it was the only way i could make it fit

I. You Don’t Own Me - Lesley Gore II. Kill V. Maim - Grimes III. Venus Fly - Grimes IV. SCREAM - Grimes V. Unapologetic Bitch - Madonna VI. Problem - Natalia Kills VII. I Love It (ft. Charli XCX) - Icona Pop VIII.  One Woman Army - Porcelain Black IX. Army of Me - Björk X. Medieval Warfare - Grimes XI. Love Bites [So Do I] - Halestorm XII. Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless XIII. Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless XIV. Mz. Hyde - Halestorm XV. Hit Me - Fit for Rivals XVI.  Beast - Nico Vega XVII.  Just a Girl - No Doubt XVIII. Bad Karma - Ida Maria XIX. Baby I Call Hell - Deap Vally XX. I’m Bad News - Ida Maria

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Inspired by @iamtheepilogue‘s playlist idea, I made one for Numei! I already had one for her ship with Arelian but not one for her alone. And in the style of Lafey, I used only female singers. (which boy that was harder than i thought..) I usually make a lot of playlists for dozens of things but never thought of that so, thanks to Lafey for the cool idea!

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So today I was at the park and these guys were trying to climb these polls. They could only make it like a few feet up because they were trying to use mostly arms and I just simply said “use more leg” and they all stopped and stared at me until one guy finally laughed and said “..cause you can do this”. I got up, walked over to them and climbed my sexy ass all the way to the top and the guys were so embarrassed instead of admitting I knew what I was talking about, they all just walked alway in silence.


Anyone who hears the score knows it’s the only way to tell history. There’s not another musical genre that would fit in which he [Alexander Hamilton] could be given full expression and frankly hip-hop has been around for forty years! So anyone who is like, “Oh hip-hop’s not music” is living in their own bubble of their own creation…I’m in the tradition of a lot of artists who have been making amazing work for a really long time. So, when you tell me “I hate rap but I love this,” you’re half insulting me. You should know that. And I always tell them all: you’ve been missing out. I hope you listen to more.

Burcon 2016 - Jensen -  Mr. Warm and Comfy

He is literally so warm and so comfortable to hug. Hands down one of the most fitting and comfortable people I’ve probably ever hugged. That is the best way I can think of to describe him. He is perfection. Which we knew of course ;) And maybe it was because of the flannel he was wearing that morning (he had on a different shirt during autos) which was soft, but he smelled warm and comfy too (I remembered to see if the ‘musk’ was real!!) 

No special story behind this. Just saying the good ol ‘hey, hi’. I had some nerves going since my fun candy hadn’t 100% kicked in yet, but also my Jared Meet n Greet pretty soon after, and no special idea for this, so it was quick, and I have no regrets in my decision. So after pleasantries it was set I was gonna ask for a hug, and there it is :D

The ‘Musk”

My first thought about said musk was ‘The holidays. Christmas.’ That warm fuzzy feeling you get during that time of year; a little spice, a little hint of citrus, woodsy, but subtle. It was very pleasant and very fitting to him I thought. Like he smelled like his personality, which is weird to say, but it makes sense when you experience it: warm, friendly, comfy, inviting; it just fits. Jareds is the same; like sweet fresh baked cookies in the spring in a forest in the sunshine.

I did not get the pleasure of hugging Mr. P that weekend so I can’t report which J is better from my stand point sadly, but Jensen… that’s really hard to beat. You have your work cut out for you after that. Mr. Warm and Comfy<3 

Childhood Memories

I often remember some things prior to my diagnosis that make me smile because they’re just… really autistic.

For example, the first time that I rearranged the furniture in my room on my own (I was probably ten around that time) I first of all took the measurements of the room and each piece of furniture.
Then I did a bit of math to downsize everything into a drawing of my room (with an accurate scale for the sizes). I made all the pieces of furniture separately as cut-outs so I could move around each one on its own and see how everything would fit if I rearranged the furniture in different ways. Only to instantly start the rearranging at 11pm after being satisfied with one of the options I had.

If anyone of you remembers stories like these (late dx/self dx/regular dx - I don’t care!) please feel free to add them to this post if you feel like it! (because stories like these make me smile)

Criminal Minds, Season 3, Episode 9 Headcanon.

Garcia comes home from the hospital with her hair in pigtails, shown in the pic below. 

My mind would not let this fact go. I have had a stomach injury (had my appendix removed) and I can tell you right now, there is now way she could have done that herself. You can’t hold your arms high enough, long enough to brush your hair, let alone braid it. 

So who braided her hair for her? My thoughts? This wonderful man right here. 

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Not only does it fit the dynamic of their friendship, but he has two sisters which makes it more likely that he would be able to do so, and is a total gooey in the middle teddy bear. So yes, if you ask me. I think that Derek brushed and braided her hair for her. 

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Could you possibly draw Sam in Nathan's warrior skin from the Multiplayer? Your art and the details you draw are amazing!

Wow, Super fit! lol
He has a good muscle, so this is a good outfit that make it stand out.
By the way, he said that he putted another tattoo.
But I don’t know it so I’ve drew only birds on his neck.

What part of the body did he put a tattoo…?

Thank you for your request!


Sorry!! I forgot gunshot wound!!!!!

‘’It’s a bad good idea me and you.’’

Yup listening to more Waitress. Am I the only one here who thinks Danny could and should play the romantic lead in said musical? His voice (and natural Texas accent) would fit SO well with the songs (also he’s way too talented to get typecasted as sidekicks…his voice is super strong and should play leads). Plus, musical theatre really needs to fix their male romantic lead stereotypes as tall thin guys (have we learned anything from HAIRSPRAY by making the lead who ends up getting the hot guy overweight?) Love interests should just cast based on vocal range (look at Spring Awakening, they don’t care what body type you are..there’s been a few not so thin Ilse’s and she’s a prostitute and Mortiz’s crush). Danny may not be your typical romantic lead in LOOKS, but his singing voice was born to play crooners and tbh he’s so cute. He’s absolutely GODSEND and his voice is soooo romantic.

OK I’ve seen Spandy and I’ve seen PatBob but I’ve never seen…whatever the hay you call PatrickXSandy. Seriously, think about it. Is cute, right? Big goofy guy meets pretty smart girl? And when Sandy belly slams Patrick in Hero is my Middle Name? I DIED

Also i think Patrick is easily becoming my favorite character in this musical

Also sorry for not making Pat round enough this time…i guess was trying to go for a more Disney style which i really suck at ;-;

Oh my God, I hate Tumblr sometimes… Today I learned that the reason for WW1 and WW2 was RACISM of European nations against each other, jokes about “lazy Greeks” or “arrogant Frenchmen” are RACISM, and being treated differently because you have a foreign surname is RACISM too. WAKE UP AMERICA, don’t you understand that “the level of whiteness” is not the only source for prejudice against some groups of people? Learn the word “xenophobia”, please, and try to remember that European countries have a long history and there are many factors which effect the way people of a certain nationality tend to think about some other nationality. Could you please understand that your concepts are not applicable to everything in the world? Why are you redefining words to make them fit your narrative? What next? “This girl doesn’t like me, I guess that’s because she’s racist against me and secretly thinks that I’m less white that her”. ??? I’m cringing

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hey, i really like your blog :) i was wondering if you could help me, i can't figure out whether i'm intj or infj. most tests i take type me as intj, but a lot of the infj characteristics also fit me? like i think if i am intj, i'm more in tune with my/other peoples emotions than most. that's basically the only way i differ from every intj description ever, is just that i'm strongly empathetic and most intj descriptions make the type out to be like robots. what do you think?

Hi there I don’t know if I can help you but I’ll try. It seems like you’ve narrowed it down to where you know that you have Ni/Se. Try to pay more attention to the functions if the type descriptions are being of little help. What you need to decide now is Te/Fi or Fe/Ti. An easy way to do that is to do a functions quiz if you haven’t already. I recommend this one

Type descriptions tend to be black and white sometimes in an attempt to narrow things down and they don’t pick up the nuances in people so types can seem pretty extreme and polarized. My advice to you is to read up more on the functions and determine whether you more are attentive to others and can sense what they’re feeling and the mood of a environment (Fe) as compared to being focused on organizing and understanding the world around you using logic and facts (Te). If you still can’t narrow it down look to your tertiary functions.

on “earning” calories:

“You expend most of a day’s calories just doing nothing. Sitting around. Breathing. Existing. Remodeling bone. You don’t have to earn shit. People don’t stop deserving and needing to eat just because they don’t move. Even people laying in bed all day have to eat. Trust me. That’s why exercise equivalents on food labels is so absurd. Yeah I could walk for 30 minutes, or watch TV for 3 hours. What’s your point? That’s not what exercise should be for. It’s not just about calories, and it’s definitely not about earning the right to eat. Independent of calories, exercise gives you improved strength and better cardiorespiratory efficiency. That’s what “fitness” literally is…. If you don’t move, or can’t move, or only move in certain ways, it does not make you a less deserving, less worthwhile person. You can eat… Reverse the culturally-enforced equation of exercise and eating. Eat enough so you can move, not the other way around. You’ll be happier.” 

