it was the single greatest moment of my life

We all age. That’s one of the greatest tragedies in life. That every minute it is ending simultaneously. That every day we wake up, and we’re one step closer to thirty, forty, fifty, and it’s a lonely feeling. The feeling that every moment is the youngest we’ll ever be because there’s no possible way to stop time because without time we would not exist. It is the only constant force of nature along with change that makes us grow. So let’s grow, my darling. Let’s grow, my love. Let’s consider every day as a gift to take at least a single small step forward because that’s progress, that’s change, and any kind of change is powerful.
—  Juansen Dizon // Maturity

lunathewolfwarrior  asked:

Can you do a klangst fanfic where Keith had cancer and he is spending his last days with his fiance (they were going to marry but the cancer messed up their plans) and one day Keith just cuddles with his fiance, kisses HIM then falls asleep but when Lance tries to wake him up, Keith is cold and has died in his sleep. Lots of feels and crying and sad Lance

I finally got around to writing this, its also posted on my wattpad! So much Klangst and I cried so much!!! Thank you so the request, despite how evil it was!

This is how it should be.
The two of us enjoying each others company, looking through our old memories.
Despite being under several large blankets Lance could still feel Keith shiver in his arms, which encouraged the older boy to pull the smaller closer to his body.

At the moment the two were looking at photos from back when they had fought in the war and were awarded medals of bravery for helping their country win. They had already seen pictures of when Lance first asked Keith out back in the Garrison where they first met. And then pictures taken from the courtesy of Pidge, Hunk and Shiro of their dates and cute moments they had together.
Both boys laughed at the one where Lance had fallen asleep at the table and Keith was about to pour water on him.  Keith moved his head slightly and brushed his cold lips on Lances warm neck giving him a few loving kisses.

Lance turns his head slightly allowing both of their lips to meet. Though Keiths’ colder lips didn’t go unnoticed by Lance as he played with the ring that was on Keiths hand.   The next page was covered in hearts and cheesy quotes. You see the next page was of Lance proposing to Keith just over a year ago. A single tear slipped down Keiths face as he let out a weak cough snuggling closer to Lance.
The two had planned to get married, but just under a month after the proposal Keith got very sick. Lances arms tightened around the 24 year old in his arms, wishing that this was all just a dream.

As they turned the next page Lance attached his soft warm lips to Keiths chapped cold ones, for the next page of pictures were of Keith in the hosipital and Lance by his bedside smiling. This was a time where the both of them thought Keith was going to be better. But boy were they wrong.
Lance just couldn’t understand why his baby deserved to go through all of this pain. He had lost his hair, lost so much weight, could barely hold down a meal, was always tired and was cold to touch. Yet the world still wanted to cause him pain, wasn’t fighting in a war to protect millions for five years enough to earn a happy life? Why did the world decide to take such a beautiful brave person and break him. What did he do in a past life to deserve such a thing now? If Lance could swap places with him he would, but he can’t dwell on that. Instead enjoy the time he has left with the boy he loves.

Pidge, Hunk and Shiro had already said their final goodbyes two days ago, not wanting to miss out on the chance to let Keith know how much he means to them. But Lance just couldn’t let go of his other half. Keith had kept him alive through his darkest moments and kept every promise he made, though Lance knew that one promise would be broken soon. The promise to ‘Stay together forever.’

Keith body shivered within Lances arms and his breathing slowed slightly. Lance left his train of thought as he began to sing quietly to Keith the song of their first ever dance together. “Wise men said only fools rush in” …………………………

Keit felt like te weight of the world was slowly lifting off his shoulders as his body started to feel like jelly and and darknes started to overtake his vision.  "Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling so it goes, Some things are meant to be.“ Keith could no longer see anything around him but he held onto Lances voice as he sang. When they say you’re life flashes before you die they were right. Keith kept having images of Lance appearing ad dissapearing in his head. From the day they met until this very moment where the 25 year old is singing him away with the words of their greatest love song.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too.” Keith could feel his mind slowly shutting down and the world as he knew it fade away like a dream.

“For I can’t help falling in love with you.” Were the last words Keith herd before his body went completely limp and he was free of the pain this cruel world bought him…………….

As Lance finised singing he felt Keiths still body and a single tear rolled down his face, followed by another and another until it was like a rainpoor down his face. He let out a heart wrenching sob as he pulled Keith closer to him wishing he would just wake up, life without Keith wasn’t worth living. Keiths body was fozen and his beautiful once full of life features were now a pale grey ad his lips gaining a slight blue tinge………………………..

“Goodbye my love” Lance said as he gave Keith one last kiss.His world became clouded with tears and he turned the next page to reveal the first picture the two ever took together as a couple. A funny looking selfie with their face squashed together, Lance sticking his tongue out and Keith winking at the camera with the most beautiful smile on his perfect face.

*BANG*  Lances eyes shot open as the room around him began to spin. He blinked a couple times before opening his eyes to reveal a white colored room and a bed next to his with a figure in it. Lance jumped out of the bed that seemed familiar to him and clumsily walked over to the bed next to him. There lay Keith, his Keith. Then it all came back to him.
Voltron, the mission, the explosion, is team mates, and Keih. His beautiful alive Keith.
The boy bellow him began to stir and as soon as his purple eyes opened both boys of 17 engulfed each other in a bone crushing hug and began to sob.
It seems that both boys had the same sad dream that day.

I hope you liked it!! And not to many tears!

nightmares off (bellamy blake au, part ii)

Plot: Octavia and Lincoln go to the hotel and Bellamy suggests you spend the night. It starts out innocent (with not so innocent hopes) but you both tap into this primal desire that can’t be ignored.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: language, sex, oral teasing, smut basically

A/N: OKAY I KNOW SHE’S TIRED BUT SHE RLLY WANTS THAT D. Y/N and Bellamy are good friends, but they’ve never done something like this with each other. Bellamy’s been receiving psychiatrist-type help but he’s not her official patient. That being said, please enjoy this. I wrote and rewrote this a few times and for some reason, my smut is always rusty af. (GIFS AREN’T MINE)


“I guess we’re going to have to leave you two with that,” Lincoln clears his throat, winking at me as Bellamy finally pulls out of his daze.

“I guess so,” Bellamy looks over at Lincoln and hugs him. “Thanks for keeping an eye out for O.”

“Thanks for loving her,” you smile at Lincoln who in turn smiles at Octavia. “Go home, lovebirds.”

And that’s what they do, leaving you and Bellamy standing in the hallway in an awkward silence.

“I can’t believe you,” Bellamy whispers and suddenly there it is: the crippling self-doubt and mind-numbing anxiety. “I can’t believe you found O.”

You knew it. You knew you should’ve told him. But you didn’t tell him and now he’s upset with you. Of course he’s upset with you, you went on a scavenger hunt to find his sister and didn’t tell him.

“Y/N?” Bellamy whispers, turned to you with brows raised. “I can’t believe you found O! This is the single greatest moment of my entire life!”

“Wait huh?” You look up as Bell comes over and wraps his arms around you. “You’re happy? You’re not upset or annoyed with me?”

“I’m so happy you found her. I’m overjoyed, ecstatic. It just caught me by surprise. That’s all, princess,” he whispers and lifts your head up. “I just can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe you brought her back to me.”

“And I’m so happy you two got to meet, Bellamy. I’m sorry my emotion sensors are kind of all over the place. I haven’t slept for more than two hours a night for the past month,” you chuckle softly and look up to see Bellamy’s confused face. “About a month and a half ago, I realized that the only way to help you fight off your demons would be to find Octavia. So that’s exactly what I set out to do. I haven’t been able to rest,what with all the possiblities. I couldn’t sleep, I’ve been anxious and tired and scared. But I would go through all that a thousand times over just to see the look on your face when you and O got reunited. That made it all worth it, Bellamy. You made everything worth it.”

“You did all this for me?” Bellamy whispers, his eyes twinkling as you speak. “You went through all that for little old me?”

“Oh, sweetie. I’d do anything for you. You’re my favorite patient,” you tease and Bellamy bumps his head against yours as you chuckle.

You lift your head up to say something to him only to realize the close proximity between your faces. So instead you opt to pull away, a small smile on your face as you wonder what would’ve happened if you hadn’t..

“I guess I should head out. You’ve had a bit of a surprising day,” you clear your throat and it’s Bellamy’s turn to chuckle.

“Why don’t–why don’t you stay tonight?” He whispers and you fight to keep yourself calm. “I’ll run you a hot bath, we can have some drinks, watch some fun movies?”

“What?” Your voice comes out in a quiet squeal almost and Bellamy smiles softly.

