it was the video *excuses*

Listen I really hope they will release the short this evening because tomorrow and wednesday I am not here at night and ‘sorry i have to wait for a 10 minute short of a video game’ is not an acceptable excuse to ditch my friends for

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The end of the world video was bad enough with its painfully cliché unoriginality and horrible acting but the trouble finds you video is just pathetic lmao its basically just an excuse for Juliet to show herself off for 3 minutes with zero meaning behind it. Would it really kill this hoe to actually try to be creative for once??

Y'all this bitch gives no fucks anymore.

  • Someone: idk I guess I have bad hand eye coordination I'm not great at video games
  • Neurotypical: that's okay :)
  • Me, an autistic: I have a disability that makes me have poor motor skills, making it hard to do things like play video games
  • Neurotypical: what the fuck quit making excuses

honestly can people stop giving kanye a pass for every incredibly disgusting thing he says and does? his support for bill cosby was ignored. his sexual harassment of taylor swift, amber rose, and rihanna in the famous video was absolutely inexcusable, yet venerated as “art”. it even got several vma nominations. his consistent slut-shaming against amber rose and other women is often glanced over. his casting call for “biracial women only” in one of his music videos was excused because apparently casting calls are supposed to be that specific. some blamed his tirade against black empowerment and support of donald trump on the kardashians influencing him (HOW? when they all supported hillary clinton?). and now he’s met with donald trump himself in trump tower. what else does he have to do to let yall know hes a bad person? portray himself in a giant fucking orgy with donald trump, among several other rapists, racists, and women abusers? oh wait. he already did that…..


Someone subbed the 2.5 Trailer!!


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