- @fatnutritionist on Twitter

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I know that they are going to leave, but Zuke said 4-5 of their episodes are left to air. Does that mean they have already left or they are sticking around until their episodes are aired?

The episodes can take anywhere up to around a year to create, as I understand it. So the chances are that Lauren left a very long time ago and we’re only just finding out about it now. We have no way of knowing exactly when they finished making these episodes, because we don’t know how long the episodes are put “on hold” after completion until CN decides to show them - especially considering how messy SU’s schedule is at times.

If they have around 5 episodes left then that could still take a few months for them to air (depending on where they fit in with the rest of the season and/or if we end up on hiatus again).


“Shes the one woman, the only woman I ever really loved. It’s different from the way i feel about Meg. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know what to do.”
Seeing the glow in his eyes when he talked about Stephanie, I could envision the heartbreak ahead for Meg. I urged him not to make promises to Meg he couldn’t keep.
“At some point, you’re going to have to choose. Meg loves you. She’s stood by you when the going is rough, when you don’t have any money. You say that Stephanie’s family makes you feel poor, as if you don’t fit in. It might be that Meg’s real, and Stephanie’s a dream. I guess the real test is-how would you feel if you didn’t had Meg? What would you do if you knew she had someone else, if you found her with another man?”
“I did once. It’s funny you should bring it up, because it made me wild. We’d had a fight, and I saw some guy’s car parked outsight her apartment. I raced about the alley and stood up on a garbage can to look in the window. The sweat was just pouring off me and I was like a crazy man. I couldn’t stand to think of Meg with another man. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on me… .” - Ann Rule, The Stranger Beside Me

On the left picture: Ted Bundy with Diana Edwards aka Stephanie Brooks.
On the right picture: Ted Bundy with Elizabeth Kendall aka Meg Anders.

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I don't understand, why does no one like Reagan? I myself also want her out of the show ASAP however I do wonder, If she wasn't dating nick, would we all still not like her? Is it Reagan herself that we don't like, or is it Nick's girlfriend who's getting in Nick and Jess' way that we don't like?

I’m not gonna lie that the fact that she’s Nick’s girlfriend comes first, but not exclusively because she dates him and more because she’s been dating him for a long time now and this arc doesn’t make any sense, it’s just a waste of time. Maybe I could even like her if they wrote this better, but I don’t. I don’t hate her either, though. For me there’s also the fact that I don’t think Reagan fits there. Her chemistry is only good with Jess and with no one else, and personally, I’m not a fan of MF’s acting because for me she always have the same face who’s biggest expression is of disdain and occasional smiles. I can’t see a lot of emotion on her, but I guess that’s who Reagan is so I can’t really blame the actress. The writing sucks, Reagan doesn’t have a lot of character traits and I still don’t get why someone like her (successful, grown up, independent, traveler) is dating Nick and ever agreed to move in with those weirdos in the first place, especially when she has an apartment of her own in LA.

(Top line is Rythian’s height again)
You asked for it. God you guys asked for it. And here they are!
Ross, Trott and Smiffy’s designs for LabBuddies.
Now for some notes:

Ross - Holy crap. Would you believe he was harder to design then the WALRUS? He is the only character so far who’s base design could not in any way fit the LabBuddies colouring motif. He had red that all. That was the only colour on him. Also I wanted him to look scruffy but not…too crazy, since they are essentially con-artists legitimate businessmen in my AU. So I popped his jacket over his shoulders. Like a gangster or something. Also, I can’t draw beards.

Trott - No, he’s not a kid. The other two are just really tall and I carried over the soft pudginess of a walrus into his design which makes him look even younger. Also, the folds of his coat make the shape of walrus tusks! Best way I could think of putting them in there.

