it will actually make my day

[movie playing in background]

kolton: [whispers] z… do you maybe wanna.. go to your room?..

zia: um.. m-maybe.. i don’t know, if i’m.. ready, kolton..

kolton: mm.. babe, are you su-

zia: yes kolton.. i’m sure.. i’m sorry, i just. i’m not ready.. 

kolton: uh.. okay thats fine, we can just make out then?

zia: actually.. i’m not feeling very good, i think i just wanna chill alone for a little

kolton: zia.. i’m sorry.. i didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable..

zia: its not you, i just need to rest.. i haven’t been sleeping well lately and my tummy hurts.. see you in a few days?

kolton: see you, babe. lemme know if you need anything.

When I first started SKAM, I hadn’t anticipated how life changing it would be. Not just because of the story and the characters in the show, but also the people I met and the things I learned until the very last clip. Fandom is important because community gives us strength, happiness, and sometimes act as the reminder we need to get through a tough day. SKAM taught me that sometimes people in our lives can be toxic and make us feel isolated, but others can help us heal with their love and friendship. This show wouldn’t have been possible with all the friends I made along the way, thank you: 

@naesheiims my bro, my homie G, the loveliest person who introduced me to the show, I love you

@buckywithegoodhair a constant support and always so caring <3 

@sanashappinessisendgame actual sunshine in my life and so wonderful, I hope you know how much you fill my life with joy 

and to all the mutuals I made in this journey, I just want you to know that I wish I could say all of the things each of you did to make me laugh or smile, but I hope this post suffices because y’all are one of the best part of this entire thing: @sanas4main @bungaystraydogs @bechnaesun @westiris @queerisaks @evakshalla @kviigs @occlumencia @ronasslynch @ravenclawisak @isak-valterson @rrnan

Also I wanted to personally thank @judestfrncis and @skamenglish for translating everything - but most importantly, just taking the time and energy to give us the opportunity to experience SKAM, I honestly can’t thank you enough! (and all the other folks who have translated as well!)

Also @skamz and @koninginnen both of you always make such nice posts to keep this fandom positive and a wonderful place, I’m always talking about how amazing you two are for the cute and adorable things you always have to say <3 

And finally thank you to anyone who followers/friends I’ve made along the way, wherever you are, I just want you to know that this is has been an unreal experience, takk for alt. 

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I'm new to tumblr and I've been in the phandom for like a year and I was wondering if you have any advice for making friends on the Internet and in the phandom and stuff? Is this a weird stupid question? sorry if it is :/

No its not weird at all!!! I think the thing that i see the most is becoming friends through asks! If you like someone a lot, start sending them asks about how their day is going etc. i met a few of my friends like that! Actually the majority of my friends ive made are ones who commented on my stories all the time and then eventually started messaging me! @whalefairyfandom12 and i became friends bc i liked one of her stories and she was excited i liked it and we ended up talking about politics and @snowbunnylester and i became friends bc i commented on her stories all the time and she ended up messaging me! I really recommend the ask box bc its a wonderful thing. Although dont message people asking if you can be their friends bc friendship is gradual and cant be forced! You gotta find common interests and form a friendship like that :D i hope this helps a little bit!

can we stop pretending that how many times a day we say ‘i love you’ aloud has anything to do with how much we actually love a person? tired of it being shoved in my face that if a person doesn’t say it they don’t? some ppl aren’t good at verbalising for a myriad of different reasons. there are other ways to show you love someone that have nothing to do with saying those three words. asking how your day went. talking you through things when you’re in a bad place. sending links to things you will like. making book or tv or film recs you will like. seeking you out for a conversation. asking for your opinion or advice. encouraging you. appreciating your selfies. reminding you to look after yourself. reminding you you’re a valuable person. sending you songs. extra points if those songs are ones that remind you of the person. sending bad puns and bad jokes. celebrating your achievements as if they were your own. sending a good morning text. sending a goodnight text. telling you you’re thinking of them. ‘i saw this and thought of you’. sharing your day. sharing your life. there are thousands of ways to tell someone you love them. you just have to be listening.  

