it weirds me out or something


started a little tiny comic to get out of this weird funk i’ve been in. I’ve been working on a million things at once to kinda distract myself from how lonely I’ve been and that’s been bumming me out. But anyway, I’m drawing like five pages of this a day so I should do something with it……… 

what do you want me to do,
there are 10K of you amazing people following me and I don’t know like many of you and I want to do something to appreciate you lol. thank you also it’s weird so many of the phandom follow me and we can go crazy when they do stuff together. Here’s a few blogs to check out that I like a lot:
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Ali was the one who pushed Ian in the bell tower right? I'm just wondering if he knew she was alive because whenever the hooded figure appears he said something like "what are you doing here" I don't know it always seemed really suspicious. At first we all thought he knew A but maybe he knew Ali was alive. Obviously he wasn't surprised to see her. Just a thought I've been having...

Yes, she was. And it was really weird. Actually, all of the stuff with Ian was weird. How did he survive that? Who got him out? It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t know. It’s true, it’s really bizarre that he wasn’t surprised. 

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Lets talk about something that really matters. Pubes. Mods, yea or nay?

Roma: Yea. Complete lack of pubic hair weirds me out. 

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If you don't mind talking, I would absolutely love to hear the story of you figuring out your demisexuality <3 Welcome to the Ace Community!

ah yeah this has been sitting here for a bit I’m sorry, I’ve been busy! yes! um so I guess one day I was reading about asexuality and I read the description for demisexual and like my whole life clicked into place

because like okay girls are so great and I love them but whenever I would get in a relationship everything would be good until anything physical happened and every time I would freak out inside because holy shit, I’m going to be such a disappointment, she’s gonna want more, what’s wrong with me

and my parents thought something was wrong with me too, they wanted me to see a therapist because they thought it was weird that I’ve never had sex it was a lot of “when we were your age blah blah blah”

because I love being in a relationship, I love having a special person, but I always kind of feel like look sex is interesting in theory and I think I would like it eventually but it can’t be just any person and maybe I’m just too picky? or maybe my brain is broken? what’s wrong with me? like I’ve been sexually attracted to one or two people so far but I’d known them for a long time before I felt it, what’s up with that? that can’t be right

but then I read that description of demisexuality and I was like OHHHHHHHHH


and now I feel good inside and I have a lovely girlfriend and I really like her a lot and I don’t feel really pressured (not that anyone ever pressured me intentionally before!) and I feel comfortable and idk I think things are pretty swell :)

I went out with my crush today! It was so nice, she’s so amazing! But its weird, she says more ‘cute’ things via whatsapp. And idk, today i just felt like a friend, not even little hints that she wants something else… And now im talking with her via text messages and she’s so cute with me again, im confussed. HELP!

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yo!! are you asexual and/or aromantic?? cause I'm questioning my orientation (mostly romantic) so if you are I was hoping you can give me advice on how "found out"? that sounds sorta wrong but I hope you can get what I'm asking :')

yes im ace! i mean it was more like i always knew i was sex repulsed. like i knew it was something i wasnt interested in and i never thought much of it you know?? until i heard about asexuality and i was like i might be that!! so i did some more research & stuff. dont worry this isnt a weird question it can be really confusing and i hope youre ok! if theres anything anyone wants to add please do

things have just been so fucking weird. my period ended but the emotional weirdness hasnt gone away yet. in the span of a week i went from being constantly surrounded by people laughing in a theater to being really alone. my best friends are out of town this weekend, i have no holiday plans, but i made so little money in june i cant afford to do anything anyway. things should be better but something triggered me bad the other day, and even karaoke with my improv team (which i realistically should not have done bc money) didnt shake it off (and then the trains were fucked up and i had to take a $30 cab home). i’m just like this ball of anxiety and sadness and its been like a week and a half of feeling like this but there’s no distractions right now and it sucks.

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I've been looking for names that fit me for a while and I'm thinking of Saar/Mikah. Saar would be like what my dad or family members would call me (even tho I'm not coming out to them) (goes better with my M last name and it starts with an S like my birth name) (MM initials are kinda weird to me and don't sound right? Same with any other letter like HH, or RR, ect) my friends or followers could call me Mikah or Saar doesn't matter. I think it's cute? I'm not sure. What do you think?

ahh I think thats lovely!! <3 pick whatever name speaks to your heart, naming yourself is incredibly personal and something tht becomes a part of your identity. I think Mikah and Saar are really cute!

