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If Harry uses hair ties, does he always lose them like the rest of us? And, do you think someone came up with the idea to just "accio hair ties" and is bombarded with years worth of Harry's missing hair ties?

I just had this image of Harry getting really stressful on work and a very brave young female auror asks “is everything alright sir?” And he just goes “i lost something” with a grumpy face. suddenly he sees it.
“Where did you find this hair tie?”
“Er… Why, Mr. Potter?”
“It’s pink”
“Sir? I’ve found it on the floor during training today. Sorry, but i don’t understand”
“Please leave.”

Later at home
“Gin, honey. So remember that lucky charm of yours”
“The symbol of our love that you decided to use during my important matches so you can send me good luck, yes I remember quite well. it was the most romantic thing you have ever done to me.”
“I lost it”
“Have you tried accio?”
“It’s not that simple.”
“How’s not that simple? It’s a hair tie”
“It’s with another… woman. Accidentally. But I will get it back, I just need a plan.”
“It’s ok sweetie, i trust you.”

Ginny never calls him “sweetie”.

Next morning someone enters his office. It’s Ginny. Harry jumps with a what the fuck omg it’s my wife, I’m dead again face. she wants to know if he got the hair tie back because that thing was really fucking important to her. The female auror appears on her sight. Ginny sees her old hair tie on that blonde hair.

Harry knows his wife very well.

“You won’t do this. Gin you shouldn’t be here- shit”

“Excuse me. Hi. I’m Ginn”
“Omg you’re Ginny Potter!! I’m such a fan! Would you mind signing my shirt?? And can I ask for an advice…”

Later that night at bed
“You’re right, it’s not that simple”
“I told you.”

and they discuss plans to get the hair tie back during all night harry can’t even concentrate to have sex and I’ve just written the first episode of How I Hexed Your Father, the name will be The One With The Hair Tie

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Sorry for bothering you again, but do you maybe have tips for what would be the best way to practice anatomy? I'm having extreme difficulties to draw persons in motion or even just laying against a tree. The tips I find the most are to learn all the muscles and to learn how to draw in perspective. But all of that is so overhelming and I have no idea where to even start.

For me, I found my Life Drawing classes to be very helpful in practicing anatomy, we had a model pose for us and we drew a lot of gestures, we were told the most important part was to use a line of action, and using shapes to our advantage.

I didn’t draw these ^ I found them on google images, but they show you what gestures are, these were most likely done in 30 second rounds, maybe a minute

these below are mine v

I started doodling the poses in familiar characters on the corner of my pages when I was in class.

If you can’t do life drawing classes, look up picture references on google images, there are a lot of poses people do that you can look at for practice just to get the hang of anatomy 


me and my gf Sam for #lesbianvisibilityday !! We are not only a very cute lesbian couple, but also both dedicated creators of LGBT work!

Sam is the author of the Dragonoak series, a high fantasy trilogy which features a lesbian protagonist and cast (pictured in the middle image, which I drew! I draw a LOT of lesbians, that’s p much my thing.)

We actually originally found each other because of our individual work focusing on wlw!! and this part of our identity as both people and creators is very important to us :) also I am here visiting them across the pond right now so it’s a very good day. To be gay. 👌✨🏳️‍🌈✨

1920s Exhibit on Conservation

by Bonnie Isaac

In looking through museum archives, I found a photograph that intrigued me. The image (above) looked very similar to the spring wildflower diorama in Botany Hall, but different in that there was litter on the ground. After some digging around, it turns out that our curators and exhibit designers here at the museum were way ahead of the curve on conservation awareness.

The 32nd annual report of Carnegie Museum from 1929 states:

“One of the ideas underlying the preparation of this group was that of stressing the importance of preserving our wildflowers. In order to present this idea without marring the natural appearance of the main exhibit, there were prepared two miniature exhibits, exact duplicates of the larger one, but showing on the one hand the desecration of such a beautiful spot by thoughtless and destructive picnickers, and, on the other hand, the bleak devastation wrought by fire. These miniature exhibits, one placed on each side of the main exhibit, have attracted much attention and undoubtedly help to serve the desired educational purpose.”

