it was too much for me today

Random appreciation of Ethan because he’s come so far and it makes me emotional. I watched an older video recently, back when his channel was still fairly small, and he talked about what the channel meant to him and what he wanted to do with it, and just to continue to make people happy. He also said that he was afraid because he didn’t want us to forget about him. Now, just seeing how much the channel and community have grown since then is so incredible. And now he lives in LA and does YouTube full time and is sooo close to 300k! And he still constantly reminds us of how much the community means to him, and how much he loves us, and it’s too sweet. I just love seeing people living their dreams, and I’m so fucking proud of him.
I don’t know, I’m kind of emotional today and this community means the fucking world to me, I love it to bits, and I couldn’t forget him if I tried.

Self love Wednesdays is such a cute concept I love it but I’m definitely scrubbing it today so here’s a selfie from a night I felt cute!!

I think the thing I love most about myself is my ability to persevere and overcome, my ability to take things one day at a time and work through it. I don’t wanna get too detailed bc that’s not what this is for but I’ve become so much more than the girl I used to be and I’ve been through and endured quite a few bad things but I have managed to somehow become a positive and loving person who works her lil heart out!! Of course I still have bad days where I lay in bed more than I should or indulge my bad coping habits but in the general scheme of things I’ve really come far and I still have so much farther to go and I’m excited to see the person I’ll become 💕


I looked so good today someone wife me up

So, I haven’t posted about this, or even told very many people, because I’ve basically been working on not thinking about it too much.

Since I’m over 50, my doctor kept bugging me to do a colonoscopy. I finally caved in, sort of, and did one of those ‘cologuard’ tests for colon cancer. It came back positive. 

There is certainly a possibility that this is a false-positive, and that’s kinda what I’ve been holding onto to keep myself afloat. Tomorrow I have a diagnostic colonoscopy to find out if there really is anything, or if the cologuard test was wrong.

Today I’m on clear liquids only, and at 5pm and midnight I have to drink a half-gallon of … roto-rooter clean out stuff. Joy.

So, I’ll let you know what the results are when I know. I’m pretty sure it won’t be tomorrow, but I forgot to ask them when I get the results. 

On the positive side, I’ve been trying to psych myself up to do a day of fasting each week, so this kinda forced it on me.

Happy day off to me.

I took my first day off of the school year today and went to Disneyland with a few friends who are on Spring Break right now. So here I am at California Adventure drinking peach sangria (two and a half).

I bought that ring in Disneyland for $6.02. Amazing how inexpensive it was. It looks really nice too.

It’s been a very nice, much needed day. Work has taken a lot out of me this year, but especially lately. I needed this.

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Do you have any prompts about a person trying to romantically pursue someone, and the other person doesn't want to date them because they seem too obnoxious? Is this how asking for prompts works? I really love your blog. It's going to be incredibly helpful as I plan to write a LOT today, so, thank you so much!

//Might be a little late, but yes, that’s how you ask for prompts!

“I don’t mean to offend, but you seem too high maintenance for me.”

“I might be like this more than half the time, but if you got to know me, I’m more than I appear.”

“You don’t even know me. Try to get to know me.”

“Give me one chance. I’ll change your mind.”

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Hey do you mind if I make a Comic dub of your "Sharks facts featuring Millie" comic?

You’re actually the 2nd person to ask me about this, this week. So to all of you:

Go right ahead!

But remember to Tag the the owner of the whatever characters I’m using! Oh and tag me too, cuz I love seeing the stuff you guys make with scribbles X3

Can’t wait to see it! Have fun! ^w^

Bonus drawing of Millie and Razzle cuz they’re my favorites X3

Millie and Razzle both belong to @aom-officialblog and I had SO much fun making up Razzle’s little dragon form today. Tried to work her curly hair into her horns and spikes and stuff. Kat was super helpful with giving me references for her adorable little dragon girl! Can’t wait to see what the actual version of the form looks like ^w^

I’m solo parenting today… plrease save me.  Io is at a work thing until almost midnight.  Demon goat decided to wake up about three hours early. :(  And has been a complete handful since.

