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So here are a few great tips for calling your reps, taken from an action group I follow on fb:

“Friends! As some of you know, I used to work on Capitol Hill as the person in charge of all the incoming phone calls to my Senator’s office. I have some insider tips to make calling your reps easier and quicker. 

1. Give your name, city, and zip code, and say “I don’t need a response.” That way, they can quickly confirm you are a constituent, and that they can tally you down without taking the time to input you into a response database. 

2. PLEASE ONLY CALL YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVES! Your tally will not be marked down unless you can rattle off a city and zip from the state, or are calling from an in-state area code. I know you really want to give other reps a piece of your mind, but your call will be ignored unless you can provide a zip from their district. And don’t try to make this up; I could often tell who was lying very quickly thanks to the knowledge of the state’s geography. Exceptions to this are things like Paul Ryan’s ACA poll which are national. 

3. State the issue, state your position. “I am opposed to ________.” “I am in favor of _______.” “I am opposed to banning the import of phalanges.” I am in favor of a trade deal to lower the price of juice smoothies.“ That’s it. That’s all we write down so we can get a tally of who is in favor, who is against. It doesn’t matter WHY you hold that opinion. The more people calling, the less detail they have time to write down. Help them out by being simple and direct. This keeps calls shorter, allowing more callers through. 

4. Please be nice! The people answering the phones on Capitol Hill already had the hardest job in DC and some of the lowest pay as well, and for a month now their jobs have become absolute murder, with nonstop calls for 9 hours every day. Thank them for their hard work answering the phones, because without them our Senators could not represent us!

What does this sound like?

"Hi, my name is Mark, I’m a constituent from Seattle, zip code 98***, I don’t need a response. I am opposed to banning the sale of blueberries and I encourage the Senator to please oppose implementation of any such ban. Thanks for your hard work answering the phones!”

This is how I wish every caller had phrased their message. It makes it easier for the people answering the phones and takes less time and emotion than a long script. I know that you want to say why, but keeping it short and sweet helps the office answer more calls per hour, meaning more people get heard. The bigger the tally, the more powerful your voice.

Also, when you’re reading off the same script as 100 other callers that day… well…they know what you’re about to say, so you don’t need to use the whole script for your opinion to be heard!

Pick one issue each day, use this format (I am in favor of _____ or I oppose ______), and call your 2 Senators and 1 Representative on their DC and State Office lines, and you’ll be on your way to being heard.”

You’re smiling at ur phone again/you’re always on your phone.. texting someone? ur boyfriennnnd?


I’ve cried way too many unnecessary tears over idiotic children today. I’ll stop reading youtube comments. I know I shouldn’t let this affect me specially if it’s my full time JOB.

But when your job consists in pouring your heart and soul into it, I can’t help it but feel emotionally attached to it when someone shows that they care so little about it.

I know those silly comment don’t affect my channel at all, if anything, it’s good if they comment a lot. But it affects me as a person. As a human being trying to get used to handle such a huge ammount of people.

So if I ever offended anyone I’m sorry. 

But I’ll try to don’t answer youtube comments or read them at all anymore. Guess if you want to contact me, tumblr or twitter will be the best way.


Well, here we have it: The winner of Dinosaur March Madness, 2017. Maiasaura!

I don’t really know exactly what to say - obviously I think it’s a good choice - but it was a super close race, as you’ll see under the cut. 

Not going to lie, Spinosaurus and Maiasaura seem to be… mostly on par, with Maiasaura only taking the prize because more people dislike Spinosaurus than they do Maiasaura. 

So here’s your new Dinosaur Government to replace last year’s! Here’s to a good year of governance :D

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Will someone please explain to me how “you” can think a poem or a piece of prose is ‘unequivocally’ about “you”? Have I tagged “you”? No? It’s not about “you”. Have I told “you” “you” have inspired it? No? It’s not about “you”. Have I inferred in any way that it may as well be about “you”? No? It’s not about “you”. Get your fucking head out of your ass. The world does not revolve around “you”. My writing sure as hell does not revolve around “you” unless I tell “you” it does. Are we clear? Yes? Fuck off now. “You” will not ruin my Tumblr experience with your insane insistence and unfounded accusations. “YOU” are NOT my muse. “You” have never been my muse. “You” will never be my muse. Get off your damn horse and walk the road back to your own humble beginnings.

