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For @twenties-sweetheart, Parker/Hardison in A3. Thank you for prompting me! Someone hire me to design wacky but in-character iconoclastic T-shirts for fictional characters.

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The hobbit au with HOMRA as dwarves and scepter 4 as the elves. Weismann would be gandalf. It would be the remade version in 2012

I’m going to assume this also means Fushimi as Bilbo because of course I’m going to make Fushimi Bilbo. So Hobbit!Fushimi lives in his nice safe hobbit hole and rarely leaves because all the rest of the hobbits are probably idiots anyway. None of the other hobbits pay much mind to him either, his father Niki was well known for being very unhobbit-like and most of the other hobbits have very strong feelings of Disapproval about that. One day there’s a knock on Fushimi’s door, he ignores it and goes back to sleep. Later he actually goes outside because he needs to get the mail, which is when he finds this guy with long silver hair in an exceedingly frilly shirt waiting for him. Fushimi can recognize an annoying wizard anywhere and is like sorry, you have the wrong house. The Grey Wizard Weismann (wait shouldn’t Iwa-san be Gandalf then) tells Fushimi that Fushimi’s dad once lost a bet to him and he figured Niki’s son wouldn’t mind doing him a favor in return. Fushimi’s like nope bye and goes back inside his house, slamming the door in Wesimann’s face. Weismann just smiles and puts a magic symbol of an airship on Fushimi’s door, wandering off to go sleep under a tree or something while he waits for chaos to ensue.

That evening someone keeps knocking on Fushimi’s door, bugging him while he’s trying to play on his tiny hobbit PDA until finally Fushimi goes to answer the door figuring if it’s that Weismann guy again Fushimi will just stab him with a kitchen knife. He’s met at the door by a particularly short red-haired dwarf holding a skateboard who grins really widely and is like hey, I’m Yata, I’m here for the meeting. Yata lets himself in pretty much and Fushimi’s ready to stab the intruder when the door opens again and this tanned guy in sunglasses walks in like yo, here for the meeting. Yata pokes his head out from the kitchen like hey, Kamamoto, come check out all the food here! Soon there are more dwarves than Fushimi has knives for stabbing (unless he gets into the secret storage under the floor), though at least they’re being courteous because this one dwarf in sunglasses named Kusanagi showed up and was scandalized by Yata breaking a bottle of really good wine. The last dwarf to show up is their leader, Mikoto son of Kagutsu, who promptly climbs into Fushimi’s softest armchair and takes a nap. Kusanagi explains instead that the dwarves are trying to take back their ancient mountain homeland of Homra that was overrun by a dragon named Colorless ages ago, Mikoto’s dad was killed and his birthright lost. They finally found a map to help them get into Homra but they need a burglar to help them out and apparently Fushimi’s been volunteered.

Fushimi’s not interested in helping Homra but somehow he gets dragged along anyway, he swears it has nothing to do with the way Yata keeps smiling at him like that. He doesn’t really like Mikoto at all though, like Mikoto’s not mean to him or anything he’s just…weirdly intimidating even though half the time he’s even asleep on horseback. Weismann also annoys the heck out of Fushimi, so luckily he conveniently wanders off eventually and swears he’ll be back once he finishes doing wizard stuff. At one point the group gets captured by goblins, Fushimi gets separated from everyone and runs into this creepy guy who lives in the goblins’ basement named Hisui. The two of them play a game of riddles and Fushimi ends up making off with Hisui’s treasure, a PDA that makes the holder invisible. Fushimi doesn’t tell anyone because it’s not like any of those idiot dwarves will care anyway and besides maybe this will let him show off a bit and show Misaki that he’s way better than stupid King Mikoto (not that Fushimi cares what a dwarf thinks of him, of course, it’s just that Yata kept saying Fushimi was cool but then Mikoto killed some goblins and now it’s like Mikoto’s better than him or something).

