it will actually make my day

Maybe dabbling in dark magic wasn’t such a good idea?

There’s a lot of unwelcome thoughts in my head rn

Orc concept

Okay so let me start out with a few facts.

Elf souls:

  • If they refuse to go to the halls, their souls (their fea) can stick around
  • It is more susceptible to corruption and shit, basically they lose who they are very quickly and just become this malicious wandering thing
  • Sauron can gain control of them quite easily
  • These wicked versions of the souls are noted as being put into bodies occasionally


  • Originated from something (Tolkien couldn’t decide really) having to do with elves
    • One version is that they’re tortured/corrupted elves
    • One version is that they’re beasts/forms made by Melkor then animated like a “parrot”
  • However they’re not just evil elves, their bodies are all fucked up too
  • They reproduce in a human/animal/elf method, so their bodies are indeed biological
  • If we’re going off Peter Jackson’s versions of them, not sure if this is also in the books, orcs can become immensely physically fucked up (head collapsed, head split in two, etc) and just generally a walking heap of deadly injuries and scars

So my concept for orc origin is that Melkor TRIED to make his own original beings, like elves or humans or dwarves, but couldn’t. He could only make Frankenstein’s monster-esque meat dolls. Sauron remedied this by taking the souls of dead elves, which once out of the body easily fall into an orc-like state in which they can speak, function, fight, etc but lose their old sense of self and take on a wickedness. Shove those fucked up souls into the meat dolls and there you go. Instead of making fresh meat dolls you can’t just reuse an actual corpse, which explains how and why orcs look so fucked up like mangled corpses. 

I was sharing this in a discord chat with my friends a few days ago and there were some interesting takes/additions on this, like what if one of the bodies used or souls used was slightly recognizable to someone who knew them pre-orc. 


Summary: Reader confesses her love, only to be shot down.      

Author’s Note: Oh, Billy… You always seem to get your ass kicked out at some point.    


Feedback always appreciated! Positive or negative! I always want my work to improve!

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Truesday notes:
  • I am doing my best to keep it in cruise control today. If people want to freak out about stuff here, they are more than welcome to. I am just gonna sit here and model parts all day until it’s 2:45 and time to gtfo.
  • Charlie Rose has been fired, and rightfully so. All these motherfuckers need to be held accountable for their shit, and this is the least of what they should get.
  • If any of you work in retail and are required to either work ON Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, my hat is off to you. I can’t even begin to imagine the fuckery you will be dealing with this week. Please be safe.
  • We have a new employee (why, I am not sure?) but I am doing my best to keep it “positive” in front of her which is difficult due to the layoffs, and overall feeling of what in the actual fuck with this place anymore? 
  • I was discussing this with @dameofgroans the other day that I my moral compass is at odds with the industry I work in that allows me to pay my mortgage, and eat. I am by no means making enough money to take reap the benefits of the Republican tax plan, but I do okay generally speaking. Then you see that Keystone spilled out 5,000 fucking barrels in South Dakota, and like ughhh…
  • I am not really 100% sure how Thursday will play out. I am certain I will be around drinking beers. Those of you who are gonna go to one (or more) Thanksgiving gatherings, I hope you have the best time. Those are not? I am certain I will be drunk posting.
  • Tacos will be had for dinner today. 



FINALLY I GOT IT ALL DONE XD This was very fun! Requests are one way for me to practice! 8D Here comes dem mentions : 

Check!Frisk © Me Requested by an anon (Dude I hope what u meant by Check frisk is Checktale frisk [or maybe another person’s frisk, if it is then oops- XD] I actually have a concept of Check!Frisk ready to go! Hopefully one day I could make a ref if i aint lazy)

Ze Green gal © Requested by @kata3211 (She’s an interesting one!)

Pink skele gal © Requested by @anaarts121 (AHHH THE EYES! OWO)

Checka © Me Requested by @blazeflaze (Hnngg i know you requested her to say hewwo but I kinda failed I suppose XD)

Note that my requests are currently close so don’t send one unless I open em again!

the fact the kilo supposedly felt neglected and unloved bc his parents were invested in making the galaxy a better place and that’s seen as a legitimate reason as to why he became a murderous fascist makes my blood boil. first of all, how dare rian try to demonize han and leia (ESPECIALLY leia) for giving a damn about other people and helping them?? secondly, real life men just like kilo, who don’t get to be the fucking center of attention all the time and don’t get treated like kings simply bc they feel like the universe owes it to them exist. they exist and they’re feeling especially emboldened these days. the very last thing we need is a man like them being twisted into a tragic villian who isn’t actually responsible for his actions so that people can point to him and use him as a way of humanizing irl neo nazis

ashootingstarisee  asked:

Hi! Do you have some prompts for a ghost/ghost pairing where one is from the past and one from present days? Thank you ^^

This is a really neat idea, so I’d love to give it a try! 

