it was the only valentines present i need

EXO Reaction when they catch their GF hiding their presents for a special occasion

So I’m posting this one today because I haven’t posted anything this week. Xoxo
I fail so much at this, always end up ruining the surprise xD Xo, Ara~

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*Pretends he didn’t see anything* “Oh jagi! What a surprise! You got me all these things… I’m so happy I want to see what they are already” *He actually just wants to open them and use/play with them because he already know what they are*


*Confession time* “I actually saw the presents my baobei-santa got me and I don’t know how to tell her. Maybe I won’t… but it’s like when someone sings you happy birthday… you never know what face to make”


*Stares at you like this* “You got me so many things for Valentine jagi… it’s only natural I want to give you something too.. if you know what I mean ;)))))))))”


*Upset because  he saw the presents and wanted it to be a surprise*


“So I saw that you got me a little surprise over there jagi… but what you don’t know is that Santa has a bigger one for you!” *He kinda likes roleplaying xD*


*Surprises you from behind as you hide them in the closet* “What you got there jagi? Presents? You didn’t have to babe… I only need you for my birthday”


*Goes for something bigger and makes you a surprise party* “Thought only you could prepare surprises jagiya?”


*Feels like the man* “I have such and awesome girlfriend! And she bought me what I wanted… boys are going to be so jealous!”


*Pouting the whole week* “Why did I open that closet… why did I see all those wrapped presents…. now I’m more curious… I want to see what they are…. They are my presents anyways!”


*Doesn’t even know what he’s opening* “This  is… this is the knives set I wanted… is this for me? Jagi is this for me?”


*Really confused* “Baobei I wanted to ask you something… why are there so many presents hidden in the closet? It’s not Christmas yet…”


*Really touched* “No one has ever done this much for me… my jagi is the best”

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HQ!!VII Translations - The Changing Colours of The Grand King [Part 4]

Decided to just translate it while I was at it today! This is basically the full Oikawa Glasses part of the story!

(Continued from Part 3 here - most of it is under the cut! + Check out the master post here!)

The unassuming clothing store that he entered was decked out with pumpkins, witches, candles and all sorts of Halloween decorations, and Oikawa stood frozen at the entrance without realising it.

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Shadow Hunters, Malec and what I consider the biggest issues

So for some time I and some of the TW meta group have been watching Shadowhunters and discussing/ranting about it. It’s been interesting enough to garner interest and rants and continued viewership, mostly to delight in the things that are going on which are nonsense and also appreciating the Malec story (and ranting about it)

I will admit I have not read any other the source material for a number of reasons *couch*plagiarismfanficscandal*cough* and the writing being meh at best, so I’ll keep to what the show has been telling us and maybe the wiki if something had to be looked up.

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Welcome to the SnowBaz Secret Valentine gift exchange!

If you participated in this year’s Carry On Secret Santa, then you know how this works! If not, feel free to ask me any questions you have! (I have never organized anything like this before, so we will learn together.)

If you are interested in joining, you only need to do 3 simple things:

  1. Reblog this post to spread the word! (Likes are also acceptable. Obviously I’m not going to force you to reblog this post.)
  2. Fill out THIS form
  3. Create a present for your assigned person by February 14, 2016!

I would ask that you fill out the form by January 14th, that way everyone has a month to create their presents. If you would like to be assigned a person earlier, PLEASE let me know and I’d be happy to arrange something for you.

If you join after January 14th, that is also acceptable! You will just have less time to create a present and your gift giver will have less time to work on yours.

I’m really hoping this will be fun and successful for everyone involved! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!