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I want to dm a dnd game like the first way you described playing it (like taz) how would I go about doing that? Because from listening to taz a lot of things get altered based on what the characters choose to do (e.g. Griffin originally planned for Kravitz to have a bigger role in the Suffering game arc, until Justin made Taako do the thing, and he had to change it)

I was actually talking to my long term veteran DM friend about this the other day because I’m gonna be doing the same in a week!

He basically said that there’s no true way to prepare, like, every DM does it differently. He said the only way to find out how you DM is to actually DM lol.

Basically, his advice was to prepare a story in your head as much as you can, but also prepare to keep open minded and make stuff up as you go along.

What I plan to do is have a main story which the characters will hopefully follow, then if the characters deviate I’ll have a few mini scenarios which could be placed anywhere in the story to fall back on (these will hopefully also steer the characters back to the main story)

I’m writing my story like a mindmap, but that doesn’t mean everybody does.

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mauve, blush, and viridian bc you're great & wine + white + sage for an inukag drawing? ☺️

MAUVE = You are really talented
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
VIRIDIAN = I wanna hang out on your blog

Thought it’d be fun to use the colors you actually gave me! It was fun! Challenging too. Thank you for the super kind things you say to me, and to everyone else. We’re so happy you’re in our fandom!

Send me some colors (and I’ll make a drawing!)

getting outside of yourself

so today i was feeling down & super introverted. i usually eat my feelings here (like actually, i overeat & emotionally eat & it has been something that i’ve been struggling with for a while now). this usually propels into a crazy binge fest that lasts for a few days & makes me feeling insanely guilty.

yet somehow i found it inside of me to get outside of myself!

how did i do this? well for starters, it took motivation and resilience. yet what helped me most was keeping a positive mental attitude about things. it is so easy to make assumptions and that can get in the way of every day life. i conquered my fears by moving forward and pushing myself to put myself out there & socialize.

if you are struggling, here is some encouragement: YOU CAN DO THIS! you are the key to your happiness, you are your greatest limit. you can move forward & all that takes is you.

Here's about DA4

If this is going to end up being some Mass Effect 3 shit, as in (I’m going to have to sacrifice myself and) I’m going to have to either

A) Fuse the Living and Spirits /The Fade and the normal world, so that everybody can use magic

B) Make it so my character will be a new actual semi-god to control the Fade and spirits

C) Kill all Elves or Kill all Humans (and possibly all other races)


D) Destroy the existence of Magic all together

I will never touch a Bioware game again….

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Thank you for making that post about dads. My grandad, my fathers dad, has been the only father i have ever known. My grandparents helped my mom raise me and they were like my own parents. And when we buried him a dew years ago, i cried so hard for so long the skin around my eyes was raw and stung and i could no longer make actual tears the day of his funeral, which is how i imagine losing a real parent must feel like. Fathers day is always hard, but thank you so much for that shout out post.

It’s important to talk about like, there’s so much ‘Men are Garbage’ on here and also a lot of posts about people whose dads weren’t around. But like, there are so many kids who have untraditional father figures, like i have my grandad -my mums dad who has looked after us always, we literally lived with him and my nan for a couple of years, my uncle - my mums brother, who is younger than her but stepped up the moment I was born to help her and has basically been like my dad for my whole life, my other uncle - who married my mums sister but has been around since i was maybe 4 or 5, but i really don’t remember him ever not being there, and he’s treated my sister and I like his own since day one honestly, and he never signed on for that when he starting dating my aunt, he’s just a real stand up guy, and his dad has also always been so good to me and my sister and like, he had no reason to do that, we’re not his grandkids. But people don’t ever really talk about stuff like that. Which is shame because it’s not an unusual thing really, but there are so many men out there doing more than they ever had to for kids that aren’t technically theirs.

