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UH SO. Saw this post by @backliners wanting that one iconic True Detective scene but between Kevin and Andrew and uh. My hand slipped.

I had to flip the reference screenshots because Kevin rides shotgun.

It’s 1:49 am and it’s past my bedtim. And this sort of took over the other AFTG thing I was PLANNING on doing- and so maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.

The only image in this series where I’m actually happy with Kevin’s face is the first one HAHA HAhafuck me.

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Post-Baltimore Scene 

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@thewhippedsalvatxre because if you thought this wasn’t going to be a thing then you really don’t know me.

She should have known that Matt called Damon. He had, after all, walked in on her draining this poor kid of his blood. Thankfully, he hadn’t tried to break it up himself and knew well enough to just call the one person who had helped her through the past several months. She didn’t mean to lash out at him, but she was hurting and she wanted to make him hurt too. Someone should hurt as much as she was. 

When she was in his arms, Caroline nuzzled her face into his shoulder. “I’m sorry,” she sniffled. “I didn’t mean it. You’ve been so nice to me. You’ve been there for me through everything. The only thing that’s your fault is how…put together I am. I mean,” she sat up, wiping her cheeks and motioning toward where the body had been. “Besides my slip up, I think I’ve done pretty well and it’s because of you. Thank you, Damon. I don’t think I’ve said that enough so thank you.”

She leaned back against him. “Tyler showed up with some girl,” she murmured, avoiding his gaze. “And she was all over him.”

We’re Getting Married (Hamilton/Laurens Fluff Proposal)

Hello! I’d like to start off by saying that I am SO sorry for the lack of writing. I hurt my hand playing football so I can only type with one  hand, and before the injury I gave all my focus on my schoolwork. This has been sitting on my computer and I really wanted to extend it to after their engagement and the marriage itself but with my injury it would take me all day. This is just a fluffy Lams fic for ya’ll :3

I will get to other requests once my hand is healed! Until then, enjoy this :3

—————————————————————————————————-Alexander couldn’t believe he was about to do this.

After all these years, the man still couldn’t believe that such a kind and talented person loved him- he was loud and arrogant, never as good a person as John. At least, that’s what he told himself. Sometimes, he had to make sure he wasn’t dreaming when he talked to John- that the longing and passion that he felt towards this other person wasn’t just made up, that the love he was receiving was genuine and there. The short man had been planning the proposal for months, and had practiced on everyone and everything from John’s turtle, to Lafayette, to even George Washington, (who was not amused.) There was no better day to ask for his hand then on their anniversary- one that they were both horrible at remembering- and give the day a whole new meaning. October 15th. Their anniversary, and the day of their engagement.

If he said yes. God, he hoped that John said yes. Or his year- no, his life would be ruined. John was the reason that Alex lived on. The reason that he stopped cutting, the reason that he slowly began to feel again. If there was one thing that Alexander didn’t want to remember, it was the numbness of life before meeting the love of his life. The world’s coldness as the days went by, the monochrome tone of the things that were supposed to be colorful.

At first, Alexander had considered proposing to John at his favorite aquarium, in front of the turtle tank. Or perhaps bury himself in a mound of turtle plushies and burst out, bracelet in hand. Instead, he went with something more sentimental. Something about them, about how their relationship started. At a location that brought back silly memories.  Gilbert, Herc, and the sisters were all helping him make everything go according to plan. If Alexander messed up, he would never forgive himself.

His boyfriend had slept over at Laf’s place with Herc, a sleepover all planned to prepare for the moment. John lived with him, and if he was in the same house this morning, John would realize Alex’s intent easily enough. His heart was racing and he was slightly better groomed than usual. That never happened. John was smart enough to catch on.

So, Alex got in the car and went to pick of John from Laf’s. As he drove, he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel and tried to take his mind off things. If he became more nervous than he already was, the proposal would surely be ruined. By instinct, his mind travelled back to his old therapist’s advice- Breathe. Finally, Alexander arrived at Laf’s. He approached the doorbell and pressed his thumb down on the doorbell. Calm, Alex. You’re not proposing yet.

They have to be awake, right?

Alexander heard a sharp bang, and a very french “Ouch!

Yes, they were definitely awake.

He heard the doorknob turn from the other side, and prayed for it to be Lafayette. He couldn’t stand to see John right now. Those lovely freckles were, in this case, intimidating.

His boyfriend answered the door. He was wearing an avengers shirt that was far too tight, (and Alexander was not complaining about that,) and pajama pants with, of course, turtles. Those were his favorite pajamas. Instead of his nervousness, he tried desperately to think about… turtles. Wait, no. That reminded him on John, and-

“Why are you staring at me like that, Alex?”

