk, while Rico goes off to fetch his order. “You got something to say about my taste?”

“You call that taste, do you?”, you retort and his smile widens. He takes his ice cream from Rico and pays, and you half expect him to leave. But no, skateboard guy takes the few steps in your direction and looks at his ice cream. He pulls his forehead into an exaggerated frown as he stares at it in mock doubt.

“You mean, Nutella and mango don’t taste good?”

“Well, separately they do”, you shrug, taking another spoonful of your slowly melting ice cream. “They don’t belong together, though. That’s just a fact.”

He chuckles lowly and drops his skateboard, catches it under his foot so it doesn’t roll away, and extends a hand to you. “I’m Grayson.”

You look at his hand, startled for a moment, before dropping your spoon and taking it in yours. His hand is warm and big enough to almost totally engulf yours, his grip sure and firm. “Nice to meet you, Grayson.”

He nods to the space next to you on the windowsill and lifts his eyebrows questioningly. You pull your knees in a bit to create some more space for him to sit down, and he takes the invitation, leaves his skateboard underneath the both of you and swings himself up on the windowsill.

“It seems to me you might have a problem with unconventional choices”, he teases you as he starts spooning his ice cream, throwing you amused glances from out of the corner of his eye.

“Mixing ice cream flavours badly is ‘unconventional’ now, is it?”, you shoot back and look pointedly at the orangey and chocolatey mix he is eating.

He shrugs. “Yeah. It’s not vanilla and chocolate, after all. I’m thinking outside the box here.”

You choke a little on your ice cream at his overly dramatic tone as he lifts his spoon in front of his chest, like some roman emperor would his sword. Grayson smiles in an accomplished way, his eyes lingering a second longer on your face before he turns back to his ice cream.

“What’re you having, anyway?”

“Uh”, you look down at the almost empty paper bowl in your hands. You actually have to think for a moment before you remember what flavours you picked today. “Blueberry, hazelnut and … mascarpone.”

Grayson freezes for a moment, looking at you expectedly like he’s waiting for you to start laughing and telling him it’s a joke. When you don’t do that, a laugh breaks out of him, loud and easy and bright, basically bursting out of him in waves. “You serious?”

You try hard not to blush. Damn. How can he be absolutely ridiculous and this attractive at the same time? “Sure.”

That laugh again. He shakes his head and scoops a huge spoonful of ice cream up. “And you’re trying to tell me how to mix flavours?”

“Hey”, you protest and nudge his thigh with your knee lightly. He is almost too warm to touch what with all the humidity in the air. “I have great taste.”

“Sure”, he repeats your words from before, and smushes ice cream over his cheek when you nudge him again, making him resolve into small giggles.

You end up talking for another half hour, until he realizes the time and curses under his breath. “I’m really sorry, but I have to go. I promised my brother I’d be skateboarding for just an hour or so.” When he pulls his phone out, he grimaces and starts typing a message.

“No problem”, you shrug and there really is no disappointment, even though there is now tension twisting your stomach up into knots. Goodbyes are always awkward, as a rule – goodbyes to strangers even more so, of course, but the most awkward is if you maybe, probably, possibly would like the chance to run into someone again but you’re not sure the other person wants the same.

“Oh, here”, he says when you make to get down from the windowsill and holds his hands out to help you. You could climb down on your own, of course, but you’re not about to pass up this opportunity to hold his hand again. You end up accidentally landing on his skateboard with one foot, and his grip tightens when he feels your balance slip. “Sorry.”

You shrug when he lets go of you and picks up his board, words temporarily wiped from your brain at the sudden proximity to him. Grayson holds the door open for you and you step outside, blinking into the warmth of the afternoon-sunbeams.

“So”, Grayson says when the door falls shut behind him. There aren’t many people walking around you, despite the weather being this nice. He shoots you a lopsided smile and balances on the balls of his feet awkwardly. Strands of caramel coloured hair are falling into his face, almost reaching his eyes, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it even though your hands are itching to push them back for him.

“So?”, you ask and look up at him expectantly. While you were sitting, you didn’t really notice, but now that you’re standing in front of him, the height difference is definitely there. Your forehead is about where his chin is, on which he actually sports a scar, as you notice now.

He hesitates for a second like he has to pull himself together. “You wanna do this again?”

“What, criticising some poor, random guy’s ice cream flavour choices?”, you tease. Then, focusing hard on keeping your eyes on his, since your first instinct is to avert them and fidget nervously, you admit: “Actually, yeah. I’d love to.”

