it was very cute moment

Aw boy I just realized that the anime changed the fact that Kaminari and Bakugou were chatting before Aizawa entered the classroom that’s just so sad why would they do that even - like, I know it was barely noticeable but that’s exactly why I was hoping the anime would make it more obvious buuuhhh

Here have it in the manga version I feel sad for you anime-only people who know not of this cute background BakuKami moment

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do we know if there is going to be any malec next episode?? obviously ep 15 is malec heavy due to al of those stills

I do!!!! There’s not gonna be too much which makes me sad but there’ll be about the same amount as the previous episode! also the handshake still is supposed to be a very cute moment!

Otp Moments ~ Prompts

“I fell into your lap on accident oh god you’re so close now I can’t breathe”

“You’re cutting my hair and I’m trying not to focus on your hands in my hair and your breath on my neck”

“I scraped my knee and now your fixing it up and I swear if you don’t stop running your hands over my leg I will kick you”

“We may or may not be hiding in a locker and we may or may not be squished against each other”

“Hold me I’m cold…oh god you are VERY close is that my heart or freaking sonic stuck in my chest”

“Hey, you got something on your face let me get it for you, wait oh crap”

“We’re doing that trusting exercise of staring at each other for 5 minutes and the tension between us is suffocating”

“Here I’ll help you, I know first aid, just sit still”

“This sofa is very small and our legs are brushing and our shoulders touching and now you’re whispering something in my ear I can’t handle this”

“I did NOT mean to lean into you I just saw something okay I SWEAR”

“You tried to reach across me but your face got really close to mine and now we’re just staring at each other”

“I’m going to teach you how to dance, come here”


I’d rather date an idea;
something I’ll never find.
Sure, I’ll live in the moment,
but I’m never happy here
I’m surrounded by greener looking time(x)

I’ve still got a lot of feels from Just Friends

Alright, it was pretty cute.

When your country’s at war, but you gotta find your sweetheart.

First things first. (*´▽`*)

20 Ways to Annoy Min Yoongi

1. Dye his hair in glitter whilst he sleeps. 

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2. Make a scene where you announce he’s proposed to you and you’re going to get married in a bouncy castle. 

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3. Mimick his bluntness: 

You: “I have a question.”

Yoongi: “What now?”

You: When was the last time you had sex? 

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4. Make fun of him during his photo shoots by chanting “I AM THE CULT OF YOONGI. MY EMOTIONS DEVALUE YOURS. “

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5. Whilst he’s sitting down, sit behind him and pull his lips into a smile.

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6. Tell him Namjoon raps better. (Can you see the hypothetical beef in this situation below)

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7.  Hide all his beanies.

8. Call him at 3am until he picks up, speak out Taylor Swift lyrics to him. 


“What is it, brat?”

“I knew you were trouble when you walked in. 

Shame on me now. 

Took me to places I’ve never been

And now I’m lying on the cold hard ground.” 

__________ Phone call ends. 

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9. Wake him up at 5am with an air horn. 


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Yoongi: “You have 5 seconds to tell me why you don’t want to die yet”. 

10. Whilst he’s minding his own business eating lunch, shoot a gummyball at the back of his head with a slingshot. 

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11. Put a how to guide on expressing your emotions wrapped in a glittery box under his pillow. 

12. Suddenly collapse down onto the floor and start coughing erratically. As he makes his way over to you convinced somethings wrong, reach out to him with your hand. 

“What is it, b-brat?”

“B- B-”


13. When he’s sitting still quietly, checking out the girl in front of him yell out ‘OH SHE’S THE GIRL YOU WANNA MANI MANI MANI WITH HUH…WINK WINK YOONGSTAAA”. 

14. Hack into his phone and send Yoonjin kink fics to Jin .

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Jin: Oh shit. 

15. Hit him with a basketball off guard, when he doesn’t catch it say “pfft, basketball player my ass”. 

16. Climb up and cling on to his back.

17. When he’s composing/writing lyrics- casually turn up and tell him about your last visit to the dentist. 

18. Post a picture of a slug on BTS’ SNS captioned #MINYOONGISAYSHI

19. Envelope him in random hugs. 

20. Run, because to be honest, if you annoy Min Yoongi anything like the above you’re halfway to being a corpse.

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AN: I figured I would have to go to the extreme of extremes for Yoongi because he doesn’t seem like someone that would get annoyed if you pinch him in general, he’d just do something to piss you off/ scare you in return with a death glare. You would have to be very touchy feely with Yoongi, hence so many cute clingy moments. 

What: Thickheaded
Who: Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki
Spoiler Warnings: Nope!
About: Ryuji is moping at the gym. Ann is there. (I hope you all have a good Valentine’s day.)

“Even Yusuke got some chocolate! Yusuke!” Ryuji scowls and stomps against the treadmill track with more force than necessary. Confession chocolate was one thing, sure, but he didn’t think he was being unreasonable hoping for at least a single something out of obligation or friendship. “What’s an airhead like him got that I don’t!”

Adjacent to his machine, Ann slouches in a chair she’d pulled over and tugs at a curl of hair. She’s dressed for the lingering chill of February, but definitely not for exercise. “A nice face.”

“Yeah, Akira said that too–wait, what’s wrong with my face?!”

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you know what i find scariest about gon?

the fact that this 12 yr old boy from a loving family on a teeny tiny island somewhere on the edge of the world goes to take on one of the deadliest exams to ever have existed, sees people dying left and right and HE DOESNT EVEN BAT A FUCKING EYE

he sees his best friend ripping out somebodys heart with his bare hands, sees hisoka straight up murdering people for absolutely no reason other than that he CAN, and even accepted the death of an applicant in order to steal hisokas badge

hxh teaches us very early on that the hunter universe is a cruel, cruel place where a man’s life is practically worth nothing, and it doesnt surprise that gons friends are absolutely aware of that - killua, who was confronted with murder since he can walk, kurapika, who found the slaughtered corpses of everybody he ever knew, and leorio, who came from such an impoverished region that he had not only witness his friend but very likely a lot of other people die before his very eyes.

but GON - how did all this not effect gon at all? there might be things we do not know about whale island, but everything we saw about his home was peace and a loving upbringing. yes, there was kite killing the kitsuneguma (a scene which also did not exist in the beginning of 2011 of reasons i will never understand) and gon certainly learned one thing or two about the circle of life while roaming the woods - but isnt the hunter exam a whole different realm of cruelty?

i remember watching 2011 for the first time - it was half a year before i slumped into the fandom. and the reason it took me so long to connect to this outstanding narrative was because i could not connect to gon - partly because of his motivation for leaving his family and risking his life (which i in hindsight blame the poor first episode of 2011 for), but mostly because i was so disturbed that i didnt see this child freak out witnessing all the murder around him

i think gon, although he radiates with positivety and childlike interest, is a very conflicting character. i feel that his innocent and cute moments often cover up how right kurapika might have been with his assessment why hisoka grew so fond of gon - because that ruthless murderer saw the little boy as someone of his caliber, a like-minded being of sorts. gon shows pity, gon shows care and the will to fight and protect - but only towards certain people, people he seems to divide from those who he is not willing to bestow with the same priviledge following criteria only he seems to know.

i love the gon character, i love how thorough it is written that these traits introduced at the very beginning of the series foreshadow the catastrophy of gon-san.
but that boy still scares me

1031 // Jeff Atkins

A/N: This is easily one of my favorites. 

Named after: Literally. The date of Halloween.

You finished applying your green lipstick and smiled at your reflection when you were done. It was Halloween night and Montgomery De La Cruz was throwing one of the biggest parties of the year. You had decided to go as an alien, throwing your hair into a high ponytail to complement your antenna headband.

By the time you got to Montgomery’s house, you could hear the music from down the road. You had come with a few of your friends from the dance team and lost them immediately as you stepped in. Lost in the wave of what seemed like the whole school, you passed a cat, a vampire, a kid from your English class in a banana suit, and quite a few slutty nurses. When you made your way to the kitchen to grab a drink, you ran into some of the jocks.

“Y/N! You made it!”, you turned to see a slightly intoxicated Monty, smiling brightly at you.

He wrapped his arms around you pulling you into a tight hug. You and Monty were pretty good friends, you kept him out of trouble when you could and when you couldn’t, you lied to the athletic trainers at school so they could give you ice, which you then gave to Monty for his knuckles.

“Yeah I did!” you mumble into him.

He lets you go and starts work on pouring you a drink.

“Are you going to grace us with your dance moves tonight?” he asks, giving you a knowing look as he passes you a solo cup.

You laugh briefly, you were known to frequent the middle of a circle at parties, but more notably, if you were too drunk, you were known to dance on tables until someone would pull you off.

“Yeah, maybe after a few of these” you answered cheekily as you took a sip.

He laughed, nodding along as you two talked for a while. Three drinks later you were interrupted by Sherri who was pulling at your wrist.

