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You look prettier without them (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N Hey guys! Here is a short drabble inspired on a post I found here on tumblr. If I could redirect you all to it, I would have, but sadly, I can’t find it. I only had a picture of it and I deleted that one a couple of days ago :/ Yeah I know, smart me, smart me.  I just want to add in that the reader and Steve aren’t dating but are slowly falling in love. This is going to be one of many of a bigger story (at least I hope it’s going to be :) )

Oh and English isn’t my first language. I am very sorry if I make any mistakes, but you guys will know why now :)

Prompt Steve admires the reader and her sometimes sarcastic comebacks

Note [Y/N] is (as usual in these types of fanfiction) your name. The reader (a.k.a. YOU!) is wearing glasses in this fic :)

Have fun reading!

Steve Rogers

Sitting on the other side of the table was [Y/N]. Chatting along with Natasha about God knows what topics girls talk about. He didn’t know, that’s for certain.

He can see a figure approaching from the corner of his eye, walking slower than he normally would. Pietro or Quicksilver or The Guy Who Get’s Really Annoyed When Things Don’t Happen Fast. He takes a seat facing [Y/N] and Natasha, listening to what they were talking about. If Steve wasn’t already watching what was happening, he certainly did now. Pietro kept listening for a couple of seconds before brutually interupting what was happening in front of him by one, simple question.

“[Y/N], can you please explain me why you wear glasses?”

Your p.o.v.

You had heard the question for a lot of times. If not being able to see without glasses wasn’t a pain in the ass without them. But almost every week Pietro was one of the people to ask it. Without paying attention to him, you answered his question.

“Because without them. I literally can’t see anything. Without my glasses everything is blurry as shizzle. Without them on I’m officially dead.”

“But I don’t understand, you look prettier without them!”

You didn’t even need to think to give him an answer.

“Yeah, but you know, if I don’t wear my glasses, you look a lot prettier too.”

You could hear Natasha murmer something that sounded a lot like ‘burn’ and Pietro quitly saying ‘tha hell’ while he walked away. The thing that caught your attention however was the bright sound of Steve’s laugh. You caught his glare and quickly looked away, back at Natasha who was about to high-five you.

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ewww you like super junior? they are like the most problematic kpop group out there. like siwon is homophobic and shindong does all this fat shaming when's the one to talk. like why would you like them, they are the worst thing that's happened to kpop?

First, Siwon being homophobic came from an unreliable source. If it’s unreliable it’s not fucking real. Two, Shindong sincerely apologized for his comments repeatedly on his twitter and on the air. Third, if you are bringing Shindong’s weight into the equation, oops I’m sorry you are fat shaming too. So that makes you look like a stupid troll 


omg the whole your fav is problematic, stop liking them is such BULLSHIT. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS NONSENSE. I swear to god, if I stopped liking celebrities because they have done problematic things, there would be no one to like. BECAUSE NEWS CHECK. PEOPLE ARE HUMAN. PEOPLE DO SHITTY THINGS AND MAKE MISTAKES. YOU do shitty things too the only difference is that you aren’t in the media so people can’t talk about it. And don’t start but so and so hasn’t done anything problematic. Yeah they have, either they have a really good PR team that cleans stuff up before people on tumblr take it out of control, or they are smart enough to keep their comments to themselves. 

I accept that people are human and in no way are their mistakes, that I know sj has done, going to stop me from liking them. They have been the most influential second-wave kpop group and they are one of the best. You would not have reality shows of kpop stars, or sub-units, european, or american concerts. Super Junior shaped kpop drastically. 

So honey take your bullshit somewhere else

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Hi! I think u r gorgeous 😍😍😍 I cant get enough of you tbh. if you dont mind, can u please post another selfie?

Hi anon! Thank you so much, that’s very flattering! <3 As for that selfie thing, I’ll be honest, I’m a little hesitant. It’s only been a little less than 24 hours since that last selfie I posted… but okay, only because you asked nicely. :3

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I just ended a friendship a few weeks ago and now I can't stop stalking her social media :/ it was/is really unhealthy and I know that, but I don't know how to get over the fact we'll probably never be close again

I’m sorry love :( I have one quote to share with you that I’ve shared so many times on here and it says it better than anyway I could explain it:

God says, “The reason why some people have turned against you and walked away from you without reason, has nothing to do with you. It is because I have removed them from your life because they cannot go where I am taking you. They will only hinder you in your next level because they have already served their purpose in your life. Let them go and keep moving. Greater is coming.”

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You keep saying they were forced... She only asked once. They have the right to refuse. They didn't.

Well, but since they didn’t refuse, that means they are in a relationship, right? Then I’m assuming Liam is also in a relationship with Niall, and Niall is also in a relationship with Harry, considering they also didn’t refuse to hold hands? No one’s denying that they did hold hands, and no one’s mad about it. The only thing is that Larries are treating this as “Larry proof”, when, then, it would also be Niam proof & Narry proof. (I think this was the order they were in, sorry if I am mistaken)

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This will sound really whiny and emo but I don't care. I left my one and only pair of headphones (I am broke and can't afford a new pair) at someone's house this morning, and I won't get them until tomorrow. It's almost bedtime, and I'm terrified. 24 hours with no music, no distraction, no way to cheat my mind. I know it's not that long, but a lot can happen in that period of time without music to distract me. Sorry for my rant but you seemed like a good person to talk to about this. Any advice?

I went to a mental hospital, no phone or music. I WENT CRAZY. I understand how that feels. I’m so sorry, um maybe try something else to distract you? Drawing, writing, anything really. Play a game on your phone even. I love you! Be strong.❤

Who Is She ~ Noah & Helena


Helena hummed a song softly to herself as she walked through the streets of Valencia. Her eyes fluttered closed, serenely as she pictured herself dancing, but only briefly since they popped open at the commotion around her. A group of people raced past her, a giggle escaping her lips at their happy faces. It was a rare sight but one she enjoyed ever so much. Happily she continued to walk on, complete in disguise. Her fiery red hair completely tucked away and her body concealed in a maiden’s dress, plain and dull.

She wanted to visit a small book shop she had recently discovered since she slipped out of the castle. Very often she didn’t buy any books but talked with the salesman about them and carefully leafed through them, looking at pictures. Helena didn’t want to buy any because she was scared someone would find them and ask how she acquired them. There were two ways to get there, the main road and a back road. Normally she took the back roads so that there would be a smaller chance of anyone recognizing her. This time it wasn’t a good idea. Helena walked down the path when she accidentally ran into a man, not much older than herself. “Oh, I apologize.” Her clear, blue eyes met the man’s and immediately fear entered her heart. 

“Hey, pretty lass. Where are you going to?” Her blush spread across her cheeks. “Uhm… u-um..” He raised his hand and backed her into the wall. Her throat was parched and her eyes wild with fright. “No words? That’s quite alright. It’s not your words I need to be hearing.” His eyes lowered down from her face, down to her body not missing an inch. Helena didn’t think this dress was that revealing, it might have been a little more flattering than she would have liked but nothing much more than that. He pushed her, hard, against the wall as he pulled at the cloth in her hair. Helena struggled against him when he did to which he pushed her harder against the wall, tears forming in her eyes. “If you stay quiet it will be over before you know it, I promise.” He breathed in her ear. She tried to scream but he was too strong for her, her red hair starting to fall down her face as her eyes shimmered with unshed tears and fear.

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I don't know if you take request for wallpapers? Because you're on semi hiatus,right? I don't mind bother you so take your time! But could I request one: Taehyung with dogs. If thats possible. I find the pics of him with dogs so cute omg (c)

© thats my weakpoint. Its so freakin cutee. Just if you want to do it haha and if you have no time right now, should I just come after a month and “remember” you? xd Could the wallpapers be more purple and light blue? ^^ or Caramell brown lol. I am really thankful! xd Sorry for sending you 3 asks lol stupid phone mode ㅠㅠ it only has 200 letters. Well, take your time! Have a nice day ♡   

Taehyung with dogs is so cuteee! No problem, tumblr is a bit stupid sometimes. Yep, I’ve semi-closed requests until October so you can still request during this time but they’re unlikely to be done until mid-October (so yeah check back in like a month but I’ll tag you in the post anyway). You can also check the status of your request here 

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I sincerely hope ur not one of those white ppl who are like "support and educate others on what oppressed ppl deal with" but only give a Fuck about lgbtqa+ and not people of color as well

… i’m hispanic… i am not white, sorry to let u down bud

Tagged by the very wonderful punk-mikasa [I am so sorry for not doing the other ones, I am so bad at this. But thank you for tagging me <33]

Rules: Answer all the questions then tag 10 people

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5′2′’[I am so short it’s not even funny]

Hair (color/length/style): My hair is pretty short, shoulder length and really dark brown. It practically looks black, although it gets lighter in the summer. And I usually straighten or curl it.

Do you have freckles?: Nope.

Sexuality: Straight, I think

Do you tan easily: Surprisingly yes. I think I got two shades blacker during the summer haha.

Do you wear glasses: Yep, I’m practically a danger to society without them.

Do you have any tattoos/piercings?: Both. I have a tattoo on my arm, and I have piercings as well.

What would you classify your style as?: Hm. I honestly don’t know. I would say that I’m almost punk, but then the next day it’s street, and then the day after that I’m in heels and a nice trench coat. I guess it’s whatever I’m feeling that day.

What celeb do you look the most like: I honestly have no clue

Are you Athletic/curvy/skinny/normal?: Curvy-ish, bordering on pleasantly plump

What’s your favorite feature?: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Hm. My eyes, definitely. But. I do like my lips. 

Least favorite feature: My nails [does this count??]

Post a selfie: 

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I'm sorry, but may I rant to you? Sorry, I have no one else to turn to. I'm a lesbian and I basically have only straight friends, everyone is straight but my girlfriend and my other best friend, who is bi. And other then them, no gets it. (01/05)

I get called masculine, even though I say clearly that I am a girl, everyone seems to stereotype me, even the most liberal people, and I’m afraid of correcting them, they call me boy as a joke, they are fine in other ways, why would I ruin it?(02/05)

I shut up when two of the guys my friends hung out with told me “No offense, but lesbianism is just not enough dicking” and everyone laughed, and I shut up, and I burn with anger and all the unsaid things, I just make speeches in my head (03/05)

There’s straight girl who asks “So you’re isolating straights?” when I say I want to make gay friends, and she said I don’t experience homophobia because my parents didn’t kick me out, and I can’t argue properly because I give too many fucks (04/05)

I feel like I never get to speak, like I just keep hearing this shit, and I shut up because I don’t wanna make a scene, but I don’t think I can deal anymore, I simply can’t. What do I do? (05/05)

oh, anon. i’m so, so sorry. you deserve so much better than this. i don’t know what your situation is like, but are there any resources/groups in your area that you could reach out to? i’m so sorry

So I got some good news and bad news guys

One one hand I am perfectly good at sending asks because you really only need one hand to type

But the other, lets just say I busted my drawing hand and won’t be able to draw or even doodle for a few days.

But on a better note, I have a cat on me lap

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Uhh, how come you're not responding as much today or yesterday?

SORRY, anon! I started back to school this week and then I got up at 4:00 this morn to go and help out at a convention! Just got home, I am totally dead to the world, and I shall try and respond to all my lovely messages from you all tomorrow after some sleep has been had! 

Thanks for asking!

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