If you were to ever watch me while on the train it’d be hilarious. Lately I’ve been listening to triple six mafia on my train rides to work or portishead and sleeping or drinking an iced coffee or green tea. I always look at people’s feet too but today this girl I think got uncomfortable since I spaced out while looking at the floor and she tried to cover her feet with her bag or something lol. It was weird.

going off my last text post

imagine liam and mason before liam’s first date. liam is all nervous like “oh god what if she wants to kiss me I’ve never kissed anyone before” and mason just being like “dude i’ll kiss you” and it’s a weird awkward kiss because all first kisses are super awkward and liam feels a little less nervous and mason realizes that he’s gay

and when he comes out to liam it’s awkward for like a second and then liam’s like “okay” and then asks if mason wants to play call of duty or something and it’s cute and happy

So I got this question at some point last night. I’m on mobile and answering questions on mobile with long answers typicality doesn’t work out for me so I’m just gonna answer it in a post.
What don’t I love about her? I love that she’s my best friend. I love that I’m hers. I love that she knows exactly what to say when I’m in a bad mood, to cheer me up. I love her voice and how it calms me down when I’m freaking out. I love how she never ever makes me feel unloved, even if we are “arguing” she makes sure I know she loves me. I love that she knows my weaknesses and my strengths. I love that she makes up some kind of new weird nickname for me every week. I love how much trust I put into her, and that she trusts me so much to tell me something so deeply personal to her. And I hope she knows I’m never going anywhere because of it. I love how she calls me princess and ughhhhh, the way it sounds coming out of her mouth, fuck me. I love how we talk about our future, when we’re gonna meet, our upcoming visits, and how we’re finally going to be in the same city when I go to school. I love that I’m so excited for our future together. I love that one day I’m going to be her wife, and carry our kids. I love her. So deeply and intensely. It’s scary and beautiful all in one.
I love you so much peanut whatsupsavage

its so weird for me seeing media representation of two girls kissing or something b/c it makes me think; is this how straight people feel when they watch romance movies? iv never felt anything while watch a heterosexual kissing scene, i watch entire romance movies waiting to feel something, to connect to the characters and then i watch Hayley Kiyoko’s 5 minuet music video about two girls and it has me on the edge of tears and it makes me so upset b/c to me finding content like that 5 minuet video is so rare sometimes i start to think that i am incapable of feelings. this is why representation is so fucking important 

Let’s Speak English #78!

Pizza here is like, twice the price for half the size. It’s buttzone. We don’t even have a regular pizza shop out here v__v

At first it was weird to me that nobody has larger dogs out here in the country, but then I realized that nobody here has yards. Even though there’s plenty of space where I live! It’s just not something people really think about including in houses, I guess. So even though we’ve got plenty of fields and such, it’s all shibas and dachshunds and chihuahuas. I miss my golden retriever son~~

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*sees new vine* welp... i have a new favorite vine of yours. I also don't feel as weird since something like that happens with me and my friends

Hahah!! I’m so glad I’ve finally figured out how to place Steven Universe in a vine :3

  • autistic person:I think I might be autistic.
  • neurotypicals:You can't just self-diagnose with autism! Only professionals can know you well enough to know if you might be autistic! Professionals are knowledgeable and unbiased and their decision is 100% pure. you probably just decided you were autistic because you wanna be a special snowflake or something; a real psychologist could see through that!
  • autistic person:I am professionally diagnosed with autism.
  • neurotypicals:No way! You!? Autistic!? You don't act anything like an autistic; trust me, there's this kid that goes to my four-year-old sister's daycare that has autism and they're nothing like you! I swear, autism is like the new ADD or something! They just slap that label on anyone who's a little weird! Don't worry sweetie you're not autistic don't let their labels define you! Psychology is getting out of hand these days; crazy shrinks!

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If you had to take a guess, what patronus do you think Draco would have?

ok i decided i would look into this and see wht animal best represents him. so just started googleing random animals that i thought might fit and i found ones that i also think might fit lucius and narcissa too

  • narcissa - swan, an elegant and graceful creature but vicious as fuck when they or their nest is threatened..
  • lucius - meerkat, aye ok a weird one but here me out, meerkats
    protect the young from threats, often endangering their own lives.(…) Subordinate meerkats have been seen killing the offspring of more senior members in order to improve their own offspring’s position.
  • draco - the temptation is to go with ferret but i was feeling like a penguin or i looked up penguins and i found this description of a king penguin that i feel fits draco perfectly
    “frequently compared to little men wearing suits, King Penguins are little gentlemen who strut around their colonies convinced of their own importance.”