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Stripulation (Rafael Barba x Reader)

AN: This … wasn’t how I thought this blog would lose its Barba virginity. But life is funny that way. Anyway, I doubt Barba’s secret in “Know It All” will be anything like this but this was still my take on it. And God am I awful for it.

@ohbelieveyoume I sincerely hope you enjoy because my perfectionism is screaming right now *dies*

Everyone made at least one bad decision in their lifetime. This was something that Rafael Barba, as an attorney, knew as an absolute guarantee. Granted, the poor choices he usually dealt with on a regular basis were either truly heinous acts or ones that just made his job harder, all committed by other people against his warnings or better judgement. Neither of which impressed the attorney in the slightest: He prided himself on being a self-made man who stuck to his guns in the face of chaos, always keeping a leveled head to the point of blatant cockiness.

If not for the fact that you had been dating him (and could therefore assure that, yes, Carisi, hand on the Bible, Rafi is human), you would have perhaps fallen to the oft assumed notion that Rafael was relatively without a dramatically erroneous decision to his slate. This was not to say that he was perfect by any means: Putting cold and calculated logic a step or two ahead of emotion, calling off dates to work on cases, and being so stubborn as to not want to lose even a personal argument were not traits of his that you favored.

But considering that he always made sure to right those wrongs, made you feel like a member of Manhattan royalty when he could, he was practically an errorless outlier compared to a majority of men living in New York.

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A JackCrutchie Fic

Chapter 1/???


Crutchie knew that Jack came from a really rough background. He would never talk about his parents, and all Crutchie knew about them was that his mom died at birth and he had a real jerk for a father before he was taken from his dad and thrown into the system.

Jack knew that Davey came from a loving home, but both his parents died in a car wreck when he was nine, leaving he and his baby brother, Les, in the hands of the state since no family wanted them.

Davey knew Crutchie’s parents couldnt afford to take care of him. They tried, but once the Polio hit, all of their extra money went to keeping him alive, and as soon as he wasn’t on deaths door, they gave Crutchie to the state, not being able to care for themselves, never mind a child.

The three boys all had different backgrounds, but they were now stuck in the same situation. No one wanted them.

Jack usually got taken in the most, but he was quickly thrown back into the system, parents labeling him as the “Problem Child.” He had lost count of how many family’s he had been with for a few weeks before being dumped back to where he started.

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quiet-hubris  asked:

F. Burrcules pls :D *hehehehe*

Prompt F. An absent look or touch.

By the time Aaron makes it to the movie theater, he’s really starting to regret his decision to walk there. Only a light snow had been falling when he left his home, but it had quickly picked up to become more of a flurry as he continued, and now Aaron is basically covered in snow.

So when he steps inside the theater and is met by immediate warmth, Aaron lets out a sigh of relief. He wipes his feet on the mats by the doors as he looks around, locating his friends quickly; Laurens is standing next to an amused looking Lafayette, both of them staring down at Alexander, who is gesturing wildly with his hands. Behind them, Hercules says something and shakes his head, but then his eyes land on Aaron and he tenses, and soon the other three are spinning around to look at him, wide smiles on each of their faces.

Even though he’s used to the group acting strange, Aaron still thinks this is one of their more unusual greetings, but he makes his way over to them anyway. They had all agreed to meet up to see a scary movie that had come out recently called The Death Trap or The Hell Hole or some ridiculous name like that. Aaron doesn’t care for horror movies much, but he figured it would give him two hours of pretending to stare at a screen while he proceeds to actually space out. He’s always found movie theaters strangely relaxing.

“Aaron! You came!” Laurens throws his arm around Aaron’s shoulder when he reaches them, while everyone else gives him a nod in greeting. Aaron can’t help but notice that Hercules looks nervous, and wonders what they had been talking about before he came over. 

“Of course I did.” Aaron responds, raising an eyebrow. “You guys planned this outing like a week ago.”

“Yeah, well, funny story.” Alexander makes what he probably thinks is an apologetic look, but Aaron can see the mischievous glint in his eye. “Laf, John, and I actually forgot we had to do something tonight, so we can’t stay. But Herc really wants to see this movie, so you two can still go!”

“Oh.” Aaron shifts on his feet and glances up at Hercules, who gives him a small shrug. It’s not that Aaron doesn’t like Hercules, in fact, that’s kind of the opposite of how he feels. “I…yeah, that’s fine.”

“Great!” Alexander exclaims, and Aaron watches as he practically drags Laurens and Lafayette away, but not fast enough to stop Lafayette from throwing a wink over their shoulder that makes Aaron’s face grow warm.

“So, tickets.” Hercules says a moment later, and Aaron nods, digging in his pockets for his wallet, but Hercules stops him by wrapping a hand around Aaron’s wrist. “I can cover ‘em, especially since you kind of got tricked into this.”

“I…” Aaron swallows a few times, trying not to think too much about the warmth of Hercules’s hand on his skin; Hercules is always doing this, touching Aaron like he doesn’t know how it makes his pulse skyrocket. But he probably really doesn’t know. It probably means nothing. “Okay, sure. I’ll get popcorn then.”

They meet up after they have the tickets and the popcorn, and Aaron lets Hercules lead him to the theater, hoping the other man doesn’t feel the shiver that passes through him when Hercules places his hand on Aaron’s back. It’s nothing, Aaron tells himself. Hercules probably doesn’t even know he’s doing it. 

They sit down towards the back of the theater, making it just in time for the lights to dim and for the movie to start. Aaron takes a deep breath through his nose, trying to calm his nerves as he puts his hand into the popcorn bag. But then Hercules’s hand is also grabbing at the popcorn, his hand brushing against Aaron’s in the process, making him jump.

“Sorry.” Hercules says softly, his eyes on the screen, and Aaron just nods, quickly removing his hand and bringing the popcorn to his mouth.

The small touches continue throughout the movie, and Aaron knows that Hercules must not be doing it on purpose, there’s just no way. The touches are so soft and brief; his foot touching Aaron’s, his arm pressing against Aaron’s on the armrest, his hand brushing over Aaron’s knee, and each time Aaron peers over at Hercules, his eyes are still trained on the screen. 

So Aaron tries not to think about all of it, focusing on the movie instead. But at one point, a jump scare causes Aaron to grab at Hercules’s hand, gripping it tightly. He quickly becomes embarrassed and tries to remove it, but then Hercules is closing his hand around Aaron’s, his thumb brushing absently over the back of it.

Their hands remain entwined for the rest of the movie, and whenever Aaron peers over at Hercules, he swears that he sees the man smiling. But he can’t be sure, it could just be the dark lighting tricking him. 

Finally, after the last surviving person in the movie defeats the monster, the credits roll, and Aaron and Hercules exit the theater, their hands back at their sides. Aaron turns to Hercules, about to thank him, when he starts talking first.

“Do you want to come back to my place for a bit?” Hercules asks, and Aaron can’t stop his jaw from dropping. “I mean, just to watch another movie!” Herc says in a rush. “I always like watching a Disney movie after a horror movie, and Alexander and John won’t be there, so you don’t have to worry about them talking through it and I just-”

“Yes!” Aaron says quickly, cutting Hercules off. “Yeah, I would…I would like that.”

So Hercules drives them back to his place and puts on The Lion King, both of them sitting on the couch. Aaron notices the way Hercules’s fingers drum nervously on his thigh as the first song begins. Then he tenses slightly, one of Hercules’s hands moving to rest on Aaron’s knee, his fingers resuming their drumming as if the movement is the most natural thing in the world, and not a movement that is making Aaron’s heart pound. 

It’s not on purpose, Aaron tells himself sternly, not wanting to get his hopes up. Hercules is touching him without noticing. That has to be it. 

Aaron starts to drift off at some point during “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” and he doesn’t even notice his head dropping to rest on Hercules’s shoulder. But he does notice when Hercules puts an arm around him, pulling him closer. Then a phone starts to ring, and Aaron blinks his eyes open slowly when Hercules answers.

“Hey. Yeah…yeah he came over. No we are not making out, shut up Alex!” Hercules hisses into the phone, and Aaron feels his lips curve up into a smile at how nervous Hercules sounds. “He’s…he’s asleep. Yes, on me, and I’m gonna hang up now so I don’t wake him up, cause this is the best moment of my life and I don’t want to ruin it. Bye.”

Aaron rearranges his face as Hercules hangs up so it looks like he’s still sleeping, but his thoughts are swirling. So Hercules does like him, and…and what? This night had been one big plan to help Hercules hang out with him alone? And all those small touches had been on purpose? Aaron smiles again, his heart fluttering, and then he stretches his legs and yawns, making it seem like he’s just waking up.

“Hi.” He murmurs to Hercules, who is staring over at him with parted lips. “Did I miss all the good parts?”

“Hm?” Hercules hums, his eyes roaming over Aaron’s face, making him laugh softly.

“The movie, how much did I miss?”

“Oh.” Hercules laughs and shakes his head, but one of his hands reaches out to rest on Aaron’s thigh. “I wasn’t really paying attention, to be honest.”

“Oh.” Aaron echoes, and he only hesitates a moment before turning on the couch so he’s facing Hercules, one of his own hands reaching out to rest over Hercules’s, pushing it higher up his thigh. He’s suddenly feeling very bold. “Something else holding your attention?”

“Yeah.” Hercules breathes out, and he brings his other hand up to cup Aaron’s face, his thumb brushing over his cheek. Then Hercules pulls him in, pressing his lips to Aaron’s in a soft kiss.

Oh, Aaron thinks to himself as they both sigh against each other’s mouths, this touch is definitely on purpose. 

anonymous asked:

Your writing is amazeballs omg *worships* please please if you're still taking prompts, could you do Briam again? Liam gets hurt protecting someone, but he's taking it much better than Brett, who wasn't there to help. And maybe a side of super-protective-alpha!Scott? <3<3<3

aw, thank you so much, that’s so sweet!!<3 here ya go!

[also for velociraptervevo; angst war pt. 9]

“Are you okay?”


“Liam, answer me. Are you okay?”

Voices swirl through his mind, but it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly they’re coming from, or who they belong to. The only thing that’s really registering properly right now is the excruciating pain in his chest. He’s vaguely aware that a hunter shot at Stiles, and that he dove in front of the bullet. After that, he can’t-


“Brett?” he slurs.

He doesn’t even remember Brett coming with them, but the fact that he’s here now is all that really matters.

“Liam, hey, good, c’mon. Open your eyes, Liam. You’re okay.”

There are hands on his face, in his hair, petting up and down his arms. Brett’s? They feel like it. Strong and calloused, but gentle with their butterfly touches.


“Yeah, Liam, it’s me. I’m here. Scott’s here. Stiles and Kira and Malia. Everything is gonna be fine. Can you open your eyes for us?”  

“Hurts,” Liam mumbles.

The hands on his arms pause for a moment, tensing.

Brett speaks again, voice lower and more frantic, but Liam’s pretty sure it’s not directed at him. Good. Answering is making his head hurt.

“Why isn’t he healing?”

“Wolfsbane,” another voice says solemnly.

He feels more than hears that it’s his alpha’s voice. Scott. Good, that’s good. Scott will fix it. Scott will make it all stop hurting.

“What the fuck do we do?”

“I called Deaton,” a third voice speaks up. Stiles? Maybe. “He’s coming as fast as he can. I described the bullet for him, and he’s bringing a few different strands of wolfsbane that sound like the correct one. He just has to put it in the wound and he should be fine.”

Liam whines, an animalistic sound that might be embarrassing, if everything weren’t so fuzzy. He needs everyone to stop talking so much. It’s too loud, the voices on top of the rushing of blood and the ringing in his ears.

“Scott,” Brett says, more quietly, and Liam would smile if he could bring himself to. His boyfriend always seems to know what he needs. “You have to do something now.”

“He’s going to be fine,” Scott assures, but even Liam can hear the slight waver in his voice. “Liam, you’re going to be fine. You can’t pass out, okay? Can you open your eyes for me?”


He just wants to go to sleep. Then it would stop hurting. Then everything would stop hurting. Why do they want him to open his eyes so badly?

“Maybe you’re taking too much of his pain,” someone suggests. 

It’s a girl this time, but Liam couldn’t tell you who for his life.

“He’s not going to stop taking his pain,” Brett snaps. He lowers his voice again, and adds, “That’s just going to make it worse.”

“If he’s not feeling that much pain, maybe it’s easier for him to succumb to unconsciousness.”

Different girl. 

“If he is feeling too much pain, it’s easier for him to pass the fuck out,” Brett hisses.

“Brett,” Scott says, gently but firmly. “Maybe they’re right. If I just stop for a few seconds, enough to wake him up a little, it shouldn’t be too bad.”

He doesn’t sound so sure, but Liam’s barely paying the words any actual attention; just listening to the rise and fall of his boyfriend’s and his alpha’s voices is kind of soothing. 

There’s a blissfully long silence after that. At least, for Liam’s headache it’s blissful.

Finally, reluctantly, Brett says, “Just for a few seconds.”

Liam was only distantly aware of the hand that had been holding firmly onto his own, but as soon as it loosens its grip and pulls away, the horrible absence is the only thing he can register.

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A Lovely Mess

Rated T


 Summary:Oliver surprises Felicity with a big step in their relationship.

Absolute and complete fluff. I’m not even sorry.

Felicity came into the townhouse with a sigh. Sigh was an understatement, though. For the past two weeks, she’d been coming home with a frustrated, angry expression on her face. The irritated noises that came out of her as she slammed the door behind her became synonymous to Oliver with her entrance.

“Rough day?” he asked.

Felicity just glared at him as she kicked off her heels, “What made Ray think that I am fit to run a company? What about a reformed hacker, IT girl, assistant/secretary made him think, oh, Felicity will be perfect.”

Oliver fought a smile, knowing that she was in a bad mood and not wanting her wrath to be aimed at him. “He’s smart, that’s why. You’re doing great, Felicity.”

“Oliver, I can’t even convince my own employees to let me change the name back to Queen Consolidated.”

Oliver hesitated, “You’re changing the name back?”

Felicity wanted it to be a surprise. Which she just ruined. She threw her hands in the air, “Great. I thought this day couldn’t get any worse. It was supposed to be a surprise! Not that they even listen to me anyway.” She pouted, walking closer and sitting beside him on the couch.

 "You know,“ she continued, curling her legs up and under her, "I don’t think they take me seriously. Probably because I’m the ex-girlfriend of the man who gave me the company.” Oliver placed his hand on her leg. “And before that,” she flailed her hands in his direction, “I was the assistant to Oliver Queen. And before that…a girl stuck in the basement fixing computers." He handed her his glass of wine, which she finished in one, very big sip. "I suck.” she frowned, resting her chin on her hand.

He cocked his head to the side and squeezed her leg, “You do not suck. Let me talk to them. Most of the people you’re dealing with were on the board when it was Queen Consolidated. Maybe they just need a Queen face to convince them.” He smiled reassuringly, brushing her hair away from her face with the tips of his fingers.

“You’d do that?” She asked, picking her head up and quirking her eyebrow.

“If it’s what you really want. I’ll do anything to see you coming home from work in a better mood.” He smiled slightly, touching her cheek.

 She groaned, nestling her face into the palm of his hand. “It is. I just thought it should be QC again…since you signed those papers yesterday, and now we’re partners.” She grinned up at him, her eyes wide and unsure, waiting for his response.

 He laughed once, “You Palmered me?”

She lifted her shoulder, “I didn’t think you’d say yes.”

“I wouldn’t have.” He said seriously, his jaw tensing.

Felicity sighed, “Oliver, why don’t you want to work with me? I asked you to be on the board and you turned me down so fast, I could barely even get the question out.”

“Because this is yours, Felicity." He looked her pointedly in the eyes to get his point across. "I want you to be able to do this without feeling like you need me.”

Felicity smiled slightly, “But I want you. To work at Queen Consolidated again, I mean. I want you to be my partner.”

Oliver shook his head, smiling down at her, “You’re just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

She smirked, “What can I say? I’m a hacker.” She rolled her eyes, touching the scruff on his cheek, "You’re dating a professional meddler. A certified pusher.“

His smile widened, "I have a surprise for you too,” He tapped her nose with his index finger, “my little pusher, you.”

Felicity cocked her head to the side, “Oh yeah?”

Oliver took both of her hands in his, “Now, if you want this to go smoothly, then I really need you to just keep an open mind and be willing to go with the flow.”

Felicity’s eyes narrowed, “You’re scaring me. What?”

Oliver pulled out a black tie that he’d apparently been hiding behind his back. He held it up to Felicity, his eyes hopeful. Felicity’s eyes widened, and she pulled her hands away from his, “Oliver." She shook her head, "You are not tying me up with that.”

Oliver’s eyebrows pushed together, and he glanced down at the black tie, “What? No.” He laughed slightly, “That’s not what this is for. I want to blindfold you. I have something to show you, and we need to drive there. But it’s a surprise.”

Felicity watched him for another moment, “Okay,” she said slowly, “This is me trusting you. So we better not be jumping out of a plane or something.”

Oliver kissed her cheek, “No planes. No jumping. Not even a motorcycle. We can take your car.”

Felicity smiled, turning around and tying her hair into a ponytail, “Deal. Blindfold me, baby!” She cringed,  "And there’s a sentence I never imagined I’d say.“

"So…” he said, tying the blindfold over her eyes, “What you thought this was for…was that a definite ‘no’ or just a surprised 'no’?”

Felicity hesitated, considering, “Hard no.” She answered simply, and Oliver laughed.

After putting her shoes in front of her, Oliver led her out of the townhouse and into the car. He placed his hand on her lap as he drove, sensing how tense she was. “Felicity,” he said, squeezing her leg. She couldn’t see him, but she could tell that he was smiling. “Relax.” He finished.

Felicity took a deep breath and lowered her shoulders, putting her hand over his and intertwining their fingers. Her knuckles grazed her own leg, and she could feel the goose bumps on her skin. She wasn’t sure why she was so nervous. She knew she wasn’t in danger. She knew he wouldn’t make her do anything that she wasn’t comfortable with. But it was Oliver. And Oliver was…intense. He put every piece of himself into the people that he believed in. Oliver did things with his whole heart. He jumped into everything he did head first and never looked back. She couldn’t even imagine what kind of surprise was waiting for her. But she also knew that she wouldn’t love him the same if he were any other way. And that it wasn't a burden to be one of those people that Oliver Queen gave everything to.

She played with his fingers as another five minutes passed. “Are we almost there?” she asked, turning her head towards him.

He laughed, “Just a few more minutes.”

“Can’t you give me a hint?” She asked, her voice high and hopeful.

Oliver shook his head even though she couldn’t see it, “No.”

Felicity sighed, pouting and resting her head back on the seat. “I love you.”

He glanced at her, “I love you, too.” She could hear his smile again, “But that’s not going to work. No hints.”

She went back to pouting until Oliver seemed to turn onto a dirt road. The drive became bumpier, and she could hear dirt and rocks coming up and tapping against the car. “Where are we?” she whined. “You know, if this were a horror movie, it’d almost seem like you were taking me out of town to murder me somewhere where no one could hear my screams.”

He chuckled lightly, “Well, no one would hear you scream out here. I’d just be making you scream for very, very different reasons.”

She hit his arm, but couldn’t stop the giggle that tended to always escape her lips when he said things like that. The giggle was a nervous response to the heat that arose through her whole body. She could always feel her face turn red. Because when he responded to her like that, half of her reaction was surprise; after three years of pained expressions and solemn words, it caught her off guard when he joked like that. And the second half of her reaction was due to her vivid imagination; she could see the scenarios he hinted at, and it never failed to make her blush.

She felt the car turn around a corner and then stop. “Wait here.” He said. Then she heard his door open and close. And a moment later he was opening hers and helping her from the car. She was expecting him to either lead her by the hand to the surprise, or take the damn blindfold off, but he did neither. Instead he wrapped an arm around her waist and bent down, pushing her knees out from under her and lifting her into his arms in one easy motion.

Oliver,” she breathed, gripping his shoulders, “Warn a girl.”

He laughed, beginning to walk with her in his arms. “Sorry.”

