it wasnt a festival


happy twintails day! i doodled the first twintailed best gal that came to mind✨

it’s so cute when people remember you in the littlest things they do like my friend went to a festival over the weekend and because i wasnt entirely invited, he gave me a box of delicious delicacy from that place for free !! and my other friend also went to a book signing event of an indie author and he purchased this poetry book for me !! i didnt even have to ask for it. and idk about you but literally those are the cutest and most genuine little things and my heart is filled with so much happiness and im so glad to have beautiful people like them in my life i hope you meet people like them too :-)


[PIC/FAN ACC] [150815] INFINITE during the “70th Liberation Anniversary ‘National Unity Festival”

  • They sang Bad, Love Letter, Back and In The Summer (in no particular order).
  • Woohyun wasnt there, and Hoya sang while sitting down in the two dance songs that they performed (means, only 5 members danced). Sunggyu said that Hoya’s leg is still hurt, so he said thats why they performed ballad a lot lately. (INFINITE is just awesome, that is!)
  • When they performed In The Summer, the music (MR) stopped halfway. It didnt really cause some trouble as INFINITE kept singing anyways, showing off their great LIVES as always. Inspirits sang along with them, like saying, “hey, we got your back!”. The VCR also met some trouble, and didnt play perfectly. 
  • Sunggyu mentioned that Woohyun is recovering well, so he told fans not to worry. 
  • Dongwoo took over Woohyun’s high note part during Love Letter. Sunggyu covered for Woohyun’s part during Bad. Theyre holding it up pretty well even though Woohyun wasnt there. (Woohyun, please recover well, and please come back.. ><)

cr: Yoio + g + 화소 + Mon chouchou \ 몽슈슈 + songyu89 + XinJiA