it was too yummy


I have lived in my new spot for less than a week now and I am madly in love. I have come a long way from living in an emotional suitcase. But even during the shit show that is moving and unpacking I realized I am very simple when it comes to what makes me feel comfortable.

I immediately hung all my hats on the wall near the closet. For one, I mean, I love hats. But also friends always reach for them during wine induced dance parties which happened on Friday. (The first inaugural carpet spill happened at the same time. No one is surprised.)

I put photographs, artwork and quotes around the apartment within the first few hours of getting the keys.

Lighting yummy candles is so good too… My mom slipped this diptyque one (my favorite) in a box of stuff she had left for me before they headed up to Canada. The scent completely overtakes the smell of new cabinets and fresh paint.

And flowers. Sunflowers and orchids from people who came to see the new spot. Adds a little life to the place.

I need to put up curtains. I need to get the cracked window fixed. I need to find where to do laundry since there aren’t machines in the building.

But none of that really matters right now. I am home. And it feels so good.


Sterek AU: Stiles has an… idea about a way to try to trigger young Derek’s memories of his future self. Derek isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. He finds it hard to believe that future him is in a relationship with this strangely aggravating boy, but he’s lost and uncertain, everyone he knows is dead and there’s something about this stranger… something that smells like mate and home. 

Picture of you and your baby he tweets

Jack J: “I think mommy looks pretty yummy too little guy”

Nash: “A beach day with my lovely ladies”

Sammy: “My two babies looking flawless”

Matt: “No boys allowed apparently :((((((”

Cameron “Hands down the 3 most beautiful girls ive ever seen”


Nate: “Im so blessed wow they’re so stunning”

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what episode is your new icon from? Like he’s just tasted something yummy!

I believe it’s from A Scandal in Belgravia (he’s just knicked the mine pies - which I have to say don’t look nearly as delicious as the dish tucking into them - from Mrs. Hudson’s fridge after he and John rescued her from the baddie he threw out of a window.) Scandal is like my second least favourite episode so I haven’t seen it very often so apologies if I’m wrong

I hope you have a lovely day and thank you for asking xx


If you can lift makeup palettes and Lush goodies, lift yourself these things, too!

  • high quality vitamins
  • calming candles
  • yummy healthy snacks
  • portable phone charger banks, for emergencies! keep one in your purse, always fully charged
  • otc meds like Midol, Tylenol, etc
  • some Dr. Bronner’s soap (!!!)
  • stationary
  • art supplies
  • CONDOMS + LUBE (you will save SO much money and have safe, awesome sex!!!!!)
  • hiqual dish soap and laundry detergent
  • a daily planner, Moleskine is my choice
  • a small bluetooth enabled speaker to play soothing music for you at night
  • dark chocolate
  • cushy insoles for your shoes
  • a basic needle and threading kit, for clothing repairs
  • a hot glue gun (!!!)
  • hiqual household cleaners to keep your space smellin fresh and lookin nice
  • a GOOD VIBE! not that battery operated shit, get one that plugs into ya gotdamn wall and give yourself some O’s!!!!!!
  • treats for your pets
  • chapsticks
  • really good foot cream, to make sure ur heels aren’t cracking!!!
  • a basic mani-pedi tool kit
  • um
  • yesh

Oops. Lisa completely forgot The Aqua Bunny Almost Daily Gallery’s anniversary. You know, she was too busy celebrating an elaborate Father’s Day, all her idea (Kent just wanted was a quiet day off… let’s not talk about the Go-Kart fire) and then subsequently marathoning video game after video game (including, yes, EarthBound Beginnings) only taking breaks to watch cartoons, because this is, quote, “the correct way to spend summer vacation”.

It’s ok. Charlotte spazzed on the date, too. Happy belated!

Cupcake based on these. Don’t they look yummy?


Now this is a fine CadillacPussy submission. Fucking smoking hot and sweet shaved pussy too!!!! Yummy!!! Thank you for the submission!!!!!!

Litha Faery Sandwiches

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For  Litha I will be making these special sandwiches my grandma would make, called Fairy sandwiches.  
What you need is:
-Peanutbutter or some sort of nut butter
-Berry jam or jelly (you can use fruit too but berries are the best)
-Honey (local if possible)
-Whole wheat bread (unless you are allergic then any type of bread or tortilla is okay.)

Make the sandwich and cut it into fours, leave a fourth outside for the fae and or wild life (with a small bit of milk) and you can eat the rest yourself with a glass of milk. This is so the Fae look at your home with positivity and so you get a yummy little treat. you can eat it outside too- sharing your meal with a fae.
if you like you can sub the nut butter with nutella- still awesome.



Nyanko-sensei Figure Collection Eye-Catching Edition

I’ve received the random set of 10 of these gachapons, out of the 6 types I could get only 4 (three of them have duplicates, one has 4 of the same type). One more (skating one) I could buy elsewhere, should be arriving soon, the last one I’m not that interested in. I will update this post with the arriving one later.

As usual, the quality is superb, the details are amazing. My fav is that tiny little frog and the paw print on the Fuji one. Oh, and the mikans are extremely real and yummy looking, too. I got a little help to fill in the missing 2 figures, my own cats. :) Fiona is fascinated by it, while Frodo wanted to snatch one for himself, looks like a youkai who wants to destroy Nyanko-sensei - see below:

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"That's incredible. You're incredible."

“Shut up. I’ll eat how I want to.” Kensi mumbled, letting out a tiny moan as she shoved another bite of pancakes into her mouth. 

“I complimented you!” Deeks protested, tracing his fingers along her bare ankle and staring in wonder as she stuffed more breakfast food into her mouth. 

“That tickles.” Her voice came out from behind a mouthful of syrup and buttery pancakes as she glared at him good-naturedly, too comfortably seated on his counter top with her legs tucked beneath her to move. 

His eyes beamed devilishly at her. “You weren’t complaining about anything tickling last night. 

“I wasn’t trying to eat last night.” Kensi poked his torso with her big toe, and shifting on the hard surface under her ass. 

“I was, it was yummy too.” He squeezed her calf now, his fingers gliding further up her leg and his eyes steadily darkening. 

“Deeks.” She whined, jabbing her fork in the direction of her plate and running her fingers through her already tousled bed head. 

“Fine.” He pulled away, tugging out a chair and plopping down, his supreme sad face already setting in. “But it’s your fault, coming out here in my shirt with your sleepy eyes, you’re lucky I didn’t burn the pancakes." 

She snorts, jumping down from the counter and resting her her dirty plate in his sink. "You’re lucky you didn’t burn the pancakes, you’d be dealing with a lot worse right now. And quit with the face, you know that doesn’t work on me." 

"Really?” He lowered his eyes and stuck out his bottom lip just a little further, forcing himself not to grin when he saw reluctance covering her face. 

“We have to go to work." 

"We also have to shower.” He pointed out. 

“You already showered!" 

"But I got all sticky making the pancakes!" 

Biting her bottom lip seductively, Kensi stepped closer, grabbing his hands and hauling him up from his chair. 

"Seeing as how they were my pancakes, it’s only fair if I clean you up, I guess."