Smokey Bear was created in 1944, and the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Carnegie Museum of Natural History was raising these concerns in 1928!

The spring wildflower diorama today

Bonnie Isaac is the collection manager in the Section of Botany at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Museum employees are encouraged to blog about their unique experiences and knowledge gained from working at the museum.

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Hey there! Do you know any resources where I can learn properly anatomy from since I'm a beginner at art? Thank you for your time!

Ok! yes.

WARNING: all the links are related to human anatomy, hence some have images of internal organs, skeletons and genitalia.

first thing first: anatomy is a fucking nightmare to learn. for me at least. You need to do a lot of boring stuff before getting to the really fun stuff. I can tell you what my own process was because I studied it the long way at school.

The skeleton

While you’re not a medicine student and you don’t really need to know every single name of every single bone it’s good you at least can name the most important ones and where they are and what are their proportions with the bones close to it and ho they attach

You can learn this basically one way: by copying those kind of images:

Is it boring? HELL YES. is it necessary? VERY MUCH SO.

You should copy those while trying to understand from the image those things I told you about. it’s really important to focus on proportions and how bones interact with each other, otherwise it’s just copying and it’s time wasted. 

Where to find those kind of images: I haven’t found a proper online resource for this unfortunately, but something is out there: 

My best advice though it’s this: since it’s a pain in the ass to copy from screen and most of the images you find online are low-res you should go to your local library and look for a book that has this kind of images. look for either medical student books or artist books. You can also find them in a book store but you won’t need those books for long so it’s frankly a waste of money as they tend to be SUPEREXPENSIVE. I never ever ever opened mine after doing those exercises. Avoid buying them on the internet because you never understand what’s inside and you’ll need those specific things to copy:

What to copy:

upper body: front - back - side

an arm: front - back - side

a leg: front - back - side

skull: front - back - side

a full skeleton: front - back - side

This should be it, any more than that and you’ll want to kill yourself.

The muscles

Thankfully you won’t need to learn every single muscle in the human body, just the outer layer. 

The exercise is still the same but there are a lot more resources on this and you need to pay attention to: how they move, how they work, how they attach to the bones underneath it

Still, the advice I had for the skeleton is the same: try your local library for something on paper.

Once you have done the basics copying (upper body, arm, leg, head all in front, back and side. Remember to include the neck and neck muscles in the headshot. ) you can start doing something MUCH MORE INTERESTING: copying real poses.

Do a few exercises like this:

(image from Amenarae

where you look at a pose and then draw the muscles on it. If you have done your studies well (and by well I mean: learning where’s where and how they work) you should be able to do this easily.

Start from this website: (which by the way is the resource the artist of the example used) because they are 3d models that already show the muscles. And do it properly, and by properly I mean: trying to understand anything you see and match it with what you’ve learned of muscles.

But as soon as you can start doing it from photos! Copying is important as I said but even more is actually applying those things you’ve learned. Pixelovely has a ton of photos to copy for this exercise.

And now for something more interesting: life drawing and gesture drawing

QuickPoses is great. it also have a sort of a gamifying system of earning a sort of certificate after tot-hours spent doing it. 

Now, there is a difference between life drawing and gesture drawing. I love gesture drawing much more if you ask me but both are important. 

Avoid using posemaniacs for either of these exercises, as they are 3d models they lack the natural aspect of a real human body and they’ll ALWAYS look fake.

Life drawing is… well, drawing from life, with a model. You should try to find a class in your area that does it, the more you do the better. The poses are long, from 10 minutes to 2 hours each and you focus on drawing the person in front of you in detail and good proportions. if you can’t find a IRL class (you should!) those links I gave you previously (quickposes and pixelovely) are decent substitute. 

