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Major Arcana 0 - The Fool

Adoven is the son of the late exile queen Rava and her husband Panmorn of Panthil. From his childhood on the young prince made his name honour (“adoven” can roughly be translated as “stormy” or “charging forward”), turning out to be an adventurous, rather outspoken, and rebellious child. As the second-born child of the monarch he comes second in the line of succession of now his father’s throne, after his older sister Breella. Recently there have been rumours about him being involved in the newly rekindled rebellion against the king of Ivendarea, although so far and until a proof is presented they are merely that: rumours.


Still not 100% satisfied with the card, but I’ll leave it like that now before I go insane :’D Adoven is one of the protagonists of my original story :)

A tutorial on how I made this card will follow on  [Patreon] soon! :D Thanks for everyone’s support over there, you make it possible that I can continue doing what I love: drawing and telling stories! ^^

Open Letter to All You Strangers on the Internet

I’ve seen a couple viral posts going around saying something to the effect of, “if we’re mutuals, know that I consider you a friend, and you’re totally welcome to talk to me the way you would a close friend.”

That sentiment’s always really weirded me out.

I think there’s a certain portion of tumblr bloggers, especially in fandom an social justice circles, who view tumblr as a place where they can “be their true selves.” That is to say, they view the self they present on tumblr (opinions, preferences, aesthetics, sense of humor, etc.) as more authentic than the self they present at work/school/with family or in meatspace in general.

Of course, if you view your tumblr blog as an authentic portrait of your inner being, than it’s only natural that you consider people who follow you bosom friends.

So here’s where that kind of thinking can get skeevy: 

People who think of tumblr this way are more likely to assume that everyone they follow also thinks of tumblr this way. People who view their mutuals as bosom friends can mistakenly assume that their mutuals feel the same way.

My tumblr isn’t me.

My tumblr is a heavily edited version of me.

The person I am on tumblr is not a lie, but it’s also not anywhere close to my whole truth. The same goes for all of my other personas – my work persona, my school persona, my family persona, etc. None of these personas are lies, but neither are any of them the whole truth.

I’m deeply passionate about my career aspirations, but I don’t talk about them on tumblr. Why? Because I already have a community I can share those passions with, in meatspace. I don’t need tumblr for that.

I use tumblr as a news feed, as a way of participating in the fan community, and occasionally as a place to vent/share what’s going on in my head.

Of course only a very small portion of what goes on in my head ever gets published to tumblr. Most of it stays in my head, or gets shared with my best friend, or gets dealt with in a variety of other ways I won’t discuss here because they’re private.

I got in a kerfuffle with someone a couple days ago over boundaries, so I felt like I needed to write a post to clarify my stance on tumblr relationships.

I like my followers at arms length. If we’ve followed each other for years, and I’ve had personal conversations with you, like maybe then I’ll start thinking of you as a friend.


Just … kindly remember that we’re not all here for the same reasons.

Every time I see a new thing with Finn Balor and I start getting sad, I’m like I NEED TO WHIP MY KETTLEBELL AROUND AND BEAT BACK THE EMOTIONAL PAIN WITH PHYSICAL PAIN

Which was why I started working out years ago in the first place? Because working out to the point that I can’t lift my arms helps me focus on something other than sadness. It’s a good distraction and the endorphins help keep things manageable. I just needed a trigger to get back on the horse, and this was it. 

Also holy shit why is everyone being nice to me today I’ve gotten so many nice compliments and it’s weird stop making this shaky baby deer cry wtf (no but tyvm tho)

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So, I think it was about a week ago and you posted something about getting a kid if you had the money to look after one (I know. Creepy late reply, but limited internet causes that) and I just wanted to say (maybe awkwardly but with the best of intentions) that you'd be a wonderful parent. You're such a lovely person, and any child would be lucky to have you around. Weird anon out.

♥♥♥ Aww, thank you! I’m flattered that you think so ;w;

I don’t think I’d be a good parent if you dropped a kid into my lap right now. But future me who’ll have her act together (i.e. earns a living wage, has her own place) hopefully will be.

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It would be so cool! There’s so many different, weird buildings at amusement parks for them to camp out in, and they would probably get really creative and take parts of rides to add to/modify their space. They’d be super decorative too, very killjoyish. Old game booths could be repurposed into like a flea market. All the junk leftover in the giftshops would become parts of people’s outfits and such. Repurposing old equipment. There’s so much potential!

something very weird to me is remembering where u were when u found out a celebrity died. i was eating mcdonalds at a rest stop full of scary farm animal sculptures when i found out chris squire died ,, when news of michael jacksons death came out i was on fucken world of warcraft

Speaking of dreams, I once had a dream that I was a duel spirit and was with Judai Yuki. All I do was like following him and stuff, and he kept asking me if I saw Sho. My answer was always no.

We then decided to split up to look for the midget, and I ended up inside the Academy’s corridors. The students suddenly became frantic and are running away from something. Curious, I tried to find out what it was (heck, I’m a duel spirit, what could go wrong with me??), and saw Judai again and opened a door, telling me to get in there and run away, before I “get caught”. I tried asking why, but he insisted, so I went in. Before I knew it, I woke up!