Later the group finds themselves in the Scepter Woods where they are almost eaten by giant spiders and are saved by the King of the wood elves, Munakata. Munakata and Mikoto hate each other on sight but also seem to have some weird sexual tension going on. Fushimi escapes notice using his invisibility PDA but he’s spotted by elves when he steals some food and wastes time sitting there picking the vegetables out. Munakata doesn’t want to incarcerate Fushimi though, he can see that the hobbit is clearly more clever and level-headed than the foolish barbarian dwarves he’s working with. Fushimi almost considers staying with the elves but Munakata’s getting a doting look on his face and anyway turns out elves eat a lot of vegetables. He helps the dwarves escape via barrel and they continue their quest. Munakata thinks it’s too bad the fascinating hobbit escaped because he was quite fond of Fushimi, however Munakata has no intention of helping dwarves. He’s rather displeased then when his son Akiyama and one of his retainers Hidaka sneak off after the dwarves because they both talked with Fushimi a bit and they’re just kinda worried about him okay, they want to make sure he’s not being bullied by those awful smelly dwarves, that’s all.

Eventually the dwarves reach Ashinaka, the town at the foot of the mountain whose residents hope the dwarves will take care of Colorless for them. Fushimi gets to be the one who initially goes inside the mountain where his complaining about the stale air and the musty smells and the dust ends up waking dragon Colorless. Fushimi then proceeds to piss the dragon off by being an asshole to it so it decides you know what, fuck this I’m going to go burn Ashinaka and everyone else while I’m at it. Luckily Fushimi did spot the one vulnerable spot on the dragon’s armor and town protector Kuroh is able to kill it with a giant sword left by his predecessor Ichigen Miwa.

The Ashinaka residents go to the mountain asking the dwarves for shelter since their town got destroyed but being near all this dwarvish gold has made Mikoto into a giant asshole and he refuses. The elves also show up at Ashinaka, Munakata having decided to go after Akiyama and Hidaka after all, and Fushimi decides that since Yata seems to be more interested in agreeing with Mikoto’s stupid position rather than trying to make peace and move on he’ll just steal the magic Dresdenstone that symbolizes the kingship of dwarves and give it to Munakata instead. Yata’s shocked by Fushimi’s betrayal and Fushimi gets kicked out of Homra by the angry dwarves, Fushimi’s just pissed off and confused because he doesn’t get why everyone else is acting like a moron all of a sudden. Eventually Weismann returns all sheepishly to note that um, so, there’s kind of an army of goblins and wargs and stuff headed this way I probably should’ve shown up earlier to tell you that. A great battle ensues, Mikoto finally comes to his senses and lets the dwarves help save everyone (and Yata swoops in just in time to save Fushimi from being killed by this bratty goblin with a scythe) but Mikoto dies in battle. In the end Fushimi goes with the elves but agrees to visit Yata in Homra every now and again too because he’ll probably get bored of elf food eventually and hanging out with Yata for a drink every now and again might be okay maybe.

Yes, Mustard! - Sexual Healing

This slightly different take on drug play was inspired by … well, you can probably figure that out on your own.  ;^)

© Copyright 2017 by Wiseguy

My naked ass hit the bed with a solid thump and I sat there, panting, while Dani worked my shorts and underwear down my legs and off, taking extra care around the massive construct of bandaging that mummified my lower left leg and foot.

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mic is trying to make a weed joke but zawa rushes to rescue you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @eraserheacl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend and the greatest thing to ever happen to me!!! 🎈🎉🎂 a total nerd™ i love you lots x


💚// WELL. I’m sorry I took so long getting back online, I had to get my dog out of a fight with another dog on our block [ “fight” being used figuratively, the other dog was the aggressor & he was just trying to run ], and he’s really shaken up and nervous after that. It wasn’t the other dog’s fault [ I mean, technically, she started it, but I never blame dogs for their behavior because there are always outside factors informing it & making it seem reasonable to them ] & it wasn’t her owner’s fault either, he was carrying something out from the garage and she slipped out the door without him noticing. Oliver [ my dog ] is fine, the other dog’s fine, he’s just on edge still and I’ll need to spend some time calming him down.

Drunk In Love

A/N: This was highly requested and so I thought okay, I’ll take my original idea and add something  you all wanted on to it…you’ll see….breaking dan’s bed (also award for lamest, most cliché title ever goes to me.) 

