it wasn't me lol

my nayme is Deen
in al the lande
no grayter dood
than bruthr Sam
and wen he falls
but is not ded

i hold his face
i lik his hed

[ oops there’s a sam version | + more


Happy Father’s Day

“There’s something ancient and inevitable about this desire to do whatever you can to protect your child.”

the worst thing about adhd is when you’re staring at instructions or hearing them and everybody else is understanding them but your brain just. doesn’t get it.

and you can understand each word individually but if you try to put them together it’s like trying to read a language you don’t understand


He lost  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I wonder if Grandpapa Mycen’s keeping tally 


alleyezmovieThe amazing @danaigurira at the #AllEyezPremiere talking about why she loved playing Afeni Shakur! #AllEyezOnMe#BreakTheBoxOffice

anyways staff has been quietly flagging popular wlw blogs as ns/fw for years.I highly recommend if you run a wlw blog with more than 5k followers that you keep track of your visibility settings and check that your blog shows up when you search with safe mode on.