1. “Woah, you’ve been a ghost for that long? Doesnt that like, kind of suck? I mean, it’s got to be boring?” 

“Not really, It’s actually rather fascinating. I get to watch humanity evolve and history be made but I never actually have to be a part of it” 

2. “I have seen a lot of odd things in my life, and in my after life, and I will never be as confused as I am when trying to understand your modern day humor” 

3. “You know what sucks? I don’t know how to make small talk with you. I can’t be like ‘So, hows work?’ or ‘Got any plans for the holidays?’, so what the hell are we supposed to talk about? The Weather? It doesnt even apply to us!” 

4. “So, you uh, come here often?” 

“I’ve been stuck on this plane of existence for the last 200 hundred years, technically, I never leave”

5. “You know, When I met you, I thought I was gonna have to explain to you all about modern day stuff, and it’d be hilarious to watch how confused you’d get over technology, but you seem to know more about whats going on in this time then I do.” 

“I am dead, not blind. I’ve been observing this era from the other side of the glass before it was even in motion”  

6. “Excuse you, respect your elders!” 

“You’re like the same age as me!” 

“No, I was the same age as you when I died. By all technicalities, I am a couple hundred years older then you” 

7. “Who would have thought I’d have to die in order to meet the love of my life?” 

That’s all I’ve got! Hope they work for you! If you need anything else, let me know!

Important or not important message

Depending if you care I don’t know

So I hesitated to talk about it on my blog but actually I think I need to let it all out. So what I’m about to say is really important for me okay?

So I learnt a few days ago that my dad was in the hospital and had brain surgery to remove a tumor. And also he has brain cancer. He doesn’t want to tell me much cause he doesn’t want me to worry but that’s what I do and I know there’s not a lot of chance he will make it because of his health history and habits.

I’m very devastated and barely stopped crying today. I’m not saying all this to annouce I will go on a hiatus, no, it’s actually the opposite, I think writing will save me from drowning in pain. It might just take more time and be sadder than usual and I apologize for that.

I’m not asking for attention or to be noticed. Now that you, people who kindly took the time to read, know, well you know. Tumblr helped me a lot in dark times so i hope it will be good for me too right now.

So if you care or want or i don’t know… it could be nice to pass and say hi, help me change my mind and cheer me up a bit. Anything can help. Again I don’t want attention and I know I won’t get the help I need here and will see a specialist. I just think it can’t hurt to just change my mind ya know?

So if you have read this, thank you. It’s nice of you. And I wish a good day/ night to all of you.

If you haven’t heard yet some amazing fic writer’s are submitting stories called A Candle for the Caribbean - Charity anthology benefiting the victims of Hurricane Maria.

For readers to access the collection, donate to a legitimate charity servicing those hit by hurricane Maria. Check out @loveinpanem for further details!

I was able to submit my story “Ride through the Meadow” @javistg helped me with her Beta wizardry, and LOOK @everlarkingjoshifer made this amazing banner!!! What?!

Get in the giving spirit early and give hope to others who are struggling from Hurricane Maria. You can make a difference from where you are sitting!

I thought I would share an excerpt from my story in celebration.

“In his post, Peeta encourages everyone to make a donation for the Virgin Islands. A heart of gold, this one. He’s not pretending. I think he’s actually this, well, good. It’s still hard for me to believe there can be that much goodness in the world.

I hit play to listen to his video. He’s inspiring. Peeta has actually spent time in Puerto Rico helping with food relief for starving families. He touches on the devistation, but is so persuasive it makes ME believe I too can make a difference. He sings a heartfelt song of longing, searching for the girl he once knew. Makes me wish I could go back to a time when I had that kind of hope in another person.

I close my laptop. I can’t even finish the song. I’m overcome with emotion.

That’s the day I start riding my bike again. The wind in my face and the green all around me are akin to the first signs of regeneration to a gaping wound.”



Yooooo! Progress on the Rooftop costume!

I tried out mock paniers the other day, and things just looked a lot more right. So I should speed up and make actual ones, cause this dress so totally needs it. I have also added a gold piping on the skirt hem. What remains, you ask? Well, finish the gold ruffles for the bodice and sew all decorations on. They’re all just pinned on. And then the paniers. And then make the Rooftop cloak.

But then… but then, my friends, this monster of a project is done!

This photoset includes dresses that hugely inspired mine. First, Maria Bjørnson’s actual costume design. Though my hem is different, with the decorations set further down and the flounced hem skipped, I tried to remain as faithful as possible to it. The main fabric was inspired by the newer German dresses, with an undefinable pink/metallic surface created by putting a transparent embroidered fabric over a pink base. But the decorations has been more closely modeled after the US ones, cause the rosettas and pearl tassels are perfection. They also look a lot like the design. So a mix and match project.

