it was the same after watching tfp finale

Here's a list of rare beautiful gems from TFP to try and balance things out a bit

(I collected these by memory and I only half-assed watching this episode bc I was so pissed that it was the same one as the leaked version so feel free to add)

-“this is a family matter” - “That’s. Why. He. Stays!!”
-Mrs Hudson dancing while hoovering
-Mrs Hudson sassing Mycroft by fake-offering tea
-Mycroft’s fake-bearded grin after pulling off the fake nose
-Sherlock in a beanie
-Jim’s “Big G” + appropriate hand gesture bc he’s “down with the kids” and “relatable” like what a pure lil bean apart from the homicidal tendencies
-Mycroft just trying to protect everyone’s feelings?? (Fucking up badly tho but ah well)
-Mycroft and Sherlock knowing by default that Sherlock will always choose John over his brother and Mycroft just trying to make this easier for him?
-Sherlock, once more, helping a mentally unstable, incredibly damaged person
-Sherlock literally calling Mycroft a big fat softie
-Greg naturally and immediately agreeing to look after Mycroft like sUCH A PURE MYSTRADE MOMENT I’M SO HAPPY FOR U GUYS
-Mary finally getting out of the fucking way