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my mom and grandmother keep pestering me about getting a boyfriend but I'm a lesbian but they're so homophobic I can't tell them and every single guy I mention they ask if it will be "something more" it's suffocating. How did I get them off my back??

That’s a very tough situation to be in and I imagine it’s incredibly draining emotionally. My best advice would be to tell both your mother and grandmother that you are currently not interested in being in a relationship and there are other things you would like to focus on, such as school, friends, your hobbies, work, developing yourself, etc. Just say that currently a relationship is not a priority for you and it would make you feel better if they didn’t pressure you all the time to find a boyfriend. I know this situation is difficult, hang in there hun. Best of luck and take care. 

-Mom Em

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Do you think it's possible that D's management could actually be ok with him taking a lot of LGBT roles/making that his career? From a PR standpoint, it's a good way to bolster an actor's LGBT fanbase (even more than what D already has), which, in the eyes of a management team who thinks he could lose all of his straight fans, ensures that when he comes out there will still be fans who like him and will support him?

Not for one second. They have spent years cultivating the straight narrative.  And it’s been tough to sell and very few still believe it.  They want Darren to be in romantic comedies and play superheroes. This is the last thing they want to handle.  Therit jobs once again becoming exceedingly difficul.   I do not think that team beard is even remotely happy with Darren taking on a role that more than likely will involve him having on screen, no implied but explicit, sex with men.

Remember, this is LGBT role number three. And Darren doesn’t have that many more major roles in his professional career.  It’s a deliberate choice and clearly the path Darren is choosing for his career. Darren is talking. Not subtlety. Loudly.  

And what he is saying pretty much contradicts all the PR.   I do not see how anyone can continue to believe in the narrative sold.  Darren is choosing roles he is passionate about and that are personal to him.  Once fine.  That’s what actors do. Play outside their comfort zone. But three major roles?  He’s telling his story. And what’s great. All of these role are diverse and challenging and completely different.  But with one huge, common theme.  Blaine, Hedwig, and Andrew are all Queer roles.  And in some ways. He is stereotyping himself. And I believe that is a conscious and intentional decision.  

The more time I have to think about it.  The less I see this role as fulfilling an obligation and the more I think Darren wanted this, fought for it, sought it out on his own, and chose this role for himself.  With Chris standing by his side.  Agreeing that the feud with Murphy could be set aside so darren could play the role of his lifetime. 

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Boethiah, you're very strong, how did you get so tough

bench press 3x 10 reps 
squats 3x 10 reps
lat pull-downs 3x 10 reps 
leg press 3x 10 reps
rows 3x 8 reps
crunches 3x 15 reps
tricep curls 3x 10 reps
calf raises 3x 10 reps
bicep curls 3x 10 reps 

4x week 


We’re back! Last year was very tough to get out and snap some photos, but this year I’m making some time to post here more. Thank you to all the great followers that have stuck around with minimal posting.

Got a new phone, Hauwei Mate 9.This phone takes amazing shots. These and the ones following will be using zero filters.

It was a beautiful day today in northern VA. Checked on some hives.

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How to save advocacy? :-)

It is the government that needs to be saved and not the advocacy. No matter how many advocacies you promote, they will be non-sense if they don’t affect the policies that much. For example, the PH Government’s Reproductive Health Law vs. the advocacy of Anti-RH Law’s supporters. There are always contradictions between what the government wants and what its people needs, and I think it is a very tough battle for a change if the government doesn’t consider the views of the citizens.

Thank you, universe. Hahahahahahaha.

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Hi Alexis! What would be supportive to say or act to a person with Neptune in fourth/Pisces IC? I understand they have a very tough time with their home life in multiple aspects that I cannot fully relate to nor understand, is there any way we outsiders can do that might actually be beneficial to them?

Ah, I have Neptune in the 4th myself. Personally, I’ve found that genuine compassion and consistently present for the person can really help out. Also detecting the pain the native can feel without them asking you can be very helpful also because honestly, Neptunian pain is so elusive. You don’t really know what hurts you, and how and why it does.

