it was too big before bluh

When speaking with the Disability Support Services at my school about accommodations, I asked if I could get extensions on big assignments which tend to be beyond overwhelming for me because I have ADHD and anxiety.

Their response was something along the lines of: “We actually don’t give extensions because we’d rather work with people to get to the source of the problem.“ 

What am I supposed to do, just stop having anxiety and stop having ADHD?


Translation: "I obviously don’t know what ADHD, but it’s a problem, so instead of doing my job and accommodating it, I would rather you suffer through it and /fix/ it before your next big assignment.

Bluh. This kind of stuff is done to me too, and it’s awful. Usually by my science teacher. The assignments were extremely overwhelming and I have multiple melt downs because of it. Every single one of them was late and got a late grade, but thankfully I passed.

They don’t seem to understand that the "problem” is literally the ADHD/anxiety. Actually no. That’s not even the problem. The problem is their refusal to accommodate the ADHD and anxiety. It’s ridiculous. I hope you get through it though. All the support to you!