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First Time Scenario

I have some ideas about what the first time with Pennywise would be like:

If you were “lucky” enough to draw his interest he would probably see you as more of a pet… to start with

He would probably demand you stay in Derry for the full year he is awake or threaten to eat you

I imagine this would make you pretty terrified then annoyed/vindictive

The first sexual touch would be something random you have done to pay him back. Like sticking your tounge in his mouth while eating pop rocks because he is interested in the noise

Immediately he would pull back with a look of disgusted amusement before disappearing leaving you wondering if you went too far

Later you are in your room after a shower, wearing nothing but a towel and you feel him standing behind you. You turn around to see glowing yellow eyes glaring at you from the dark corner

He strides across the room and traps you against the wall with his sheer size. He grabs your face with a clawed hand and staring into your eyes, lowers his head and kisses you. After a few moments he pulls back and then opens his mouth to let his long tounge slither out. Still not blinking he forces it into your mouth and down your throat

He is silent the entire time and keeps his eyes on you like he is concentrating on your feel and taste. Being an extremely powerful entity Penny has never thought of humans as anything other than one note food items and he’s slightly repulsed by what he’s doing with you

Stepping away from you he considers you for a moment and then reaches forward and grabs you by the towel. You feel a pop in the air like a rubber band and find yourself on his stage in his trash pile. The towel is ripped away as you are forced to the floor and Pennywise crawls above you

Using his hands and mouth he explores the different sounds he can force from you. Never saying anything other than the occasional distorted and inhuman noise deep within his chest. Both of his eyes stay focused on you while he uses your body, trying different speeds and techniques to push you over the edge. Finally he lets himself go and his eyes roll to the back of his head while his teeth extend and he roars out his release

After the first time it would be a lot more like how you would expect. Rough. Loud. Bloody. He would mock you and dominate you. But that first time was all about concentration and learning and you will never forget that

Ok guys, I just felt really inspired and this is probably the closest I will ever get to writing because I am LAZY. If anybody wants to make this a legit story you have my full support!

So I literally cannot open any other program on my computer until I’ve written 900 more words. I’m the slowest writer in the world… beginning to think that installing this program was maybe not the smartest move.


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“You’ve gotta dance everyday. Everyday, you’ve gotta dance!”

an inktober that went too far off the rails


“You better not flip kelpie and try to drown me.”

wow this took way too long, i started this when that chapter came out btw. anyways if you’re still in the dirkjake fandom and you haven’t read this please go fix that. super super IC accurate canon characters in a very not canon setting, obviously. not just dirkjake either, awesome wholesome alpha friendships too.