it was too much for me today

No update today

Sorry, had a bit of a rough drawing day yesterday and today I spent most of my time shopping and there’s way too much work left to be done on the update for me to reasonably get it done by today, so apologies for that.

Update will be on schedule for Tuesday though, I promise!

My blog is fine now!

I wanted to give one last big apology to all of my followers for having to deal with this giant mess. And thank you so much to my followers who actually didn’t unfollow me! And for the ones who did, it’s completely fine. I would too, I mean that was crazy. And I even told you guys to so thank you for listening xD I’m a bit too apprehensive right now to reblog anything, but really I can’t say thank you enough to all my followers for putting up with my annoying text posts today and the hundreds of the same post reblogged. So thank you! :)

@askthelittlesoulbendy //a little gift for you (( i can’t draw chubby bodies sorry ;v; ))




//I was having such a bad evening this has made today so much better for me. Thank you oh my gosh thank you. ;//v//;


Just when you thought hating on LGBT was horrible enough, how about hate for straight people?

My friend Nicole, the only straight girl out of her friendship group, called me today in tears down the phone because she’s being bullied for her sexuality. Never had she once insulted her friends for their choices, that’s why she loves them so much - because they’re proud of who they are. But…it got too much to the point where they insulted her for not being lesbian or bisexual with them.

What the actual fuck?

This is not a post against LGBT people. I’m bisexual. I support people no matter what their sexuality is. But…supporting this community to the point of hating straight people is just as disgusting as homophobia. You want an equal life? Then don’t hate on straight people either. It’s ironic.

Let people be gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight. WHATEVER you want to be! But if you hate on anyone only because of their sexuality, you’re a disgusting person.

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reading ovi's livejournal is so surreal....i don't know what it is about it but i feel so weird looking at it

im getting a real Julie an Julia feel….Ovi plopping down at the computer and typing about his feelings….where’s my Julie and Julia AU for nicky/ovi

“Nicky, I’m going to cook whole Julia Child book,” Sasha announces.

Nicklas peers up at him blankly, his glasses sliding down his nose. “You mean you’re going to put the book in a stew?”

“Haha, not funny,” Sasha says, plopping down next to his husband and patting his thigh. “I had great idea today, making leek and potato soup. Give me blog ideas.”

Nicklas bends down and kisses Sasha’s scrunched up face. “I think you just had too much butter.”

“Maybe so,” Sasha says. “But I’m feeling like Julia Child will save me. From boredom, if nothing else.”

(cutscene to kitchen - stove is boiling, stew is on the floor, and Ovi is lying on the kitchen floor in an apron, crying, “There’s all this stuff on floor.”) 

I was tagged by @lewizhamilton thank you <3

Name - Jacob
Nicknames - Whatever nicknames people give me, I don’t know
Zodiac Sign - Leo
Height - 186cm (6ft, basically)
Orientation - Straight
Ethnicity - White British
Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite Season - Spring
Favorite Book - Song of Ice and Fire series
Favorite Flower - Roses
Favorite Scent - Vanilla or Almond
Favorite Color - Red
How Much Sleep I Get Each Night - About 6 hours on average
Favorite Fictional Character -Too many to pick really
Date Of Blog Creation - January 2017 for this blog
Number Of Followers - 278, I lost 2 followers today as well lmao

I’ll just tag @curbstones-and-cowboyboots @hulkieswonderland @daddy-dutch @iamthekarmapolice @livinginsalt @livelongandfangirling @likevettel and @gingervivilou but feel free to ignore this

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I love y'all's podcast for the analysis and insight. I've listened to all your eps. Even though the hellatus is not even half-way, I'm speculating on which rock songs may get some play during season 13. Do you have a guess for the returning-from-hiatus montage song? I'mma go with Golden Earring's Twilight Zone since they're planning on mining different AU's. If TFW is raising Jack, maybe Harry Chapin's Cat's in the Cradle. Jumpin Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones seems a little too on-the-nose.

Awww, thank you so much for listening! <3

And WOAH. You TOTALLY threw me for a loop! I’ve actually never really speculated about what the recap song would be because it’s a 1 in 100,000+ (probably way more) shot, and mullet classic rock isn’t my area of expertise. (I’m way more into the psychedelic 60s.)

But this was super fun to think about, so all day at work today I listened to 60s/70s/80s tunes today to try and come up with something that fits the following things:

  • Suits the show’s current events
  • Fits the show’s usual musical choices for season openers
  • Is affordable (meaning Zeppelin is out, no matter how much we whine - I will shit my pants twice if Zeppelin is ever actually on the show)

And this is the song I kept coming back to:


(also jesus the band looks so fucking young in this vid)

I think my choice here is more than a little influenced by what I think Jack is doing/has done to Cas.

That said, I think Golden Earring’s Twilight Zone is DEFINITELY a good choice (probably stronger than mine; I partially picked Europe for my choice because The Final Countdown has been used in hilarious moments in my life recently, like the end of a very close Euchre game).

I think Cat’s in the Cradle and Jumpin Jack Flash might not be hard enough for the opener… ? I think they tend to pick things that get blood pumping or makes you wanna punch people. (Like how Heartbreaker makes me wanna punch faces.)

Today my friend’s mother was ripped away from this world too early. She was such a wonderful person who bring so much light into mine and everyone else’s life and it breaks my heart to know her light has gone out. Sorry for the somber note but I feel that this is a place for me to express my feelings 💜

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update: saw the ENFP at the mall today and he just kind of stared at me for a while and accidentally walked into a plant. he really should watch where he's going I think he was too busy watching something else or someone else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -PEPEroni girl sending you all the love and dank memes (your blog is fab)

Thank you so much for this update I love it a lot ! The legend of PEPEroni girl and plant boy will live on forever… tell your man to watch where he’s going before he decides to stare 😏 Honestly though feel free to send all the updates you’d like (I’m talking to both of you Mr. ENFP)

Sending you Italian meats and plants to run into, ~ INTP mod 

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep
"Who cares if one more light goes out in the sky of a million stars? … I do."

I lost my hero today. I feel like I’ve lost a part of my soul.

I was 14 when I first found out about Linkin Park. They were the first band I fell in love with that weren’t from my country yet made me feel like I needed to go through all their records. And so I did. Chester’s voice represented so much that I could not put in words. But I needed to understand his words too. Without the translations. This made me pay attention to my English classes. I owe my first attempts of learning how to speak English to him and his band.

I have turned to Linkin Park’s music for every emotion I have ever felt. Their music has touched me. Chester’s powerful voice has guided me through hard times and it was with me when I was feeling on top of the world too.

Chester was my first music idol. I literally grew up listening to Linkin Park.

It’s devastating how one can save millions but millions can not save the one. You’re always going to be my legend. You’ve had an impact on millions, Ches. You will live on in your music. May your voice and Linkin Park never leave our hearts 🥀

Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington.
March 20, 1976 - July 20, 2017

Aries: We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.

Taurus: Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Gemini: Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we go back to page one and do it all over again?

Cancer: Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.

Leo: Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.

Virgo: “I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh.

Libra: Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.

Scorpio: How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?

Sagittarius: Promise me you’ll always remember: you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. And more loved than you’ll ever know.

Capricorn: Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my favorite day.

Aquarius: A friend is one of the nicest things you can have & one of the best things you can be.

Pisces: I think we dream so that we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams we can be together all the time.

—  A Winnie The Pooh quote for every sign.