Grayson’s smile widens, dimples pressing into his cheeks. “Perfect.”

He pulls out his phone and lets you type in your number and name, then calls your phone so you have his number as well and shoves his phone back into his pocket with a nod. His skateboard is still resting under his arm and he makes no move to actually leave.

“Sometime next week good for you?”, he asks, eyes mapping out your face like he has all the time in the world, despite his words from earlier.

“Should be, yeah”, you confirm and stay put firmly, when he takes half a step towards you, his chest almost brushing yours now. His lips look all soft and pink up close like this, and you can see where stubble is growing on his jawline, making it appear even sharper. He has a freckle on the left side of his chin, right by the scar.

“I’ll text you then”, he says, rooted to the spot like he has absolutely no intentions of leaving.

“Sounds good”, is all you can reply. You feel a bit seasick, like you’re swaying on your feet towards him. He smells like sun and heated concrete and sweat, and it’s making your head spin. That space between neck and collarbone would fit your hand perfectly to pull him down, just a bit … you want to run your finger over that scar on his chin, just to find out if it’s rough or all smooth skin.

“Or you can text me, of course”, he goes on. His voice is quiet, like he doesn’t intend anyone to hear his words.

By now you’re breathless enough, for your voice to have essentially given out. “Okay.”

Your eyes flicker up from where they’d been focused on his lips and for a moment you just meet each other’s eyes. Then he bends down, closes the last centimetres and covers your mouth with his. The sun is warm on your skin, there’s a light breeze playing with your clothes, a hand anchoring you where he touches you lightly at your waist, the smell of skin and heat in your nose, and soft lips pressed against your own, tasting sweet and still cool from the ice cream.

Maybe mango and Nutella aren’t such a bad mixture after all.

Part II: smiley

In Another Life

Request: Hey!! Could you write something with Jughead based off the song “The one that got away” covered by Alice Kristiansen? (it’s on spotify and youtube.) I thought maybe it could be that you had always been close-to-dating Jughead but then he kisses Betty. Then there’s another talent show night at the school, and you sing that song. Then afterwards he realizes he loves you, and then fluff. Thank you so much :-) xx

Requested: anonymous!

A/N: AH! Back to requests! YAY! Thank you so much for this request, this story was amazing to write so thank you for the wonderful idea! (sorry it took me so long to get up)

Pairing: Reader x Jughead

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by riverdaleselite

You’d always been close to Jughead. You’d always believed that there was something more between you two than just best friends. You two had always reached that point but never stepped over the line, mainly because of Jughead. He’d always been so adamant that the two of you never became more than friends.

But you felt more and you knew he felt more. Though, you never said anything. You always allowed him to push you back from over that line even if there was moments when the two of you couldn’t help but stare into each others eyes. Even if there was moments where the two of your lips would just reach but not touch. You’d let him push you away and your heart would crack a little.

In another life…

But you decided, enough was enough. He was clearly attracted to you and you were clearly attracted to him. You were done having your heart ripped just a tiny bit more because he was too scared to commit.

You resolved to tell him how you truly felt and to make him trust you. 

I would be your girl…

You were ready and despite the way your heart beat rapidly against your chest, you felt confident enough that you’d be able to tell him. You were headed to the Blue and Gold office where you knew he’d be, your heart beating but your head high with hope.

You’d never felt so complete in a while. And as you made the final steps to the door, you thought maybe there was future for you and Jughead.

We’d keep all our promises…

But as your feet reached the room and your eyes were able to see through the glass pane, you felt your heart crack just a bit more. You gasped, a hand falling to your lips as your eyes widened and you felt the over-washing flood of betrayal flood through you.

There, inside the Blue and Gold office, stood Betty and Jughead, only inches apart and there lips connected. It was obvious to anyone there was a lot of passion between the two, which only ten folded the heart break you felt.

You weren’t quite sure why you felt betrayed. Jughead, again, had never made any promised to you. But, when you thought about it, you guessed you’d always thought yourself to be special in Jughead’s eyes and that you were the only one close enough to share that kind of moment with him.

You felt your eyes water, and now with your head heavy, you ran off before either of them noticed you.

Be us against the world…

Jughead sighed, He’d been dragged off to another school get together by Archie. He didn’t even know why Archie wanted him here so bad, he wasn’t even performing and the Pussy Cats weren’t performing one of his songs. But the boy was bouncing with nervousness.

He just didn’t like crowds. And there was a lot of kids sitting all around of him.

Idly, he noticed you weren’t sitting there. Actually, now that he thought of it, he hadn’t seen you a lot i the past few days. Any time he came near you, you’d run off before he could say a word. Which truly disappointed him. Because the conversations the two of you had, were always his favourite.

“And now, our very own Y/N Y/L/N.” Jughead’s head snapped to the stage. In shock he watched you walk out, an air of confidence floating around you as you held your guitar and sat down on the chair provided.

Turning to Archie, he shook his head confused. “I didn’t know Y/N could sing.”

“Well she can. And she’s really good.” Archie commented, his eyes strictly on you. Something about the way he stared at you made Jughead feel a spike of jealousy run through him as he slowly let his gaze fall back on you.

You coughed, clearing your voice. “Recent events have inspired me to sing this song.” Your voice explained as you prepared yourself.

Slowly your fingers began strumming the guitar and Jughead found himself caught. His body froze and his eyes were stuck on you as your angelic voice called out.

In another life…

There was something about the way you sang. 

I would make you stay…

Something about the way you held yourself.

So I don’t have to say…

Something about the way your eyes watered, and it was almost as if the words meant much more than they seemed.

You were the one that got away…

Something about the way your hair fell around you, and the way your soft fingers looked so fragile, and the way your eyes twinkled.

The one that got away…

Jughead realized… he was in love with you.

Looking over to Betty, he realized he had made a mistake.

“Thank you.” You spoke once the crowd stopped clapping, and then you were gone. Jughead shot up from his seat, he quickly apologized to Betty before running off. He ignored the calls from his friends and made his way back stage.

Once in, he breathed trying to find you. As soon as Jughead’s eyes fell on yours, he pounced.

“Y/N!” He yelled, gaining your attention. Snapping you from your conversation with Valerie, you turned with your brows furrowed in confusion. Once your gaze fell on Jughead, your face fell a little and you turned completely, knowing there was no where to run to.

Jughead panted once he reached you.

“Hey…” You greeted awkwardly. You expected him to say something, or for the awkward silence to continue. But instead you felt warm lips press against yours, and hands fall on either side of your face, pressing you closer to Jughead. Your eyes widened and though you wanted him to continue, a imagine of Betty, your good friend Betty flashed through your mind.

You pushed against his chest. “J-Jughead!” You stuttered, your hand falling to your lips as you stare astonished at Jughead. “You and Betty!” You yelled and his face fell.

“You know?” He asked and you flushed.

“I saw you that day… i-in the Blue and Gold office. I was- was going to tell you how I felt.” You mumbled, staring off to the side.

Jughead sighed and you went to take a step back, but Jughead caught your wrist. “I made a mistake, Y/N.” Wide eyed, you turned to Jughead.


“No, Y/N. You up there… singing, made me realize. I don’t like Betty. I love you.” 


“Yes…” You sighed, unsure of what to say.

“But Betty…” 

“Betty’ll understand. She already kind of knew.” You looked into Jughead’s eyes. Making sure he was telling the truth. And sighing, you smiled lightly.


Hesitance and Hunger

Five times Derek gets propositioned by an incubus and one time he gets the real thing. 5578w | Also on AO3

This is my entry for the Sterek Week 2017 day 4 theme ‘Mates’.

(A quick warning for brief minor dubcon as an incubus tries to trick Derek into thinking he’s Stiles, but it doesn’t last very long or get very far.)

Derek listens to Stiles’ jeep pull out of the lot below the loft, the last car to leave. The quiet always feels a bit eerie once the pack have gone, like the weighted hush of a library, and though he specifically chose the location because of distant neighbours, it always takes him a minute to adjust to the rare solitude he usually basks in.

He busies himself with collecting the glasses strewn around the room, Erica’s and Lydia’s easily distinguishable by the lipstick smears around the rims, and has just started to load them into the dishwasher when he catches a faint heartbeat approaching from the ground floor.

He pauses, listening, unable to place who it could belong to. He can’t assign it to any members of the pack, the only others (still alive) to have ever set foot inside the loft, but the approach is steady and sure. A stranger wouldn’t be so at ease.

He sets the final glass in the dishwasher and closes it up, eyes on the door as he waits. He doesn’t unsheathe his claws but it’s a near thing.

