it went too quickly i think was the problem

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I read somewhere that it was an issue how it was an issue how Kristen Wiig took too much attention away from the other female cast members(???) do you think it's the same now with Kate (not that I don't love Kate I love Kate so much)

You’re probably talking about the 2009 season.  Internally, I’m sure they had no problem with it.  I recently went through old news articles and reviews from the 2009 season and the critics quickly picked up on this.  Here is pretty much what a majority of that season boiled down to:  Weak sketch writing with a heavy reliance on Kristen where she plays a character with some kind of verbal or facial tic.  Now I’m not saying Kristen was awful, but it was way too much of her that year, especially given the fact that she had no chemistry with the other women.  She still was a great cast member, but if I had to mention anything bad about her, I’d point to the entire 2009 season.

Now with Kate, they don’t really rely too heavily on her, and with the women in this cast, she has a lot better chemistry with them too. So while we all know that she is the star, she doesn’t overshadow the rest of the women.  It’s kind of like when Amy Poehler was there, you knew she was the star at the time but she just worked well with the women and made everyone so much better, I feel Kate does the same thing.

It’s your last show on the One Direction tour where you’ve been working as stage crew for the past nine months. You were walking to the kitchen to eat when you run into a very sweaty Harry Styles. It was clear it had just gotten finished working out and he was headed in the same direction you were. You two became friends during the tour but you clearly wanted to be more. I mean how could you not want to.

“Hello y/n. Headed to the kitchen?”
“Um yes. Are you?” You respond.
“Well I was but I’m too gross. I was wondering if you could grab me some and bring it back to my dressing room while I quickly shower.”
“Oh of course. No problem.”
“Thanks love. You’re the best.”
1. Him sweaty sent shivers all over your body.
2. Him calling you love almost made you nut on the spot.
You went ahead and got both of your meals togo thinking you could just eat in the crew room since its closer to Harry’s dressing room than the kitchen.

When you get to his dressing room, he was still in the shower. Not wanting to be rude you waited for him to get out before leaving hoping he wouldn’t be much longer because you were starving. You were looking at the pictures hanging on the wall of people who have played there in the past not realizing the water had stopped running.
“Oh hey. That was faster than I thought it would be.”
You jumped clearly not realizing he was there.
“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” He giggled back at you.
“Oh no biggie I just didn’t realize you were done. But yeah the line wasn’t long at all.”
Then it hit you. You were staring at a fresh, wet bodied Harry Styles just wearing a towel around his waist. You couldn’t stop staring at his chest and he noticed.
“Hello. You still with us?”
You cleared your throat, embarrassed.
“Oh Im sorry. I didnt mean to..”
“No worries.” He smirked back at you.
You were flustered not knowing what to do as he sat on the couch still in that towel starting to eat.
“Well Im gonna go ahead and just head to the crew room.” You started to say.
“I was hoping you could eat here with me. I dont like to eat alone and Im not going out there like this.”
You nodded in agreement and sat to eat. You crossed your legs trying to lessen the pressure between but it wasn’t helping. Seeing you squirm right across from him, Harry left. That’s when you realized he was doing this on purpose.
“You know y/n, for nine months I watched you stared at me and acted like I didnt notice. I only noticed because I was watching you too. I’ve been wanting to find out what’s under those clothes for a while now. And since fraternization is frowned upon I never tried. But since it’s the last show, I thought I could show you just how much I’ve wanted you.”
The confidence in his voice was arousing. He knew you were gonna say yes. No one can tell him no.
“Well Mr. Styles, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
He smirked at you like a little shit.
“Well I guess I better remind you.”
He set down his plate as he stood up letting his towel drop as well as your jaw. He was packin heat.
“Now get over here and show me what the fuck I’ve been missing for nine months.”

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