Dude. do it. this is one of those exercises that artists keep doing all their lives, because it’s worth it.

(source, these are mine btw)

Gesture Drawing is a bit more different but I love it much more. It’s also scary as fuck because it’s fast and dirty and people find it intimidating but once you’ve done it a bit it’s AMAZING.

It is similar to life drawing but it differentiate in the purpose, in gesture drawing you look at faster poses (usually 1 or 2 minutes each, sometime even just 30 seconds) and you don’t really focus on anatomy and proportions (something you have to do in life drawing) but on gesture and movement. Basically you try to draw the idea of movement of the pose.

these are some of mines:

there are more in my other blog

This is the PERFECT way to learn movement and how to simplify your pencil-strokes. learning how to suggest a pose just with few lines is the most powerful tool you’ll ever have at your disposal.

I spend periods doing it every day, 5 minutes a day, usually 30 seconds or 1 minute each (which means either 10 poses or 5). and it helps SO VERY MUCH. In the months I do this exercise daily I draw so much better than when I don’t.


Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that Witch Weekly’s tumblr postings outside of the monthly publication have been a bit sparse this month. Our staff needed a bit of a break to recharge our batteries and devote some time to the many other responsibilities we have outside of our “offices” (shocking, I know!). We are officially back for the month of July and will have some terrific new content and reports to bring to you in our August issue.

You may have also noticed that this issue has a new face on its cover—one that you may not recognize along with its famous name. When I started up the new Witch Weekly project along with my fantastic staff (I will never not shout their praises), I hadn’t heard much about the POC!Hermione movement in the fandom. Yet the more that I read on the matter over the past few months, the more I wished I would have cast our first issue’s Hermione as a woman of colour.

JK Rowling’s series that we all so adore, and which has impacted us so profoundly, is steeped in symbolism. From the wizarding wars representing the World Wars to the status of werewolves as representative of the world’s reaction to the AIDS crisis, Harry Potter represents much more than just an enthralling storyline. This is one of the reasons why the series will stand the test of time and take a solid place among the literary canon. It is great literature—even children’s literature—that speaks beyond the story, that draws parallels to our current lives and teaches us to rise above and beyond the status quo.

For this reason, we have decided to re-cast Hermione on the pages of our magazine as a black woman (specifically the talented Antonia Thomas). The story of Hermione is deliberately told by Rowling to be one of facing blatant and very old discrimination based purely on belief in the superiority of blood. The allegory of blood status to racial/ethnic relations is very obvious and, given the noted metaphor of the wizarding wars to the World Wars, even more poignant.

We chose a black British actress to grace our cover for this month in our reboot (or you could even say “retcon” if you wish) of our initial issue. Take a look around tumblr and you can see how very poignantly the idea of a black Hermione has resonated with readers, especially for those who are not white. For readers who face discrimination firsthand—from underfunded school systems, to de facto segregation, to overt racism—Hermione as a woman of colour is a shining light in popular culture. It is for this reason that I have found such profundity in taking on this headcanon for myself and in our publication.

Some people want direct textual references to base the image of their characters upon—to that I direct them to the only mention of Hermione’s skin tone in Prisoner of Azkaban as “very brown” and the well-known fact that her hair was “bushy” and “frizzy.” Some may counter that Rowling specifically mentioned the race of characters like Lee Jordan or Kingsley Shacklebolt, thus Hermione must be white if it is not mentioned. Yet herein lies an important thing for us all to learn in the ways in which we read not only fiction, but also the narration of the real world around us: whiteness is not a lack of race. In actively reading Hermione (or, say, Leanne, Katie Bell’s friend from our February issue) as a woman of colour, you widen your world and negate the effects of whitewashing.