Title: Drunk In Love

Genre: Fluff/Smut/Humour/Getting together

Warnings: TW: Alcohol. Swearing.

Description: Dan drinks a little too much wine when filming his Internet Support Group video and one thing leads to another… Smut, fluff and drunk, needy Dan Howell ensue.

Word Count: 2900


In hindsight, maybe a third glass of wine had been a bad idea.

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I don't know what to choose, but let's go with 17 - Winteriron, ir just parallels between Tony and Bucky :D

All my nightmares escape my head/Bar the doors please don’t let them in

I’m gonna tell you straight up this drabble is VERY oddly written, and went more off your prompt than the lyrics? I hope it’s okay. Song is:

Welcome Home

                               Sleep don’t visit/So I choke on sun

He hasn’t slept in days. 

He can’t. Not when - not when that dream is waiting for him. All his friends, his team, the people he was supposed to protect, dying.

“You could have saved us.”

Fuck. No. He had to keep working. He had to keep-

He is under a desk and doesn’t know how he got there. He doesn’t know why he’s like this. Tony has been on the edge for awhile now, even he is self-aware to realize that, but he was keeping it under control. Ever since the HYDRA base - ever since he had that vision.

He can’t think. Or eat. Or sleep. He hasn’t seen the sun in days but he’s afraid to go outside, afraid to look at the sun and see the sky swarming with aliens.

His mind feels like it’s not his anymore. It belongs solely to the future. Protection. Ultron.

They’ve done something to him. Or…they’ve been doing it for awhile? He isn’t sure, not of anything anymore, not for some time.

He thinks he might have been a person once, and he thinks that person might have been called Bucky. But Bucky goes away whenever they put him in the chair, and less and less of him comes back every time.

There’s a void left in its place. A void they call Asset. He doesn’t want to be Asset, but he’s not sure there’s anything to go back to. There might have been a time and a place, a building made of stone that felt warm all the time and a man, a boy, a friend with hair bright like the sun-

There might have been-

There might have been-

The man blinks his eyes open to gray walls and cold air that makes his breath mist like fog when he breathes “готовы соблюдать.”

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Snowbaz with “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”

I went with a college roommates AU for this one because I wanted to try something different. I hope that’s okay and that you don’t hate it.

Simon had managed to keep his panic attacks a secret from Baz for the entirety of their first semester together at University with overwhelming success. The two of them didn’t quite get on so well, and Simon didn’t need the boy holding this over his head. Besides, Baz was probably the last person that could get through to him during one of his worse episodes.

But then one day, Simon gets the call from his dad while Baz is in the room with him so really there’s nothing he could have done to avoid this.

He lowers the phone slowly and tries to catch his breath, which is hard because his lungs are suddenly failing him. Black spots cut across his vision and hot tears start streaming down his cheeks. As he gasps for breath, he clutches at his chest. He needs to get his shirt off. He needs to get out of here. He needs to be anywhere but here. “Off,” he tries to say, still tearing at the shirt that feels like it is choking him, but all that comes out is a ragged breath.

Baz is in front of him immediately, using steady hands to pull the shirt over Simon’s head carefully. He then took Simon’s face in his hands and began trying to talk him down.

Simon did not let the fact that Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, his evil roommate, was the one helping him shock him further. Instead, he squeezed his eyes shut and tried to hear whatever the boy was saying through the ringing in his ears.

“Breathe, Simon, breathe. Deep breaths. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.”

The words manage to break through the ringing, and Simon’s vision is clearing up, but he still can’t breathe. Then another set of lips touch his and what little function he was able to get out of his lungs stops altogether.

Baz pulls away rather quickly, face bright red, but his expression is still soft. “Look at me - just breathe, okay?

And suddenly, Simon can.

extended here :)

My Lips Are Sealed. (SMUT)

Anon Request; Akiyoshi (OTBS) x MC

“If you have the time can you write an Akiyoshi angry/rough smut?? Like the MC went out to scout someone for her latest artical and gets into danger, and Akiyoshi is angry/ scared at the fact that he could’ve lost her??”

