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Dan casually shmushing the plushies together saved my whole day

dan makes the plushies kiss sometimes when phil won’t kiss him because the plushies that dan and phil own are actually voodoo dolls


want is a lie & i’m trying to learn how to make my body into something true. or just how to make my body into something. i keep thinking that i’ll wake up one day & my body would have found its way back to me. it hasn’t happened yet but maybe tomorrow. maybe the day after. maybe next week. a body is a body when - i don’t know. how do you know you have a body. how do you feel a hand on your leg & not flinch violently before realising it’s your own. this is not a poem about fear & wolf jaws. i will not let it be one. this is not a poem about my body. i will not let myself have one. i’m hurtling down the motorway & there’s something on the road in front of me. dead girl’s eyes & fingers. looks like my body when i used to have one. who needs one of those. too many teeth marks. too much blood & nails & gouges. too much.


Thank you, @palepvnk, for giving me the perfect opportunity to post my weird selfies ahaha ♥

🌻🐝 A body positivity tag game 🐝🌻

1. Post some selfies where you feel cute af

2.Something you love about your hair - It’s naturally wavy & that makes it so much faster to get ready for the day

3.Something you love about your eyes - lol they’re okay. I like the slightly droopy shape

4.Something you love about your mouth - my bottom lip is bigger than my top lip, and I like how weird that is lol

5.Something you love about your nose - lol honestly it’s the part of my face I’m most insecure about. I actually don’t know what to say 

6.Something you love about your legs - they’re pretty slender

7.Something you love about your butt - it cushions me when I fall

8.Something you love about your tummy - it looks pretty good with my navel piercing

9.Something you love about your chest - squishy :3

10.Something you love about your height - I’m tiny and it helps with my movements when I spar

11.Something you love about your weight - I’m gaining weight because I’m gaining more muscle (It takes SO long for me to build muscle)

12.When do you feel prettiest - after I shower lol

13.When did you last feel beautiful - yesterday

🌻🐝Tag people you want to feel pretty af 🐝🌻

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hey it’s The Day and i just wanted to say that even though i’ve actually only been listening to My Chemical Romance for about a year and a half, it has had SUCH an impact on me….. like this band, these people? deadass changed my life, changed me as a person. it’s a direct result of MCR that i’ve taken up guitar, that i’ve gotten interested in playing music (and maybe one day making some??? who knows)! it’s affected my art! i started a fucking– a fucking askblog because of it! that’s crazy! it’s affected the way i choose to present myself! because of MCR i’m going to see my first-ever concert next month. i’ve become introduced to SO many other bands that i love through MCR. pretty much every single new friend i’ve made, i’ve met because of MCR. it’s like ever since that first song i REALLY loved (Na Na Na if ur wondering), everything has just branched out and kept growing and i’ve gone on this fucking??? journey?? MCR has really like… served as a gateway to so many new things, from music to art to people to comics, and i’m incredibly grateful for that. my life is so much different from before i listened to MCR, i swear– i am a different person because of My Chem. and i think a better one.

Extraordinary (Taehyung fluff)

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Genre: fluff fluff fluffkfjhdfhdfkldsfh’jdsn

Length: 474 words

“Oh my God, get down,” you hissed to the figure in your tree, just outside your bedroom window. Despite your words, it continued to climb higher, though wasn’t that high off the ground. 

The said figure was none other than your boyfriend. While this was actually a considerably “normal” thing for him, this time he was trying to make up for something. Earlier that day, the two of you had an argument. It wasn’t a large one, it wasn’t really even important at all. Especially not important enough for your klutz to be climbing in your tree at two in the morning. 

“I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy~ Y/N I’m so sORRRYYYYYYYYYY~”

Yes, your boyfriend could actually sing, but his singing was nothing compared to the wailing he was doing while in the tree. “You’re going to wake my neighbors!” Were you even a girlfriend at the moment? You sounded more like a worried mother.

 A crack sounded from underneath his foot, and both of you shot your eyes to the branch he was putting his weight on. But he continued shouting made up lyrics.

“I love you so muchhhhhhhh~”

“Kim Taehyung, if you don’t get down. Right. Now. If you break your neck–”

“Will you forgive me?” He had stopped his so-called singing to cut off your sentence, his eyes now locked with yours.


The little brat was bouncing on the unsteady branch now, just to tease you. He was testing you. You had to admit, your heart was in your throat with every little hop. To make it worse, he was wearing those damn sandals, the ones with absolutely no traction to them. “If I fall, will you forgive me? I’ll do it." 

That square smile was wide on his face, and your heart snapped in place of the tree branch. "Yes, of course. I don’t think arguing over the pronunciation of the word ‘extraordinary’ is a feasible enough reason for you to fall out of a tree.”

With that answer, you could swear his smile grew wider, if even possible, as he stepped from the branch and into your bedroom through the window.  "You’re lucky there’s no screen on that window, or else you would’ve been stuck in that tree,“ you laughed, shaking your head.

As you spoke, his arms found their way around you, pulling you to his chest. You fell into the curve of his body comfortably, like every other time you hugged. "You know I’m the reason you removed it. But I am sorry, I didn’t mean to aruge with you.”

“It really wasn’t an argument, there’s nothing to be sorry for, Taetae.”