Smiffy - Odd man out as he is actually weird looking (more then normal for Server I mean). Yes, he’s semi transparent, he’s slime-like now thanks to an accident when they where trying to steal from Yoglabs. Now design wise he was… well he was easier then Ross but still very little needed to be changed. Gave him more rounded-jelly-like hair, tailcoats and rolled up his sleeves a bit to show off his green arms some more.

Bonus Trott with hood up sketch:

I know who I am.
This is only because I am me, and am then the only person that knows who I am.
If someone else were me I would not know who I am. But wait, who knows if someone else isn’t me, and I someone other than I?
Dissociation takes a hold as quickly as the adrenal gland lets go of, pretty much everything. The same way I wish I could let go of, pretty much everything.
Fitting in as form of survival is forced upon us and trying to get off this train paints you ungrateful, as if covering your previous coat is a favor.

Conforming is supposed to be the easiest way, but loading only one animal of each kind into the ark would have been easier for Noah. And I am not willing to lose parts of myself because it will take less effort and provide me more leg room. I’ll take two of everything and even though losing the mosquitos that are my anxiety would make life easier, who would I be without them.
But then again who am I to say that if I don’t even know if I am I. What I am trying to say is that, I know who I am because it is easiest to believe that I am.

Which is to say you can never escape conformity.

—  Who I am, Who am I?

got an Orisa legendary in my second box lol.  not gonna use it yet though, i’ve barely played with her default skin, gotta get used to that

also found out that i can make my accuracy infinitely better by changing the TV settings.  normally its slightly zoomed in so i only see maybe 80-90% of the screen in any given direction, creating pixel blur and giving me tunnel vision.  the PS4 has a thing to adjust screen size but it doesn’t seem to actually work with its fucking games, i put it as low as it could go and overwatch’s display area didn’t budge.  the only way to fix it is to set the video of the TV settings to “fit screen” but any change to the video causes the screen to go entirely blank after 30 minutes for a few seconds then revert itself.  so i’ll have to time it well and adjust the screen back and forth between every round to be sure it doesn’t freak out on me in the middle of a match

