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Happy Birthday...

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Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2060

Request:  hi! could I please request a peter/reader fic where it’s the reader’s birthday? she normally hates her birthday but this year peter makes it great -Anon

A/N: Hi everyone! This my first request I’ve done so I hope you like it! I had my birthday last week and when I had seen a request revolved around a birthday I had to do it! Christina and I are still going to work on the other requests!  :) If you have any requests or any feedback let us know! We love hearing from you guys and appreciate you all so much! (LIKE OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH 1,000 FOLLOWERS I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. We’re working on a special thank you post

P.S I also tried to make this gender-fluid again, but let me know if I need any improvement :) 

Today is just another day of the year. You don’t get why people always made birthdays a big deal. Growing up birthdays were always just another day of the year. You turn a year older and time still moves on. Being an adult now, another birthday was the last thing on your mind. You have big kid priorities now and no time for any birthday nonsense. Birthdays honestly just suck. People feel obligated to give presents and be extra nice to you just because someone is aging another year older?! Big whoop. You actually think it’s quite sad. Every year you get this reminder that you are only getting older… which only reminds you that your time is quickly running out. You still don’t know what to do with my life and have a horrible job at the local diner where you have to where this dreaded old fifties outfit that is super tacky. It’s a bright light blue top and frilly bottoms with white trimming and includes a frilly hat to match. You’re unhappy with the job and on top of it, I have to work constantly to help pay for school so you rarely got to see the friends you actually enjoyed spending time with (which there weren’t many). Not like time was on your side anyways. 

You had an early shift today so you’re off by 2 and didn’t have any classes today. You go home to your empty apartment to wallow in self-pity.

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One day, you’ll ask me to speak of a truth - of the miracle of your birth. To explain what is unexplained. And if I falter or fail on this day, know there is an answer, my child, a sacred imperishable truth, but one you may never hope to find alone. Chance meeting your perfect other, your perfect opposite - your protector and endangeror. Chance embarking with this other on the greatest of journeys - - a search for truths fugitive and imponderable. If one day this chance may befall you, my son, do not fail or falter to seize it. The truths are out there. And if one day you should behold a miracle, as I have in you, you will learn the truth is not found in science, or on some unseen plane, but by looking into your own heart. And in that moment you will be blessed - and stricken. For the truest truths are what hold us together, or keep us painfully, desperately apart.

*Trust No 1 - 1/3 montage* 

white man: *does something mediocre to do with the arts*

yall: wow this is probably the best Art that has ever been created

poc: this is not very good, why are celebrating this when there is so much better art to be found

yall: umm excuse me, this MAN is EXPRESSING his EMOtIONS which is REVOLUTIONARY. why do you pee oh cees always have to reinforce hypermasculinity huh???smh

you’re like a stale, unsalted Saltine cracker surrounded by a fresh assortment of Frito-Lay products. nobody eats the Saltine, Chakotay

okay so here's the newest plan...

i mayyy be writing a 12 chaptered fic off of an anon prompt that was sent to @irish-nlessing a few weeks ago 

here’s the prompt: 

now i’ve obvi expanded on the idea (after awkwardly asking her permission to use it for a full fic lol) and well….i’m 3 chapters in and it’s shaping up to be quite the story. im already in love with the characters and the dynamic they have acquired between each other. they hook up on a one night stand on NYE and they dont know each other at all, so that in itself, finding out you are pregnant by a complete stranger…who happens to be famous…welp. but anyway, i don’t want to delve into the plot too much yet (you know i like to surprise yall) but the title i’ve picked is: 

A Million Reasons. 

im actually really excited about it and i hope as i get closer to posting it and can really tell you more about it, you all will be excited too!

Co Workers (Part Two)

Chapter Summary: You an Andrew get into a disagreement about you moving to Vancouver, you leave anyway.

A/N: There’s still plenty of room on my tag lists so shoot me an ask or a message if you’d like to be tagged in anything!