“Well. I mean you and I were supposed to have dinner together and this is the most we’ve spoken to each other all night,” Bellamy brushes the hair out of your face and your breath gets caught in your throat at the intimate action. “Stay the night. It’ll be fun.”

“I–” you bite your lip as Bellamy looks at you expectedly. “Fine. I’ll stay the night, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be any fun. I’m very tired.”

“Don’t worry. The dishes have all been washed, and the leftovers have all been put away. I’ve got snacks in the kitchen. I’m all yours,” he winks at you and grabs your hand, leading you to the living room.

“If I knew that the only thing standing between us were dishes and leftovers, I’d have put them away a lot sooner,” you wink back at him and he blushes, face turning a deep red.

“Well, now you know, princess,” he smiles and heads to the bathroom to run the bath, no doubt.  

“He just wants to be nice, Y/N. For God’s sake, you just found his sister. He’s emotional. Don’t pounce on his vulnerable state,” you whisper to yourself, pacing as Bellamy makes his way to the kitchen.

“The bath should be ready by now. You can go get comfortable. Once the bubbles are in place, I’ll bring a drink, deal?” He smiles at you over his shoulder and you nod, heading to the bathroom.

You close the door behind you and strip naked, placing your clothes in a small bundle by the sink before stepping into the bath and covering yourself with all the calming bubbles and smells.

“I-I’m ready,” you yell out nervously and Bellamy walks in seconds later, a glass of wine in each hand.

“Everything okay?” He raises a brow towards you, sensing your discomfort, and you muster up a nervous smile.

“Yeah. I’m just oddly nervous. Is that wierd?” You chuckle as Bellamy’s features soften, a gentle smile on his face as he walks closer and hands you a glass.

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

“You’ve never spent the night at my place. It’s okay to be nervous. Don’t worry, I won’t bite,” he smirks and you relax, happy with the banter. And before you can stop yourself, you respond.

“Not even if I want you to?”

And for a few seconds, the air stills: Bellamy clenches his jaw and closes his eyes to keep himself from pouncing in the tub with you, and you sink a little lower into the tub in hopes that the hot water would help your nipples calm the fuck down. You let the few seconds pass before taking a sip of the wine and clearing your throat.

“Th-thanks for this, Bellamy. It’s really–”

“Do you want me to?” He turns to look at you, a dark look in his eyes. “Don’t play any games with me, please. Do you want me to?”

You nod, not trusting your voice. Bellamy waits, needing to hear the words.

“I-I want you to, Bellamy,” you whisper, looking up at him and holding back a whimper.

“Fuck,” Bellamy mutters under his breath, rubbing his temples as you slowly sit up, the water dripping down your breasts as you hold a trembling hand out to Bellamy.

“W-will you please join me?” You can feel your heart hammering inside your chest as you wait for Bellamy’s response.

A heartbeat passes before Bellamy pulls off his sweater, breathing heavily as his eyes meet yours again. He leans down, cupping your face and gently pressing his lips against yours. You get the breath knocked right out of you; kissing him was better than you could’ve ever imagined.  He brushes his nose against your and you let out a relieved laugh as his hair falls onto his forehead, tickling you.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Bellamy whispers, pulling away and quickly stripping down. Your eyes rake down his body, an almost silent moan escaping your lips as you take in the sight of him.

“So have I, Bell,” you gulp, quickly averting your eyes from his length as a blush covers your cheeks. “Please get in here.”

Bellamy slowly slips into the opposite end of the tub, eyes never leaving yours as he holds a hand out to you. You quickly accept and he pulls you flush against him, lips finding yours once again. And again, your breath is knocked out of you. Your hands move up and get tangled in his dark locks. He bites down on your lip and you gently tug on his hair, a small gasp leaving his mouth.

“You feel better than I imagined,” Bellamy moves his lips to your jaw, slowly leading up towards your earlobe.

“O-oh, Bellamy so do you,” you moan loudly as Bellamy takes your earlobe into his mouth, biting and sucking on it.

You feel him growing harder underneath you and you shyly reach a hand down to grab him as his lips move down to the crook of your shoulder. Your hands wrap around him and Bellamy bites down on your shoulder in response. You love the feeling of his teeth digging into you as you slowly move your hands over him. You lean over and kiss his chest as his hands dig into your hips and his head rests back.

You gently squeeze him and Bellamy lets out a soft moan, eyes clenched shut as his hands squeeze your waist.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a while, Y/N,” Bellamy whispers, slowly opening his eyes. “I don’t know how long I can last.”