Everything - and I really mean everything - has been made from scratch, from sandwiched fabrics to pearl tassels to double rosettas. Which is why this one has taken almost a year to make, give or take some months of inactivity!

Ive noticed that with my strong moon mercury square i have a really hard time finding words for the things that i intuitively know so i am going to start making a conscious effort of building my vocabulary, reading more and writing down expressions i like, writing every day and making lists of synonyms and words and phrases i can use. I always stumble over my words and stutter and take so long to find words etc which is one of the reasons i dont talk much and dont share my opinions. It also makes it harder for me to know what i actually think and believe regarding certain topics and issues. I want to become really eloquent and be really good at putting my thoughts and feelings into well articulated and well structured speech and writing!! 📖✏🖊🗒💕💞💖


I’m having a little trouble with it. I’ve never really had issues with the big number birthdays. But this one. Maybe because I don’t actually look or act my age. ;)

And then there’s the fact that I never thought I’d make it to 50. I figured I’d either have killed myself or been done in by cancer long before now. But no. I’m alive, medicated so I’m not thinking of killing myself every day. Living in China, of all places. Teaching English, of all things. 

What the fuck is my life?

Today my podcast made a comment about how you don’t HAVE to send out Christmas cards because they are expensive and a lot of work (they talked about ways to survive the holidays and self care during the holidays) and i was like ….. DUH!

Every year I scramble to send them out, getting the addresses together, making my list, adding a new name every day to my list, stressing about paying for the shipping so they come in time, getting the stamps. Then the actual work to stuff the envelopes, put the address stickers on…. I probably spend $50-$75 a year doing this because I have to order so many cards and so many stamps. Even figuring out what photo to use ( and making Gavin pose ) is stressful. Dan doesn’t want to be in the photo, the dog doesn’t cooperate. Having to order them and figure out Shutterfly or cvs or whatever… and plus half of the people I send them to… don’t even send us a card. Plus they just go in the trash eventually!!!

So why the fuck am I wasting all this time and money???? Dan sure as hell isnt going to do it. Gavin is too little to help.

So I’m done. I’m not doing it this year. If someone wants a photo of Gavin they can ask for it and I’ll gladly send them a photo. But I’m not wasting my time (or money) this year.


Happy Birthday to the guy I never thought I would fall in love with

I never thought I would fall in love with someone who is always hardworking, so dedicated to everything that he does;
Who is a genius at writing incredibly evocative songs which seem to replay in my head over and over again;
Who has a voice so beautiful that I wouldn’t mind hearing every single day.  
I never thought I would like someone who is both adorable and manly at the same time, who avoids aegyo like a plague even though he’s such a natural;
But gets me everytime he smirks so sexily or when he executes dance moves that make my heart spin
I never actually thought I would write something as embarassing as this.
I was never into kpop but his songs happened and Seventeen happened and my whole just changed. Just like that.
Of all the Kpop songs I had checked out, only Seventeen managed to sway me
Then, there must be something different, something else in his songs–emotion, honesty, passion, love for what he does
It is always beautiful to see someone doing what he loves the most.
If he only knew how much he had turned my life upside down with his songs.
I never thought I would fall in love with you, Lee Jihoon aka Woozi

Happy Birthday, Lee Jihoon–vocal boss, producer extraordinaire, vocal team leader, aegyo pro and my current obsession

-Admin Hyeri

Today on ‘things that could be great but WOW FAIL’: the tumblr mobile app

What @staff thinks we want:

  • 'best stuff first’ feature (bonus points for a fucked up dash even when the feature is turned off)
  • grouped notifications
  • recommended posts with content that has a 0% overlap with the blogger’s actual interests (bonus points if the rec is for a ship/character the blogger can’t stand and has never once reblogged)
  • sponsored posts, advertising icky stuff or shit no one cares about (bonus points if the ad is actually Chinese. More bonus points if the blogger isn’t)
  • tag search that produces about half of the posts that actually exist in the tag

What we actually want:

  • a dash that shows ALL the posts in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER
  • single notifications so we can read people’s tags on reblogs without GOING MENTAL
  • the possibility to blacklist tags. Seriously. Using the app would be about 537% more enjoyable if we just didn’t have to see THIS SHIT™
  • no icky dating ads, no stuff that screams 'fishy scam’ and maybe also in a language the blogger actually understands? YOU KNOW WHERE I AM how is this so hard?! (bonus points for NO ADS AT ALL)
  • a reliable tag search (bonus points if it also had an 'exclude words’ feature)

Not directly app related, but for additional brownie points, you could also consider giving us

  • the possibility to send asks and reply to posts from side blogs
  • 'unrebloggable’ posts (for personal stuff, selfies, etc that we’d like to share on our blog and ours alone)
  • a 'sticky post’ function, so we could fix important things right at the top of the blog