Warnings: None for now

Pairing: Andrew x Reader, Misha x Reader (eventual)

Word Count: 1.3k

Read Part One HERE

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The few weeks that you had spent on set were the best weeks of your life. You had been back home with Andrew for a couple of weeks. It was almost Christmas time. You had been hoping and praying since you got home that you would get to go back on the show. You loved everything about it. Besides the fact that you were a guest star on your favorite tv show, you loved Vancouver, it was a wonderful city. You also loved everyone that you had the pleasure of working with while filming, especially Misha. You and Misha became friends quickly. He was kind, and helped you a lot with your acting skills, he even helped you practice scenes that you were unsure of.

The mid-season finale was tonight, and you were excited to watch it, yet slightly nervous. Your character, Blair, kissed Castiel in this episode, and you hadn’t warned Andrew. He had been seemingly standoffish since you got home, you didn’t really understand why, but it wasn’t like you to push the issue, you thought maybe the fact that you were gone for a month was a little bit hard on him, he had more of a dependant personality than you did.

Just before Andrew was due to be home from work, you got the phone call you had been longing for. The producers wanted you to come back. Not only did they want you to come back, they wanted you to sign a contract with them. You would be living in Canada during filming season. Without a second thought you said yes. You thought of course that Andrew would come with you. He would love it in Vancouver and he could finish his schooling there as well.

You ordered pizza for dinner, and Andrew got home right after the pizza arrived. You had a few minutes before the show started, so you decided to tell Andrew the good news. You both got settled on the couch with your food and some wine.

“So,” you began, turning to Andrew. “The producers from the show called me today,”

“And?” Andrew answered

“They want me to come back.”

“For how many episodes?” He sounded slightly annoyed.

“They uh, they actually want me to sign a contract with them, which means they want to keep me.” You couldn’t contain the excitement in your voice. This was everything you never knew you wanted.

“I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t go back.” This came as a slight shock to you. You noticing that Andrew was slightly distant, but you really didn’t think he would have a problem with you going back, considering he would be able to come with you.

“I never agreed to that babe, I said I wouldn’t go back without you, and with a contract, you’d be able to move up there with me, finish school there, even.” He just looked at you, almost as if you had just broken his heart. You didn’t know why, your relationship was and always had been stronger than this.

“Look, Y/N, I love you. I always have. But I want to finish school here in LA.”

“What’s the big deal about finishing school here? I’ve heard that they have good schools there too”

“No, I-it’s not just that Y/N.”

“Well then what is it?”

“I don’t know, it’s just too far away from home I guess.” He sounded unsure of himself.

“You know we could come home whenever we want. It’s not like we wouldn’t have the money, the show pays well..” You were trying to make your case as best as you could, but you could sense that this wasn’t going to have the outcome that you wanted.

“Can you turn down the contract?” He seemed confident in asking you this. Like he had been practicing it if it were to happen.

“Andrew I…I already said yes. I’m going.”

He just looked at you and shook his head. As if he were disappointed.  

You mumbled a, ‘whatever’ and turned the tv, THE argument causing you to miss the first couple of minutes of the show, which meant the first thing you saw was the kiss that you had been so nervous about Andrew seeing. Honestly, you shouldn’t have been nervous. It was just acting.

“Is this why you want to go back so bad? Finally get to make out with your celebrity crush?” Andrew snapped.

“Seriously? You do know that it’s just acting right?”

“Yeah, I get it.” What? You thought. He really wasn’t making much sense. As you just sat there sort of dumbfounded, he got up and went to your guys’ bedroom. You heard the door lock. This was not your Andrew. You didn’t even want to try to talk to him. So you decided to just enjoy the rest of your wine, and watch the show that you were incredibly proud of.

When the show was over you just decided to shut the tv off and lay on the couch so that you could enjoy your buzz. You finishing off the last of your wine when your phone dinged. You got a text from Misha.

Misha: You did a great job on that tonight’s episode. I hope you get to come back!

Y/N: Thanks Mish, I think I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back tho :)

Misha: What makes you say that?

Y/N: I got a call today offering me a contract.

Misha: That’s awesome! I wonder what this means for Cas and Blair ;)

That last text was a bit of a surprise. That was definitely a flirty text. He had a girlfriend. Either way, you were buzzed and not on good terms with Andrew, and a little flirting never hurt anyone. Besides, you were both in relationships. Where could it possibly go?

Y/N: I hope it means something good :)

Maybe that wasn’t the best response, but hey, you were pretty buzzed.

Misha: What kind of good?

Y/N: I’m not sure lol

You just laid there as you waited for him to text you back. You then made the decision to go back to Vancouver in the morning. You didn’t care if you didn’t need to be back on set for a few weeks. You could just enjoy the city and find an apartment. If Andrew wasn’t willing to accept your decision to go back, then maybe the two of you should rethink your relationship.

You fell asleep before you got the chance to read Misha’s last text.

When you woke up the next morning Andrew had already left for his morning class. It was his last day of classes before Christmas. So you took this time to book a plane ticket and pack your bags. You took one last look around your small apartment. You left a note for Andrew explaining that being on the show was what made you happy, and that you weren’t leaving him. On the note you encouraged to him to call you later and told him that you loved him.

It was after the new year now, and you were settled into your new one bedroom apartment. Most of the cast was back in Vancouver now as well, and filming was beginning next week. You and Andrew had worked through what problems you had from before. You got to know as much of the city as you could, and were now working on filling your apartment with paintings, pictures of your family, candles, nic nacs, whatever you could find. It already felt like home.

It was early evening and you were getting ready to make dinner for yourself when you heard at at knock at the door. Which was weird, you hadn’t told anyone where you lived yet. You set down the hammer and nail you were using to hang one last painting before you cooked and opened the door.

“Hey Y/N, looks like we’re neighbors.”

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Take Me Instead

A/N: This little thingy is inspired by my good friend who made a headcannon about my fav Theseus ((Looking at you Rabe, @asktheseusscamander )). Anyway, first time writing a full blown thingy so… yeah. Also, I’m not sure if I wrote this accordingly because both Theseus and Grindelwald are characters, not that dwelled on. Especially Theseus. Please do not note the brotherly hugging near the end as incest or shipping. That would be … well, you get the idea. :’D

Beta read/proof read by: @th-namesnightowl

aNGsT – so much that you’ll be crying until you’re thirty-five. (Jk but we’ll see)
slight mention of blood/torture/and graphic descriptions

—– / —– / —– / —–

He’s going to be okay, he’s going to be okay, is what Theseus Scamander, the war hero kept repeating to himself while trying to stay calm and keep a straight face. A group of aurors had tracked down Grindelwald at last, but the worst part is that he had a hostage – Theseus’ younger brother and magizoologist, Newt Scamander. He had Apparated near the area where the aurors who found Grindelwald stayed and sent an owl to him. The world stood still and silent when he read the letter the owl brought him and he felt like he was being Kissed by a dementor.

A scream. No, no, no, no, no, this is not happening, not happening, not happening– another scream. He can’t handle this, he can’t stand back, he can’t stop himself. This was his brother for Merlin’s sake, the only other family he has left aside from their poor old mother.

He couldn’t hold himself back – he knew Newt had endured something like this back in ‘26, but this was different; there was no Tina Goldstein or MACUSA agents to stop the madman torturing his brother. Just him, Grindelwald, and Newt. He ordered the auror team to stand by and call for reinforcements while he takes the situation, when really, he wanted to do it himself. And so he did; he Apparated into the building and he could hear quiet sniffs growing louder amd louder with every step he made towards the room. And there he saw it – Gellert Grindelwald, the madman behind many attacks in Europe and in America, using Crucio on his little brother, Newton Scamander. He falls to his knees and grips his wand, anger, fear, and adrenaline coursing through his veins. Grindelwald is aware of his guest and decides to add a little bit more “excitement” to his sick show. Newt is now writhing and squirming, trying not to let the screams escape and fails miserably. Theseus breaks down.

“Please, p-please, stop! Stop it, I b-beg of you!” He cried and he couldn’t help the tears that fell. Grindelwald takes no notice of the cries and only makes the “show” worse. Theseus screams – clutching his hair and wand, and just screams. Now he’s got Gellert’s attention.

“Well, what do have here? A beast lover, and his brother, the so-called ‘war hero’,” he laughed at the name, it was a cold and horrifying laugh, “What’s wrong big brother? Can’t handle the show? Looks like you need to see more of it then. CRUCIO!” Newt screams this time and he didn’t bother to stop it from coming.

Theseus watched in horror as Grindelwald continues to torture his brother. He begins to shiver and tries to move toward the psychopath–to try to stop him. Grindelwald notices and decides it isn’t safe for him to do that. “Everte Statum!” And he sends Theseus flying backward. He hits a hard wall and falls down with a heavy thud.

Theseus didn’t care about this, seeing as he continued to crawl towards Newt and Grindelwald. But this time he cries, “T-take me instead, please! Just take m-me instead, don’t hurt him, I b-beg of you!” Grindelwald looks at him and casts what seems to be a non-verbal Carpe Retractum for Theseus is bound one minute and is slowly being pulled toward him.

“So you want to take your brother’s place, my little auror?”

“I’ll do it j-just please, don-t hurt him!”

A weak cough was heard on the floor and Theseus saw it–the blood– but Newt raised his head and his eyes met his brother’s. “D-don’t do it, T-Theseus, ple-please–”

“Silencio!” And Newt opened his mouth but no sound came out. But Theseus had heard enough. Newt’s voice was raspy and barely audible. The screams he tried to contain must have grazed his throat.

Grindelwald turned back to Theseus, “Sorry darling but, you were saying?” Theseus opened his mouth to beg him to stop but just like Newt, no sound was heard. “Ooh, sorry about that. See, I can’t let your brother go. But, I’ll be willing to keep both of you. So you get to see each other’s end.”

Theseus’ eyes widen with fear and he begins to struggle against the force of the spell that bound him. Grindelwald soon replaces the spell with Incarcerous and Theseus is now bound by ropes just like Newt’s. He met his brother’s gaze for a moment and then the pain came. It felt like a thousand hot knives being driven into his skin, burning and catarizing it simultaneously without it actually happening. Pain floods into his soul and he can feel the screams erupting in his throat. Screams he can’t release because of the Silencing Charm put on both of them. His vision blurs and for a moment, he thought he heard Newt scream. No, it wasn’t Newt who was screaming, but he himself. Grindelwald must have lifted the charm. Newt lay unconcious in front of him, too tired and now that Grindelwald was busy with him, Newt quieted on his own.

He gasped between spells, coughing and wheezing, trying to catch his breath. He was slowly becoming tired and the tears have stopped. Or at least they have. Grindelwald turned his attention to Newt and kicked him awake. Newt wakes abruptly and coughs up more of the crimson liquid. I have to think of something. Come on Theseus! Think of something! Anything!, Theseus says to himself. He looks over at his brother – his younger, beloved brother – squirming in his binds, no more screams to scream, no more tears to cry. Grindelwald seems very pleased with his handiwork as he walks toward a table with what seems to be a satchel and some papers.

“I’d love to stay and finish you off boys, but your little friends outside seem a bit restless. Wouldn’t want to be caught now, would I?” He laughs maniacally and Apparates out of the room, out of the building, out of the area. Theseus only had three thoughts at that moment: one, he let Gellert Grindelwald escape. Two, he’s helpless and stupid and weak. And three, he let his brother – his only brother, get hurt by the madman who claims this is all for the greater good.

The Incarcerous spell began to wear off and the cords had been reduced to threads then to air. Theseus took note of this and dragged himself towards his brother. It was a painful movement but he will do anything to get to him. His body ached and he felt like throwing up. But he willed himself not to.

When he made it to Newt’s side, he turned himself to lie parallel to his brother. With this, he was satisfied and crept closer to encase Newt in his arms; head on his chest, hands on his head and back. In this position, both their backs turned to the world. Theseus felt Newt’s pulse and heart beat what with the closeness of their bodies. He hugged him harder, but not hard enough to cause pain to both of them. He felt a shaky but warm hand on his back and he looked down to see a smiling – battered, bruised, and bloody – but smiling, freckled face. Newt was happy that his brother was there, and Theseus was happy that his brother was still alive. Neither one of them wanted this. Neither one of them wanted to experience the suffering and the pain. Neither one of them wanted to see the other hurt. But they were happy enough to see each other, alive and breathing.

Theseus hears footsteps and shuffling feet in the room nearby and decides to close his eyes. He let the darkness encase him and Newt because he knew that the noise was his aurors – about to find him and treat him and his brother. It was going to be okay. It will be okay. Newt will be safe and he will be too.

Their Worlds Were Wide Enough

”Their Worlds Were Wide Enough”
Series: Hamilton: An American Musical
Genre: Angst, [light] Romance
Summary: Two children fighting for their fathers’ honor. Theodosia/Philip story. (First Hamilton fic)!
First Published: 1/15/2017 at 7:15 PM on Tumblr
Written by: Brittany R./FoxieSango/Rikareena

Click Here for Link (Please Review)!

A/N: Hi!  First Hamilton fic, yay!  So, a couple of thing about this fic:

1) AU where Philip never dies after his duel with George Eacker, so he lives to be 22. Also, Theodosia is not yet married.

2) I ship Theo/Philip (not sure what the ship name is for that? Theolip? Philidosia? Either way, even though they never met in the play, I ship them).

3) Slightly inspired by the workshop version of “Schuyler Defeated” where Eliza asks Burr how his daughter is and he responds, “She’s my pride and joy! Fluent in French and Latin,” to which Philip shoots back, “So am I!” like he was jealous!  I thought that was so cute!

4)…Passenger Pigeons!  They’re currently extinct but they were apparently in abundance in America during the 1700s.  The last one died in the Cincinnati zoo in 1914.  

5). George Eacker really was a supporter of Burr, but did not really court Theodosia.

5) …I don’t want to give away anymore lest it takes away from the story. So enjoy!

Songs of Inspiration: “Schuyler Defeated” (Workshop and Final version), “Obedient Servant,” “Ten Duel Commandments,” “The World Was Wide Enough”

June 21

Dear Sir,

You will happen to find upon the instance of the 20th, a directly indirect response by your father at the behest of my own to avow or disavow, in no uncertain terms, words dispersed by Hamilton Snr. about Burr Snr. To have such words uttered by Mr. Hamilton in the initial instance is, itself, a disgrace. But even moreso, I am dismayed that a supposed gentleman of Mr. Hamilton’s caliber, whom for a majority of my life I have respected despite much controversy surrounding his own, would display a profile of such cowardice as to not only avoid commitment to his actions—or, though I doubt as much, inactions—but to use his verbiage to dance around the issue like that of a migrating passenger pigeon. Therefore, at my request, it would behoove you to impress upon your father the importance of appropriately accounting for his actions, lest I shall have to take drastic measures on my father’s behalf.  

Lady Theodosia Burr

He read the letter, and re-read it, and re-re-read it, and re-re-read it again. Philip Hamilton, age 22, found himself pouring over the words that were taunting him from the page for the better of the past half-hour.  She couldn’t be serious.
He was well aware of the situation to which she was referring. His father had been on a rant for the past couple of days about the incredulousness of Mr. Burr’s request, and how ridiculous it was for him to expect Hamilton to apologize for anything, whether he meant it or not,

“How am I supposed to know what the hell he’s talking about?! Over 30 years I’ve clashed with the man; and it’s not like he hasn’t uttered ‘despicable’ words against me! He’s mad if he thinks I’ll apologize for anything! I’m under absolutely no obligation!  A man with no beliefs or morals deserves NO such contrition from me anyway!”