By taking this step in fiction, it allows you to practice seeing how this plays out in real life as well. I encourage you to read some of the terrific articles out there written by women of colour and the way in which Hermione resonated with them. But also think of the ways in which your readings of texts and characters can expand by throwing aside the idea that the lack of race is whiteness. As skeletonkili on tumblr says in their imagining of POC!Hermione: “… but [think about] black Hermione[,] how she thought she left racism behind in the muggle world but whoops wizards are racist too but they don’t care about your skin it’s just your f*ckin blood…” There’s so much more to imagine in the story!

And this is what our fandom has embraced so tremendously and what we here at Witch Weekly want to live up to—transformative works of fandom and fiction. We don’t need to sit and read dusty volumes from the shelves of the Norton Anthology—we’re ready to retake our fiction and write it broader, fuller and far beyond the confines of the printed page. We would love to see Witch Weekly be a place of conversation, where we engage with the text and our ideas to do better, spread new ideas and encourage active and respectful dialogue. So while this Editor’s Letter is a bit of an explanation, it’s also a call to action for us all!

- Elsbeth Riverspell

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Where did the skeleton image with text originate?

Hi there!
Thanks for your interest! It’s always nice when people send me a question about my work.

The Story behind the Afterlife Skeleton Avatar:

While searching for free 3D meshes on the web, I found a nice basic skeleton model, but I’m honestly not quite sure anymore which one it was. Normally I only work with very primitive, self-made 3D meshes, but the skeleton was an exception.

I imported the Skeleton mesh into Blender and then created a height map for the background-mountains-mesh. Then I exported a 720 by 576 pixel frame of that scene, added a gradient sky and put some stars on top of that.

I then had the idea of an afterlife dimension, where ‘ethereal’ skeleton avatars meet each other between their ‘lives’ - similar to normal people meeting on weekends. This led to the written text on that image, which is set in the “ModeSeven” typeface as far a I can remember - or a very similar bitmap-style typeface (happened months ago, not quite sure anymore).

From there I exported a 20 seconds video of the final still, to a VHS VCR via a Canopus ADVC110. 

While playing back that video on the VCR, I routed the video signal though an old glitchy video processor / mixer to add some analog texture, and from there back to digital, again via the ADVC110.

After posting the Afterlife Skeleton Avatar, I suddenly discovered, Skeletons are quite appreciated on tumblr.

Generally spoken, 99% of the work I post on my tumblr, was generated, made, photographed, edited etc. by myself.

So, sadly there is no unknown 1990s game or animated movie about Afterlife Skeleton Avatars out there - maybe I should setup a crowd funding campaign to change that.

This is just a reminder that when you’re making stimboards/moodboards/gifsets/image-heavy posts

Not only should you source the image

But you should also check the usage rights and make sure you’re allowed to use the image

This is especially important with stimboards that include body stims, because gifs of people are in there, but it’s important with everything. Google has a function that allows you to search based on usage rights, which is very helpful. I know it’s hard enough to get people to source images and stuff online, but it’s also important to remember that not all images are available for use.

Also a reminder that “I found it on Google/Tumblr/Pinterest/whatever” is not a source. A source is either a link or enough information that someone could find the link on their own.

answering asks

Trying not to spam you guys, so I have put the answers to the messages I’ve received beneath the Keep Reading cut below.

Tagging those with answered asks: @saikolikesdrawing @wintersblight @azriona @enter21 @galaxyfirekitten and lots of anons

Maybe not based on the Stage Event (because I’ve already seen a few authors doing that). Something I might consider, though, is Victor learning about Yuuri’s real dating history. That would be fun.

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so I'm quite fluent in reading Arabic alphabet in The Quran but recently I've been interested in learning the language itself (since I can only read without understanding the meaning), though most of the Arabic language resource I found have the letters without the vowels which is very tricky for me to figure out how to read them. Do you know any resource that includes the vowels or perhaps tips on reading without them? Thank you, have a nice day!


That’s wonderful! The fact that you’re very familiar with the alphabets and short vowels (harakaat) is a very important step.