The visitor reaches the door and doesn’t hesitate to slide it open, revealing— Stiles. Derek’s fists unclench, his frown becoming raised eyebrows as Stiles heads straight for him.

“I forgot something,” is the only explanation he offers before he places his hands on either side of Derek’s face and pulls him in for a kiss.

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It’s summer break of Izuku and his classmates’ second year.

Honestly, it isn’t that much different from being a first year. They still have all the same classmates and Aizawa is still their homeroom teacher.

They do have a little more freedom now - their curfew is later, and they don’t have to sign out of their dorms in the evenings whenever they want to hang out at the mall or something, and they’re allowed to be away overnight on weekends without having to get express written permission from their parents.

They take full advantage of this, obviously.

Especially in the summer time.

They decide to take an overnight trip to the beach one time. They’re all going to be staying at a hotel, and All Might is going too, and so is Present Mic.

And when Aizawa hears about it, he’s not too surprised - those two are the “cool” teachers after all. Obviously the students would want them to come.

But then Mina bounds up to him on the last day of school before summer vacation. And she’s beaming brightly and all bubbly with excitement.

And she asks Aizawa if he wants to come to the beach with them.

And Aizawa’s shocked because??? Are you sure you’re talking to the right person???

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” he says, deadpan. He knows students don’t tend to like him very much, which doesn’t really bother him much. He doesn’t do things because they’ll make him popular - he does things to raise his students into the best heroes they can be.

“Awww, but senseiiii!” whines Mina. “You have to come!!! It won’t be any fun without you!”

Aizawa is about to refuse again, when some of the other students, who have finished packing up by now, walk up and join the conversation.

“Aizawa-sensei isn’t coming?” asks Izuku, eyebrows furrowed.

“No,” replies Mina in a petulant voice, pouting. “Because he doesn’t like us and doesn’t want to spend time with us.”

Aizawa can’t help the amused huff at that.

“And why on Earth would you brats want a teacher to come with you on your beach trip? I thought you’d be jumping at the chance for two months without seeing my face.”

“But it wouldn’t be the same without you!” insists Kaminari.

“Yeah, come on sensei!” Kirishima urges from beside him. “We promise not to be too obnoxious!”

“All Might-sensei and Present Mic-sensei are also coming, and maybe a few other teachers too, so you won’t be the only adult there if that’s what you’re worried about,” Shinsou adds helpfully from his place next to Izuku.

Aizawa raises an eyebrow. His resolve is starting to crumble in the face of his students’ enthusiasm.

“I’d just be sitting on the beach, reading the whole time,” he warns them.

The students seem to realize that they’ve won the argument.

“That’s alright!” insists Sero. “Tokoyami and Todoroki will probably be doing the same. You guys can watch our stuff.”

Aizawa rolls his eyes as it becomes apparent his arguments aren’t working.

“You brats aren’t going to let this go, are you?” he asks.

“Nope!” says Tooru, her voice chipper.

“Fine, fine, I’ll come,” he relents

The students break out into a cheer, and even the usually stoic Shinsou and Todoroki are smiling brightly.

They all head back to their dorms then to start packing up, chattering excitedly amongst each other.

Satou stays back a moment to make sure Aizawa knows the date and where they’ll all be meeting up.

Aizawa watches them all go with a smile on his face.

It’s a strange feeling, for his presence to actually be wanted by his students - in the past, his students had always avoided him like the plague outside of classes, and it’s not like he could really blame them. He’s not exactly the most approachable person.

Aizawa doesn’t do things because he wants to be popular, after all.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the feeling.

anonymous asked:

Aside from NH, what else didn't you like about naruto ending

Oh boy.

A lot of my followers (this is not me tooting my own horn, I have a bit over 1k followers that I am very thankful for, but I am no where near tumblr famous) have a misconception that I hate the ending because of naruhina but it’s really the other way around. To get this out the way: had naruhina been written better (or actually, written at all LMAO) I would have not shipped it much but I wouldn’t have hated it. See, the shy girl - loud boy dynamic is dry and boring to me…It’s not interesting, it’s not realistic if written too perfectly, it’s not even something I can even relate to (if you think I am outspoken and social here you should see me irl ifejjfa) despite me hating self insert ships and it’s not something I can find myself interested in..But I still would not have hated it. The ending tramples naruhina; the last DESTROYED that ship by making naruto ‘fall in love’ after a genjutsu after not giving a shit and by making fillermaru and fillerkura have to give naruto a pep talk to chase hintos, but even so I would have not been ‘anti ending’ just because this ship is under developed and done in a gross way. I only became anti ending when the authors canonization of ships (My own SS ship included) overshadowed things such as:

- The main character whom I loved’s happiness. He looks miserable ‘living his dream’ that he even missed the inauguration for.