And so his father, Alexander Hamilton, had responded to Burr’s letter fueled by this stance.  Though…by what he held in his hands…it appeared that Theodosia Burr, Philip Hamilton’s rival since adolescent hood, had intercepted the letter—surely, Philip presumed, before her father had a chance to read Hamilton’s response…otherwise, he’d never have let her reply in his stead, right)?

…Yet, she had.  She had taken it upon herself to respond.

…In such a manner that was so…unbecoming of a lady but…then again so becoming of her.

…If the situation wasn’t so close to home, Philip would’ve have called it admirable.  Still…she couldn’t be serious!

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goodnight-minkowski-goodnight  asked:

I'm trying to track all my favorite podcasts on my calender, so I was wondering if there's a schedule for when TBS is released? I know that it's coming back on the twenty fifth but that's about it :D

Your timing is impeccable actually as the schedule is about to change slightly. We release episodes on Wednesday, every two weeks, but we’re taking a short hiatus after the 25th. 

We won’t be releasing any new episodes in February (though I’m going to try and use that time to catch up on transcripts/tumblr asks!). Then we’ll be back on March 1st with 8 more full-length episodes on the two-week schedule, which will take us to our S3 finale on June 7th.

  1. look
  2. please stop
  3. here i wrote you a thing now seriously please leave me alone

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Journal 14: Reflection

In a number of ways, I’m a lot like my father. Mom says I frown the same way that he does, that I give the same terrible excuses, that I inherited his stubbornness and his thoughtlessness but also his dry sense of humor and his “roguish charm.” (Her words, not mine.)

Also much like my dad, I’m a long-standing nonbeliever in things that cannot be proven. I’m not talking about the Force, because I have no choice but to believe in it, but I am talking about positivity and resolutions and mindfulness and other hokey, fluffy things that some people rave about as the all-powerful solutions to overcoming life obstacles.

“If you start out expecting the worst, you’ll only be pleasantly surprised by anything else,” says my dad, and I agree. “Life sucks, kid.” Shorter, sweeter, truer.

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                   —- still reeling from the sherlock finale, but…

                         like this post for a starter. if you want a specific muse or
                         verse/au, hmu. otherwise, it’ll be random. ;)

Of Secrets and Dresses

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.

Pairing: RoyxRiza
Genre: Romance, Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 3522
Written as a Secret Santa gift for @paintedladyallura.
Summary: The annual winter military ball is fast approaching, but Riza hates shopping for dresses. Roy runs into her and decides to join her in choosing something suitable for the event. Will he manage to help her make this a Winter Veil worth remembering? Or will dredging up old, painful memories ruin it?


Riza sighed for the third time since she had left her house that afternoon and tightened her scarf around herself in an attempt to combat the cold. She glanced in all the frosty shop windows that she passed along the snow covered street and frowned. Wreaths were hanging on every door, garland lined railings and roofs, and everything in Central was merry and bright, but there was nothing merry for Hawkeye when it came to dress shopping.

The annual winter military ball was in a week and, courtesy of Fuhrer Grumman, all attendees were given the option to wear formal clothes as opposed to their dress blues. He made it clear that he wanted to see Riza in something other than her uniform. Not wanting to upset the Fuhrer, who also happened to be her grandfather, she was forced to search for a dress that would be suitable to wear to such a formal event.

But dress shopping had never been an easy task for Riza. The dress had to meet her special requirements and few actually fit the bill. If they did, they usually were not flattering. She had learned to lower her standards long ago when it came to clothes shopping and it was why she rarely shopped for new clothes, much to her best friend Rebecca’s disappointment. Many an outing was declined for reasons Riza always refused to disclose. Rebecca knew her friend was lying every time Riza made an excuse about why she couldn’t or didn’t want to go, but she was a good friend and never pushed Riza to explain herself.

There were far more elegant shops to choose from now that Riza lived in Central and it was actually the first time she had ever truly looked at them. She hadn’t ever needed anything too fancy to wear since moving, so shopping in this part of town never crossed her mind. Now that an occasion presented itself, Riza realized she had no idea where to even start.

She almost ran into someone when a particular shop caught her attention and she quickly stepped closer to the building to avoid a collision.

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