I’ve finally given in and have given him Yuri on Ice and he he is the happiest demon goat ever now.  Only made happier when he can love the cat too much.  Seriously, our cat is stupidly good with him.  The most patient cat soul in the universe.  (Maine Coon mix, if anyone is interested – our new cat (comes home on the 21st of April!!!!!!) is a Norwegian Forest Cat – purebred, but no papers))

(Also Viktor just stood up in the Onsen and declared himself to be Yuuri’s coach and I don’t think I’ll ever get over that wink, omg.  Viktor how are you so EXTRA, you pining fool. <3 <3 <3)

@envy45-weightloss I tried taking selfies for your tag last night but I had too much wine and it turned into a racy gift for a lucky dude. Here instead is the polar opposite: me and my shitty nails capturing the fact that I got foundation on my work shirt today. Woe!

ive never made trans church content before but that ends Today:

  • trans buds with carolina 
  • the ultimate Hoodie Trans………
  • has a lot of internalized transphobia abt dating boys (ex ‘none would see me as a guy’) so hasnt rly dated any.
    • for that matter hasnt rly dated anyone but tex bc of this. someone get him a date in the afterlife. 
  • body dysphoria is lessened bc Hes An AI but social dysphoria?? ooh man,,
  • gets dysphoric abt his voice getting high when hes angry but cares less and less as time goes on. he has too much angry yelling to do. dysphoria cant hold him back. its time to scream.

So many happy things today! Glass, birthdays, flowers, live tickets… 

It is a good day to be a Pangur. 

Finally feeling like a human again.

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It surprises me you don't believe in Girl Code. ): Who wants sloppy seconds anyway?

I mean this gently anon, but I think you must be new here.

In general, I don’t do too much personal storytelling on this blog (just a little here and there when it’s relevant or funny), but since popping my head out of my work-den today got me some asks (it probably comes as no surprise that this was the closest to nice one 😂) about why I “don’t respect ‘girl code’,” it’s storytime:

My grandfather briefly dated my great aunt (aka my grandma’s big sister), but he married my grandma in the end. (Grandma was also briefly engaged to another local boy before she married my grandfather). My grandmother and great aunt have zero bad blood on the matter and laugh about it to this day, some 50-odd years later. Nobody “stole” anyone from anybody, although like a lot of girls (including my aunt) my grandma did have a childhood crush from-a-distance on my grandfather prior to him and my great aunt “courting” for a while, as he used to say. Yes, my grandma was jealous for a time, but she got over it (partly because there wasn’t anything substantial to be jealous of in the end) and it’s worth noting that she herself was still a teenager when her sister and my grandpa, who are both a few years older, went out.

The way they always told it, my grandfather dating my great aunt is what got him closer to the whole family and it’s part of how my grandparents wound up together. (A big chunk of the rest of the story is a series of letters between my grandparents from when he was stationed overseas a few years after he dated my great aunt, but that’s beyond the scope of my point.)

Both sisters enjoyed long, happy marriages with their respective husbands. My great uncle thinks the whole thing is a hoot. As far as I know the boy Grandma didn’t marry (who continued to attend the same church as many members of my family until he died) had a long, happy marriage as well.

I won’t even get into my much more modern and far less small-town experiences along these lines. I think that story is probably enough context for why it blows my particular mind when people say that a sister (blood or not) wouldn’t want her sister to be happy even if it was with an ex, or that people don’t tend to date around within their social group over the years.

To me, “Girl Code” is wanting the people (specifically women) you love to be happy, and supporting them in that. If a relatively brief, not especially deep relationship with a guy doesn’t work out in the end, that’s okay and that’s life. It’s normal. People learn from that and get over it all the time.

When things don’t work out between one pair of people in a social circle, people (even now) do tend to move on within their social circle. This is also normal. As far as television (and fiction in general) goes though, that social circle (aka cast of characters/potential romantic partners) is gonna be far less broad and complex than in real life, but aside from that it’s absolutely realistic for multiple relationships to occur within a social group both in real life and in fiction, especially when people (characters) are younger and not likely to head down the aisle with whoever they clasp fingertips with two times their freshman year of high school.

Now, if we’re taking about having overlapping affairs? Seems to me it’s a given that’s never okay to do to anyone regardless of gender; no “Girl Code” necessary. If we’re talking about falling for someone your sister-friend had a serious, deep, truly intimate (emotionally, physically, or both) relationship with, who she’s still not over…that’s a different and more delicate story than an on-the-face cruel affair or dating a friend’s ex after something relatively shallow doesn’t work out and everyone’s over it.

Life is nuanced and complicated and full of funny paths to unexpected ends, and life mostly can’t be lived based on one-line, catch-all, made-up “codes.” In terms of relationships that simply don’t develop into anything especially deep and ultimately end with everyone amiable, there’s really no conflict there unless somebody who is into drama for drama’s sake makes one.

tl;dr: the best “Girl Code” is the code that encourages women and girls to value each other’s happiness above treating men like objects to be pissed on and then “owned” forever even if you’re just leaving them on a shelf. If you still have a frowny face, then I’m sorry anon, but we will simply never agree on this.