It’s one weird dream and I don’t even know what else happened? Where is Sho? Who or what are the students running from? What did Judai mean? Guess I will never know.

You guys I just remembered that when I was taking my cats to the vet in NYC, the receptionist was kind of a kook and once she was telling me about her daughter who had cancer or something, and I was like oh no, I’m so sorry! 

And then as she kept talking about it, I realized she was talking about her cat and I had 100% thought she was talking about a human girl. 

I remember being so startled by it. I mean, I thought she was weird, but it just seemed SO out of left field. 

I always loved animals, but I hadn’t reached crazy animal lady status yet.

I’m sorry, crazy receptionist lady, I understand now. 


I got sleepy at 9pm and now, this got hard to work on in the end, I’m lucky I survived from the first sleepy aa zzz.. I’m writing weird things I have to reread and erase cuz I don’t notice what I’m talking about

ANYWAY! Today was pretty hectic, I gotta take my bro to school in the mornings now, which makes me wake up an hour earlier, then get stuck in the 8am traffic jam for an hour or so. After the conference I had with that animator (Btw, keep loud laughing people away from conferences or I’m gonna get very angry, also people who feel they NEED to push out a joke referencing something the person said, it’s awkward as heck, you’re the only one laughing) I had to rush home to pick up family to drive to the airport driving a van, then go to Best Buy, then home and I contemplated a nap, but I never sleep during the day.. I’ll wake up late tomorrow, buh

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33. Have you ever had sex with a man?

40. Have you ever written a song or poem for someone?
probably many, when I was like 7

42. How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?
im gonna skip to the next question bc this weirds me out

55. Share a relationship story.
my first bf (who I dated for like 8-9 months) when he was sane, took me whale watching (it was my first time) and it was so much fun and I counted and we had like 70 whale sightings. so, that relationship was gr8 for the whales, but sucky in every other aspect lmao 

67. What is your idea of the perfect date?
I just watched the wedding planner the other night, so it’d be cute to go to a drive in movie. or like a picnic on the beach or something cute n lame like that. (or a simple movie/dinner is fine!)

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Loki- Would you rather have Top briefly make direct eye contact with you at a concert or spend 2 hours with I.M? Koko- Would you rather accidentally bump into Seungri on the street and exchange numbers or be good friends with Chanyeol and hang out together whenever both of you have free time? 🙂

why are you anons so evil? :(

Loki: I DON’T KNOW. I would kill to have TOP look at me, but imagine two hours with I.M? this breaks my heart, man. I would have to say…spend two hours with I.M. I don’t want to blind TOP with my potato troll face, so i’ll let I.M suffer and we can be awkward & weird together for two hours, and who knows, maybe we’ll end up exchanging numbers and start something beautiful.

Koko: Can I just take a stake to the heart bc I cant choose. They both sound lovely and they both have pros and cons (i think). But since I have to choose, I choose Chanyeol. He can teach me new things and we can be those cute bffs and we’ll magically fall in love (or I’ll get friendzoned, most likely friendzoned).

Send us Would You Rathers, FMKs or questions! 


I’ve got a horrible relationship with work. I have this weird idea that I’ll be able to enjoy my free time a lot more after work is done. But then there’s always something to do, so I just keep working myself into a state of exhaustion where I’m either out of time or health to enjoy a well earned break. Please, don’t be me.

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This is going to sound weird but something about Seb being all beefy sitting in a pool with wet hair and a scruffy look does something to me.

no i get that, look at him, he’s so built in it. at this point though, if i’m being honest, every single thing he ever does, does something to me. he could go out dressed in a like fred flintstone cosplay and i’d be like “idk i’m kinda into it”

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Today I felt proud (actually with each day that passes) because I have an opportunity to go and see my ex boyfriend, but I don't. He still loves me and wants to talk to me again after he broke up with me and I cut him out of my life, but I haven't contacted or seen him in months even though I miss him dearly. (It sounds weird I'm sorry!)

There’s no need to be sorry about anything!! It’s something that has been difficult for you and you’ve been able to press through the struggle! Go you! 

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Weird obscure B-tracks and botched recordings are so worth listening to because there’s something magical about hearing legendary musicians play ugly first drafts or forget their own lyrics or hit the wrong chord or start laughing because somebody sneezed and ruined the take or even just ask out loud, “How was that?”

hey so like this may be weird and kinda out of the blue but if any of my mutuals on the east coast can like allow me a place to stay or know of a friend or someone who’d be willing to let me crash on their couch or anything until i can get a job and on my feet Id appreciate it. I really need to get out of this house before I end up doing something rash or I get kicked out and have absolutely nothing to go on. Ill kinda polish this post later but right now I just wanna have an idea if anyone has a place for me. I have my own vehicle, a license, and would be basically only sleeping at your place rather than sleeping in a vehicle or trying to scrounge enough for a shitty motel. Im pretty much willing to drive anywhere on the east coast if need be but would prefer around the ny, pa, nj, mass, ct, those places tbh just since my vehicle is old and a long trip might be risky but ill take what i can get

