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{Hogwarts 1513}
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Hogwarts Houses’ Versions of ‘An Eye for an Eye’

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Gryffindor: “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Stand your ground.”

Slytherin: “Two eyes for an eye. You step on my toes, I chop off your foot.”

Ravenclaw: “ ‘An eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind.”

Hufflepuff:”You’re either an ‘eye for an eye’ person, or a ‘turn the cheek’ person. Only one can avoid violence.”

The Houses as Tumblr Text Posts Part 5
  • Ravenclaw: no similes, we die
  • Slytherin: I might seem like a cold bitch but when I'm into someone I'm like level 5 clinger, like wya? can I kiss you? can I love you?
  • Hufflepuff: I'm such a slut for reassurance!!!!!!! like tell me how much you love me!!!! KINKY AF
  • Gryffindor: "really?" I say to inanimate objects that are not working like they usually do

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The Hogwarts houses reacting to a Transgendered individual coming out

Ravenclaw: … I FUCKING KNEW IT *hands them book with strong trans protagonist*

Hufflepuff: Coolio. Cookie?

Gryffindor: Boy, girl, non- binary, or unicorn, will you still help me jump off the top of gryffindor tower and survive?

Slytherin: Already knew they had come out, and was already referring to them by their preferred pronouns in a seamless fashion 

Why’d Ya Come in Here Lookin’ Like That?

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So, this is my first time smutting solo. Which is not nearly as dirty as it sounds I swear. Thank you to Beka for listening to me whine incessantly about this. And for the confidence boosts. Also, to my Nori - @actuallyasgardian for the beta. I hope you guys enjoy. I went back and forth on this thing like 73 times, so please let me know what you think. (Also Chuck bless Dolly Parton and Justin Matisse.)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (also a tiny mention of Sam x Eileen because I will go down with that ship)

Words: 3,178 (I’m so sorry I don’t know why I’m like this)

Warnings: Smut (nothing that couldn’t be on HBO primetime) Language. There’s some really gross fluff in there too tbh.


“Are you um…are you wearing cowboy boots?”

“Yep!” Popping the ‘p’ Dean did a little spin. That’s when you noticed his new jeans. His new jeans that were just a little more snug than his usual style. He even had his shirt tucked in. Your mouth went dry just looking at him.

“Wh-why, why are you dressed like that?” You knew you were stammering and probably blinking too much, but seeing him dressed like this was…doing things to you.

“Found a case, figured if I’m gonna check it out I should fit in. Why?” He knew exactly why, but he kept his voice neutral as his eyes skimmed over you. “You like the get up?”

“Oh, I don’t know if like is the word I’d use.”

Sam walked in with his duffle bag and yours, interrupting your staring session. “Hey you ready? I want to hit the road soon, like now.”

“Dean found a case. I should stay back and help him.” you spouted entirely too fast, confusing Sam and causing Dean to choke back a laugh.

“Babe, it’s fine. I can give Garth a call, besides you were really looking forward to seeing Eileen.”

“I know, but you-you really shouldn’t be hunting by yourself, and Garth is out-ish and I kinda just butted in on Sam’s trip to see her. I’m sure he wanted alone time. I should stay back, yeah, Imma stay.”

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  • Harry: You know, from now on, I will be calm. I will not let Malfoy piss me off.
  • Hermione: Harry, he can literally come into the same room as you and that's you off your head, steaming.
  • Harry: Hermione, you underestimate me, I am a strong-minded individual.
  • Draco: *exhales out loud*
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • Harry: bOI you stay doing some annoying shit.
  • Ron: Wow, 3 seconds. Your new record, Harry.

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The houses at a fancy dinner

Ravenclaw: I don’t care if this is fancy I’m going to read my book and ignore you all.
Hufflepuff: Makes polite conversation while secretly planning to enlist Slytherin to raid the kitchen with them
Gryffindor: Helping hufflepuff raid kitchen since Slytherin refused (but did give them directions and a key)
Slytherin: Hosting party, looking fine af, and probably planning a murder.


The Hogwarts houses for Pride

Slytherin - Gay, Bisexual and Transgender 

Gryffindor - Intersex, Leather and Genderfluid 

Ravenclaw - Pansexual, Asexual and Lesbian 

Hufflepuff - Bear, Genderqueer and Polyamorous

I know this is super late but I finished these just after Pride month ended and was probably going to post them next year however @l0vegl0wsinthedark motivated me to post them anyway. I’m sorry about the poor quality on a couple of them, the original size of the image is different in all.