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Everlark Drabble - Dear Peeta

A homage to Hotel Paperby Kattomas

As some of you know @victors-mockingjays @carolinepeeta @chele20035 @notanislander @arbyeatscheesebuns @louezem @mega-aulover and I were all talking about Hotel Paper (The Saddest THG fic out there) by Kattomas.

We decided to make “headcanon sequels,” meaning we wanted to play around with different ideas about what might have happened after the end of that fic. We wanted to make it more like a “homage” to a great fic.

So here’s my entry. Hope you enjoy it.  Forgive my mistakes.

Summary:  Takes place soon after the events of Hotel Paper by Kattomas.  Katniss chronicles the events of her life after she is forced to leave Peeta in the Capitol. Spans a period of 20 years.  Excerpts of her journal entries below.

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