it wasnt very fun

do u ever feel like u were destined to draw a character????? smoky quartz is mine… theyre shaped like a friend

a few summers ago me and a friend worked at a lighthouse giving tours and on international lighthouse day (yeah thats a real thing) we had to play some music at the center next door and literally no one was there except for this one family. so after a little while the daughter joined us and sang while we played stuff and it was really nice and fun. idk why im thinking about it now but i hope they remember it as one of the high points of their trip because i remember it as one of the high points of the job. i even remember her name lmao it was gabrielle and they were from new brunswick

in celebration of shinee’s comeback + reaching a follower milestone, i decided to do a follow forever ( + i accidentally deleted this the first time [screams] ). i follow a lot of fantastic blogs, so this was a bit hard to do. ilu all though ♥ anyway, without further ado, let’s go!


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