Although this may sound cliché but the best way to learn is to practice, I’ll give you some general tips to help you.

In my opinion, it’s important to know whether your memory is mostly visual (relies on images) or auditory (relies on sound) so that you’ll be able to find the approach that is the most convenient and comfortable to help you learn.

Remember that you are doing these tasks with an aim, which is to help you learn as much vocabulary as possible. Keep a note book and add the words that you learn with their meaning and mention the short vowels on them that you learn in any of the activities that I’m mentioning below. You can arrange the vocabulary in alphabetical order or you can group the words that have

If you’re comfortable with audio material, you can :

1- Listen to songs [singers recommendations] , in addition to that list there are the following artists who preform Islamic songs in case you’re more comfortable listening to those songs :

Humood Al Khuder (MSA), Maher Zein (MSA), Hamza Namira (Egyptian dialect), Mesut Kurtis (MSA), Yahya Hawwa (MSA). There’s also Sami Yusuf whose voice is amazing too and some of his songs has parts in Arabic as well.

There a nice song by Hussein Al Jasmi called الصراط المستقيم , although he doesn’t usually sing religious songs this one is nice.

2- You can also check out this previous ask [link] in which I have included some links for reading material (books with short vowels), animated movie master-list, and audio books that could help you.

And if you’re comfortable with the visual material, you could watch Arabic movies (especially historical drama since they tend to be dubbed in Modern Standard Arabic(i.e.MSA), anime series are dubbed in MSA as well or you use flash cards for example and read some comics translated in Arabic.

Let me know if you want me to get you links to watch a certain series, drama or anime dubbed in MSA.

Here are some additional tips that could help you learn more vocabulary [link].

You could check out my vocabulary [link]  and word of the day tags [link], you could also look at this list of Arabic langblrs here [link] and check out their vocabulary lists, I think you’ll find them helpful. Remember to focus on the Modern Standard Arabic in the beginning more than the dialects so that you won’t confuse yourself.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if I can help with anything else.


Angie’s Tips and Tricks for Live2D Models

I’ve gotten some questions about editing these things so I’ll do my best to give some pointers on how to make these. First things first we will need:

  • A basic understanding of Photoshop and loading Live2D models. You will need to know how to do shading/highlights and how to use layers because I’m not going to go into that here.
  • The Live2D viewer as well as the Live2D Fates Assets. The original link I got them from appears to have died so I’m unsure of where to get them if you don’t already have them. I won’t reupload as they were taken down by the original poster.

Tips under the cut! I’m no expert at editing these, so there may be things I’m wrong about so I’m merely speaking from experience.

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what were your thoughts on 'Im Not Ashamed'?

inaccurate and continues to spread the myth over rachel’s death. i don’t think she’d like that she was turned into a martyr because she lived her life in one of the simplest forms: for god. she wanted to be an example for those to find something in themselves to live their life wholesomely and genuinely for like how she found that in god. i thought it was a cute movie, but the inaccuracies bother me a lot.

rachel was anything but a martyr and her death was turned into christian propaganda which yes she did want to help lead people to god, but she wanted that to be their choice if they followed her or not. she wasn’t interested in converting anyone. she made that very clear in everything she did. what was more important to her was helping people live their life to the fullest.

i understand this is the image her family wants to see her in and i don’t hold it very much against them, but i wish rachel’s true message would’ve been spread instead of the one her family is spreading. it wasn’t about people needing to find god it was just about doing things that make you and others happy but also putting yourself first when needed. she was a teenage girl, too. she drank and she smoke and while she thought of that as a sin and was ashamed, i think she was content with learning from things she deemed as mistakes.

she was still like a lot of teenagers, but she was so bright and she restrained from judging those she didn’t know. rachel is certainly someone to find inspiration from because while her religion was an important part of her, she knew it wasn’t like that from everyone else. she accepted and she loved. she believed christians should do the same without using religion to condemn and judge people because that’s what christianity was about.

there definitely could be a better movie done in her honor instead of what happened with “i’m not ashamed” because it doesn’t do it justice at all and it fails to spread the actual message of who she was and what she believed in.

