it was the only clip i could find of the end scene

ikke snakk til meg
  • we open with sana reciting this surah, which i see as an effort from sana to try and regain focus on her faith (but you should ask the muslims in the fandom <3)
  • very violent online abuse flashes before her eyes, apparently from when she was in middle school (here’s a detailing of the abuse)
  • once again, sana’s prayer is interrupted (it’s always interrupted either by an external character, or by her own thoughts…at the end of the series we’ll see her pray uninterrupted and it will be gorgeous)
  • we get this beautiful shot of literal and metaphorical self reflection. sana is broken after the latest events and she is now trying to pick herself back up (so, of course, she tries to go back to the beginning: the sana we first saw on the show, before it all started)
  • adding the above piece of art for reasons (like to charge/reblog to cast)
  • we’ve seen sana wear very loose hijabs this season, i remember people commenting on it. here, she tightens the fabric around her neck. i see it as her trying to protect herself. she needs all the extra strength she can get. all the extra fabric between her and the world.
  • she tries to reach out for the only friend (we know of) she could have left: jamilla. but we see they never got closure on the “sharmutta incident” and, when sana scrolls up, she is reminded of how much her and jamilla differ from one another. and she gives up.
  • quick note: i am not too happy too see jamilla painted as this hating muslimah but i’ll wait until the end of the series. her comment “i was just trying to protect you” reminds me a lot of sonja, who i hated really badly when she confronted isak during the hotel scene. but who redeemed herself and explained her behaviour in the end.
  • we see their last messages are from january 2016, so just after season 1 if i’m not mistaken? the tension started then and that’s probably why sana and her were already at war during season 2.
  • anyone knows what game the norwegians are playing at the school? it looks like a dance of some sorts: the way they’re placed and the couple is running in between the two groups…
  • isak is wearing a dandelion. from twitter: løvetannbarn (dandelion child) means person that has survived almost impossible upbringing.
  • this time, the lyrics are so on the nose even the beautiful subbers decided to translate some of them: an even song. to me, reminiscent of all the rumours spread about him paralleling the rumours spread about sana right now.
  • we see the pictures from the teaser: isak’s eye, sara (same jacket), noora…
    we’re missing the brown hair with a hand ruffling them and the carrot munching (but i feel like the carrot bit was more symbolic than anything)
  • sana is back to the beginning (see above) except, this time, it’s reversed: she’s not joining the girl squad and the russbuss. she’s leaving both.
  • liar liar pants on fire
  • and she’s not trying to show, like in her first clip where she sassed vilde and told her being a russ was punished by stoning, that she can and will become a russ. she’s instead using her faith as a reason for why she doesn’t want to be a russ. very flippening, much reversal.
  • sana goes to class and…
  • the book is open on a page about dandelions.
  • which brings me to the symbolism of the dandelion. according to google, dandelion translates to “dent de lion” in french which means “lion’s tooth” (i can vouch for that), summoning the symbolic meaning of lions: courage, pride, family (connection/communication). the dandelion is also a sun symbol (#sanasol).
  • we get this exchange that i LOVE but that, unfortunately, is getting misunderstood: sana and isak are awkward around each other but both really want to talk to each other. sana, after looking at isak’s very obvious blackeye, glances at the dandelion in his hair. isak scoffs and takes it off.
    you can’t take a black eye off. you can’t get rid of that barrier between two people. but you can take a flower off. i feel like the flower, here, is a perfect way for them to (in the sweetest way) break the ice. our attention is briefly redirected from the (devastating) black eye to the (hopeful) flower and, for a moment, everything is OK.

[cont. after the “read more”]

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Okay, so my twin and I have come up with theories to Seventeen’s comeback.

We all understand that the concept revolves around the idea of fears and being alone. We see in all the videos an introduction to this fear and by the end of the trailer, they acknowledge these fear. 

So we think…

Vernon: His fear could be wandering aimlessly, unsure of his path. He just walks around, letting time pass by him. He acknowledges this fear by continuing to use that compass until he finds someone familiar to him.