The smaller boy snapped out of it, leaned over and gave his lover a peck on the cheek. “I was just spacing out. I’m always thinking. Last night was boring without you.”

John laughed. “Was it, now?”

Suddenly, the frenchman appeared behind John, a pained expression on his face. “Mon ami, I apologize. I stubbed my toe on the table. It felt like the death of me.” He smiled at John, and then stared into Alex’s eye, slightly raising an eyebrow. It reminded him more of what he had to do. He held back a shudder.

“Anyways,” Alex said. “Get dressed, we’re going home, John.”

His love nodded, and turned to change. As he walked away, Lafayette leaned on the door frame. “Are you ready, Alex?” His voice was soft, so that John couldn’t hear their conversation from behind Laf’s bedroom door several feet ahead of him.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Which means I’m not ready.

“Great. The sisters have already set up most of it. Hercules and I drive over and help them finish. We’ll leave after you so that John doesn’t see our car ahead and know we left the house. I’ll see you there.” Laf patted Alexander’s shoulder. His foster brother was always so supportive. “You can do this, little lion.”

“A-alright…” He stuttered. The seconds were ticking away… closer and closer to the moment.

With that, Lafayette turned and shut the door, leaving Alexander alone outside. It took all of his willpower not to bite at his nails, or pick his skin. Because at any moment, John would walk out the door, and there was no way in hell Alex would let him see how anxious he was. It was supposed to be a surprise. The man settled for clenching and unclenching his fists behind his back, wishing he had a stress ball with him. Or perhaps, John’s hand to squeeze-

Just when the thought crossed his mind, he heard the door creak and John emerge from the darkness of the home, (Lafayette and Hercules kept it like a cave- whenever Alexander asked why, he was met with a shrug.) His boyfriend was wearing a casual dress shirt and shorts that went down to his knees. Alex knew that John would never bother to overdress just for a ride home- at least, was John thought was a ride home. Alex wondered what compelled him to wear something so… not John.  He shut out the thought and took John’s hand in his own, leading him to the vehicle and opening the door for him. “Since when were you so polite, Alex? Did you miss me?”

“Speaking of missing things, what’d I miss from last night? Anything interesting?” Alexander expressed his curiosity, (that was genuine. He wanted to know what happened,) as he slid into the driver’s seat and clenched the steering wheel.

“I’ll tell you when you buckle up.”

“I’m not a child, John,” Alexander murmured, obeying John anyways and putting on his seatbelt. “Satisfied?”

As Alexander took the car out of park and began to drive away towards a place that wasn’t home at all, John began to tell the story of the previous night. “We prank called Aaron.”

“Spectacular. What happened?” Alexander would have once cringed at the mention of his ex-boyfriend, but it had been six years, and the bitterness had long since worn off.

“As you can imagine,” John snorted. “He wasn’t amused. I was hoping we’d draw any reaction that wasn’t either monotone or angry, but alas, that is wishful thinking. When he recognized us, he just told us to piss off and hung up right in our faces.”

“That sounds very… Burr-esque.

“You’re right.”

Throughout the rest of the ride, John told Alex about what happened. The three fools had gotten drunk, and all that John could remember was almost calling the police over a house spider until Hercules wildly threw his IPhone at the spider on the wall and cracked the screen, for the fifth time that year. Alexander was dying of laughter, to the point that John had to lean over the dashboard and aid him in driving. He rested his hands upon Alexander’s. They were warm, but also shaking slightly. Alexander realized that both of their hands were trembling. In fear.

“Are you alright?” Alex inquired him.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am most definitely alright.”

John simply removed his hands from Alexanders and put them on his lap. The rest of the ride was near silent, both boys consumed in their own thoughts. After a few more minutes, Alexander skipped the right turn to their apartment. “Alexander, what are you doing? You just missed the turn.”

“I know, I know.” Alexander clenched harder on the steering wheel.

“Why are we going into the shopping center?”


“We have a coffee maker at home.”

“Starbucks is better.”

“We’re tight on money, Alex.” John frowned. “Though, if you want Starbucks this once, I suppose I can’t deny you that.”

“You’re a softie, you know that?” Alex replied teasingly.

“Pfft,” John scoffed. “Softie? You cried after watching a Swiffer commercial once.”

“It was a long day, and I didn’t want to see a mop when I turned on the television.”

“There are some things that I will never understand about you, and I love it…”

For a moment, they just sat in the car and gazed into eachother’s eyes. Alexander’s heartbeat quickened. This was the Starbucks where the two met. John had written his number on Alexander’s cup, and everything had skyrocketed from there. Into them. Into this.