Eileen and Erza

I’m not sure why everyone is so shocked about the Eileen revelation in 519. I mean I pretty much figured it out early on in their meeting .

She said she wanted Erza dead, hated her, or something to the effect of that so many times . I really just think it seemed like she was trying to convince herself of it.

Plus, she LOVED before she was even born. In fact her becoming a full on dragon was brought on by her Ex-husband trying to rip the baby out of her. Then she continued to carry Erza around for another 400 years. Now yes,  I guess you can say that’s just circumstantial, but I don’t think it was completely, based on Eileen’s dialogue (flashback wise)

However, up until the thought of using Erza to gain a human body, she still showed care for her. Once she had that thought in her head she was consumed by it. For the most part at least…

Also once Erza was born, why didn’t Eileen just kill the infant if she simply hated her and found her useless?

Obviously , Eileen has become deranged over time but throughout I personally felt she was leaving something out about her feelings for Erza.
The fact that Mashima left out an important part of time , was a major help to my theory. We got this chunk of time in 519.

To add to my reasoning it there also wasn’t any good reason Eileen gave for wanting Erza dead other then hating her, but that’s a very vague reason
Personally, I think she wanted to kill her because She knew Erza was her biggest , maybe only, weakness.


(images are caps taken from

So, about Peridot and her Limb Enhancers...

Okay so @amphibizzy already beat me to the comparison, but I wanted to make a post going into greater detail and analysis on this very important subject.

(I’m going to assume that the Peridot in “Warp Tour” and the Peridot in all sequential episodes are the same Peri. Even if they aren’t, Peridot’s appearance in the later episodes still appears to match this one anyway.)

So, the first thing I did was directly compare the two images of Peri…

…and found that her upper body and head matches perfectly. Even her arms almost line up. However, clearly, the rest of her body is out of wack. 

Now, I tried scaling her body out to match. And lo! it fits almost perfectly.


She is significantly taller than she should be. We know she is just a bit taller than Steven - this “correct” height would put her, compared to Steven, about on par with Lapis - maybe even taller. And that can’t be true, because apparently she is the same height as Lapis with her enhancers on!

But Remember: there are no canon heights in SU. Only comparative heights. Meaning, each character has a set height to each other character. Even these can fluctuate. Look at… well, all of Jailbreak:

If Steven is a bit shorter than Lapis, he should come up to about the top of Jasper’s literally killer thighs. But…

She makes friggin’ GARNET look small.  Steven would be the size of her fist!

So yeah, the heights are always off. Fair enough. Makes the whole animation process easier: adjust heights to make scenes be as powerful as can be. This brings us back to the Arrival Scene: Peridot and Lapis aren’t compared accurately, because they need Jasper to look big.

So, instead of height, lets talk proportions.

So now, if we alter her entire body, not just her torso and down:

Eeesh, things are getting weird. Her head is all streched out, and she looks rather top heavy. Plus, the part that lined up perfectly before no longer connects quite as well.

Even if we just scale and do no alterations to fit it…

Peridot’s head is way too big. 

So what does this all mean? Well, there at least 2 reasons as to why the sizes don’t match up.

A: There is a reason that exists in-canon to explain the change,


B: It’s simply an difference in how she is drawn, and doesn’t “exist” in canon.

In regards to reason A, this would likely involve Peridot shapeshifting away her lower arms and legs to as to have more mass for her upper body. Another theory that someone made on amphibizzy’s post is that she may have subconsciously changed her proportions due to how she was feeling on earth: small and alone. Regardless, she’s a gem, and her form is an projection anyway. Reasonable enough. However, there are some holes in this theory:

  • Why would Peridot do this? Sure, It would make her look more threatening, and maybe giver her more stability, but she is wearing the enhancers anyway.
  • Is such a specific answer really feasible for the show? Why would Crewniverse go out of their way to explain something like this?