“Wanna hop in the shower?” You whisper, one hand running up Bellamy’s abdomen while the other gently pinches his balls.

“Fuck yes. Get up,” he whispers, voice husky and you grow even more aroused. You do as he asks, standing up and stepping out of the bath. Bellamy stills for a second, breathing heavily as his eyes rake over you.

“W-what? What is it?” You whisper, wrapping your arms around your waist as Bellamy shakes his head.

“You,” he whispers, sitting up on his knees in the tub. “Are just,” he leans forward and presses his lips against your right thigh. “So so so,” he whispers, lips moving over your pelvic area as you gasp and your hands move to his shoulder. “So fucking perfect,” he moans against your skin, his lips kissing the curve of your opening as you let out a whimper.

“Please,” you moan as Bellamy’s hands move up to grab your breasts, squeezing them as his lips ghost over your hips. “Please get out and fuck me.”

“Since you asked so nicely, princess,” he whispers, lifting himself out of the tub with a small smirk playing on his lips. He steps out and quickly pulls you close to him, crashing his lips against yours as his hands travel lower and grip your ass.

You let out a breathless laugh as Bellamy smiles against your lips, his hands roaming over every inch of your body while his length pressed against your stomach.

“You just gonna stare at me all night or you gonna do something about it?” You whisper, your breath hitting his neck as he smirks down at you.

“I really want to take my time, but my little buddy can’t take much more right now,” he chuckles and you kiss his neck, licking a stripe from the base of his throat to his shoulder.

“We can take our time next time. Right now, your little buddy and I are on the same page,” you whisper, nibbling on his shoulder and pushing yourself against his length.

Bellamy lets out a low growl and lifts you up, his mouth resting against your neck as he leaves open-mouthed kisses along your skin. You wrap your arms around his waist and Bellamy quickly walks you two into the shower, turning on the water without breaking contact.

“AH! BELLAMY THIS IS COLD,” you scream and Bellamy laughs heartily and puts you down, quickly warming the water before turning back to you.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, still laughing as he pushes you against the wall while you glare at him.

“Stop laughing at me,” you narrow your eyes at him as he tries to kiss your anger away.

At first you don’t acknowledge him, but soon enough he’s on his knees in front of you. HIs mouth is pressed against the tip of your opening, eyes on yours as he waits for you to say something. One hand gently teases your nipples and the other is grazing over your slit, not quite touching you.

“Bellamy,” you whimper, your tough facade fading as his eyes grow dark with need. “Please.”

“Please what, princess?” He raises his brows at you and you nearly faint at his authoritative tone.

“Please fuck me, Bellamy. Please,” your gaze is latched onto his as he nuzzles his nose against you, his tongue teasing your opening.

“I can’t wait to taste you after this,” he stands up, erection larger than it was previously and you let out a moan at the sight.

“And I can’t wait to taste you, Bellamy, but right now I need you inside me. Please,” you moan, grabbing Bellamy’s face and bringing it to yours. You press your lips against his, a moan leaving your mouth as Bellamy gently rubs your clit and lifts your leg up. He lifts you up and kisses your neck, slowly inserting himself.

“Oh fuck,” Bellamy groans loudly, resting his forehead against yours as he allows you a moment to adjust. You’re alarmed at his size, biting your lips as you get comfortable.

“P-please move,” you whimper, slowly tilting your hips up as Bellamy curses loudly and moves slowly at first before picking up speed. Your nails dig into his shoulders and you drag them down his back as he whispers in your ear. “Faster, please!”

You scream as Bellamy moves quickly, his hips twitching and stroke growing sloppy as you both near your edge. Your walls clench around him and you scream his name, releasing all over his cock as Bellamy curses your name and releases his load inside you. Bellamy rests his head against your shoulder, panting as you lower your shaking leg from around him. He cups your face, tilting it to the side to press a gentle kiss against your lips. The feeling alone ignites another fire in you and Bellamy senses it, a small smile on his face as your breathing grows ragged yet again.

“I haven’t fully recovered yet. Why must you do this to me?” You groan and you both laugh, as Bellamy lifts himself off you and grabs a loofah.

“I’m gonna clean us both up because I don’t think you can move right now,” he gives you a cocky smirk as you playfully roll your eyes, knowing damn well he’s right.

“Whatever, Blake. Hurry it up,” you scrunch your nose at Bellamy and he smiles at you, shaking his head. “Next time, we’re gonna clean up afterwards. Not before, during, and after.”