“This is your SONG!” she squealed.

You raised your cup to Montgomery who looked very amused before you placed it on the kitchen counter.

He yelled a quick, “Don’t break my tables!”, as you left his sight.

You laughed and looked back at him to yell back ‘No promises’ but instead, your gaze was met by Jeff Atkins who took your place near the hot head.

Despite the fact that you had both went to the majority of parties thrown and shared a mutual friend in Montgomery, you and the baseball player had surprisingly never crossed paths before. Of course you knew of him, not only was he Monty’s best friend, he was the Jeff Atkins.

Before you could react, you were pulled into the throng of sweaty teenagers and you forgot all about the baseball player as the music took control.

The group of students formed into a circle around you and Sheri left your wrist as she stood with them. You shook your head, over dramatically rolling your eyes as you tried to get out of the circle. To no avail, Sheri and the girls from the dance team pushed you back in. You stuck your tongue in your cheek and glanced around the group of students now cheering your name to get you started.

Right before you decided to go along to the beat of Ciara’s ‘1,2 Step’ you caught a glance of Jeff standing right at the edge of the circle. You winked at him before beginning, your years of hip hop classes making use of itself as Missy Elliot’s verse started.

You decided to call it a day after she finished rapping, moving to leave and let someone else take your place.

You were hot from dancing, and let your hair down as you made your way outside, where it was much quieter.

“Y/N!” someone called out.

You stopped and turned to see Jeff making his way over to you, smiling when he reached you.

“That was awesome! I didn’t know you were such a good dancer.”

You exhaled a ‘ha’ through your nose, amused by his compliment.

“Thanks, I mean I would hope so…I am captain of the dance team” you answered.

He laughed, shaking his head.

“Yeah… Monty told me.”

“Monty told you?” you questioned.

“Mhm, I asked him who the cute alien girl he was talking to was and he told me everything.”

You smiled at his subtle attempt at flirting with you.

“Cute alien girl huh?” you prompted.

He dropped his head for a moment.

“Very. Cute alien girl.” he corrected himself, poking one of the antennae on your head.

You cheesed at him, removing the headband from your head and taking the baseball cap off of his, offering to switch. He chuckled, going along with you as he placed the antennae on himself.

“Now we’re both cute aliens” you assure him, placing the cap on your head.

His mouth opened slightly but he was lost for words. You checked him out quickly when you had the opportunity.

“So what were you supposed to be? A baseball player?” you say in an attempt to keep the conversation going.

He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah, the guys thought it would be cool to do a Sandlot sort of thing. I guess it’s kind of st-”

“Oh my god, you’re Benny!” you interrupted him.

He looked back up at you, surprised you knew the movie.

“You watched Sandlot?” he questioned.

“Are you kidding me? Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez was my first love!”

The tips of Jeff’s ears turned red as he nodded, silently urging you to elaborate.

“Fourth grade me used to pray that he would be my first kiss, god, it was so embarrassing!” you continued.

Now it was your turn to blush cause the way Jeff was looking at you made you weak in the knees.

“I feel like that could be arranged” he offered.

You were impressed by his confidence and mustered up some of your own.

“It wouldn’t be my first kiss, but-”

“It would be your best though.” He smirked when you looked at him, clearly flustered.

“That’s a bold statement there Atkins” you challenged.

You could feel the tension between the two of you building as he moved closer to you.

He smirked as he readjusted his cap to go backward on your head, nodding along with you.

“I stand by my statement.”

Your breath hitched and you bit your lip again. His hand met your chin and his thumb pulled your bottom lip out from between your teeth. He glanced back to your eyes, asking for permission.

You just barely nodded as your eyes shut and Jeff’s lips met yours. His lips were soft and the alcohol only enhanced the butterflies in your stomach. He was right, it was the best kiss you had ever had.

He pulled away, moving both of his hands down to your waist.

“And?” he asked, licking his lips.

“Mmmm I don’t think so Atkins” you answered cheekily.

He laughed before kissing you again, this time more passionately. His hands tightened at your hips as he moved the both of you. Your arms found their way to wrapping around his neck as your back hit the wall of the house. His tongue teased at your lips and you opened your mouth immediately. He tasted like cheap beer and you were sure you did too, but fuck. This was everything.

When he pulled away, you were breathless. Your head hit his chest as you giggled, nodding slightly.

“Alright, you were right” you mumbled into him.

He smiled placing his head atop of yours.

“You think my lips are green now?”