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"All it really takes to provoke that lazy sack of bones is some love and determination. No more, no less."

In front of Griz was a very suspicious, crimson eyed youth, around the same age as him and wearing a green and yellow sweater. They had a very strange air around them.

*Are you the one who really likes chocolate? I got some information about this Sans , and it sounds very similar to what you’re telliing me now.

*By the way, I think chocolate is really yummy too. Do you prefer it with almonds…?


Sterek AU: Stiles has an… idea about a way to try to trigger young Derek’s memories of his future self. Derek isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. He finds it hard to believe that future him is in a relationship with this strangely aggravating boy, but he’s lost and uncertain, everyone he knows is dead and there’s something about this stranger… something that smells like mate and home. 

So I was watching the episode, “Phoebe Cheats” and I just have to point out this picture.

A bazillion questions pop into my head simultaneously when I look at this: What the actual hell?  I know Helga walks around with Arnold’s photo in a heart-shaped locket.  But there’s a difference between “a photo of Arnold that could very well be his school picture” and a “random photo of Arnold taken at the park.”  Seriously what is even up with this picture?  Where and how did Helga even get this picture?  What the hell was Arnold doing when this picture was taken?  He’s like, looking directly into the camera, and posing for fuck’s sake!  Who even took the picture?  Was it Mr. Simmons while they were doing some sort of class activity?  Was it Gerald just for the shits and giggles?  I mean, I don’t even know where to start!

Suddenly, I want 30 more minutes worth of story in addition to the original 11-minute episode because hot damn, I need to know these answers.  Now.

Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding 😋 This stuff is ridiculously yummy and healthy too which is always a bonus 😉🍫🍓 AND it’s suuuper easy to make- just mix together chia seeds, almond milk, cacao powder and a little bit of maple syrup and refrigerate for around 5 hours! For the quantities etc. just head to the recipes tab on my blog 💕 (link in my bio!)


Welcome my dirty bangya’s to another installment of Fun Facts Friday. This week is brought to you by a very talented and very yummy vocalist, Yo-ka of Diaura. 

His face, his voice, his style… those lips… makes a girl’s imagination run wild. Pinning you against a wall as he gently whispers into your ear and his lips run down your body.

Now, let us begin with some fun facts on this delicious man. - Tiger

Went to school in Fukushima

Was in his first band at 15

His first live was the adorable age of 16 {Baby faced Yo-ka singing in a live… Kawaiii}

He likes melon soda *Quickly runs out and buys ALL of the melon soda*

Likes sweets and Croquettes 

Can’t handle spicy food

Is rather impatient

Eats quickly and gets frustrated with the other members for eating too slowly {a frustrated yo-ka would just be adorable, ne?}

Has a low alcohol tolerance.{wonder what a drunk yo-ka would be like}

Stated that if he were drunk he would most likely throw up while he was asleep {Well that answers that, don’t worry though i can make sure you stay awake hehe}

Thinks his mum is s female version of himself {Medusa??? lol}

Catches colds often {yo-ka-sama must look after himself better}

He can also play guitar and drums

Before a live he likes to relax by sitting at a cafe and drinking tea

PIERROT was the first Visual Kei band he discovered, and at first they scared him.

Most, if not all, of the songs composed by Yo-Ka have guitar solos

Kei, Yuu & Yo-ka were previously in a band together called Valluna, Yuu & Yo-Ka were in a band together before Valluna also.

In his second year of high school he had black hair with short bangs.

He didn’t really value things when he was younger

When a girl gave him handmade Valentine’s chocolate when he was younger, he ended up throwing it away because it smelled and didn’t look edible {So cold, Yo-ka sama}

Gave away a ring that he wore in his previous band to a fan on a Christmas raffle

Says’s he would like to have children one day

Thinks he would make a good father

Said that when he is married he would never cheat on his wife

Vegan Food Lovers Features
Strawberry Coconut Cream Mousse Cups 🍓🍓🍓
By @greensmoothiegourmet


8 dates, soaked and pitted
2 tbls coconut oil, melted
2 cups almond flour
½ tsp sea salt


1 can chilled overnight coconut cream (I like Trader Joe’s)
½ cup nut milk
4 tbsp coconut nectar or maple syrup
2 tbsp coconut butter
½ cup chopped fresh strawberries
1 pinch sea salt
Extra chopped strawberries for topping

We love the ease with which this frosty dessert comes together! We provide a crust recipe below, but any basic raw crust can be used. The mousse is frozen here, but the recipe is yummy at room temp served in cups too!
Blend or food process the crust ingredients, dates first. Press into cupcake papers, or a cup mold of your choosing. Put in the freezer for 30 minutes.
Blend coconut cream, nut milk, coconut nectar, coconut butter, and salt until smooth. If the mixture seems too dry to spoon, add a bit more milk.
You want to be able to easy spoon the mixture into the cups, and then tap to even off the surface a bit.
Fold in the chopped strawberries. Freeze for another 30 minutes, then press chopped strawberries into surface, cover to prevent freezer burn and store in freezer. Thaw for 30 minutes before serving as a chilled dessert. I sprinkled mine with shredded coconut! Easy, fun, tropical! Enjoy!

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Day 23

My self control was crap today. They had shortbread AND ginger crunch at our catered lunch/morning tea today…………………I can’t resist them!

Starting today I’m going to write down what I eat as a way to remind myself (cause I have a crap memory haha) and track habits.

And tomorrow (I was proud yesterday because I said no to the toffee pops on offer) NO BIKKIES FOR MORNING TEA/LUNCH!