I’m so sorry about your grandad, I can’t imagine losing mine it sounds absolutely devastating 💖💖

I got stardew valley bc it was on sale and I don’t know anything abt it besdies that everyone loves it and u can date ppl. So on my first day I was walking the town around making a mental list of who I wanna date and it turns out those people are the moms of the actual romancable characters omh

This is going to be a reallllllly loooooong post full of the stuff I made but didn’t post about JeanMarco Month sooooooo… :>

JeanMarco month day 11- Fantasy

It looks nice I guess, but it was kinda some sort of experiment with water colours… (also yeah that’s definitely Mikasa’s hair)

JeanMarco month day 12- Everday magic/Light

I was messing around in art and I came up with the bright idea of drawing Jean and Marco as magical girls in my sketchbook, so I redrew it and turned it into a pattern…

JeanMarco month day 13- Fluff

Clouds are fluffy. That’s my justification. Honestly I love this one because this is the one where I started to not be lazy and do that lineart hide-y thing-y that I probably could have done with everything else but was too lazy to…

JeanMarco month day 14- Crossover

Pac man yeahhhhhhh. I’ve actually been making a lot of things transparent because I’m too lazy to give it a background… :/

JeanMarco month day 15- Flowers/Dreams

More transparency yayyyyy…

And the reason why this one is last is because all the other pieces of art actually had effort put into them and weren’t some kind of joke.

JeanMarco month day 10- Happy Birthday Marco

To my credit I actually made this before Marco’s birthday but I procrastinated in posting everything because I wanted to finish my Thriller one which I… still have not finished. I’m toooooo laaaaaaazyyyyy. But because I currently have have two weeks of holiday I might be able to catch up on it and the prompt today.

I don’t like doing this. My ipad lags soooooo badly. Also that toaster meme I made to tide you lot over is currently the most popular post on my blog… *sweats nervously*

Saturday Six
  • Early(ish) this morning, I drove into town to run a “quick errand”. I was in gone for a total of 23 minutes. I spent 14 of those minutes stuck—not moving at all—in traffic. That’s pretty ridiculous for a place with a population of 2,600.
  • I went on a search for more Tumblr people to follow while I was “working” today. I found somewhere between 5-10 out of about a gazillion. A few have followed me back. If you’re one of those people, hello, and welcome! Actually… hello, and welcome to all my followers, new and old. 
  • The community garden club I’m a part of had a planting day today. I couldn’t be there for most of it because I had to be at work until 4:00pm. I did, however, spend all day yesterday buying plants, deciding where they would go, and making charts that would clearly show the others where (and how) everything was to be planted. This morning, I dropped off all the plants and seeds, grouped them according to which planter they were to be planted in, and left my to-scale diagrams and instructions in a Rubbermaid box next to the plants. All that the others had to do was show up and follow my idiot proof instructions.  I figured that by the time I got there (3 hours after everyone else) I’d just be helping them pack up. Wrong! They hadn’t finished putting the soil in the planter boxes! I can’t even imagine why the hell it took so long. I’m trying not to judge, because I wasn’t there, but my God, I can’t deny that I was in shock when I saw them still shovelling compost into wheelbarrows when I arrived. 
  • I had two desserts tonight. The first was carrot cake. The second was a chocolate cookie like thing the locals call “fiddle diddles”. 
  • I only have 7162 steps in so far today. I should grab my iPod and have a dance party for one to work off my desserts. 
  • I’m probably not going to have that dance party for one. I just realized it’s nearly bedtime and I have laundry to do. 

it’s been exactly 2 years since the first time i drew dos so here’s most of the phases their design went to from then to now!

 i actually came up with the idea for dos (which later sparked into the entire story) on a car ride during a rather stressful time for me - when i was applying to colleges, back when i was still in high school.