I think if the person can truly remember that there are other people who love them besides their family, then it’ll help them get through. Not gonna lie, there were many times where I just felt like giving up in life because of my family, but when I remember all the people who consistently and persistently care for me, it drives me to stay strong… And it’s hard to be strong when you constantly feel lost and comfortable in the place you supposed to be comfortable in.

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send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

Name: Harlow and Kane Bryant
General Appearance:
Harlow: medium height, slim build, brown hair, blue eyes  Kane: tall, athletic build, brown hair, brown eyes
Personality: Both are exact replica’s of their parents, as if Harlow is the embodiement of Stray and Kane, Eris. The twins are both very tough, violent, and skilled due to growing up in Death’s House. However, each child handles it differently. Harlow is very distrusting at first to those she deems strangers or outsiders but can warm up easily to most. Like Stray, she values the company of friends and those end up being her family. She puts others before herself and would gladly die for anyone she cares about. Kane on the other hand is cold, detached and aloof from society. He takes no interest in making or keeping friends as he doesn’t believe the connections to be relevant. He is more goal-orieted and comes off hard and analytical without trying.
Special Talents: Harlow dances, practices ballet as she views being nimble and flexible as useful as well as relaxing. Kane has mastered knife throwing and can debone a fish, duck, or small animal in minutes. 
Who they like better: Harlow - Stray because she idenifies with his more loving and nurturing approach to parenting.  Kane - Eris because she leaves him alone.
Who they take after more:  Harlow is a mini version of Stray and Kane, Eris. 
Personal Head canon: 

The only reason Eris was the primary gardian of both children was because Stray insisted that breastfeeding was the only option. Eris was supposed to let them live and grow up in War until after six moonths, but she grew attached and decided they would be safer with her. Keeping the secret that their father was ofa different House was difficult but important that they still grew up knowing their parents. This was especially important to Eris as she’d never known her own and felt like it would be unfair to keep them from Stray.

Both progressed with ease in Death but ultimately Kane was the only one who joined the house. Harlow decided she’d rather pursue college and dance, not enjoying the life of crime or what either Death or War offered. 

Face Claim: Bella Heathcote & Luke Grimes


Zodiac Signs in Love
  • Aries: either is very showy about loving you or doesn't show it at all even though they mean to
  • Taurus: shows people they love you in a casual way, doesn't push it in the world's face and is kinda chill/low-key
  • Gemini: facebook posts all the time. will joke around with you a lot, and not realize their own feelings for a long time. thinks they're tough but they're really not
  • Cancer: very, very cute about it. shows through little gestures and comments. very subtle but nice
  • Leo: usually will tell you a lot. very clingy and touchy. wants to be tough, but never really acts like it.
  • Virgo: doesn't show it at first, but will talk to you more than they talk to others. will joke and generally feel more comfy with you. will be a little more weird and themselves with you
  • Libra: very low-key about it. lovey in private and a little more goofy around you.
  • Scorpio: always intense. they can be playful until they really love you (includes platonic love)
  • Sagittarius: omgggggg more fb posts than a gemini. everyone will know you two are dating or besties they make sure. easily jealous (!!)
  • Capricorn: very chill about their love to you, but they show it well by remembering a lot about you and telling everyone about you
  • Aquarius: jealous babies who need so much attention, but they also shower in compliments and love constantly. they don't love easily or make relationships often so it's special for them
  • Pisces: they require a lot of attention, but they give it right back similar to an Aquarius. a bit wishy washy at times and rocky but a great soft, lovable cutie

Why Yuzuru’s fans are annoyed at anime posts about Yuzuru as well as other figure skating related tags. 

 1) This time is during competing season, we use these tags to share information, interviews and news about Yuzuru’s condition and the competitions he is going to attend. We have no desire to see tons of anime posts. 

 2) Again, Yuzuru is NOT any anime character. If you care to read about Yuzuru’s personality and his career, you will understand that there is nothing familiar with the anime at all. I have written a post a while ago about this matter:

Despite his looks, Yuzuru is aggressive, very confident with great competitive nerves and never gives up. Yuzuru has survived huge pressure that his whole nation put on him, the crazy criticism and expectation that whole figure skating world keep throwing at him. Yuzuru is very tough. He is not your “cute kitten-like character” who startles at everything, lacks self-confidence or stays in slump for a long time, sorry he is NOT. 