[All I seem to write these days is slight crossovers. Not that I’m complaining, In reality you’d think the seasonelle team would come into contact with the bidders at some point. But hey, it’s fanfiction, anything can happen! I also went more for scared than angry/rough. If that’s okay? That’s only because I can’t see Akiyoshi like super angry with the MC not matter what the circumstance. He’s so sweet to her. God, I just got a rush of Akiyoshi love…also it’s very emotional rather than smutty. omg stop with the authors note & let them read the god damn fic! Sorry, sorry! Enjoy!]

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“buried deep”


ok now that that’s out of the way, this takes place before the start of Mabel’s Dream Boy AU from Dipper’s POV because I wanted to incorporate headcanons about Dipper’s thought process throughout the whole realization thing.

it’s pretty tame sexiness-wise so I’m dubbing it sfw (but I’m planning on maybe writing some nsfw stuff later for this au mwahahaha)

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Can't control my feelings for you(Josh Diaz Imagine)

Request: Can you please write an imagine for josh where he cant control his feelings for you so he kind of pushes you off a lot and ignores you and when u confront him about it he growls in frustration and he short circuits the house with his electricity or something lol

 A/n: i was so confused at first who Josh was and then it clicked and i was like ohhh he’s part of Theo’s pack. But yeah hope you like it lol x

 There’s not a day that goes by were i don’t think what the hell i did to Josh. One day to the other he stopped hanging out with me and he just push me away. It’s like he doesn’t want us to be friends anymore.

 Today was no different. Ever since he disappeared for a couple of days, he never came back the same. I walked into school and the first person i saw Josh. He was standing next to his locker with Corey. 

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Imagine: He’s insecure.

There he was, waiting for me backstage with a bottle of water and a big smile.

“You killed it!” He pulled me in kissing me deeply. 

“Really? You think it went okay?” I asked, downing half the water bottle.

“More than that.” A few of my dancers came up then, lifting me in the air whooping. I laughed, always enjoying this celebratory moment after each performance. I could see the stoic look on Jay’s face. I patted their backs and held my hand out to Jay to lead us back to our seats. He pulled me by the hand and pulled me in, a possessive arm draped around my shoulders. 

“You know that was nothing back there right?”

“I’m fine.” He said, trying to convince me.

“Really? You got awful quiet.” I looked over at him. “You know that’s nothing right? Just a team celebrating.”

“Yeah, Y/N I know. I just-”

“This kind of thing comes and goes, but I love you Jay. Not because of all of this but in spite of it.”

“I love you too Y/N.” He noticeably relaxed and I knew that that was all he needed to hear. For the rest of the night, Justin always kept one part of his body on mine, whispering into my ear, playing with my fingers. It would’ve been mortifying if it weren’t so cute. “Wait until I get you home.” We still had a whole hour to wait. We raced to the car.

“Step on it please.” I ordered. Jay had barely slammed the door closed with his foot before his deft fingers had found my zipper. As soon as he heard the sound of the door, he pulled the dress down until it was around my waist, his hand down the front , of panties, desperation in both of us.I fumbled with his belt buckle as he kicked his shoes off. “Bed?” I moaned.

“Too far.” He grunted. I was so wet I was aching for him. Lifting me up by the hips, slamming in to me. I grasped at his hair, leaving love bites on his neck. “Fuck Y/N. You feel so good.” He cried out. His thrusts came faster and faster, sweaty. My back hitting the wall over and over, the pain mixing with the pleasure.

“Oh Jay-I’m so close baby! I’m going to cum.” 

“Hold on Y/N, I’m close too babygirl.” He thrusted in and out, his thumb rubbing circles into my clit. Enough to send me over the edge. I came around him, his release coming fast. We collapsed in a heap on our pile of clothes. Panting.

I Want Him

Sheith Week Day 5 Training/Playful

(I know I’m a day behind on this one, but I worked an 11 hour shift yesterday. I’m going to try to get my Galra!Keith one out today too. This might be my favorite one so far. I can’t get over Sheith and cats! Seriously, Keith being a total softie over a cat gives me life! Super fluffy and cheesy, sorry if your teeth rot!)

