it was time to finish it

Egotober, Day 16 - Rot and ruin

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Only a sketch for today too, really unoriginal as well, I’m really sorry. I got too busy with unrelated art stuff…

Robbie is another ego I haven’t drawn before and I hoped to make my first drawing of him actually decent. Too bad “decent” just doesn’t seem to work out for me lately.


and then bakugou went back to his own room only to start screaming pretty loudly about what he had just done

anyways i’d never drawn a kiss before nor a comic itself + i’m still getting used to digital art so this probably looks terrible … i wanted to draw something for tetsutetsu’s birthday too but i was pretty busy today (one of the reasons why this looks so rushed, there’s only an attempt at a background in 3 panels and there are so many mistakes) … i’ll try to draw something for him tomorrow

i wasn’t even going to post this because i keep getting the feeling that it’s bad but?? i spent too much time on this to just keep it to myself so yeah !! hopefully i won’t end up regretting posting this lmao

Inktober day 15