“Next time, huh?” His face lights up as you make plans for the future. “I like the sound of that.”

I’m dead. Do you hear me? I’m dead. D*E*A*D. I came to Norway, in large part, to see the land where my favorite TV show, “Skam,” was filmed. I, of course, wanted to meet one of the stars of “Skam,” Tarjei Sandvik Moe, to tell him that the show had changed the landscape of LGBTQI rights in countries around the world (because of him and his on-screen chemistry with Henrik Holm, who masterfully plays “Even”) and how the discussion of human rights, in general, had forever been raised by his sensitive and moving portrait of the troubled “Isak,” who is on an awkward journey of self-discovery and a quest for love.

But, I never for a moment thought I ever would meet him in person, of course, because what are the odds? Yet here he is. HERE HE FUCKING IS. WITH ME. And, I’m dead. DEAD. He was also super kind and sweet, too, which made meeting him in the flesh even more special.

Ok, so I looked like a bloated puffer fish in this photo, but who cares?!? I met him.

This is the greatest single day of my life. The rest of the previous days of my life can just go and fuck off right now. Jaysus. I was shaking for an hour after this photo was taken. I’m dead. Now I just have to meet @henkeholm and my life would be complete. Ah…someday! Anything is possible now! I believe it is possible so it can happen! ANYTHING.

Thank you, Universe!

It will soon be a decade since one of Meredith Duran’s most popular secondary characters, Lord Lockwood, was introduced in Duke of Shadows with curiosity-whetting innuendos about his troubled marriage. Earlier this year, A Lady’s Code of Conduct hinted that he is about to make a comeback from a place his enemies never thought would be discovered. My heart is aflutter as I just found out that February 2018 will at last give us The Sins of Lord Lockwood!

Somebody save this author from the inane covers she’s always cursed with, though.


Liam Devaliant, Lord Lockwood, was born into a charmed life. Charismatic, powerful, and wild, he had the world at his feet—and one woman as his aim. His wedding to Anna was meant to be his greatest triumph. Instead, in a single moment, a wicked conspiracy robbed him of his future and freedom.


Four years later, Liam has returned from death with plans for revenge. Standing in his way, though, is his long-absent bride. Once, he adored Anna’s courage. Now it seems like a curse, for Anna refuses to fear or forget him. If she can’t win back Liam’s love, then she means at least to save his soul…no matter the cost.

So y’all might remember when I made that big Funyons push

Funyuns got back to me and let me know that unfortunately they couldn’t reblog my original comic for legal reasons (although I think the image of a tableful of serious-faced lawyers poring over my goofy tumblr post is even better). But let it never be said that @funyuns isn’t a stand-up snack food company! Because the other day this mysterious package arrived on my doorstep…

I’m about to become a roadie for the Funyuns band! But gosh what could be inside this mysterious magician box????




SQW Day 1 - Heartbeats (Celebrity AU)

Hi everybody! I’m so excited about this new Swan Queen Week! Here’s my entry for day 1, in which Emma is in a band and Regina is an actress. As usual, I own nothing and I’m just taking Regina, Emma & co for a spin.

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it, and I hope all of you have an amazing Swan Queen Week! Stay awesome, Swen!

“And we’re now live from LA for The Mares’ concert! They’re ending their world tour right at home, and we’ll be broadcasting their show live, so stay tuned! They should be starting in about 15 minutes, so not much longer to wait now for the fans who’ve –“

Regina turned the radio off and stood up from where she was seated. She looked around the trailer and smiled happily at her son. Henry was slumped in a comfy armchair and had just looked up from his phone. He raised an eyebrow as he saw his mother had stood up.

“Where are you going? Is it time?”

“Well we should go out soon, if we don’t want to miss the beginning. But I’d like to wait for your mom to go back first. She should be done with makeup soon.” As she was speaking, Regina had crossed over to her son and was ruffling his hair. She quickly glanced at his phone to see what had him staring at his screen in silence for the past 10 minutes.

“Mom!” Henry whined, trying to put the phone back in his pocket before his mom could see the screen. He wasn’t quick enough though, and Regina had time to see he was exchanging texts with a certain Paige. The name sounded familiar to Regina; she probably went to school with Henry.

“Paige is in my English class. We’re paired up on a project” Henry muttered, blushing all the way to his ears. Regina hummed and kissed the top of his head, taking advantage that he was sitting down and thus not taller than her.

