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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

“I held death’s hand this evening”

- Death’s Hand, The Amity Affliction

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I right now just saw this and i think if v marries anybody in vegas it's probably gonna be hope or jimin. Yoongi would marry himself haha maknaesunshine(.)tumblr(.)com/post/160061091034/which-member-would-bts-datecompilation

I can see it, and LMAO yes yoongi would totally marry himself 😂


Sorry for the long wait, anon, here are some magical boys for you! I already had some old crossover doodles in notebooks but sadly those didn’t involve dresses ;-; As it is scientifically proven that Ash looks good in every dress anytime~ I’m jelly

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(grabs Dipper by the shirt collar) WHERE'S GIDEON? I'M GONNA KILL HIM!!!

Dipper pried the stranger’s hands off of his collar and shoved them away.

“I don’t know, man, I’m not his babysitter.”

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omg you're a teacher? ?? what if people find your blog and call you out lmaooooooo

What IF?!?! omg lmaaaaaaooooooo omg omg

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Do you like Seventeen? If so who's your bias???!!!!



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can you please do a part II to that 'falling in love with their friend's significant other' AU??

Part I

He was perched on a wall outside the restaurant, waiting for her, nervously playing with the sleeve of his jumper. Lily watched him for a few minutes from behind the door before she worked up the nerve to go over to him, her heart thumping painfully against her ribs like it was straining to escape her chest. To get to him.

When she did go over, she did her best to appear calm, cool and unruffled. “Hello, James.”

His eyes burned into hers. “Lily.”

She didn’t think he’d ever called her by her first name before. She wanted to hear it on his lips a thousand times over. 

“What are you doing here?”

“I - um. Can I walk you home?“ 

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the flash soundtrack + westallen scenes
part one (two)

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sorry I had to make a photoset because for some reason I can’t upload more than one image to a text post any more? hm

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have u seen boruto? bc it's HELLA narusasu... like HELLA. and i thought a lil of u~ <3

WELL I actually saw it recently and went on a drunken twitter rant about how much I miss Naruto and narusasu and fell asleep trying to reread the entire manga but uh, it wasn’t a big deal, nope, not at all 

the way it ought to be

makes things true
things like you,

you and i

“Do you like it?”

Kelley hears the door click shut behind her, the sound like a shot in the suddenly quiet hotel room. Hope is gaping at her, temporarily speechless, and this outfit has already paid for itself.

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I love reading your thoughts on Anders. I'd love if you could discuss them more, possibly? They just hit me in a spot in my heart that I can't describe, especially because I see a lot of bashing of Anders, so it's meaningful to see someone describe his struggle.

it’s an endless, inevitable march, something pressed cold over your nose and mouth, clouding your eyes, and all you can do is stumble forward in the dark and trust, trust your hate and your memories of being hunted and your open wounds and the spirit you invited inside.

your heart beats too hot and full of blood.


you don’t remember if you were always this angry. it feels like you were. a buried, razored wire, just waiting for someone to trip across it.

but there’s direction, now, a purpose. surely that means something.


a hard and holy thing has its hands locked around your bones.


they say that when you’re lost in the desert, dying of thirst, you should suck on a stone. it puts moisture in your parched mouth, and fools your body into thinking you’ve found water.

you spend winter nights at the tavern, losing money you don’t have to friends who won’t collect, warm beside the fire while exhaustion leeches out of your limbs. you feel spare and thin and raw and home, for as long as the game lasts.


hours, entire days, blink away like huffed-out candles.


Justice has worn a corpse before, and he thinks you ought to be one, for all the good you do him alive, with your longings and your weakness and your limited human understanding of righteousness. there’s a woman who drives you to distraction, a group of exiles and cast-offs who seem unwilling to leave you to your work. Justice wants them gone. you don’t. it becomes a point of contention for as long as you have the strength to contest anything.


you’ve lied since the day you met her, and if she knew what was at stake, if she’d listen, she’d understand. her eyes wouldn’t darken, and her lip wouldn’t curl. something slithers between your skull and your scalp, whispering.


it’s swallowing a burning coal and discovering too late how it buries itself in the lining of your stomach.


the work waits for no one, and you will complete it. wan, sick, wild-eyed, dusted with the ashes of all the things it won’t matter that you loved. selfish, to want more; to refuse to make sacrifices.

he is just a spirit. why is it so difficult for you to be just a body?


you fight a monster for seven years.

you lose.