 3) All the skaters some anime fans mention as “I ship them with Yuzuru” like Plushenko, Javier Fernandez, Yulia Lipnitkaya, Shoma Uno…“ they have their own relationships in real life. For the record Plushenko has had 2 wives and 4 kids. Javier has had girlfriends and his own family to worry about. Yulia has a boyfriend, and she is a sweet girl in real life she does not shout at people rudely. Recently she is having a lot of difficulties and it is so painful to watch, I don’t even want to see anything connected her to anime at all. So it would be more respectful and sensible for anime fans to stay away from skaters if they have no interest in their skating at all.

4) If you think it is cool for anime characters to stumble against the incidents that happened to Yuzuru such as his asthma, his stomach surgery, his injuries or the crazy collision at Cup of China 2014 or worse, the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that killed around 16,000 people and so on, then either you are ignorant or you are an ass. Many tragedies and hardships happened to Yuzuru and they’re real. They did not just affect Yuzuru badly, they made his fans cry and they affected many people. They are not fictional materials. It is ok if they never understand how important Yuzuru is to his fans. Just stay away from the tag is not that hard, isn’t it? 

5) Posts like “Oh look Yuzuru’s program fit Eros music so much!” irritate me. Unlike video editing, the real life choreography is designed to sync in with the music skaters choose in a very complex process. Yuzuru’s very sensitive to music, he even pays attention to how his knee moves to fit the rhythm of each music notes. You have no idea how difficult it is for skaters to get a good competitive programs. It is very expensive to get programs from top choreographers, sometimes it might cost up to 10,000 USD. And even after that, skaters still have to invest a lot of time with their coaches and specialists to polish the programs. 

In short, Yuzuru’s performances do not fit the anime’s music at all, period. Of course, no one stops fans from making fanvids of Yuzuru, it is fan-made productions after all. I just want to say, it is not easy as when you sit before the video editing program.


Charlene + budget 

to all of you who are alive right now despite odds and ends thrown at you, a lot of you have overcome bad obstacles like addiction and self harming and some of you are still going through it and I really give a big heartfelt shoutout at you guys because life is fucking hard. It is so hard, but here you are.


I touched my very first corpse today. We had an autopsy introduction before lunch since we’re starting our dissections tomorrow! The body was very grey/yellow/greenish, its skin was tough and kind of bouncy, it also smelled distinctly of formaldehyde (which is used for its conservation). To my surprise, seeing the corpse didn’t bother me at all. Maybe because of the instructor keeping its face covered or its abnormal colour which made it feel less real.

It’s quite late now and I’m just finishing off my preparations for tomorrow’s throat dissection!

Tune of the day: Seaside - The Kooks

I was bullied a lot throughout middle school and high school. I remember there were times I had to eat alone in the restroom because I had no one to sit with in the lunchroom. It was tough but I feel very blessed. My mom was always very supportive.  I’m also an only child so I didn’t have any brothers to go to. My mom is my best friend and she always encouraged me to be the best person I can be. I always took that to motivate me… to prove everyone wrong and to fight harder for what I want. I think getting involved with other activities helped a lot.  Try and get away from anything negative and direct your mind in a positive way… do that the best way you can.

Ok so Wicke gives you explanations of all the ultra-beasts in the post game after you catch them. Here’s what she says about Nihilego: (pardon the repeated speech bubble, there were an odd number of screenshots and it would’ve looked weird to have just one hangin out there)

So it activates a person’s main deepest/’native’ traits, like what we saw with Lusamine, and then tries to use those traits to it’s own advantage. 

Now here’s what Guzma says about when the Nihilego was possessing him:

So that’s interesting. I can’t imagine fear was very useful to the Nihilego, so maybe that’s why Guz could escape its possession and it didn’t cling to him like the one that fused with Lusamine.

But also.

Dear Pokemon company: When can I get DLC to take my new Necrozma to Guzma’s house and vaporize his dad with a prismatic laser? Please respond ASAP, thanks