Jeonghan: His fear could be his image or his image in front of the camera/media. It could be that he takes photos because he has an image in his mind of how things look to him, but the outside world may not view his perspective the same. Through media, that can be altered and it can shine a different light on an artist. By facing his fear, he leaves the comfort of the home. By doing this, he accepts how the world is going to view him.

Mingyu: His fear could be related to having this incomplete half to himself. We see him alone, but everything is in two like he once had someone who shared the same similarities and now he feels responsible for filling this void. We could take it another way. We also see a disconnect, especially in the scenes with a mirror. It may portray a disconnect between what he feels inside and what he sees on the outside. I can see this in Mingyu since he often feels uncomfortable with his body. Mingyu faces his fear by finally taking a step back and away from the mirror, almost saying that he will no longer let his physical features define him.

DK: His fear could be not improving. We see his running pace remain the same, and then he eventually drops the timer. DK would be the type of person to always strive to be better and to always work to improve, and not being able to accomplish that can haunt him. By dropping that timer, he allows himself to improve at his own pace without the stress of a physical and materialistic goal.

Woozi: His fear could be related to his talents, his brains. It looks as though he’s trapped in a library, like all this knowledge is kept inside, unable to be shown to the world or appreciated by the world. He may be afraid to share the world his talents.

Jun: He is surrounded by memories. His fear could be that this brotherhood he has with the others will eventually be lost and all he has left to fill this empty space are the memories. He’s afraid to get in touch when a long time has passed since we hear Jisoo’s voice from a voice mail. He faces this fear by finally going out and visit. 

Dino: We see him land on the space “turn to the first space.” This could signify his fear of starting from scratch when they have already put so much work into their team and their music. We see him continue to roll the die like he’s waiting for a new fate, but every time he ends up with the same number that landed him there. This correlates with the “seventeen project 2017” they are portraying, that they are starting over with a re-debut with this new and improved group.

Wonwoo: The fear shown in his teaser is boredom and disinterest. We see him at the beginning staring at a blank wall as he steps out in the hallway. He also see him looking out the window and often sitting and contemplating. He picks up the TV remote, but he just flips through the channels, unable to pick something that interests him. We hear cheering, like fans clapping and cheering but his facial expressions don’t change. He could be afraid of no longer finding interest in what he does, or he could be afraid of fans no longer be interested. But it looks to be resolved as the scene ends with him settling on a channel showing the very place where we found Vernon wandering to. 

Hoshi: Another hard one! He’s waiting for a phone call, but we don’t know what the other line of the phone is saying. The environment in the room changes to something cold when he answers the phone. But after he hangs up the first time, he calls the number on the piece of paper. His fear could be receiving and relaying bad news to others. We see him struggle when he opens the piece of paper with the phone number on it, but he continues to call anyways almost showing us the urgency and importance of the message he received. 

Seungkwan: Money. Money is anybody’s dream and nightmare. We see Seungkwan twirling a coin in his hand. This could signify fear of being greedy, or it could signify his fear of not being able to provide. Either one, we see him accept this has he leaves the coins on the counter of the laundromat. 

The8: Minghao’s fear could be being left. We see him arrive at this home with groceries. When he arrives, no one is home to greet him. We see a note on the kitchen counter where it is obvious for someone to see. When he reads it, we see devastation in his face. This could be that a significant other had left him. We don’t see much of a resolution of Minghao’s fear, but we see DK arrive in time to comfort him. We also see the spinning magic 8 ball, which is suppose to determine your luck, and Minghao happened to get the short end of the stick. 

Joshua: His was sooo hard omg. He could be afraid of betrayal. It could him betraying someone/the group, or it could be someone betraying him. We see in the water that one of the two people puts their hand on the other person’s shoulder and then walks away. He washes his face, almost showing discomfort and irritation and then we see him walking in the hallway only for him to turn back towards the camera. 

