it was tyler in this scene

So I just saw Mean Girls the musical

•Ben Cook signed my playbill and I’m still in tears
•We got to meet the whole cast and honestly Barrett Weed is so sweet
•Um they’re all so pretty?
•The iconic “You go Glen Coco” got so much cheering and standing ovations
•As did “you can’t sit with us”
•The mall scene was so amazing??? The lighting and the setups??
•They made it in 2017 it was so funny
•Barrett (Janis) yelling “get off my dick” and raising middle fingers to the sky
•Ben Cook (an extra) saying something like “i elbowed her [Regina’s] boob once in science”
•There was an interracial lesbian couple at the Spring Fling????? And i loved it???
•Apex Predator was such a good song uggghhh
•Justice had us all in tears
•The cast was so pretty and so nice and they answered a bunch of questions!
•World Burn was fucking insane, Regina was screaming and stomping and holy hell Taylor Louderman is such an AMAZING actor???????
•Damien in general oh my gooooddddddd during the scene where all the girls were in the gym, everyone was dying how he sat in the background hood up and glasses on
•”Who was the one who said those things?” Everyone points at Regina
•Never thought I’d have emotions for Regina’s mom but we were all almost crying for her
•Gretchen sings a whole song about how she’s worried Regina’s giving up on her
•Something like “I feel like an iPhone without a case… I know I’m expensive and have a lot of features…. but I could shatter any moment”
•Regina’s skirt falls off during Jingle Bell Rock and steps on Gretchen’s face while exiting
•Did I mention how perfect Barrett Weed is??????
•Sadly they didnt do the part where Janis tells Regina she has a huuuugggeee lleeeesssbiiiaaan crush on her
•But Damien was still “too gay to function”
•Janis and Damien didn’t kiss
•Aaron acts drunk to let Cady and the mathletes into the dance and I nearly had a heart attack
•The entire freakin’ audience was hanging onto every word
•Honestly I’m not sure what I was expecting but this was not it at all
•I’m in love with it
•The background changes it’s all electronic and oh my god
•When Regina gets hit by the bus, I’m pretty sure everyone forgot about that part bc they gasped dramatically
•Plus the entire stage goes dark and then there’s just a b u u u u s s s and Regina goes flying
•I’d seriously go see that about twenty more times and it’s midnight
•Taylor Louderman is such a darling and she’s so pretty oh god
•During when we talked to the cast, the guy who played Jason was laughing so much it was adorable
•The party at Cady’s house, in the song they go “Who’s house is this? No seriously, WHOS HOUSE IS THIS”
•Karen convulses on the floor during that scene
•Karen also makes a huge impact on Cady about the whole Regina and the bus rumor and it was so sweet
•Did I mention I’m in love with Ben Tyler Cook?



Let’s hope Youtube doesn’t strike this video down since it took me some hella times to cut all the scenes. 

I’ve been missing Philkas a lot, so I just got up from my bed and did something. 


This looks like the missing scene we should of got where Stiles received his acceptance letter to George Washington University. Scott is obviously the first one to know. But right when Stiles opens it, he just throws it to Scott and starts running downstairs to tell his dad. I bet the Sheriff took Stiles and Scott to a high class- fancy dinner place that same night to celebrate.