it was very cute moment

When your country’s at war, but you gotta find your sweetheart.

First things first. (*´▽`*)

Otp Moments ~ Prompts

“I fell into your lap on accident oh god you’re so close now I can’t breathe”

“You’re cutting my hair and I’m trying not to focus on your hands in my hair and your breath on my neck”

“I scraped my knee and now your fixing it up and I swear if you don’t stop running your hands over my leg I will kick you”

“We may or may not be hiding in a locker and we may or may not be squished against each other”

“Hold me I’m cold…oh god you are VERY close is that my heart or freaking sonic stuck in my chest”

“Hey, you got something on your face let me get it for you, wait oh crap”

“We’re doing that trusting exercise of staring at each other for 5 minutes and the tension between us is suffocating”

“Here I’ll help you, I know first aid, just sit still”

“This sofa is very small and our legs are brushing and our shoulders touching and now you’re whispering something in my ear I can’t handle this”

“I did NOT mean to lean into you I just saw something okay I SWEAR”

“You tried to reach across me but your face got really close to mine and now we’re just staring at each other”

“I’m going to teach you how to dance, come here”

Alright, it was pretty cute.


Leo busting some smooth moves until the evil maknaes swoop in


Joking around (in the kitchen)

  • “I could have joked about a dick.”
  • “When you’ve found the man of your dreams and he likes Gabrielle..”
  • “As long as you’re smiling and wearing clothes…”
The signs as I know them (capricorn girl)

Aries: Likes movies about violence. Sarcastic. A little antisocial, but still leads an active life. Easily bored. Very talented. Big ego. Drinks a lot. 

Taurus: Calm and quiet. Seems shy, but is not. Has many friends. Likes horror movies, sweets and classy girls.

Gemini: Had a difficult life. Very strong. Doesn’t trust a lot of people. Loves attention. Talks about interesting subjects all the time. Cool style. Once whispered the secret to a happy life in my ear “don’t give a fuck about ANYTHING!” and then laughed out loud. 

Cancer: Strong and soft at the same time. Big green eyes. Street smart. Extrovert. Always late. Hates night clubs. Gets close to people very fast. Sleeps only 2-3 hours. 

Leo: Very cute. Helps everybody out. Lifts your mood the moment he enters the room. Adores attention. A little hard on himself. Likes being pet on his head.

Virgo: Very talented but underestimates herself. Has many friends but spends most of her days in a cafe, alone, with her laptop and loves every minute of it. Has a good taste. Takes cool photos. Eats slow with very small bites. 

Libra: Every boy is in love with her. Red hair. Very touchy feely. Gives the best massages. Makes her own dresses. Likes changes. Adores her family. Rare beauty. Talented in multiple things. 

Scorpio: Nobody knows what is really  going on in his life. Loves hugging. Has a huge ego but acts like he doesn’t. Likes to dress well. Has beautiful black hair. Very sensitive. Likes to explore the dark side of the human psyche. Stalks you on social media. Wants to know the real you. 

Sagittarius: Loves to talk to everybody about everything. Very cute (I kinda have a crush on him). Adrenaline freak. Has ADHD. Is never late. Open minded. Likes luxurious lifestyle. Awkward hugger. Curly hair. Loud laugh. Listens to music all the time. Loves teamwork. Hates rude people. 

Capricorn: Acts tough. Very sensitive inside. Has many friends but doesn’t let them close. Very independent. Great sense of humour. Dresses well. Everyone knows and likes her. Works hard. Travels a lot. Quite famous photographer.

Aquarius: Cool, smart and independent. Yoga freak. Listens to Jazz. Loves her bicycle more than she likes people. Introvert. Wants to work in the Red Cross. Last night she told me about her astral travel - how she flew to the roof of her house and watched the city from there. 

Pisces: Beautiful eyes. Optimist. Interested in spirituality. Likes comfort and warmth. Is a little shy. Studies well. Hates arguing with people. Wants to travel to Thailand with me next summer. 

And I’ve called Otabek “Yurio’s first friend,” so what is Yūri to Yurio? Some of you might be thinking: “Is he no longer a friend, then, in some way or other?” Well, please keep watching the show until the very end.

Scenes I loved in episode 11 of Yuri on Ice (despite the ending):

The new opening. Very nice.

The cuteness of this moment…

…and this one.

I wish.

Yuri’s mom being all loving and supportive. She is just the sweetest thing.

Cheerleading Minami-kun (almost forgot about him) and the half-asleep triplets!

Phichit’s cuteness not at all upstaged by adorable hamsters. I almost want him to win #1 if it wasn’t for how disappointing it would be for Victor, Yuuri and Yurio (although, knowing Yuuri, he would probably still be sincerely happy for him).

I laughed so hard I actually snorted.



“Mmmm, my boyfriend is a total awesome badass. But of course he is, he is MY boyfriend. After all, that’s my minimum requirement.”

JJ revealing he’s human after all.

I confess, I kept it together when everyone started singing JJ’s song, but lost it when she did this. That was super sweet.

And here I was all hopeful because of how sexy Victor looked. BUT, I have faith in Kubo-sama. At this point, I almost REFUSE to believe we will get an unhappy ending from all the love and perfection we’ve been given.