i just thought brown and cyan could work really well together (seeing as brown is like a darker orange - which is a complementary colour to blue), and i liked the idea of having cyan hair one day. but since i couldn’t get my hair dyed back then, i just drew myself with cyan hair before i thought ‘hey this is actually a pretty cool character design!’

soo yeah, that’s pretty much how this whole thing started! actually i might make a lil post like this on all the other characters’ anniversaries too! (click the captions for the dates of each design phase!)


aldjfkajfjafdALSDKJF thank you so much again these are so adorable! SOME OF MY FAVORITES ACTUALLY LOL i always thought the cucumber one is cute and i saw the dream one on a really cute bubbline post + kittens are ofc the greatest. but you’re the sweetest one of all 🍉🍌🍎🍈🍬🍭🍩🍪  thanks for making my day extra great with your cute msgs!! ;v; hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend ✨💖🌸

I am making a wish right now. Will you grant it?

I am pretty heavily disabled. I have a disease that makes it feel like I’ve been beaten with clubs, and then my skin set on fire. And that’s on a good day.

For the past week, I’ve woken up screaming because the pain is so intense. If the pain were the result of a car accident, I’d probably be in an induced coma right now. But because it’s from a neurological disease, I’m “obviously exaggerating, a crybaby, and probably just looking for drugs.” (Actual quote from hospital staff.)

Money would be nice, but actually what I really want is just to be cheered up.

I have always personified my disease as a giant, evil, purple frog. It’s kind of a worthless story why, but it doesn’t really matter.

Artists of tumblr, would you draw a hero beating the snot out of an evil frog? Please? It could be your OC, your fandom, random character study, photoshopping a frog to look evil and dead (obviously don’t hurt an innocent frog), anything.

I’m just. Really sad and in a lot of pain and it would make me happy.

Thanks for your time.

Sticker Star Log Day 2: Sticky Situations

Let me start with the most obvious point: this game’s economy is totally whack. I’m already at 900 coins and I don’t know what to do with all of them. I could buy more stickers, sure, but there are enough in the levels that I don’t need to. Makes me thankful that Super Mario Odyssey will actually have some sort of market in which I can spend my moolah.

I’ve also been kind of avoiding battles because they’re just not that fun. They feel so pointless because I only get coins, but I don’t need any more coins! Never have I missed the Star Points, score-system, or Hammer Scraps as much as I do now. Not to mention that the sticker system is perhaps the weakest battle method in the series.

Kersti is proving to be less and less useful by the level. For instance, I was trying to solve Hither Thither Hill’s windmill code but I had no idea where to find the solution (hint: you need a Toad’s help), so I ask her for some advice. She tells me that windmills are called windmills because they are powered by wind. Like, thanks, Kersti. I couldn’t have guessed that one.

Kersti does have her moments, though.

My last main negative point for the day: some of the puzzles are simply obtuse. There is little to no indication as to how to solve a lot of them, so that means backtracking to find whatever minuscule detail I missed that turns out to be fairly important to progression. Backtracking was always my main issue with games like The Thousand-Year Door and even Super Paper Mario, and while backtracking in Sticker Star is (so far) not nearly as bad as TTYD’s, it’s still not fun.

However, the game is very upbeat and I can’t help but feel good playing it. Even when it’s getting on my nerves. Music is great, art style is fitting, writing is witty when it needs to be. My only issue with the style of the game is that the animations kind of sit between the fluidity of the first three games and the choppiness of Color Splash. I enjoy both styles individually, but together the blend is more uncomfortable juxtaposition than it is atmospheric.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day. I’m about to head into Goomba’s Fortress (World 1-6), so I’ll see y’all then!

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when r we getting another hair

Soooooon lmao i have the crystal bun/headband accessories in my drafts, i need to make the actual thumbnails now. I havent done anything all day lmao I started drawing Jennie this morning and the i woke up at 9(i went to bed at 11am) lmao I will start the thumbnails now and will have the hair out tomorrow. Other hairs should be coming next week