(Not trans related but I feel like I need to get this out there)

Listen. If you shoplift, because you’re actually poor. Because you don’t have basic things, like food, and I don’t know, shoes. Ok. I understand. If you shoplift small, inexpensive, necessary things because you absolutely need to, and you’ve asked for financial help and you just can’t get it. Alright. But if you’re doing things like shoplifting Sephora, or expensive unnecessary clothing, or videogames, or fucking??? I don’t know that shit. Like fuck you.

And ESPECIALLY fuck the people who ‘lift in the name of communism’

No you selfish bastard. You’re directly hurting the workers. That’s literally disgusting, you aren’t spitting in the face of the CEOs, do you understand that they’re just cutting the workers pay?? 

This isn’t some heroic thing you’re doing you’re just selfish and bitter that you didn’t have the money to buy things that richer people can afford, and I understand, and that sucks, and it’s completely unfair that some people can just be born into a rich household but that doesn’t make it alright for you to disadvantage everyone else with your bullshit that you try to disguise under a political ideology.

Anyway, so yeah, if you’re a lifter just… Unfollow me, or,, stop.

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it's like "guys make sure to not hate on the album uwu" like it's okay if they change music styles. they're 4 grown men we don't need to coddle them. we haven't heard a note of new music and we're making paragraph long posts about not sending the band hate?

Yeah because it’s of the last album hate, and the concept of hate with folie that made them go on hiatus in the first place. I know they’re grown men but it’s folie hate that led to them breaking apart. Also, you have to think Pete has anxiety / depression…comments like “I hate u” and “I’ll fight you” put him down even though he knows they’re jokes, so if he’s worked really hard on something and is proud of it, and all his fans go off it on twitter (bc that’s what twitter fans are like), he’s gonna feel like shit. It happened with folie, it happened with soul punk (remember Patrick’s heart-felt letter on his site in 2012?? Yeah). THATS why we’re posting this. They may be grown men but they can get hurt still, and after last era and all the shit said about them by “fans”, we’re trying to stop that happening again and spread positivity only, because there’s been rumours that it’s very different to previous work, and that’s where hate comes from bc certain fans don’t like change. But if you don’t like me trying to prevent that then feel free to unfollow, because I can post whatever I like

Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?



Two Keys

Title: Two Keys – Warmth Series Part Three

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2100

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: The reader is injured, stitches, mentions of a body, blood, some swearing.

Summary: The Reader comes home from the hunt injured and Dean stitches her up.

Author’s Note: Woohoo, part three! I’m still blown away by all the lovely comments you guys are leaving about this series, I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! And before you read this please remember that there’s still one more part (that might be out this weekend?) before you freak out *slips ominously into the shadows*

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Read the previous parts here: Two Beds (Part 1), Two Shirts (Part 2)

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     Eventually you did get up, leaving the warmth and comfort of the bed – and Dean – and dragging two grumpy Winchesters out the door, resigning them to your same chilly fate. You made sure to be dressed and ready to go before Sam woke up, not wanting him to get any premature ideas about something going on between you and his brother - not when you didn’t even know if there was anything to get ideas about. You didn’t even know if you wanted there to be.

     You still held strong in your belief that getting involved with a hunter was a bad idea, that it would only end in heartbreak for both involved. But despite that, despite the fact that you’d consoled friends more times than you could count after the loss a loved one on a hunt gone wrong, you couldn’t shake your feelings for Dean. Couldn’t shake the idea that he might feel the same way.

     And if he did, didn’t you owe it to yourself to try?

     At any rate, you had more pressing issues at the moment – like, for example, the four long, bleeding gashes running down your leg.

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