it wasn't a bad training really

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Katie's really bad at keeping secrets and lying so one night at like 3am she wakes up Travis: "Hey, Travis, Trav wake up" "huh?" "Remember like 5 summers ago when you caught me watching you train and I said I wasn't checking you out?" "Sure" "no, do you remember?" "Yes I remember, you said you were watching your brothers fight" "I lied, I was checking you out" "I know, you were standing there for almost 10 minutes, why do you think I took my shirt off? Now go to sleep"

Thats very cute

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Also before the charity shop I worked in a cafe which was horrendous. An inch of water on the kitchen floor, I wasn't allowed to wash the plates, just wipe them with a dirty tea-towel. Cook never cleaned her cutlery, they were all awful to me after NO TRAINING!! Expecting me to know the table layout and where everything was on my first day. The manager didn't actually work there but she was really nice when I told her I was quitting without notice. Probs bad on my part but I don't really care


By the 6th day he memorized each face, each agent wearing his own trademark expression. Sympathy, indifference, contempt. One of them, a tall lanky thing, almost Merlin’s height, once gave him what was probably intended as a smile, but looked more like a mocking smirk.

They were introduced later by Arthur, as the occasion presented itself. Lancelot with his sweet charm, silent intellectual Percival, vulpine Kay. 

And Galahad, of course, the crown jewel, the smug shit. (x)

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Urbosa from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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Lisa Lisa from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Battle Tendency)

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Aqua from Kingdom Hearts (Birth by Sleep)

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Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy

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Latias from Pokemon (Gen 3)

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Molly from Animal Crossing (New Leaf)

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Star from Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles

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Ochaco Uraraka from Boku No Hero Academia

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Valka from How to Train Your Dragon (2)

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swearing | fingernail biting | slouching | slurring | drinking | smoking | doing drugs | impulse decisions | impulse shopping | bad time management | slang | poor grammar | overworking | slacking off | over sleeping | under sleeping | skin picking | scab picking | poor eye contact |lying | rambling | interrupting | muttering under their breath | humming/singing to themselves | talking to themselves | talking with their mouth full | skipping breakfast | junk food | self criticism | procrastinating | day dreaming | forgetful | envious | jealous | gossiper | overreacting | secret teller | spitting | lip licking | lip chewing | eye rolling | sniffing | squinting | drinking from the bottle | putting feet up on tables | yelling | poor hygiene | impatient | hot headed | biased | complaining | cheek biting | teeth gnashing | stealing | scamming | speeding | hair pulling | large ego | eavesdropping | exaggerating | fidgeting | littering | one-upping | whining | “borrowing” without returning | unnecessary aggression | talking during performances | plagiarism | glaring | spacing out | ignoring | over critical | messy | hateful 

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I still remember when I worked at a small tax firm as a tax intern for about 2 months and my boss fired me because "I wasn't getting the hang of things" and "maybe [my boss] didn't train me correctly". It was one of the best jobs I've ever had and I thought I was doing really well because no one said anything bad about my work, but I suddenly got fired. Since then I had trouble finding jobs in the same field and I feel like such a failure