it was tyler in this scene


Hey! So I went to Paleyfest L.A. 2017, and I thought I’d share a few things for you all…
-first of all, Lucy and Troian being the amazing people they are sent in videos that played right before apologizing for not being there
- the mediator made the cast read different scenes from the show that weren’t in their character (Shay v. Ashley switch roles)
- the N.A.T club was pretty much pointless (Marlene just said it was a collection of peeping toms in Rosewood)
- Ashley and Tyler apparently have a playlist while they have sex scenes idk??
- where tf was Keegan - Mona apparently struggles with which side (bad vs good) she wants to be on in the final episodes; she ultimately decides on Hanna
- the last scene they shot seems to be the hardest/ most memorable- it took Sasha more than 12 takes to be able to hear what she said
-it’s common for ian to get bloody noses during sex scenes???
-Sasha has been buried fully once and a total of 6 times (with 10+ showers for the full one)

PLL Paleyfest Thoughts

• I missed Trucy more than I expected
• they should’ve filled the space with extended cast cause my loves get no love
• Janel is a precious human I didn’t think I could love her any more but I do
• that sneak peak has me in my feelings and also how are these girls not freaking out about seeing my son Noel decapitated
• Tyler and Ashley not being able to keep it together, how high are they?
• the discussion on tyshley choreographing haleb sex scenes and Tyler choosing the playlist .. I’m crying
• “recreate the haleb scene” “by the fire” *tyler starts undressing* lmfaaaoooo
• tyshley in their own world the whole time, unable to keep their hands off of each other
• buttahbenzo being wives as expected
• Ian and Tyler reading as Aria and Spencer is everything I never knew I needed in life
• Shay is more stunning in person
• Ian’s story about Lucy’s pasties sticking to his eye will never get old
• Troian pulled from the casts real lives as a director, I can’t wait to watch
• shit got so uncomfortable when this girl asked Tyler and Ashley if they’re dating.. bless Ian for jumping in
• girl who brought up the NAT club, I LOVE YOU
• Sasha is probably the most well spoken member of the cast and I love it
• Andrea is a boss bitch, that is all
• Marlene, I hope you pull this shit off in the end
• it was a great panel overall and the minute sneak peak got me excited, finally, for 7B



Let’s hope Youtube doesn’t strike this video down since it took me some hella times to cut all the scenes. 

I’ve been missing Philkas a lot, so I just got up from my bed and did something.