Domestic, post-college AU

Keith bit his lip as he approached the animal shelter. He had finally gotten a full-time job and money to support himself. Today was the day, he’d finally get his own cat. He wanted this for so long and the animal shelter was the perfect. He’d get the cat the was abandoned, that nobody wanted, and give it a home. He was greeted by the receptionist, Lance, at the front desk. He looked past the front desk and his jaw dropped.

             In the back of the room there was a young man playing with a green-eyed black cat. Akira was the cat’s name, Keith had his eye on that cat for a while. Keith’s heart started pounding at the sight of the shelter volunteer. He was a tall, muscular guy with a shock of white fringe and an undercut. If Keith had not seen his smile and how it softened his rugged features, he would have been wary of him. He didn’t seem the type to be so playful with a kitten, but then again the thought a big guy with a kind heart made Keith’s heart melt. If he was in some cheesy anime, his nose would totally be bleeding.

             “Keith…Can I help you?” Lance teased.

             “I want him…” Keith mumbled, his mind not really in control of his words.

             The receptionist laughed. “The cat or Shiro?”

             Shiro…that’s his name? I like it. “The cat!” He recovered and shouted defensively. He did have a fondness for black cats since they didn’t get adopted often. There was a superstition about black cats, and it caused them to be left behind or abandoned.

             “Uh huh, well, Shiro’s single too. I know, you’re back to see Akira, are you finally going to take him home? That cat is in love with you. He cries for like an hour after you leave!”

             Keith glared at him. “I wasn’t asking about the guy! And yes, I’m finally here to adopt him! It’s kind of sad that he’s still here, but I’m happy at the same time.”

             “I’ve seen that look before. Shiro’s a new volunteer. He comes to play with the animals. He’s a lot of the reason we get a lot of those animals adopted. He’s totally hot, but I’m taken, so he’s the hottest single guy here.”

             Keith rolled his eyes. “Can I go see Akira?”

             “Sure, go ahead, we’ll have Allura help you fill out the paperwork. I bet you, you couldn’t get his number.” Lance taunted.

             “I could if I wanted to!”

             “Five dollars says he’ll reject you if you try.”

             “Fine.” Keith took the bait and walked up to Shiro and his future cat. Akira meowed loudly when Keith approached and wiggled out of Shiro’s arms. He rubbed his head against Keith’s leg and started purring loudly.

             Shiro looked up and saw a young man dressed in black and red. Keith had a bit of a bad boy image and it was completely adorable to see him so friendly with a cat. He knelt to scratched Akira behind the ears. Shiro swore his heart stopped at the small smile that made its way onto Keith’s face. Oh fuck, please tell me he’s single and into guys!!! “Hey, wow, Akira’s really taken with you.”

             “Yeah, well I’ve been coming to see him since he got here. Poor guy was abandoned by his last owner and came in with his front leg broken. I’ve been trying to save the money to adopt him and I finally have it.” Akira meowed a bit angrily at Keith and nipped at his fingers. “I know, I’m sorry.”

             “Is he normally like that?” Shiro asked, surprised by the cat’s sudden change in demeanor.

             “No, he’s actually a really sweet cat, but he’s angry with me. I have working to get full-time work so I’ve been away for a month. I used to come at least once a week.” He picked Akira up and nuzzled him. “I’m sorry, but, I’m taking you home today.” He murmured.

             Who is this guy? He looks like so tough, but he’s got such a soft heart! “Oh, that’s probably why I’ve never seen you before. I just started volunteering here at the beginning of the month.  I’m Shiro.”

             “Keith!” Allura walked onto the main floor excitedly with a small stack of papers in her hand. “Lance told me you’re finally going to adopt Akira! I’m so excited, there couldn’t be a better owner for him!” Allura looked at Shiro. “Keith’s been coming here to see Akira for six months! He’s been so devoted, it’s adorable.”

             Keith blushed a little. “Yeah, well, I was pretty broke, but I wanted a cat. Now that I have a job I’ll be able to properly take care of him.”

             “I know, I’m just so excited. Come with me!” She linked her arm through Keith’s and started leading Keith to her office. Akira meowed angrily again and tried to follow.

             “I’ll be back in a couple minutes. Stay with Shiro.” He scratched Akira under his chin and followed Allura.