(As for “sloppy seconds”: that’s a demeaning term because it boils people—usually women but clearly not always—down to nothing but kissing and/or sex objects, who are used up and “gross” aka “sloppy” after kissing or sleeping with somone. In the specific case of GMW speculation, we-ell…I don’t really think dating someone after your friend seventh-grade-pecked him years ago and held his fingertips twice can reasonably be construed as “sloppy,” even if we set aside the demeaning implications of the phrase.)

EDIT: Oh, and come to think of it…I know somebody who wound up married to her BFF/half-sister’s eighth grade boyfriend. They got together over a decade after middle school. Nobody cares, everyone’s happy. 😂

I’m sure loads of people have versions of these stories they could tell, be it between sisters or sister-friends.

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I'm a social worker and former case planner: I think you're doing the right thing. It seems like RK struggles with abandonment. By acting out she proves to herself that she is too much for people (BM, therapist) to handle. 911 shouldn't be called unless she's an imminent risk to herself or others. It sounds like the therapists standard for imminent risk is too low. Just IMO.

I had a really long day at work today and since RK was unexpectedly home at our house today, I ended up taking DS to work with me again. He was wonderful. I am exhausted.

I managed to send an email to RK’s team this morning providing the info I had and what I thought of the situation. Basically that RK’s mom needs to figure out how to deal, that I didn’t think police contact was warranted, and where is the case going now after this scenario.

I received a couple of emails back basically saying that the direction of the case is going to change, but no one is sure how yet. I also felt super validated because the team agreed that police contact should never have happened. I by no means think that we shouldn’t take every threat seriously. I believe that. I am saying that there is a better way to handle the situation than police contact.

Thank you for the note. It made me feel validated. Not sure if they’re going to keep the therapist on the case now or not.

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Hello again comadre 💁🏽 lemme tell you about what I've dealt with today. I've been getting bullied at work for months by women who are older than my mother 😑 it's been giving me so much anxiety. Today I took the leap of faith and stood up for myself. I fought all the physical pains anxiety gave me and it paid off. The situation is being handled and I feel so much relief. Friendly reminder to everyone to stay strong. Where there is darkness there is light. Stay Alive |-/ -La Comadre 🙋🏽

hola comadre! 🙋🏽

ugh, i had that happen at my old workplace too. im so proud of you!

you are strong.
“no hay mal por que bien no venga”

i hope your days are as bright as you and your anxiety eases.

stay alive, comadre!

택운아, 나 수술해. 췌장암이래.. 허허 위험한 수술이라 그러던데 무섭다 너무. 그래도 힘내볼게, 이겨내기 힘들다는 이거 이겨내서 누군가에게 희망을 주는 사람이 되볼게. 보고싶다 많이.. 오늘도 응원해 택운아?

Taekwoon-ah, I’m getting surgery. They said it’s pancreatic cancer.. Haha I heard it’s a dangerous surgery, so I’m scared, very much so. But I’ll try to be strong; I’ll beat this thing that is hard to beat and try becoming a person that can give someone strength. I want to see you a lot.. Will you support me today too Taekwoon-ah?


다 잘될거야 기도할게

It’ll all turn out well I’ll pray for you

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Thank you soo, sooooo, soooooooo MUCH!! Now I dont have to wander around the house pouting or avoid tumblr and all its bowling pics!! You have no idea how much this means to me.  Id stay and chat, but Im off to build a bowling alley!!

I cant thank you enough @lizillasimming for your generosity.  I won’t forget it!

(Thank you also to @impishlyxpervertedxsims who offered to help me too)  I am feeling all the loves today!!!

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hey you! yeah, I'm taking to YOU. why are you so gosh darn beautiful/handsome? you're too pretty for me. and you know what? I like your art. THERE. I said it! I love your art. You keep on being an amazing human being, you got it??

thank you anon i really needed to see this today??? like honestly one of my worst days at work in my whole life but it got a little better at the end and this is very nice and kind thank you so much

it’s good to remember there are kind people around that bother to send nice messages to people just because. thank you ✨

ok nevermind im def not going out today :/ theres this huge pile of mud?? stuff?? in the way of the sidewalk and these two guys are shoveling it out of the way and at this point theres way too much obstacles for me to go out with and yeah…. ,im really sorry guys :‘0