There was a bead of sweat creeping down John’s tanned forehead. It wasn’t hot. As far as Alexander knew, his boyfriend had nothing to be worried about- if Lafayette and Hercules had kept their word, (which they surely did,) he was clueless about the upcoming proposal. John reached over and took Alexander’s hand in his. The shorter’s back tingled at the warmth shared, and the gentleness of John’s every touch.

“You know that today’s our anniversary, right?”

Alexander gave a nervous laugh. Maybe John had caught onto his plan. “Yes, since when did we really acknowledge it?” He kissed John’s forehead, and then the corner of his lips, and then the tiny turtle tattoo behind his ear. His voice hushed to a whisper. “Dates don’t matter. I love you with the same passion, the same conviction, every single day.” He supposed that he was contradicting himself, in a way. He planned the proposal on their anniversary purposefully. “Let’s go get Starbucks, okay?”

John nodded, in a daze, and let his hand slip out of Alexander’s. They opened the car doors and approached the Starbucks ahead, the famed mermaid logo looking down upon them. It seemed to speak to him. Don’t mess this up, Alexander.

Alexander pushed on the double doors for John, and let him into the store. However, when they entered, the chalkboard that once contained the details of the menu was veiled by green paper. Under each of the four small chalkboards was one of the couple’s friends, waiting to unveil the fated words. The tables and chairs in the store had been removed, in their place some of the pair’s other friends and a few turtle plushies scattered around. John seemed in shock. His face was flushed red, and they had only been in the room for a few seconds. Alex was prepared to get on one knee. However, before he knew it,-

Before him was John, on one knee, a black box in hand, staring at Alex. “I don’t know what’s going on here-” He stammered. “But it doesn’t matter. I want to marry you. You are the best thing in my life. I cannot imagine spending my life with anybody but you. Every time I see you, I get the same goosebumps I got the first time, in this very Starbucks, after you claimed your name was ‘Essay’ at the cashier.”

The crowd of John’s friends stood there, utterly confused. They were going to unveil the words “Will you marry me” on the chalkboard, and Alex would see the look of pure delight on John’s face- But now, everything was opposite. John was on his knees, and he was saying all the sweet things that Alex was supposed to say.

“Yeah,” Alex whispered, and then he said it louder. “Yeah! John. I never want to love and be loved by anybody besides you.” He was getting teary-eyed now. He just wanted to embrace John, right there.

“Really?” John asked, his voice hushed.

“Yes, John.”

Their friends cheered as the couple finally embraced, then Alex took John’s cheeks in his hand and kissed him. Flower petals rained down. For Alexander, everything else was hazed out with one thought:


We are going to get married.

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how come more people dont call u mom like am i the only one bc i see u as like my queer mom or maybe an older sister idk thats probably weird sorry

people are scared of me I think? Idk. I’ve already assumed y'all are my kids anyway lmao

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Hi Chessy! I am Sorry to bother you but is it lame that I'm going as a cat for Halloween? I've never been as one before and me and my housemates are all going as different types, but I'm the stereotypical black cat (they're a lion and a leopard). Sorry I'm so Panicky!! I hope you have a very fun day xoxo

the only person whose costume anyone cares about is their own if u wanna be a cat then be a cat ur gonna look hot and anyone who disagrees needs to maybe look into extracurricular activities or a hobby or something and live their own life just have fun with ur friends!!!

i am probably the worst person to be friends with? especially online??

im that person that usually only replys with one word answers and its not even cause i dont want to talk, im just really bad with words but it probably comes across as me being uninterested even though i am and im sorry i love you i just suck

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56, MSR <333

Scully could always tell when Mulder was bored. He would start swiveling in his chair, lightly at first and then later, like a madman. She usually ignored that. She‘d spent enough time with him to know that as soon as she acknowledged his behavior, he became a dog with a bone. So whenever Mulder started his chair swiveling, she pretended to not even notice. One of them had to get work done after all. Except that it was only phase one. Phase two had Mulder playing paper basketball; one time she‘d actually caught him crumpling up an expense report. Scully had fished it out later. She preferred phase two most of the time, because in a way it was less distracting. She could pretend that he was working when she heard paper crumbling and him cursing under his breath once in a while. The worst phase, though, was the third. Mulder liked to surprise her from time to time so phase three could either be him throwing pencils at the ceiling or the wall. Or it was the question game. And today of all days, Mulder decided to completely skip phase two and go right for the final plunge.

“Scully?“ His fidgety behavior stopped abruptly and he looked at her from across the desk. Sharing a desk, no matter how spacious, was never ideal. Sharing it with Mulder, though, was pure madness.

“Yes, Mulder?“ She didn‘t look up from her case file.

