it wasn't easy hiding the tags

Got tagged by @kaishizo, 10 faves from 10 different fandoms

- Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki, Eto, Seido or Hide (it’s my favorite manga, okay?) 
- Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki (absolute best)
- K: Return of Kings: Hisui Nagare (Green King)
- Akame ga Kill: Esdeath (who wouldn’t like her? reminds me of Eto..)
- Haikyuu!!: Oikawa Tooru (every damn scene is just hilarious)
- Naruto: Pain or Obito (two very well written characters)
- Ajin: Nakano Kou ( the only likeable character in this franchise, like srsly..)
- Legend of Korra: Iknik Blackstone Varrick (no words needed)
- Death Note: Light Yagami (no L for me, he)
- Bananya: Kenaga Bananya (“Long-haired”) (narcissist, like me (not rly tho))

Thanks for the tag, now it’s your turn @bloodybroadchurch, @goodbyeschroedingerskitty@brotheryanny, @theycallmekimmykim :)