“Can I have a hint now?” She asked, taking in a deep breath and smelling flowers and cut grass. It smelled fresh, like spring. "Are we…in a garden? Did you bring me to a flower shop?“

"No.” he answered, his voice teasing.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged herself to him. He responded by gripping her tighter. “You’re killing me, here.” She said quietly, just as he stopped walking.

He gently set her back on her feet and stepped behind her. “Okay,” he said slowly placing his fingers over the tie, “Ready?”

Felicity snorted, “Yes!”

He pulled off the blindfold and rested his hands on her shoulders. Felicity opened her eyes, adjusting to the light of the sunset behind…a house.

She stared at it for a long moment. A white house, with red shutters and a wide front porch, and big windows. The paint was chipping and there were parts of the wood that looked rotted, but it was a house. She turned around. “Who lives here?” She asked.

Oliver just smiled, his eyes playing with hers, and Felicity felt like her heart jumped into her throat. Behind him, she could see their car at the top of a hill, the hill he just carried her down. And next to the car was a garage that was in the same condition as the house. “Oliver…” she hesitated, glancing back up at him, “Who’s house is this?”

“It’s ours, Felicity.” he said gently, the most peaceful smile on his face and in his eyes that she’d ever seen.

“You bought us a house?”

He nodded, “We’re about five minutes outside of Starling. The Diggle’s are a fifteen minute drive while Thea and Laurel are only ten minutes away.”

“You bought a house…and timed out how long it will take us to reach our friends?” She cocked her head to the side, wondering how it was possible to adore him and not understand him at the same time.

He shrugged, moving past her and approaching the house. She watched his back as he stepped onto the porch like he’d done it a million times. Like it was home. He held his arms out wide, a triumphant smile spreading across his face. “It needs a little work. We’ll have to repaint it, and fix a few things here and there…but I just thought it’d be good…for a first home for us.”

She raised an eyebrow, “First?”

“Well, I mean,” he put his hands in his pockets, “There’s only two bedrooms. One for us and one for Thea when she wants to visit. But when we…if you want to, you know… start a family…we’ll probably need more space.”

Felicity could only stare at him. They’d talked about their future, how many kids they wanted, where they wanted to be in ten years. The conversations had all been great, Felicity just hadn’t realized they were starting on that road today. Oliver saw the hesitation on her face, and with his hands still in his pockets, he kicked at the dirt on the porch, “What are you thinking?” He asked, sounding nervous. He wasn’t sure he could take it if she said no to this. He’d adjusted all of his dreams around that house and living in it with her. He’d be heartbroken, that was for sure.

She bit her lip, “I think…” She said, stepping onto the porch with him, “That I should probably see the rest of our new home.”

Oliver’s eyes darted to hers, and he beamed, “Okay,” he took her hand, leading her through the front door. It wasn’t very big, the whole first floor and the stairs to the second could be seen from the front door. The living room and kitchen connected, with enough space for a dining table, too. Off of the big room was a hallway, which contained a closet, a bedroom, and a laundry room/bathroom. Across from the kitchen were the stairs, which had a balcony at the top of them and led to the master bedroom and another bath.

Felicity stepped out of the bedroom and looked over the first floor, a light smile playing across her lips as she looked down. Oliver came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, “So are we saying yes?” He asked, his voice full of hope as he kissed her neck.

“We’re saying hell yes, one hundred times over, to the moon and back, I’m so deeply in love with you…yes.” She sighed and turned around, her body pressed against his as she smiled up at him. Oliver kissed her, but neither of them could stop smiling. “How could I say no to starting my life with you?” She asked quietly.

Oliver shook his head in disbelief, his lips brushing against hers. He had no idea how or what he’d done to deserve Felicity, her love. But he was sure that he’d never go another day without her. "Maybe we should christen our new home.“ He said, kissing her once, "You know, just to make it official.” He kissed her again.

Felicity raised her eyebrows, wrapping her arms around his neck, "Yeah?“

"Yeah.” He kissed her again, deeper, turning her away from the railing and pushing her back into what would soon be their bedroom.

Since I’m pretty new, just going to tag a few of my favorite writers on here. :)

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