- Character importance. Neji was one of my favourites and he died for a ship.

- Naruto’s nindo. ‘never go back on my word’ did you not do that by never showing me what happened to the Hyuga on panel? I’m sure the Hyuga conflict is resolved but the issue had an ENTIRE arc, I am sure you could have included a single panel showing the Hyuga together post ending no branches and heads involved? Didn’t you promise to bring Sasuke home lmao? Why is his ass not home? Didn’t you promise to find an answer to the hate in the ninja world? Did you not promise to find your own individual path as a ninja? Why did you end up a nationalist like all the other leaders? 

- why is naruto such an absent father? can his not make thousands of clones to do his work for him? In Sasuke’s shinden it’s revealed that there is open communication of village affairs between the 5 villages meaning Naruto can employee fuckers to delegate his tasks for him.

- why the fuck is ten ten owning a dead weapon shop that has no business? why would you think she deserves that Kishimoto?

- Why would you find fit to give sasuke and sakura the happy ending they deserve only to have him gone for so long? I don’t hate SS because of Gaiden nor do I hate the message behind it but I just wish he picked a better plot premise for this message..Sasuke looked so depressed away from him family and I am sure Sakura missed him like hell…and don’t even get me started on Sarada, the kids always have it the worst in these situations. This is not me disrespecting Sasuke’s sacrifice for the world and his family; this is just me annoyed that Kishimoto decided to put him in this position for a shitty ‘save the world plot’ that gets resolved by a 12 year old in the boruto movie

- what the fuck is chapter 700, everyone’s appearances aside from Naruto’s annoyed me

- why does borutos hair look like this

- what? - me, seeing the kids’ designs (saradas grew on me a lot as she looks like a female sasuke with hints of her mama here and there and hima is cute)

- why did you not settle plot holes and inconsistencies 

- why was sasukes character arc so rushed towards the end

- why was the ending so rushed for sasuke vs naruto 

- why is Sasuke’s shinden just a sad diary full of Konoha induced self hate and where is Naruto through all of this???? He obsesses over Sasuke for years only for this shit to be pulled??? Sasuke suffering on his own for years while Sakura suffers from over work and missing him and Naruto is suddenly MIA like ANY of this is in ic for these 3

- why did SP end the anime like a shitty soap opera

- why in the fucking hell are team 7 and sns separated when this was one of the biggest plot points of part 2

- why were the side characters sidelined so bad and what happened to their endings

- hi we are called kunoichi and we demand some spotlight

- hi i am called sakuras genjutsu potential, please tap me



- why are taka stuck with him

- what the fuck happened with taka

- why is itachi, who painted himself in a negative light being glorified for his destructive obedience that caused the genocide of an entire clan 

and most fucking importantly

The fact that Naruto Uzumaki ended up being a nationalist piece of shit who went against his fore principals and hid the uchiha clan massacre; going against basic government transparency and failing to give the people of the village he is ruling (and his best ‘friend’) the justice they deserve  

There are so many things to be against even excluding naruhina being a shitty thing continuously shoved down our throats; I genuinely can’t believe there are some people with 0 issues with the ending..Like were you just here for the ships? I don’t get it. Because honestly:

there will come a time in your life, once or twice or thrice that you will find yourself drifting. drowning. and as you see the air pockets move rapidly from your nostrils, and all that you can feel is your essence, and all that you can hear is emptiness, and your person; who you are-is clear beckoning to resolve with your heart. then you will need to stop. and build courage to swim up to the surface for your lungs demand give it another chance. to try. i promise it does not get better. you are only required to be okay with it, then it is not so bad anymore. the weight is not so heavy because for every hurdle you jump over, your bones are alloyed with strength, your mind is magnified with possibilities, your heart is elasticated and it cannot be knifed by any means pain delves. you become a lighthouse that ensures lost souls like your former self are safely guided to the harbour.  and your garden blossoms with all kinds of fascinating flowers filled with the essence of home; belonging, for all once upon lost souls. And it becomes a constant reminder to be beautifully brave.