A few moments passed in silence as you stood holding each other. Your mind was starting to get sleepy, and your eyes fluttered closed until he spoke again.

“It’s pronounced extra-ordinary. It’s legitimately two words." 

"N O.”

Day 3 of low carb/no dairy

whoop it’s day 3 of my “diet” (just watching what foods I eat and not having dairy or no/lil carb) and honestly I feel pretty good! The first 2 days I was a little tired (my body getting adjusted to me cutting out some food) and my stomach was upset the second day but now I’m feeling a lot better! My bloating is slowing starting to go down (from not eating carbs) and this “diet” is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Making sure I’m going to the gym, drinking lots of water, and getting 7-8hrs of sleep!

I just love it when the National Secretary of Energy/former governor of Texas takes time out of his busy day to write an op-ed about how TAMU’s student body president never should have won, months after said SBP was elected but 48 hours after the SBP publically stated he was gay in the student newspaper.

Like wow…really makes me feel special, Rick Perry. You actual sentient piece of ostrich shit. Glad you’re writing about how you’re mad a random Texas undergrad class has a gay SBP and not like trying to solve the energy crisis or something of equally minimal importance.

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Ooo That was such a cute ask~ What if you and V were photographers together tho? What would that be like? ^_^


  • a lot of me buying starbucks i already know it
  • i know V’s coffee order by heart but he usually has to text me the size he wants
  • “today’s a venti kind of day”
  • “big spender”
  • probably lots of my lugging around all of his equipment and like, holding the flash for him and shit
  • makes me wake up ridiculously early and i hat e him for it
  • driving to remote ass places to get certain pictures
  • he probably has some lame nickname for me like grasshopper and im just ??? why are you like this,

omg this would actually be a really cute fic now that i think about it. MC studying under the master photographer V, and they grow really close and there are moments when they catch V snapping pics of them and,..,, im EMO NOW,,, dkskds i should write this

hey all!!!

so a handful of you were around for last year’s calendiles day, & therefore have an idea of what’s going on. for those of you that don’t, april 28th is the day one jenny calendar graced our screens for the first time, and brought with her a level of snark none had seen directed at giles before. or, to be fair, we saw the kids snarking at giles, but we never actually saw a fellow teacher shouting “you’re a snob” across the library at him. bless u jenny calendar.

anyway, jenny and giles are adorable, their love is adorable, and april 28th is the time to make content commemorating that!! starting at midnight, april 28th (pacific standard time) and ending at 11pm that night, 

for my contributions, i’ll be posting installments (every hour, on the hour) of four different six-chapter fics centering around giles and jenny (jfc what am i promising right now someone help me), as well as reblogging any content any of you choose to make. 

reblog this post to spread the word, and let me know if you’re thinking of making something + tag me in it when you post it!

It’s so fucked up to me how I can call out a girl (not just me actually, quite a few people now) for using my photos on social media and she refuses to take it down. All of the photos she is using are from my tumblr. My personal account here where I vent out, post body positivity photos when I feel great, get inspired, etc.. It takes a fucking war in my mind to finally decide that I’m okay to post photos of myself feeling okay. It’s almost insulting that this girl thinks it’s okay to use photos like that thinking it’s no big deal. I have been at a war with myself for ten years now. Some days I absolutely hate myself, other days I’m in love with myself. I will actually stare at my phone for ten minutes every time before I finally say “fuck it, I’m feeling great” and post a damn photo. It doesn’t just make me angry that someone is doing this, it upsets me. It upsets me that someone actually thinks doing this okay. You won’t find self love like this, I promise you that. You’ll only hate yourself more.

one day I’ll learn how to code in an actual programming language and make a game…ive used scratch for years and i consider myself pretty prificient in it and its supposed to teach kids how to program so im assuming my prior experience with it would give me an advantage

Blue Pearl’s SU Storyline

So… I think I’m going to make a timeline for my Alternate Storyline. This starts with my changes to the Bismuth episode, and continues from there. Some of these ideas are not completely mine, but have been circling around the critical tag. 

Just so you know, these take place after the Jasper corruption, the rubies land on Earth, etc.

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you have so many mutuals :o i'm jealous lolololol how do you start talking to them?

ahhh i dont have,,, that many as compared to some people! but i have made a post abt my mutuals before! i recently started talking to/more often with:

@jenowhat (my actual soulmate?) i slid into her dms by asking if we could talk about our lord and savior lee jeno bc man he looked so good smh and i have made a startling discovery: we are perfect together??? jaeno stans are just perfect as friends man (and we only started being mutuals like a week ago and talked like 2 days ago lol)

@jibabylovesyou!!! she makes my heart grow 10x bigger lol and we started talking because of an ask game(?) where my url was mentioned and she said the Cutest Things about me :’) she’s a hansol stan and i’m a jaemin stan it’s a perfect r/s lol 

@cryinggoutloud,, anoukieeeeeee, hugest and softest hyuck stan on earth lol. i just introduced myself and we started talking more a couple of days ago? shes really sweet lol i love her so precious!!!

honestly all my mutuals are super cute and the nct fandom is ridiculously sweet so just send a message screaming abt like,,, jaehyun and im pretty sure that person’ll scream back ( @fairyprincerenjun and i started talking because i screamed to her abt the babies lol and now i have a 2nd mom beautiful)