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Well, would you look at that! Commissions are back! This time with more options!

Prices are in USD

Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Maybe something suggestive, but no straight out porn
  • No full nudity, but partial is alright
  • Nothing discriminatory or offensive
  • I’ll need proper references for OCs
  • I’m terrible at drawing people kissing, ask for that at your own risk
  • Anything else goes (animals, people, gore, monsters, couples, robots, fanarts, etc)

If you’re interested, send me a message or ask on tumblr. If I don’t respond within 24 hours, please sen it again. Payment will be done only though paypal.

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She’s the betta half of the two


It’s Christmas and you can hear Mariah Carey softly singing “All I want for Christmas is you” 

Dan: imagine a horror movie where she “follows” you


And Happy Holidays! ♥

- Today on: things Kirishima Eijirou pulls off

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


favorite Disney princesses (according to my followers) » #3 → Rapunzel

I’ve been looking out of a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?


                 G l i tc h . E  XE 

The problem with love is: You can love who you want. But so can they…
—  Unknown

my friend irl: Oh my god! There’s a Kara and Lena kiss gif on Twitter. Look… *links me to a Supercorp manip kiss gif I made*. Who has even time to do that lmao… that’s so wrong.

my gay ass: