it was windy!


Summary: Natasha is the owner of a night club and a new dancer gets her attention.

Request: Could you write a Natasha x female smut please?

Warnings: SMUUUT, sexy dancing and curses too i guess.

A/N:This is inspired by the Gangsta song by Suicide Squad Soundtrack, honestly a ok movie but an awesome soundtrack, enjoy!

    The night was cold and windy, Natasha hugged herself on her thick coat while walking in the streets, headed to her famous business. The Black Widow, it was a night club, consisting of dancers and drinks, sometimes, if any of the dancers were interested they were allowed to take some costumers to a private place and have fun, only if they were willing to.

    Not only The Black Widow was the most famous night club in town but also was greeted by famous people, from time to time.

    Natasha’s visits were rare, she had trustworthy people to make sure the club went fine, but also, she’s a human being, she is allowed and needed to have fun sometimes.

    Walking right pass the huge doors, being allowed to come in by just the look of her stupidly pretty face, she was greeted by the loud music and the heat of all those people gathered together dancing. She could see some girls on top of tables, swirling their bodies in the poles, the main stage was empty, that was weird.

“Wilson!” She called one of the bartenders attention.

“Oh, hey Nat, wasn’t expecting you paying us a visit”.

“Surprise, surprise” She smirks and the man starts preparing her a drink.

“May I ask why is the main stage empty?”.

“Oh, don’t worry, Scarlet just finished a show and the guys are waiting for the next, it’s Harp’s turn” He explained.

“Who’s Harp?”.

“New girl, she came about one week and something ago, everybody already loves her”.

“Hm, good for business” She says raising her glass and drinking whatever Wilson gave her.

“Yeah, you bet, she always waits a bit before entering stage, it gives a mystery, men’s love it” He comments and goes attend another client.

    Natasha finishes her drink and leave the glass in the balcony. She walks around the establishment for a bit, talking to some people that were frequently there, some business people, some friends, it was like everyone in town was there that night.

    And then the lights faded a bit, a huge focused light shining on the main stage and it looked like everyone shut up, Natasha walked slowly towards near the stage, curious about who was the new girl who was making her richer and getting so much feedback from the costumers.

    When closer, she could see a few familiar faces, Steve, Bucky, Pietro and Tony for example.

“Hey there you pervert bastards” She greets them.

“Oh oh! Hey Nat! Your business is great woman! I bet you’re swimming in money since the new girl arrived” Tony shouts already drunk.

“So was I told, Tony, I wanna know what’s so special about her, you guys wait 10min for a performance of 4 max 5min, and yet, seems like everyone is counting on it” She says.

    Their focus turn to the stage when a faint music starts playing, softly rising its volume. A apparently shy girl show up and the crowd goes mad, guys and gals, all of them cheering for the female in front of them. Before she starts dancing and the music get louder, she takes a microphone and start speaking, her voice was like an angelic melody.

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“Good night everyone…” Everybody whistle and shout obscene things and she giggles a bit before talking again “So, has came to my knowledge that we have a birthday boy today!“ A wave of applauses and cheers fill the place “And I decided I could give him a special gift”.

    She dropped the mic and started walking in the stage like she was modeling, coming near to the edge and right in front of where the group were.

“Happy birthday, soldier, care to join me on stage so I can give you some fun?” She says so innocently and child-like in front of the metal armed soldier. Maybe that’s her charm Natasha thought.

“Thanks, doll, but I don’t know if my heart can handle your fun, I’m an old man right now after all”.

“Oh come on! Please, for your baby doll” She puts her small hands on his broad shoulders. The club was once again filled with chanting and applauses, waiting for Bucky to accept her proposal.

“Okay, fine” He gives in and the crowd goes wild once more, she smiles at him and take his hand on her small ones. They look so soft, I wonder what else can those tiny hands do Natasha thought, only by watching her moves and gestures she felt bewitched by the girl.

    They got on stage, the “Harp” girl placed a chair in the middle and asked for Bucky to sit on it. He did so. She stays on his side, her hand on his shoulder, she lowers her head and everyone goes silent.

I need a gangsta to love me better than all the others do to always forgive me ride or die with me that’s just what gangsters do

    The song starts playing and Harp starts swinging her hips according to the beat, she was letting herself fell the melody and her body take control of her mind, at some point she started waving her arms too, they waved through her body and straight to Bucky’s chest, caressing him, we could watch him tense up to her touch, he takes a deep breath and try to focus on the girl dancing for him, besides being in front of all those people. Harp dance skills were so enigmatic, it didn’t look like she was dancing to the song at all, but it looked like the song was being played after her moves, as if she was making all of this happen. She looks like an angel changing to the devil itself, from so innocent to pure lust Natasha thought, only a few time into watching her performance and the red headed woman was felling a sudden wave of heat filling her body, specially her low parts.

    As the time went by and the song came to an end, Natasha caught herself letting soft sighs and silent moans as she watched the girl offering herself to the song and bringing the soldier in the chair along,

    When the song ended, loud applauses and whistles were heard, Harp got up from Bucky’s lap and brought him along, standing side by side they bowed to the crowd and hugged each other out, she gives him a quick peck on the corner of his lips and whisper something in his ear, Bucky laughs shyly about it.

“Wow, that was… Wow” Is all Natasha manages to say.

“I know right? Can’t wait for my birthday” Pietro comments and the men laugh about it.

“I’ll go talk to my new employee, you guys have fun, okay?” Natasha tells the guys and leave, heading straight to the backstage.

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Before I start trying to break down the story reveals for you, I think it’s only fair you learn what leads up to it. ;’) The final trial would have gone from the trial itself DIRECTLY into endgame, and here’s how it goes. Note: I don’t have a full crime / evidence breakdown for this, but I do have enough for you to get an idea of what’s going on. Sorry, but… there were a lot of participants so going into detail at this point is pretty. :’/ rip

Victim: Windy @gaywiththewind.

Cause of Death: Blood loss.

Body discovered via: Windy’s bloody torso found floating in Animal Kingdom’s river immediately sets off the body announcement this time. It isn’t until his head is found that anyone knows who the victim is.

Windy’s death was particularly gruesome and would lead prisoners on a wild goose chase around the entirety of all parks in D-isney World. In each park, a different piece of his body can be found. Arms in H-ollywood S-tudios’ To-wer of T-error, a head in E-pcot’s Mi-ssion S-pace, etc. Each discovered body part coincides with former murder sites. However, despite the wide net in which these pieces of Windy are cast, there’s barely any physical evidence left behind.

A footprint from water made at the monorail… A series of confusing texts on Windy’s cellphone… and witness reports are almost entirely what makes up the evidence of the case. With further digging into Windy’s room, evidence of drugged water can be found spilled on his carpet and a chip of red paint can be located on the floor, alongside a white hairpin.

Drugging aside, arguments that it couldn’t have been just one person would no doubt arise and would likely be accepted among the jury. There’s no way one person could have spread around those body parts like that ; an accomplice is needed.

General consensus: Windy was drugged by someone he trusted, then subsequently chopped into several pieces and distributed by two or more people around several parks, which would raise eyebrows as it was against the rules to return to the parks that had already closed. M.onokuma confirms this, but remains silent afterwards.

Witness reports put Adachi in Windy’s company, but not late enough for the murder to have taken place with him around. The last person he was seen with alive was Hamuko @notyourprinccss. When pressed further, it’s discovered both the chip of red paint matches up with her, as well as the hairpin left behind in Windy’s room. In addition, she’s missing one of her pins.

Digging deeper into the case and forcing M.onokuma to reveal her phone records at the trial show that the series of confusing texts that ends with asking to meet up came directly from Hamuko herself. When asked if only she has access to her phone, it’s confirmed by Mono once more that the only person who can open their own phone is the person who owns it.

Key players of the game become suspicious of H-amuko and turn the investigation towards her. No matter how anyone looks at it or from what angle, every single piece of evidence irrefutably points to her as the killer. Witness accounts, text messages, the scenes of the crime – all of them seem to have some gentle indication that she was the lead player in the murderer. Spearheading this accusation are the usual suspects, acting as what they consider the “backbone” of the investigation team: Kyu and Adachi respectively.

Voting happens. H-amuko is accused of Windy’s murder. She is not the killer.

The murderer drops their act. All of them, in fact. Be they remorseful, proud, or cruel – it makes no difference. Hamuko is not executed nor are the prisoners, as the case was entirely rigged against her by the true instigators of the crime, which included aid from the Warden himself (framing her phone msgs & etc). There is not ONE murderer for this case, as each participant played a heinous role in the act of killing Windy – and this case was never going to follow M.onokuma’s rules from the beginning, as it had a different purpose entirely. One person drugged Windy whilst another hacked him up and they all distributed pieces of him around the parks ; etc, etc. At this reveal, we move into endgame territory where the story becomes prominent and the TRUE final trial begins ; each murderer moving on to act as the final obstacles for the surviving prisoners to face if they wish to escape with their lives.

The final murderers of the D-isney World game all responsible for Windy’s death, the judges and executioners the prisoners must face as their prison sentence is reviewed – The Warden’s Jury:

Kyu @itsfuckinpink , Tadashi @picarexque , Adachi @reaperdachi , Rise (formerly @ loversfacade) , Komaeda (formerly @ ceneridisperanza ) , and Narukami @narxkami

It was like the taste of her favorite crisp red wine on a windy fall day, just the right amount of sweet, but warm in her stomach where it stayed. It made her smile and relax and at times gave her a headache, but she wouldn’t take it back. It caused a tingling sensation in her chest and made her heart soar, and just like her love for him, she would always want more.

also i had very weird dreams in the last part of them i was being driven home by my friend and she was Responsible and a trustworthy driver but she accidentally went down the wrong road and i was like “oh thats fine this is super close to my house!!!” but then all of a sudden i like? got out of the car and she was gone ? and then i saw this one girl in history who always used to cheat off of me ans SHE had her truck w her so i was like hey could you help me out and she was like sure! and she was driving me home but like. the roads to my house were SUPER windy across a mountain into a ravine and she wasnt looking ar the road and didnt have her hands on the wheel it was TERRIFYING all while trying to text my friend her insta handle so that my friend wasnt worried about where i went and. then whwn i did get home there was a st bernard in my yard and a bunch of pther dogs Apparently someone was visiting my house? my mom handed me candies and was like “haha i flirted with the security guard and i got 22 thousand dollar chocolate for free have one!” it wasbWild

So I’m listening to the Star Wars dramatization and

  • Luke has a friend named Windy? Wendi? Windee? 
    • Luke is basically Wendy’s friend with a car.
    • Except he doesn’t like racing well SUCKS TO BE YOU
  • Luke hangs out with a bunch of kids who sound like space greasers
  • Biggs Darklighter was KING of the space greasers
    • He left Tattooine and now some loser is trying to be king of the space greasers
    • he doesn’t recognize Luke, as Biggs’ boyfriend, as heir to king of the space greasers
    • Everyone knows that Luke and Biggs were dating like oh my god
    • ‘I bet you wanna go to the Academy because Biiiiiiiiiggs did’ 
    • Like they’re practically singing Luke and Biggs sitting in a tree
  • Luke races his landspeeder
    • He suped up his landspeeder and they race it
    • space greasers
    • I swear to god I was expecting them to race for pinks
  • Luke’s nickname seems to be ‘Wormy’? IDEFK

It’s a rainy Sunday here, so it seemed appropriate to post photos of Eddie in the rain. These are my screens from the photoshoot he did for British GQ in October 2013. It was raining & windy & Eddie got very windblown, but he was a trouper & still looked fantastic!

The Other Ting


  • red
  • magic
  • run right in, plan while in action
  • crimson

peace is when things are calm and don’t cause any anxieties. there is no pressure to do anything, as nothing has to be done. my ideal picture of peace is laying in the warm sun on a windy day, in a grassy field surrounded by a small group of close friends, listening to their soft chatter or some music.

evil is anything that causes unnecessary negative feelings of anxiety, depression, shame, anger, etc. evil can be a person, place, or thing. evil beings believe that evil comes from the innocent. ie: racism, sexism, etc. 

i love cats so much my dude. they cure my anxiety and clear my skin of blemishes. i would own all the cats if i could. cats a pure other-worldly beings we have done nothing to deserve.

winged creatures, like all creatures, have the potential to be either good or bad. traditionally; creatures such as pegasi, the pheonix, and eagles have been good aligned creatures. while vultures, bats, and falcons have been viewed as evil aligned. and then there are the dragons, ravens, and peacocks that have danced the line and aren’t consistently depicted as one or the other.

i would have to say dragons, because there are so many breeds and subtypes within the umbrella term that just fascinate me. i personally include wyverns on the list of subtypes of dragon, as well as the traditional Chinese depiction. i love how big and massive killing machines they are, but mostly they just want to nap on a pile of shiny things. 

as a whole, yes. obviously there are cute animals such as turtles, otters, whale sharks, tropical fish, etc. then the cute, playful, but morally sickening dolphins. and then just predators i wouldn’t want to be under on the food chain. but i have a healthy respect for the ocean and the life contained therein.