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i. hard times, paramore; ii. temperamental love, bridgit mendler feat. devontee; iii. now or never, halsey; iv. liability, lorde; v. call me out, sarah close; vi. life of the party, all time low; vii. andromeda, gorillaz feat. d.r.a.m.; viii. young and menace, fall out boy; ix. lover’s lies, naomi scott; x. palace, hayley kiyoko; xi. can’t bring this down, bridgit mendler feat. pell

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You love Voltron, love YOI, made an amazing AU, Have some of the best art I've seen in a long time, you are kind to that annoying 12 year old that always bothers you, and alot more things, you are now like officially my favorite blog ever.

u done it………u killed me


Bremen / Germany / Schnoor Quarter

Miraculously, this tiny part of town which is close to the city hall, the dome and the old harbour, survived the bombings of WW2.

It had not been a rich quarter as can be seen in the historic photograph (early 1950s) but featured a lot of old buildings going back through the centuries.

It was beautifully and accurately restored and today offers cafés and restaurants, the most pretty little shops, galleries, arts and crafts and much more.

Although being a must for tourists, it is also part of normal city life and in all four seasons one the nicest ever places to be <3

(Not my photographs, just my edit :) - I live like 20 minutes from there and just love this so much)

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The most gay thing that the squad ever did???????

Jin: I-I dont know what happened h-here… but… uh.. I think they were high or something…  

((lol is this gay enough?? im questioning my life choices rn… so much leg in one drawing wtf))

Oh geez first post here
This is basically gonna be an art only blog but my normal blog is @mirrorbuttvevo but that’s just shitposting :^)))
Oh also this is a drawing of commander holly’s pokemon sun playthrough

The fact that some fans dont want the 4 members in the show to reach top 11 srsly disgusts me. Like how long have u been a fan for that u dont know about their situation yet??

The more members that make it the higher the chance of them not disbanding and for pledis to stop treating them like shit.

Mingi Dongho Jonghyun and Minhyun have SAID IT IS THERE GOAL TO REACH TOP 11,

As a love, who the fuck am i to question their goal and their dream?

If the pll whom i love so much have said that is what they want than i sure as hell will support them with every fibre of my fucking being.

How many tears do the members have to shed and how many essays do 5 yr long loves have to write about this situation for new fans to believe us THAT THIS IS DO OR DIE FOR NU'EST,

And if they all make it i couldnt be happier, cos after 5 years of pain pll finally see their talent, which is what we have been fighting for all these yrs!!

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Last yr your blog was so depressing & then you revealed that u was stuck in a toxic relationship. This yr ur blog is packed with positivity & encouragement. Ur personal posts are happy & wise again. U posted about finding urself & now I'm seeing u're in love. It's like we've watched ur journey back to who u once were, who we all followed & have grown to fuck with. Strong women must stay away from weak men; they're dangerous. I'm just happy u're back & I'm happy u're happy again. GoodVibes.

Ahh this is so sweet lol and thank you for this message, it means a lot. 😩💛
And apologies for my blogs activity last year lmao. Growth is difficult but so rewarding.