Reason B, therefore, would make more sense. It’s a cartoon; it’s fine to have some deviation here and there.

The problem here is that this is a pretty significant difference, even for SU’s erratic heights. Plus, the proportions are changed quite a bit. So, Peridots proportions are likely just different for the sake of showing a contrast in both her position, and her character. Big head and eyes, small frame, rounded and soft; she is meant to look cute.

Just look at her!

Tiny! Cute! Adorable! Harmless!

Except she is absolutely not.

Peridot is intelligent, crafty, and clearly has the ability to, when given the equipment and time, produce weaponry and machinery to aid her. Her gem power isn’t future vision, or healing tears; its innate technological intelligence.  

Peridot is actually a very complex character. She is young, by gem standards, but not completely incapable, and is not entirely ignorant either. She’s just very cute.

But what if her appearance is intended to look just slightly too cute?

What if Crewniverse is intentionally making her look so different that it doesn’t quite make sense?

What if her cute appearance was meant to deceive the crystal gems?

What if her cute appearance was meant to deceive us?

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(Not important enough to make an extra post on it) I'm proud that I've been practicing yoga and meditation for a few months now. People tell you that it's just neurotypical but I found a place full of peace instead of anxiety there. So yeah, I'm proud of myself, also for working out with a focus on health instead of body image (I seriously hope this is not triggering, if so I'm super super sorry). I love you so much, Laura, and im very proud of you, your positive energy and strength 🌌

My sweet soul!

This is not triggering at all and I’m so proud of you that you’ve found something so relaxing. I did yoga in my senior year of college and it’s so relaxing and helps turn the stress into something therapeutic.

Good for you on being happier with your body image! I am working on that myself too. My one thing I’m trying to do is give myself one compliment a day. I hope you can do that or something else to reaffirm those mindsets that you have.

Thank you sharing this with me! It has made my Sunday! May you have a wonderful rest of your day! You too share your strength and positive energy. It is lovely.


My Conversion Story

I’ve been Catholic for a little over five years now, and yet I still find myself very hesitant to tell my conversion story. It is a very personal thing, and (shamefully) I am always afraid of what others will think of me. The way God speaks to one person is not always the way he speaks to others; and what seems like a message from God to me, may seem inconsequential to others.

I will try to keep this short, because it can get somewhat complicated.

I grew up going to a lovely United Methodist church from kindergarten through to my senior year of high school. I essentially lived, breathed, and laughed with this community. My best friends were here, I was either attending or leading events up to four times a week. This was my life. I am so thankful for my upbringing because I would not be the person I am without it. It planted and grew my faith, and has given me a unique insight into Protestantism that many Catholics don’t have. I have so much love for our separated brethren.

In high school, I had a dear friend who was Catholic. We would always argue about our faith (in a good-natured way) and on the bus to graduation our senior year, we made a deal that we would go to each others churches. Needless to say, we graduated and that didn’t happen, at least not at first.

You see, at this time my life was in a little bit of an upheaval. I was getting ready to leave everything to go to college in Boston (I’m a Floridian) and things at home were changing too. It was a very emotional time in my life. Later that summer, perhaps two months after graduation, I was driving home one night and all of a sudden remembered the deal I’d made with my Catholic friend. (I’m really not the kind of person to just call up someone out of the blue, but I just did it without thinking.) I asked when he went to Church and that Sunday attended my first mass.

It wasn’t some magical-angels-come-down-from-heaven0touched-by-an-angel thing. I only participated as much as I felt comfortable, and I had a lot of questions, but there was definitely something there, some spark that made me want to know more. Never in a million years did I ever believe that I would become a Catholic. So I spent the next two weeks praying harder than I’ve ever prayed before and doing as much research as I possibly could.