“You’re getting too big” she complained softly. “My big boy.”

“Mom, I’m 16, you don’t have to call me that. It makes me feel like I’m five all over again. Besides, you’ll have a very little boy – or girl – again in a few months.” As he said this, Henry gestured to Regina’s baby bump. At four months pregnant, it was still relatively discreet but undeniably there. Regina had made quite the sensation at the Oscars, a couple days back, by walking down the red carpet as a nominee and in a tight dress, while not having made any pregnancy announcement before.

The door of the trailer opened and Henry jumped to his feet. In came Emma Swan, Regina’s girlfriend.

“Well, well, well, if this isn’t Academy Award winner Regina Mills and her son, who’s turning out to be quite the teenage heartthrob!” Emma joked, quoting word for word a press article that’d been released the day before and had caused Regina to roll her eyes and sigh heavily at the word “heartthrob”.

“And here is Emma Swan of the world renowned girl band The Mares!” Henry answered in an exaggeratedly enthusiastic voice. “Mom wanted to see you before we go sit down.”

“I wanted to wish you luck before you went on stage, and to give you this…” Regina stood on the tip of her toes and gave Emma a soft kiss, lingering a couple seconds too long for Henry to be completely comfortable watching them.

“Thanks for coming tonight. I’m sure you’ll love the show” Emma said after their kiss ended.

“Always so modest” Regina commented with a wink. “I know it’ll be great. Well, Henry and I should go take our seats. See you onstage?”

Emma watched her son and girlfriend leave the trailer together, and her three band mates come in right after them. Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby were all ready to go, and the four women took a few minutes to go through their pre-concert ritual together.

The concert was already well in its third hour. Regina and Henry were immensely enjoying themselves in the VIP section, and Emma looked just as happy on stage. The band had just finished performing “Heartbeats”, one of their most romantic songs that Emma had written with Regina in mind. Suddenly, Emma started speaking into her microphone.

“I wrote this song with someone very specific in mind: the love of my life. She’s here tonight and I want to dedicate this song, this show, hell, everything good in my life to her, because I owe her every single happy thing that’s been happening to me lately.” Emma turned toward the VIP section and gave Regina the widest of smiles. “Regina, you’re the magic in my life. You’re an exceptional woman, the best mother to our son and overall the greatest person I’ve ever met. I’m proud of you in everything you do, and I’m so thankful for you. But I feel like there’s one last thing missing. So, and please don’t hate me for doing it in front of everyone… Marry me?” There was a moment of silence all over the crowd, and Regina felt like all of her blood was rushing to her feet. She held onto Henry’s shoulder for balance. The teenager had an exceptionally large smile as he looked at his mom and wrapped an arm around her.

“Wait, there’s a ring! Kid, give your mom the ring!” Emma exclaimed, suddenly remembering about it. Emma’s forgetfulness and spontaneity caused the audience to laugh wholeheartedly.

Henry handed his mother the jewelry box. The ring was timeless and sober, and exactly what Regina liked. One of the tech crew members walked over to them with a microphone, and Henry held it to his mom’s mouth.

“Of course I’ll marry you, Emma.”

The entire stadium erupted in cheers, and Mary Margaret, Ashley and Ruby all high fived in the back. Emma blew her now fiancée a kiss, before exclaiming “Awesome! Now, before I can go  and really kiss my fiancée, let’s wrap this all up with ‘Number one’!”


D: “Wow. Someone loves Chuck Bass.”
B: “I don’t know. I just… I don’t understand how it got to this place.”
D: “You know, the first time that I told Serena I loved her, it was terrifying. I’ve never felt so exposed. But the feeling that I got when she said it back to me was probably the single greatest moment of my life.”
B: “But… you broke up.”
D: “Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it all over again.”
B: “If I say it, he wins, and if he wins, then I’ll just be another girl to him.”
D: “You don’t know that that’s true.”

DAIR REWATCH ⇢ 2.08 Pret-a-Poor-J


“I only chose to have a child instead of marriage. And foolishly, I still don’t believe my decision caused any disturbance to society nor did it inflict harm to my child’s future. Even at this moment in court, I don’t believe I made the wrong choice. I only followed my instincts as a woman who wanted a child of her own. And the constitution ensures that every citizen has a right to be happy. The belief that an ideal family consists of a father and a mother and that a single parent home is considered abnormal. I don’t believe in that. What children need the most is love. And I love my child more than my own life.”


“The Brian and Michael show. It’s the greatest love story never told, trust me.”

Gilmore Girls Starters - Season Two
  • Boy, they keep making that ketchup slower and slower, huh? 
  • If the house was burning down, what would you save first, the cake or me?
  • There have been very few moments in my life where I have actually wished I had one of those enormous cream pies you can just smash in someone’s face, but this is definitely one of them.
  • I mean, you did get pregnant at sixteen! That doesn’t show the greatest decision making skills, now does it?
  • You’re really gonna just stand there and watch me eating a danish?
  • See; now only a lady can gracefully walk around a room with a book on her head while eating Kung pow chicken.
  • Do you think you’ll be single your entire life?
  • You SO need to shut up now.
  • Well, having company is about making sacrifices.
  • are you being attacked by your possessions again?
  • Great! Then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
  • Thought a ridiculous accusation deserved a ridiculous response.
  • You’re muttering under your breath. Years of experience have taught me that when you do that, it’s usually about me.
  • And I certainly don’t eat at bars. Hookers eat at bars.
  • God, you’re no fun when you’re tense!
  • Okay, that’s a good idea. But, if we went with that, we’d actually have to build a robot.
  • Every baseball on campus seems to have disappeared.
  • I hate crossword puzzles. They make me feel stupid.
  • You’re crude and unprofessional.
  • Huh. You know what I just realized? Oy is the funniest word in the entire world.
  • Oy with the poodles already.
  • ‘Cause I’m so damn lonely not even Animal Planet does it for me anymore.

Let me tell you something about loving a service member. The opportunities you get to see each other will be few and far between. By no means will it be easy at any given moment. If you are not married or living near post/base, you are long distance 24/7. If you are married already or living near post/base, you WILL be long distance at some point. 

This past year has been one of great challenge, but even greater reward. I’ve never felt love like I have with Richard. When Richard enlisted, it definitely rocked us. The experience has changed the both of us and the crazy thing is, it just got started. We still have so much more to learn, experience, and discover. When he first left for basic, our entire relationship depended on the US Postal Service. We communicated strictly through letters and sometimes if we got lucky, we would get a quick ten or fifteen minute call on Sunday’s. I mean, it was crazy emotional for me, and that was just BASIC TRAINING. Here we are a little more year later, engaged, and still trying to master the art of being long distance. Each day is a challenge and the temptation to buy that one-way plane ticket lingers in the back of my mind all the time. But we wait. We wait for each other, we wait because we know that my education is vital, and we wait so that we may lay the proper foundation for our life together.

Anyway, missing a service member is hard. Wondering when you’ll get to see them again is hard. Having to work around a schedule that can change at any moment is hard. Missing the love of your life is hard. Loving your service member is not hard. That’s the easy part, that’s the part that yields the greatest reward: him. He is my reward and I cherish him every moment of every single day, near or far. 

I just saw 3 guys running down one of the streets by my house in Team Rocket cosplays and it was the single greatest moment of my life.

While the app crashes every time I get near a wild Pokemon, it doesn’t really matter too much because I’ve seen the most amazing things on just a 30 minute walk. From little kids with iPhones to the gentleman in a business suit sprinting across a baseball field yelling to his wife about a Rattata, today has been pretty good. 

When I first met you
I wasn’t sure if love even existed anymore
I had been hurt and betrayed
as though my heart had gone to war
But something in the way you looked at me
that afternoon on the beach
told me there was more you
that you had something you could teach 

From the moment I first kissed you
I wanted to every single hour
even if sometimes you wear that lipstick
the one that tastes too sour!
From the moment you told me about your goals
and your big life plan
I loved that it fit with mine
and I knew I could be your greatest fan
From the moment I met your family
and I knew they were just like mine
I found myself thinking, that maybe
we could have our own sometime
For every moment that we laugh
and for every moment that we cry
for every challenge and obstacle we face 
I know both of us will always try

Because now I know that love does exist
and mine exists with you
You taught me all I needed was a selfless person
someone to always remain faithfully true
And to this day, every time we go back to our spot
and sit in the sand
I think about how lucky I am, it was me you chose
that you took my hand
I will follow you through all your adventures
support you in your biggest dream
because you mean the world to me
and we are my favourite team

—  [ I am lucky to have you ] c.p

I remember when I was in kindergarten I went to a big time rush autograph signing and James gave me a high five it was the single greatest moment of my life