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thoughts on a sky high au for the legends team?


ray palmer is a junior and a hero and like, you’d think he’d be PERFECT at being a hero but his deepset compassion and selflessness actually means a lot of the time he seems more like someone who’d be a sidekick? like this dude can grow and shrink at will and he’s still like i think other people matter a lot. and it seemed to me like sky high sort of expects heroes to really be very galavanting and that’s not ray. also, he really wishes he was technopathic but he’s not. poor bean

carter is a junior and kendra is a sophomore and despite having exactly the same powers they’re like bitter rivals and not for sexual tension reasons or anything nope nah it hasn’t been weird since kendra came on as a freshman and everyone figured out that she and carter have some kind of… connection or something and keep trying to make them hang out. they don’t want to hang out, okay? and all of those times theyve been caught making out in the out of order third floor bathroom mean NOTHING because ray is kendra’s boyfriend and ray is absolutely not also making out with carter. IT’S FINE.

Sara is a sophomore and has healing capabilities and just wants to be like her sister, Laurel, a senior with an infamous hypersonic screech, but she keeps like, putting herself in harm’s way waaaay too often bc who cares? i’ll just heal anyway. but like there’s a fine line between being reckless for fun and being reckless because you hate yourself and want to punish yourself and ooh boy, it’s a fine line

rip is a junior that can make portals that travel through space. so it’s sort of like teleportation, but he’s recently learned he has the ability to travel through time as well, and he’s messed up something big, something really, really big, and he has no idea how to tell anyone but oh god this is bad

honestly do i even have to tell you about len and mick they both 100% feel like they shouldn’t even /be/ at this school they barely go to class and if len’s sister lisa (freshman) didn’t have powers and didn’t want to actually do this they would’ve dropped out by now but god. lisa needs her big brother you try having powers you can’t control and the odds stacked against you like len and mick might not be heroes but they’ll never turn their backs when they’re needed (someone: that’s what heroes do len: SHUT. UP.)

Jax is a freshman nuclear-pyrokinetic (like mick, but mick’s powers have no radiation basis whereas jax is ALL radiation) who happens to be a match to Dr. Stein, senior physics teacher and former hero (the other half of firestorm died tragically 20 years ago and Stein figured he’d never find a match again.) Here’s something Stein never wanted: to go through what it feels like to be 14 again. Here’s what jax never wanted: to be in the head of a 60 year old physics professor. he just wants to punch fire holes in shit like come on. stop ruining the mood stein

anyway together the 8 of them get stuck in detention with stein supervising and shit about What Rip Did and What Kendra and Carter Are start slipping out and holy shit, we might just be this school’s only hope
len: you know detention was so peaceful before you people showed up. i miss it

Got7 React to You naming a Pokemon after Them

Bambam: He’d be the one to have the same idea, “One of my pokemon is named after you as well!” He’d say and pull out his phone after noticing that you named a pokemon after him on your phone. “But why is pokemon me so weak? Are you trying to tell me something? I’m strong! Just look at these!” He would joke and flex his arms.

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Mark: When he heard you say his name in frustration, he would look over to see you looking at your DS. Did she really name a pokemon after me, he would think to himself before laughing. “Of all the things you could’ve named a pokemon,” he’d say. “You are so weird,” he poke your face and return to what he was doing.

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Yugyeom: He would watch you concentrating on your game and be surprised when you yelled his name sadly. “Did you seriously name a pokemon after me?” He would ask, peaking over your shoulder at your game and watching you play. Your face would turn a light pink and he would laugh, “that’s sweet though.” He would smile at you.

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Jackson: At first he would be startled when you shouted his name. “WHAT DO YOU- oh” he would stop mid-sentence after noticing that you weren’t even paying attention to him. “Did you want something?” He’d ask after telling him you were fine he would ask what you were screaming about. After finding out that you named a pokemon after him he would just look at you like, ‘Really?!’.

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Junior: “Was it really necessary to name a pokemon after me?” He would ask once you explained why you said his name and began moping. “Am I not enough for you just on my own?” He would tease you and chuckle. “Don’t worry I’m sure the pokemon me will live to see another day.”

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JB: After you screamed he would be shocked at first, but after noticing it was over a game he would laugh at how engrossed in the game you were. “And you had to name a pokemon after me?” he would ask, after you nodded your head yes he wouldn’t ask anymore questions as he was already used to you being dorky. 

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Youngjae: He would hear you scream his name and would look over at you worriedly but would quickly calm down when he saw you looking at your game. “Everything alright in the pokemon world?” He’d ask. After explaining that his pokemon fainted, he’d laugh lightly. “It’ll be okay, you’ll be able to revive him soon enough.”

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(Yugyeom’s expression in the background tho…)


~BangtanBunnie <3