“Did you know that when hippos are upset, their sweat turns red?“

“I do know that,“ Scully told him and looking at him, she could tell he was disappointed, “do you want me to explain it to you?“

“No.“ He sighed. When he stayed quiet, Scully picked up her pen again.

“Hey Scully?“


“Did you know that cherophobia is the fear of fun?“

“Thank you for telling me that, Mulder.“

“I think you might have that.“ She could hear his grin before she even saw it.

“Mulder, are you done with work or have you turned into a smartass?“

“You said ass, Scully.“ She wanted to use that word again; without the smart this time. Instead she bit her lip and went back to what she did best: ignoring him.

“You know, Scully,“ She should have known that this was not the end of it, not by a long shot, “if one us is wearing the smartypants around here, I think it‘s you.“

“Excuse me?“

“I  just wanted to give you a few pieces of trivia to loosen the atmosphere.“ Was he actually serious? He could not be serious. He was no longer in his chair, but walking around, pacing. From time to time, he threw her a look to gauge her reaction. Clearly, he could not be serious about this.

“Did you really just call me that?“

“Smartypants? I did not, because if you recall I said you wore them. So I didn‘t actually call you smartypants.“

“Call me that one more time, see what happens.“ Oh, she should not have done that. Scully saw it in his eyes; the gleam, the joy, the challenge. He grinned at her and stopped pacing. Truth be told, she had not meant to be this blunt. Sometimes he just knew exactly which buttons to push (sometimes she‘d much rather have him know which buttons to open – namely those on her blouse).  

“So, uhm, Scully, what do you think? Want to call it a day and get out of here?“ Mulder wasn‘t grinning, not really. He was smiling, yes, but it was a soft smile, almost shy around the edges.

“To go where? Do what?“

“I don‘t know. We could grab a bite to eat and then have fun.“


“Oh right, sorry, I forgot you were scared of that.“

“You‘re really funny today, Mulder.“

“Just today?“ He picked up her coat and held it out to her. “Come on. The work will still be here in an hour or two.“

“That‘s exactly the point, Mulder.“

“I‘m hungry and you look like you could eat, too.“ He pleaded with her and her stomach, that traitor, grumbled in response.

“Just one hour.“ Scully took her coat out of his hand and he helped her into it.

“Where do you want to go, Smartypants?“ In an instant, Scully threw Mulder against the door. She‘d meant for it to be just a gentle push, but he was so surprised that he stumbled and crashed against it. Scully hoped it hurt just a little bit.

“I told you not to do that. Did you know that a kiss is healthier than a handshake?“ They both stared at each other. Scully had not meant to tell him that. There were thousands of facts in her mind stored away neatly. Except right now that was the only she could think of. She had read it recently over breakfast on a quiet Saturday. Of course it had stuck in her mind like a sticky note.

“We hardly ever shake hands.“ Mulder told her. When had his face come this close to hers? She felt his warm breath against her face and she almost closed her eyes in fear. Or expectation. The less she thought about the why, the better.

“We don‘t.“ She agreed with him. Another traitor, this time her eyes, wandered to his mouth. His beautiful, luscious mouth.

“You think we should?“

“Kiss or shake hands?“ She whispered and his lips were so close all she had to do was open her mouth and take what she craved.

“Right now or in general?“ His words seemed to be spoken right against her lips and she could almost taste him already. His lips were there, within reach, but not quiet there yet. His hands had wandered to her hips, stroking her there in gentle circles.

“Right now, I don‘t care.“ She let him know and captured his lips.

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i'm 17 and i feel??? rly out of place in the check please fandom because most of the people i know are in their 20s and sometimes i feel like my opinions aren't valid enough

ur not the only one around ur age or younger even, trust me there are others <3 

the whole age gap thing on this site is complicated because yeah, being older definitely makes a difference. im 19 and i know i am a lot more mature than i was at 17, and a lot less mature than i will be at 21. i dont interact with people who are underage the same way as i do people who are 18+ (tho that’s mainly around nsfw stuff tbh like im not gonna pm u about nsfw hcs if ur under 18) still, the idea that someone’s experiences/opinions are invalid because of their age are bullshit. there are 17 year olds who are a lot smarter than most of the adults i know. just know that you are valid in this fandom no matter at what age and if someone tries to shut u down they’re wrong to do so. we have to listen to each other and be kind. 

linzerj replied to your post “oh my GOD I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. I started doing Inktober again, I…”

There’s always that off chance that your place is haunted and the ghost was trying to send you a message. But yeah, more likely your roommate just sucks for some reason now. I’m sorry that happened to you regardless, that aucks

A ghost would make more sense than my normally wonderful roommate turning into a jerk for no reason, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense. Like I said, there’s no one here but her and me.

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas