it was time lmao

Interviewers to BTS: Any plans to release an English album soon??


Interviewer to BTS: who is your American celeb crush?


Interviewer to BTS: Which American singer would you collab with?


It got so old so quickly. I understand it’s America, but it’s all so centered around America. Ask them about their message, or the Love Yourself campaign maybe? Ask questions more so about the group…please?



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i was reading your deacon cheats on sole and i was wondering about your take on of it was the other way around? sole cheats on deeks?

hhhhhaaa haahaaa

  • He barely saw them out of the corner of his eye. This unknown man and Deacon’s Sole, going into their house in a giggle fit.
  • The arm around Sole’s waist irked him and that made him follow them. He creeped onto the back of the house and sat there in the darkness for what seemed for like an eternity.
  •  All he heard where the rustling of clothing being taken off and soft sighs, moans and giggles. He took off his sunglasses and he played out the scenes in his imagination following along with the noises behind him.
  •  He heard the exact sounds he didn’t want to hear, kisses and the sound of one entering the other.
  • I’m shit. I never deserved them, I never did. Goddammit. 
  • He got up and he walked off, not even caring that he had been heard.
  • He went back to his own private house and gathered his things, put them in a pack and wandered off.
  • “D- Deacon!” He turned around to meet Sole’s watering eyes. “What are you doing? Where are you going?”
  • His mouth twitched to a frown and he balled his hands into fists, “I-”
  • “Who’s this fucker?” A man came from behind Sole.
  • “He- he’s no one, just-”
  • “Are you fucking serious?” He nearly yelled at Sole. “I’m nobody, huh? Just some guy that’s been looking out for your ass when you couldn’t, ah? That’s all I am to you,” He stared Sole down through his shades, they where crying and he that hurt him. He tried not to feel for them, but he loved them still, even though he betrayed him. “We’re done.”
  • He started to walk off towards the bridge but Sole’s hand grabbed his sleeve, “Deacon, please!”
  • “Get the fuck off, Sole!” He pushed them off with more force than he intended and they fell to the cold hard ground.
  • The man grabbed at the collar of Deacon’s jacket and almost landed a punch straight to his face but Deacon was quick enough to pull out his gun and put a bullet in the mans leg.
  • “You son of a bitch!!” The man gripped at his leg and Deacon took off running.
  • His lungs screamed for air as he made it to Concord. He got into a building and there he let out all of his feelings. His eyes burned with tears and his sleeve was full of them. “Why, why WHY, WHAT DID I DO WRONG??!”
  • The door cracked opened  and a small figure stumbled into the room, Deacon pulled out his gun but quickly put it down once he realized it was just Dogmeat. “Hey boy, c’mere.”
  • The dog happily trotted his way over to him and sat down onto Deacon’s lap.
  • Deacon buried his face in the dogs fur and let out some more tears. “I’m gonna keep you, kay?” 
  • In response, Dogmeat let out a small bark and licked a few stray tears off of Deacon’s face. Deacon chuckled and continued petting the pooch and then went off to the HQ, ready to get to work.
  • He avoided Sole as much as possible and ignored them whenever they tried to talk. He wasn’t going to let them break him more than they did. And apparently Dogmeat thought the same as he never left Deacon’s side.