With this research I began realizing that a lot of what the Catholic Church taught, I already believed, and that the things I thought I disagreed with, I had misunderstood. This, however, was still not enough for me to make a decision. I did not trust my own judgement. There was so much going on at the time, that I didn’t want there to be any doubt that I was converting for any other reason than that I had found the truth. I didn’t want to convert because I was running away from something.

This was a very long two weeks for me. I had trouble sleeping and spent a lot of time in prayer. Leaving behind a whole faith community was not a light-hearted decision for me. I didn’t know what my life-long friends would think of me and I knew that if I did convert, it would be a lonely road for me. No one in my family is Catholic, and I only had one Catholic friend.Yes, I was leaving to embark on my new college experience, but I wasn’t looking forward to changing my home life either.

This is where things get a little weird. One of my biggest stumbling blocks to the Catholic faith was the saints. I understood that praying to them was simply like asking a friend to pray for me, but I still wasn’t so sure about it. I knew that no matter how much I researched, it would not be enough to convince me. That night I opened my heart up to God and very bluntly told him, “I will not convert to Catholicism unless you tell me to; if all this saint baloney is real, you better send me one.”

Let me preface this by saying that I knew almost nothing about individual saints. I knew about St. Francis of Assisi and St. Cecelia and that was it. I am also a very vivid dreamer, but after my prayer that night I went to sleep and had the strangest “dream.” It was completely dark and there were no images, just a voice, once I can’t even describe, that said “St. Anthony, patron saint of peace.” I remember in my sleep thinking, “you have to remember this, Sarah, it’s important.”

When I woke up, all I thought was, “okay, that was kind of weird,” and did a quick google-search of St. Anthony and found St. Anthony of Padua. I read a quick bio of him, and really nothing stood out. Yes, he was a peacemaker, but aren’t all saints patrons of peace? Needless to say I wasn’t convinced, so I left for work thinking nothing of it.

Things get a little confusing at this point because you have to go back a little ways in time. Earlier in the summer, before any serious consideration of Catholicism had ever entered my mind, I went to Boston for my college orientation. It was a Catholic school (really only as much as you wanted it to be and I had already reached out to a few Protestant churches to check out for once I moved), but there are statues of saints around.

There was one statue that I thought was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever seen in my life. It was of a man holding a book, and on top of that book was a baby standing on the book touching his cheek. I thought it was dumb and hilarious and called it the “pop-up book statue.” You can even ask my college roommate who was there with me at the time, I had no Catholic leanings or knowledge of who this statue was of. There is no inscription naming the saint, and really, I doubt more than a handful of people at my college knew who the statue was of either. The point of this is that I thought it was so funny, I took a picture of it (on my flip phone, I know) and set it as my phone’s wallpaper, where it stayed all summer. I even asked my Catholic friend who the statue was of before my dream or anything happened and he told me he thought it was St. Joseph, so I assumed it was St. Joseph.

Back to the day of my dream. I go to work, thinking nothing of it. I come home and begin journaling about the dream and how, yeah it was weird, but nothing conversion worthy, when all of a sudden it hits me. (I am very fortunate to have this moment recorded in my actual journal, it is such a blessing for me to go back and read the moment I put it all together.) I continue writing, but everything changes direction and I write something to the effect of “I think that the picture on my phone, the one I’ve been making fun of for over a month is not of St. Joseph, I think that it is of St. Anthony of Padua.” So I race to grab my phone, sit at the computer, and type in “statues of St. Anthony,” and sure enough pictures of statues matching the picture on my phone fill the screen. I begin to shake and finally say “Okay, God. If you say so, I believe you.”

I know that it seems silly. A picture on a cell-phone working as my own personal miracle, but I know that this is what it was for me. I was right, my journey into the church was lonely and still continues to be lonely most times, but my faith has matured and deepened in a way I can’t even describe.

I was fully received into the Catholic Church Easter Vigil of 2010 and have never looked back.

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them!




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