it was written in the stars for you hussie

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I have come to the mildly disturbing realization that 'The Story Behind Homestuck' could fit into the generic Hollywood biopic mold pretty well. Think about it, Andrew Hussie as the too clever for his own good hero, brought low in equal parts by both his own hubris and by things unexpectedly spiraling out beyond his control, The Crashing Of Newgrounds as the first major 'this has gotten bigger than what we could have ever imagined' moment,

(cont) The betrayal of the odd gentlemen as the end of the second act, Toby as the obligatory ‘More Reasonable Best Friend/Foil Whose Rise To Stardom Out Of His Friends Shadow, Mirrors Our Hero’s Fall From Grace, Dante could guest star as himself, and so on. It could be called something like, Seven Years Stuck: The Andrew Hussie Story, and proceed to be beloved by critics, but snubbed by the Oscars due to dealing with the interwebz.

I’m kind of wondering what this perfectly good shitpost is doing in my ask box?  You could have just put this on your blog and kept all the fame and fortune for yourself

I mean there isn’t even a question mark in it

Anyway y’all act like Homestuck is dead and gone, when the final act has yet to be written, both literally and figuratively