             When he came back to get Akira, a couple minutes later, Shiro was keeping him entertained with a feather toy. He would dangle it a bit above the ground and Akira would stalk across the room before bounding over to attack it. Wow, he really is good with animals. Keith swallowed and bit his lip, and he’s so damn attractive. “That’s his favorite.”

             “Yeah I can tell.” Shiro smiled up at Keith.

             “Akira, time to go to your new home.” Keith set down his carrying cage and Akira turned his nose up at it. “I swear it’s not for the vet.” Shiro threw the feather stick at Keith and Akira went running his Keith’s direction. He scooped Akira up and put him into the carrier. Akira let out an annoyed sound, but settled into the pillow that Keith had put in there.

             “I’m going to miss the little guy. He’s such a playful cat.” Shiro smiled a bit sadly.

             “You can come over and see him some time if you want.” Keith said before he realized exactly what that meant.

             Shiro’s eyes widened and he let out a little gasp. “I’d like that.”

             Keith felt his heart skip a beat. The connotation that went with Shiro’s answer felt more than casual and friendly. “Okay, well, here’s my number.” Keith handed Shiro his newly printed business card. It’s my business number, but also my cell.

             “You’re a graphic designer? I know this company, they make some of the best logos and images for the biggest corporations. You must be good to get hired by them.” Shiro gushed.

             Keith felt the back of his neck grow hot and he rubbed it self-consciously. “Yeah, I guess so. I’ve been sending them designs for almost three months now. I just got hired last week.”

             “That’s cool.” He pulled out a card from his wallet. “Here, so have mine as well.”

             “You’re a vet. That makes so much sense. You’re so good with animals.”

             Shiro laughed a little. “Thanks, I work at the animal hospital across the street, but I’ve been helping the shelter out a little too.”

             “I should get Akira home, he hates the carrier.” Keith said a bit awkwardly.

             “Sure, I’ll see you soon.” Shiro promised. “Oh and I got the rest of his stuff ready for you.” Shiro gave Keith a canvas bag filled with toys and a little bed. Their fingers brushed together and eyes locked. They both knew it was intentional, but were both too embarrassed to make any other moves.

             “Okay, see ya.” Keith shuffled back out to the front desk.

             “You better take care of Akira.” Lance teased, knowing Keith would. “By the look, I’m guessing you struck out with Shiro. Don’t worry, he turns down the many customers that hit on him.”

             Keith wasn’t planning on saying anything, but Lance had managed to rile him up. “Show’s what you know.” He put down the bag and slammed Shiro’s card down on the desk.

             Lance’s mouth fell open. “No fucking way. You’re his type?” Lance whipped his head around to look at Shiro and saw a fond smile on his face. Shiro had looked their way and he blushed. “Holy shit, you are.”

             He quickly pocketed Shiro’s card and smirked at Lance. “Jealous?”

             “No! I told you, I’m taken, I’m just surprised. He gets hit on all the time and he’s never once given out his number.” He placed a five dollar bill on the desk.

             “Thank you. What a productive day, I got a cat and five dollars.” And Shiro’s number!!! Keith left the shelter with a playful smile on his lips.

             Keith was making dinner when his phone buzzed. He put his wooden spoon down and went to go get it. He saw Shiro’s name on the lock screen and nearly screamed. He swallowed to calm himself and opened the text message.

             From Shiro

             Can I come by? I just got off work and I’m off tomorrow so I thought I’d see what you’re up to.

             Keith let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding and typed a quick response along with his address.

             To Shiro

             Sure, I’m just making dinner. Should have enough for two.

             From Shiro

             Dinner sounds great.

             Keith couldn’t believe his luck. That was quite forward for him and it payed off. He looked down at his sweatpants and hoodie and panicked. I have to change! If this is our first date. I can’t look like a bum! He finished cooking and turned off the burner. He ran to his room and threw on a quick pair of jeans and one of the nicer shirts he owned. He was careful to dress nice, but not too dressed up. Akira had followed him into his room and watched him curiously. He was about to say something to so his cat when his door buzzed. He took a deep breath and ran to the door.

             “Hey Keith.” Shiro greeted him. “It smells good in here.”

             Keith bit his lip and forgot that he was supposed to respond. Their eyes connected and Keith felt as if all the air had suddenly left his lungs. Neither of them moved and they suddenly forgot everything around them. The sexual tension was so thick, it surrounded them like a fog. Shiro took in a deep breath and decided to just go for it. He didn’t really want to wait any longer and if he was reading Keith right, he wanted this too. He took a cautious step closer, watching’s Keith’s eyes for any sign rejection. Reaching up, he placed a gentle hand on Keith’s cheek and Keith readily leaned into it. That was all the confirmation Shiro needed. He closed the space between them and pressed their lips together.

             Keith knew the kiss was coming but he still let out a small noise of surprised in the back of his throat. It made Shiro try to pull away, but Keith gripped the front of Shiro’s sweater to assure him that this was all right. It had happened fast, but he’d never been attracted to someone like this before. The kiss was light and it was testing the waters, but it was perfect for them both.

             Shiro broke the kiss first and let out a little chuckle. “Y’know, just in case you were unsure that this was a date.”

             Keith laughed and Shiro swore it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. “Right.”

             Shiro’s eyes lit up when saw Akira playing with a toy not too far away from them. He bet Akira had tried to approach them, but found something else to do when they ignored him. “Looks like Akira has really settled in here.”

             Keith smiled. “Yeah, I’m glad he seems happy here.”

             “Of course he would be, he’s with you. I could tell with how Akira first approached you. He was already yours before you took him home.” He looked at Keith watching his cat play for a moment. “I asked Allura about him once. She said a few families had tried to adopt him, but she always told them he was spoken for.”

             “She did?” Keith turned his attention to Shiro in surprise.

             “Yeah. When I asked her what she meant, she told me there was this guy that always came to play with Akira and that his was perfect for him. She knew you wanted him, but couldn’t afford him, so she saved him for you. When I saw you and Akira, I knew she was talking about you.”

             “Huh. I should thank her for that.” Akira must have noticed their attention because he meowed at them expectantly. Keith chuckled and went to his room to grab the feather stick. “I keep in my room so Akira doesn’t tear it apart.” He explained to Shiro when he came it back.

             Akira’s eyes lit up and he scrambled over to Keith. He started jumping around Keith’s legs, meowing excitedly. Keith sat on the floor and dangled the feathers a bit out of Akira’s reach. Shiro sat down next to Keith and they both watched as Akira followed the toy with his eyes before jumping at it. They both laughed in pure bliss that came with playing with Akira. He was so eager and energetic. Shiro looked down and saw Keith’s hand on the floor between them. He smiled and placed his hand on top of Keith’s hand.

             Keith took his attention away from Akira to give Shiro a small smile. Shiro recognized that smile immediately. It was the same one Keith gave Akira on the day they had first met. Shiro never imagined that such a fond smile would be for him too.

(Lance and Keith are my total brotp.)

I am definitely of the opinion that while the “claim that Dalek!Clara is the Dalek that killed Clara” card was one Missy had up her sleeve from the beginning, she wasn’t yet sure of whether she was going to use it

(she’s the Master, she always keeps her options open)

at least, not until the Doctor basically paid her no attention and didn’t even seem to care that she was alive

that’s when she went “okay you love her more than me well let’s make you live to regret that decision” because she is the Master and she will not be ignored and sidelined for the sake of some stupid human puppy

there’s a wonderful sort of irony in the fact that it’s the Doctor’s actions that push her to a lot of the acts that he then condemns her for (I’m not trying to excuse her actions, because manipulative manslaughter isn’t a reasonable reaction to being ignored by any means, it’s just interesting)

How many times do you think Bitty imagined that moment? All the late night fantasies, the half realized dreams, the romantic scenarios that he could’ve come up with- and instead he had his first kiss in a frat Haus, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world

Stages of Decade:
      “Uh, wow, this guy is… not really a hero, is he? What is this?”
      “Okay, he’s definitely not a hero, but at least he’s amusing, so –”
      “decade what decade there is no such thing
      “okay but listen guys THIS TOO IS DECADE’S FAULT”
      “ahaha oh that decade, what a character he is~”

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