BSM: You're In a Hospital for an Eating Disorder

A/N: i’m going to be posting everyday this week! This is one of the weaker ones i’ve been writing. Hopefully thats okay :) “Hey.” I whispered, my hands in my pockets as I stood at my little sister’s hospital doorway.
She didn’t look better, her bones were still nearly breaking the skin. Her skin was still pale, nearly transparent. I was hoping I would see change; see her with her beaming smile and glowed skin. But I had to come to the realization that it had only been a week. They couldn’t have done so much to her within that time span, but I wish they could’ve.
“Hey.” Y/n smiled.
She sat up, running towards me with her arms wide open. I didn’t hesitate to squat down a bit so that she can fit against me the way she always did. It had only been one week and I miss her like crazy. The fact that she’s not with our family because she’s in a hospital, it makes me miss her more.
She didn’t have to leave if this didn’t happen.
“Baby sis, I miss you” I whispered, trying to compose the sadness that has overcome me.
“I miss you too.” She whispered, her arms squeezing around me even tighter than they already were.
Pushing her softly away from me, I looked into her sunken eyes, sighing as I rub my thumb against her cheek.
“How are you doing?” I asked.
My sister instantly put on the best smile she could, as if she were practicing how she would hide the pain. It killed me knowing it was fake, that she was trying to hide all of the pain and struggles she’s been feeling. For me to reach out for her and understand is all I want, it’s all I’m asking for.
“Really good. My counselor has been really nice to me and she takes care of me. I mean, she’s nothing like you guys but she—”
“No, Y/n.” I whispered, rubbing my thumbs up and down her face out of frustration, “come here.”
Leading her toward her twin bed, I sat down on the foot of it, patting my hand next to me.
She sat down, hesitantly, knowing that her battles were losing. She picks her nails instantly, and I knew she was preparing for what was to come.
“How are you doing?” I repeated, this time giving her a stern look.
Her face suddenly turned serious. He eyebrows creased inwards, and I could see the pain behind her barriers. It wasn’t until a couple seconds after giving her my attention that her eyes began to water, her face scrunching up in attempt to hold back the tears. She turned away from me, her wet eyes fluttering closed. She was swallowing her sobs, her entire face diminishing into somebody so broken.
I instinctively wrap my arms around her, rubbing her back in soft zig-zag lines.
“Sh sh sh. Y/n, it’s okay. It’s okay.”
“No it’s n—not!” Her voice raised, stomping her feet against the floor.
“I hate it here! I hate everything! I never have any time alone! They’re always h—here and always checking on me! I never get more th—than thirty minutes by myself and when I am I can’t do anything! I HATE IT HERE! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT!” She screamed, her cries straining away her voice.
My heart was breaking, I could feel it. It was shaking, hanging on a thread. But my sister needs me, she needs me to hold her together in order for her to believe she can do this. She needs me to be strong enough for the both of us, and I was willing to muster up my strength for her.
“I promise, H—Harry! I promise I will eat and I will fix myself if you just take me home.” She sobbed, her bottom lip trembling as inhumane noises escaped her mouth.
“I just want to go home.” She whispered.
I watched as her body gave out from under her. Every bit of power she once held had turned into pieces. My sister, my beautiful sister, so destroyed and fatigued. Her voice had broken, and maybe she did too. I couldn’t imagine what it was like for her to live alone in a small room, being forced to eat, being harassed, and being tested at only age 16. It must be scary, not knowing what they’re planning for you or what their intentions are.
When I was younger, I always was asked what super powers I had wanted. If I could be strong enough to do something impossible, what would I do? I never knew what to say; what I wanted. There were endless possibilities for me to take, and I was always left with no answer. But now, if I could do the impossible, I would be strong enough to cure the worst; to cure my sister.
Tears slid down my face as I just held my baby sister, who was trembling and whimpering against me.
She’s scared. I know she’s scared. She doesn’t know when she’ll be home, when she’ll recover. She doesn’t know if someone here could support her; hold her hand through all of this.
“Y/n” I whispered, voice cracking under my tears, “you’re going to be okay. Do you hear me? You’re going to get through this. Starvation is not stronger than you, you and I both know that. You are going to be the strongest I know you are. The doctor said you need to gain a good 10-15 pounds in order for you to get out of here. So are you gonna do that?”
She shook her head, more tears running down her face as she fisted my shirt in her hands.
“I don’t think I can do this. I don’t have anyone here to let me know that I’m strong enough to p—pull through because I can’t. I know I can’t. It’s so hard, Harry, it’s so hard.”
“I know sissy, I know.”
I kissed the top of her head, resting my chin on top of it. It wasn’t until a very young woman walked into the room with a tray of food that me and Y/n let go of each other.
“Here is your lunch, Y/n. Your guest here want anything?” She asked.
“I’m alright, thank you.” I smiled, waving at her before she swiftly exited the room.
An eery silence filled the room, and I could tell that Y/n was feeling uncomfortable with the situation of her having to eat in front of me.
Sighing, I grab the tray in front of us. Chicken salad sandwich with an apple, water, and an orange.
“How about we try the healthy stuff first, yeah?”
Grabbing the already peeled orange, I ripped off the small pieces and put them onto her plate in an organized manner.
“Because I know you hate apples” I smiled, placing her plate on top of her lap.
She smiled, her shaking fingers slowly grabbing a piece of the orange. Once she ate the first piece, she ate the rest without a problem.
“Do you think I could have half of the sandwich? I may not finish it, but I want to try.”
I smiled.
“Of course.”
I placed half of the sandwich on her plate. At first, she inspected it. She poked it, took off the bread, smelt it. She gagged a bit, but quickly composed herself.
She looked up at me, the look of determination on her face. She gave me a nod, slowly placing the corner of the sandwich in her mouth.
Once she swallowed, I could tell she wanted nothing but to take it out of her system. But nothing seemed to stop her, because she quickly took another bite, as if she wanted this to be over with.
“It’s the smallest step, but I’m so proud of you.” I whispered.
I heard her chuckle, just the slightest bit under her breath.
“You’re my motivation, Harry. I’ve always wanted to be you. Maybe if I’m normal, I can be as great as you.”
I reached out to touch her hair, tears running down my face. I couldn’t believe how someone so amazing could be apart of my life. My beautiful sister, stronger than anybody I have ever known.
“You already are. You’re better than me, Y/n. So much better.”

Quicksilver x Reader - Beautiful

Notes: I have requests to do, but I wanted to write this. Although it is written as a reader fic, I wrote this for myself, as if I were the reader. If anyone feels the same way, listen to Peter’s words wisely - I PROMISE that they are all true.

Summary: You have really low self-esteem but Peter seems to change all of that

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