S. Coups: Coups fear may have to do with going in circles, or lacking direction in general. We see him walking and then he stops to turn around. He continues to walk around only with signs all around him saying “Wrong Way.” When he finally does decide to move forward, he keeps circling the block. This could signify his fear the team going forward, but keep going in circles, or not finding a path to improvement. 

They’re alone to show how each member has their own, unique fear. They all experience it differently. With members shown at the end of the clip, it suggests that no matter how often their fears come and no matter how small they may be, “even though you’re being alone, remember we are on your side and don’t be afraid of all the fears you have.”

We see a cycle through the thirteen boys and it finally ends with leader S. Coups. His lines at the end of his video are more special. 

“I was afraid and anxious since I was all alone.” This is representative of all of the boys’ fears because we see them all tackle these fears alone. 

“Nevertheless we met on thirteen paths and eventually.” This ties in why the all showed up in each others videos. It shows that though they came from different places, different worlds, different opportunities, all of their paths eventually crossed. 

“A complete bond has formed leading us to our brightest moment.” We see that S. Coups finally meets with Jeonghan, bringing all of the videos in full cycle. This shows that together, they will be their best. 

The Problem with Climaxes: A Meta on Structure and Narrative.

so there we are. at the half-way point of the last season of SKAM. the last clip has resulted in some divisive opinions. i’m not gonna delve into them, but what i do want to discuss is how specifically this last clip shows us some troubles with the structure and narrative of this season in particular, and with a focus on how the climaxes are put in the story.

now, climaxes are moments a story when a certain plot reaches its highest point: it’s an intense moment where the action and tension becomes overwhelming and really changes the story. think of isak’s last moment in s3 ep 5: the tension of what even’s deal suddenly is comes to a heartbreaking climax. what this clip, imagine all the people living life in peace, and this season in particular shows us is that all the plot points, all the stories of the season thus far, needed to have their climax in this clip. it’s understandable, it’s the last clip for the break, so it needs to have some incentive for watchers to tune in after the break. but here’s the problem with having all the climaxes in one clip: SKAM relies on reality. it’s one of its biggest selling points: it feels real, bc the characters, relationships and stories that we see sound and feel real, especially if we include the social media aspect of it all. and let’s be totally honest here: it is highly improbable that SO many things go wrong in one evening. 

let’s look at all the plot points that have been risen during ep1-4:

- the russebuss/sara/vilde problem
- even’s mysterious past with sana’s brother and his friends (and how isak wants to know about it)
- noora’s problematic love life
- sana’s mother having trust issues
- sana’s love life with yousef

(also important is sana’s relationship with her religion, but that seems more of a theme underlying all these plots.)

so what do these plots have in common? all of these plots points had their climax in this particular clip; frankly all of them in a negative way to boot, except for the storyline with sana’s mother.not only that, the climaxes also were extremely rapid-fire after each other. vilde fucks over sana’s trust and goes behind her back; the boysquad and balloon squad fight each other; noora finds out about william and (suddenly) is seen kissing yousef. this all happens in a 10 minute clip.

personally, this reminded me of one of my less favourite scenes in s1: the christmas tree scene at the very end. in that scene, all the plots throughout the season had a small positive climax (eva hugging one person she had a problem with after the other, suddenly william shows up and apologises, eva closes off her storyline with isak, noora uses isak’s phone and finds some.. interesting sites..). which is all fine, but it all happened really quickly after each other. in one clip. and that makes it, at least for me, just less realistic. it’s clunky storytelling. having resolutions/climaxes so quickly after each other just doesn’t feel like real life, which SKAM purports to be. imagine that isak’s fifth episode ended not only with his heart broken, but also with his forced coming out, a big fight with his parents over his phone and sonja telling isak that “oh well he never loved you anyway, he’s bipolar”. that would just be too much. 

climaxes are fine, even needed, but as s3 has shown us: some climaxes should take longer or shorter, and they don’t all need to happen in the same clip for it to cause development in character or story. because another problem of having all the climaxes for this story in this clip is that the stories do not get in depth development before the climax are reached, which is why – for example – the storyline with the russebuss felt so.. long and a bit boring. there could never be a real resolution bc then the climax in this clip wouldn’t work as well.

and because this is feeling unrealistic, it’s doing a disservice to the real lives of poc muslimahs. it’s as if everything is heaped onto sana at the same moment, without her being able to do anything about it bc the story doesn’t allow her to. it’s, to be quite honest, frustrating. and i hope this structure in the narrative gets resolved more spread out rather than all, like in s1, in the same clip or episode. i guess we’ll see in the back half of the season. 

anonymous asked:

after this new clip i need some EVAK smut.... any recommendations ? :D

Haha, I completely understand anon! I’ve got you ;)


  • Afternoon Kisses by DickAnderton
    Summary: What could have happened during the cuddle scene if Isak and Even had been ready for more.
  • Push by nofeartina
    Summary: ”Even, we shouldn’t do that here,” Isak says and looks around with a blush on his cheeks. He’s so beautiful like this, it makes it impossible for Even not to touch.

  • I’m yours by verlore_poplap
    Summary: roomates!au; Another Friday night, another shitty date.

  • come again, get me excited by ourheartsintertwined
    Summary: "You think you can so openly flirt with other guys huh? Is that what you fucking think?“ Or in which Isak flirts with another guy and Even punishes him about it.

  • Heaven by Skamtrash
    Summary: Isak wants Even to finger him again. 

  • The Hotel scene by Evakforlife17
    Summary: A one shot of what could have happened at the hotel scene. (Season 3, Episode 8)

  • So Fucking Glad by crescendohowell
    Summary: What happened after Even showed up at Isak’s apartment. (Season 3, End of episode 7)

  • Winter Cabin by alijan
    Summary: Isak and Even go to the winter cabin with the boys. 

  • Summer by DickAnderton
    Summary: Isak and Even have been crushing on each other for a whole year when their paths finally cross at a hipster music festival during summer break and they spend the night together. 

  • Watching Over You by lavishsqualor
    Summary: In which Even knows exactly how to loosen his boy up.

  • so you play it wild by birthmarks
    Summary: Isak is dirty. Isak is shameless. Isak is possessive. Or: before, during, and after Isak and Even made out at school on Wednesday.

  • Valhalla and Nirvana by verlore_poplap
    Summary: So there’s this box and Even finds it and there’s something inside it that Isak gets all shy and embarrassed about… any guesses what it is?

  • The only thing keeping me on fire by diamondjacket
    Summary: massage therapy!au; This guy—this profoundly, unfairly, deeply good-looking guy—is going to…put his hands on Isak? On his thigh? And, like…move them around? Listen, he’s just starting to maybe, possibly come close to beginning to acknowledge that he might not be one hundred percent heterosexual, all of the time. It’s slow going—okay, fine, it’s borderline glacial—but he’s getting there. He didn’t need this today. Or: Isak’s doctor tells him to get a massage. Even delivers…and then some.

  • Plane by Aceteroid
    Summary: Even, the flight attendant, and Isak, the pilot, both work at the same airline. After a flight from NY to Paris things are heating up between them. 

  • that soft perfect spot by reasoniwantyoutostay
    Summary: Even is obsessed with a certain soft perfect spot that always makes Isak tremble. 

  • hell yeah, you the shit (that’s why you’re my equivalent) by colazitron
    Summary: Even can’t keep it in his pants, or his heart. Or: Sometimes your boyfriend proposes and you just really want to sit on his dick. 

  • sweet creature (but we’re still young) by kittpurrson
    Summary: summer camp!au; Isak meets seventeen-year-old Even Bech Næsheim at Tyrifjorden on his fifteenth birthday. Or: the one where Isak tries to convince the boy next door to put his hands on him.


  • love and condoms by kassie  ✓ 
    Summary: Isak was about turn on his heels and say “Fuck it” and go home, when a tall, slender-looking boy approached him from down the aisle. Shit. “Finding everything okay?” he asked once he reached Isak, his face entirely consumed by his smile. Judging from his choice of clothing, the boy definitely worked here. And, by the black letters scribbled on his name tag, the boy’s name was Even. Great.. Or: Isak owes Eskild a favor and Eskild sends him out to buy condoms where he runs into a tall boy who is a little too eager to help him. 

  • Life is now. (and now, and now) by FlyByNightGirl 
    Summary: In which the clips for season 3 update, because there is so much more of Isak and Even’s relationship we haven’t seen, so. Here it is, congratulations.

  • That’s Not My Name by cuteandtwisted
    Summary: one-night stand!au; “Isak.” Even smiled, then licked his lips. “Wanna go back to my place?” - aka: Isak is an exchange student in new york city where he meets a very forward and bewitching Even.

  • hot like fire, take you higher by birthmarks
    Summary: Isak Valtersen was a teenage boy and with that came internalized feelings and avoidance of communication. He spent more time morbidly thinking about his life than actively attempting to improve it. But that was about to change soon, considering the circumstances. He was entering his first serious relationship and everyone kept telling him that “trust and communication are the foundation of every healthy relationship!” (insert eye roll here). The issue was that most of the time what he really thought about was sex. And while he knew it was normal to think about, he was more than content with ignoring the topic than experiencing how awkward it could be to discuss it. Or: in which Isak and Even fall in love, discover their kinks, and experience life along the way. 

  • High For This by givemesumaurgravy
    Summary: Just twenty minutes ago, Isak was overwhelmed with coming out to his mom in a text, and an hour before that, he was consumed by a physics test. No where on his radar for today was… this. Or even the prospect of this. Or, what happened between the elevator scene and “Princess Vivian!”

  • Relationship Moments of Evak by skambition
    Summary: A collection of oneshots about our boys. Ranges from very explicit smut to very cute fluff. 

  • Sex life by skampanda
    Summary: "What are you thinking about?“ “You. Me. Alone. In bed” Even laughed and twisted the younger boy’s curls in his hand. God, he loved his hair. “I love it when you’re so needy” He whispered in Isak’s ear with low voice. - Basically this is all about Isak and Even’s sex life.

( ✓ - completed fics)

CP bachelor AU: part 6

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5


“Psh.” Halvik makes a dismissive sound. “Look at that. A waste.”

Laurent would stab himself rather than admit it, but he’s always been a tad intimidated by Halvik. She’s been a contentedly mid-level producer for as long as Laurent has been alive, and while never actually pushing back against his authority, she always gives the impression that she’s humouring him because she finds him amusing.

Laurent follows her gaze to where Damen, Kallias and Erasmus are talking, ankle-deep in the surf.

“A waste?” he says.

“Of good genetic material.” Halvik heaves a sigh. “That boy shouldn’t be throwing himself away on more boys. Look at my girl Kashel. Wouldn’t they have attractive children?”

Laurent glances up into Halvik’s eyes, which are solemn beneath thick and perfectly groomed brows. He is at least seventy percent sure he’s being teased, and that if he says anything cutting about heterosexuals she will laugh at him.

He looks at Kashel, then back at Damen. Kashel is black-haired and curvy, with a wide smile; Laurent supposes that she’s pretty, if you’re into that kind of thing.

“Yes,” he says instead, because it’s not like Halvik is wrong.

Halvik laughs anyway, claps him on the shoulder, and wanders off, probably to tweak Kashel’s sarong skirt into a more precarious angle on her hips.

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On plot holes in general

To clear the air: I’m not just talking about Moftiss. But I’m also talking about Moftiss. 

The thing about plot holes is that there are two types: ones which are unresolved plot threads, and things wherein the writers failed to show us something and assumed we would fill it in ourselves. An example of the first type would be John’s letter to Sherlock at the end of TST. Why introduce the letter if it was never going to be shown, read, or referred to again? An example of the second type is how John got out of the well and still had feet in later scenes. There, the writers could have showed us John realising that only his shoes were chained and showed him removing them and climbing up the rope, or they could have showed someone climbing down to cut through the chains. But it feels like a hole because they didn’t. 

Eurus *could* have used all of her brainwashed fellow inmates/patients to make all of those arrangements, but without seeing any of it, it feels difficult to swallow. If they’d shown even one scene of her doing some of this, we might have been more willing to extend some benefit of the doubt, some extrapolation of “oh, I guess there was more of that, then, ok”, but we didn’t see any of it. There was nothing there to explain how supposedly-dead Mary kept sending posthumous home videos. 

Then again, most Bond/spy movies do the same thing, honestly. If Bond’s credit cards were cut off, how did he rent that Aston Martin? Where did he get that new suit? Last time we saw him, he was wearing jeans and a ripped t-shirt and had no luggage with him. Has he been wearing the same underwear for the entire movie? Does he ever brush his teeth? Personally, I’m one of those irritating watchers who always wants to be shown the parts that make it feel real. I suspect that screen writers leave this stuff out deliberately for three reasons: 

1) They think it will be dull. They figure audiences don’t want to see Bond trying on shirts or going to the bank to take out cash or maxing out on a credit card. Better put in some more car chases! 

2) They’re already trying to edit things down to fit into a prescribed run time. Therefore Bond doing cardio to keep fit for all those foot chases gets cut. 

3) They actually don’t want the protagonist (or villain, as the case may be) to seem human; they want us to see them as almost super-human, so Bond clipping his toenails never gets written. 

The thing is, the day and age of willing suspension of disbelief is over. Audiences are more analytical than they used to be. We’re used to getting explanations when we want them, because information is so widely available now. When things don’t add up or make sense, we find it irritating, not artistic. I honestly think that Moffat and Gatiss think they’re being artistic by not explaining things fully (though that doesn’t excuse them by a mile for constantly underplaying the realistic emotional fall-out of the things their characters suffer), but the fact is that their audience simply finds it underwhelming and sloppy. I think it may be partly a question of generations, too, but I also know fans of Sherlock who are their age and older, who find their plot holes as irritating as fans in their teens do. Personally, the more realistic something is, the more it will draw me in. I want to know where Bond got those dry socks from to replace the ones that got wet in the rain. I want to see him jet-lagged after flying halfway around the world. I want to know how he paid to get to that island or that city without any working credit cards or debit cards. You can’t book a flight with cash, not a commercial one, at least. “He took a charter,” the screen writer says, shrugging it off in an interview. Sure, fine: then show it. 

Moffat mentioned somewhere that Sherlock delivered Rosie, which is a frankly appalling thought, especially given that there was an actual doctor in the car, and given Sherlock’s horrified face at the thought of an event involving female genitalia unfolding in his very presence, I somehow can’t picture this in the slightest. 

Part of the problem is also that their episodes span too much time too rapidly to address the questions of how their day-to-day relationships function, what those dynamics really are, etc. Too much is skipped over for the sake of advancing the plot. I would personally rather see more attention given to detail and less to unbelievable plot arcs. I expect Doctor Who to be wholly unbelievable (and even there I used to snark about dropped plot threads and unsatisfactory resolutions as well as under-handled emotional fall-out, when I still watched it). I expect Sherlock to be believable, though, and there was just so many holes. 

All I’m saying is that Sherlock is not the only show that does this. There are a LOT of holes in series 3 and 4, but my larger issue is the emotional fall-out thing and the dropped threads. (Why make such a big deal with the memory altering drug? Why was there a dog bowl that Sherlock recognised? What did that damned letter say??? What did Ella tell Sherlock to do for John? Because I bet it wasn’t “go to hell, Sherlock”, yet that’s the advice he chose to take. Why???) Yeah: we like to be shown these things. It’s not enough to explain it later in an interview or a panel at a conference. Put it right there in the canon as though you meant to all along. That’s what ticks my boxes, at least. 

Rambling aside. Back to the current fic. As you were! 


Sorry if my english is bad but I can’t stop watching the scene of the ballon squad in the karaoke club and I’ve noticed a few things.

I’m really starting to think there’s something with Elias. When he sees Even, he looks like ‘oh shit, troubles’ and touches Yousef’s arm to get his attention.

But it’s not like he’s worried for Yousef, he doesn’t even look at him. His eyes are on Even the whole time.
And then in the second shot, he’s looking at Even and Isak from head to toes like 'who’s that, wtf’ (but I can’t tell if it’s in a positive or negative way).

He’s the only one to really look at Even and Isak. Adam and Mutasim don’t give a damn. Mikael disappeared (no idea why but it seems weird because Elias is the first one to notice Even and Mikael is not even in that shot so?? Could he see him from the entrance?)

And for Yousef: he doesn’t have a huge reaction. Like, Elias seems a little shocked as if he hadn’t seen Even since Bakka but not Yousef. He actually has a small smile while looking at Even singing with Isak in the second shot.

(I swear he smiles! Maybe not much but you can see the difference between his face and Elias’)

However, he quickly turns his head (while Elias doesn’t. so seeing Even is not a big deal for Yousef?) and faces Sana and taht’s when his 'smile’ fades away. He looks a bit mad but not because of Even since he didn’t react as much as Elias did.

So why is he mad then? There’s this theory that Sana’s mom told him to stay away and that Sana talked to her about a muslim guy she likes, so maybe he’s upset because he thinks Sana is playing with his feelings but since Sana’s mom texted her that she will stop meddling with Sana’s life (don’t even know if that’s correct English but who cares? not me! kidding, I feel like a disaster), it doesn’t make sense.

Still, Yousef looks mad. Is it why he kissed Noora? To hurt Sana back? But it doesn’t make sense since he sent her outside. Or maybe he saw Sana when she came back inside the karaoke club but she went straight to the bathroom. If he wanted to hurt her because he was mad that wasn’t the best timing. Well, it was lol but if he planned for her to see him kiss Noora he should have waited until she came back inside the club and make sure she could see them, right?

(No, I’m not posting the picture of Noora and Yousef kissing! Nei, nei, nei!)

And I don’t get why he didn’t go outside to defend his friends. It doesn’t fit his personality at all to me. At first, I thought Noora may have told him to stay with her or something but in the clip when him, Elias and Sana try to force the pepsimax girls out of the Bakkoush’s house, we can see a girl trying to talk to him and he is like 'nei, nei, don’t care’.

I feel like he would’ve done the same with Noora. His friends (who are in an upcoming fight) over an upset but cute girl he talked to once or twice, right?

Also, he runs into Sana and touches her (which he never did before, he always respected her private space even is the kitchen’s clip) like what he is about to say is a big deal

(that’s good quality lol!! By the way, thanks to skamenglish for their videos!)

but he doesn’t go outside? That doesn’t make sense either. And it actually doesn’t fit the he-was-mad theory, either. If he was really mad he would’ve been distant, right? Or if he was so worried to the point that he forgot his feelings towards Sana, why didn’t he go outside to help?

Plus, I rewatched the youtube video in which the ballon squad talks about Even. Mikael is looking at Yousef like 'yup, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that’.

He seems more worried about Yousef than about himself. However, in the next shot he disappeared (again! can’t you just face the facts Mikael?!) and the boys are waiting for him but when he comes back, he doesn’t seem to be sad or upset.

I don’t know why he left but to me, his reaction suggests something like: 'something not cool happened, we lost a friend, that’s not fun but those things happen, it’s life’. He doesn’t sad about it maybe a bit nostaligic.

Yousef is more affected. It seems to me that at first he is surprised to hear about Even :

and then he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to include him in the challenge:

and then it looks like he don’t wan’t to talk about it anymore, it makes him sad:

On the opposite, when Mikael says 'Even’, Elias is the only one who doesn’t express surprise, he doesn’t look like 'what?!’.
The next shot is him shouting 'flameemoji’. Some people say this is Elias refering to Even going to hell because he is gay. We don’t know much about Elias, that’s true, but I really don’t think it’s something he will do. Or maybe as an illusion to protect someone else but to me, he doesn’t hate gays. He described Yousef as the most muslim guy he knew because he respects everyone.

Here, he implies that the most muslim thing to do is to be kind to everyone (and to not drink which he did at least once so I think he’s struggling with something in relation to his faith (not necessarily him being gay)).

Plus, Yousef doesn’t react to Elias saying 'flameemoji’ which I feel like he (or the others maybe?) would’ve done if it was that rude, right?

Then, we don’t hear him much in the video but still, he seems interested in what his friends are saying about Even while Yousef is not that much. And in the shot in which Mikael disappeared, I don’t know what they say but Elias looks at Mutasim like 'oups, what have we done?’

Sooo I’m really confused about that video. I don’t feel like the boys reactions to Mikael saying 'Even’ in the youtube video fits their reactions in the karaoke club’s clip.

In the video, Yousef is the most affected and Mikael protects him (or Even? I’m not sure. He looks at Yousef and looks worried. And then prevents the boys to talk about Even by saying 'it’s not important’ (well, yes, it is!))

While in the fight scene, Elias seems to be the most affected.

And Mikael (with Adam and Mutasim) tries to separate Elias from Mahdi. We can also see him trying to separate Adam from Jonas. In no way, Mikael is fighting against someone, he always tries to separate and thus protect his friends.
When the fight is over, we can see Mikael running after Elias and reaching for his arm.

But still, in the youtube video, they say something happened between 'Even and Mikael’. Mikael!

Some people say Yousef is gay but compared to how Isak flirted with Emma, Yousef seems to really like Sana, more than as a friend. It’s obvious to me in the scene in front of her house. I couldn’t find the perfect moment to screenshot because I feel like it’s all about his attitude when he’s with her but let’s be honest, in that whole clip, he looks at her like he admires and wants her. Isak, on the opposite, was always exagerating when he was flirting with Emma and was not himself. I may be wrong but Yousef seems sincere to me. I don’t feel like he is faking it.
(by the way, don’t assume I’m a yousana fan and I want them to be endgame. I like Yousef as a character but I don’t care if they end up together or not as long as the story is coherent. Sana-happy is the endgame I want) 

On the opposite, Mikael could be gay. But I don’t know because this theory is all based on him wearing nail polish. In the SMS roulette video + the OVERSETTE EVENTYR CHALLENGE video + the REAKSJONSVIDEO - POLICE FAILS video. I’m pretty sure he also had nail polish on in the video about his job interview but I couldn’t screenshot his hand properly.  It’s always on his left hand which I find a bit strange but maybe he likes it this way  (or is it a weird trend in Norway?)
I don’t want to go too far in this theory about Mickael being gay because even if I’ve never seen a straight guy wearing nail polish I feel bad about labelling him as gay just because of his nails. That’s not fair.

Anyways! I’m completely lost and I don’t understand shit but I feel like Sana’s capacity to love and protect her friends matches Mikael’s.

What’s your opinion about all this mess?

A Girl Called Mike - Part 2

Originally posted by highwaytosupernatural

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: About 3500

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Warnings: Language, Violence

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions! 

Special thanks to @misguidedconqueress for the suggestions, feedback and for putting up with me! :)


“Listen, there’s something I feel like I should tell you.” You started and paused, the next words not coming out of your mouth. “This place is sick. You bring all the babes down here?” You raved, keeping up the demeanor.

“Not quite, only a few close friends know about it. We keep it pretty private.” Sam stated.

“Ah, too bad, I could totally see a pole right here.” You showed them between the war room and the library, kicking yourself mentally for taking it too far.

Dean hit Sam’s shoulder with the back of his hand. “Not a bad idea.” He agreed with a chuckle.

“Respectfully so.” You cleared your throat. “So, uh, for the Vodnik, I can go through any of these books?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll help you out.” Sam responded.

“No, I don’t want to be a burden.” You said.

“It’s okay, he gets off on it.”  Dean rationalized.

“I’m sure there is something more important for you to be doing.” You started again.

“Other than looking for another case, not really.” Sam insisted.

“Well, while you two nerds continue your sleep over, I’m going to grab some grub.” Dean joked and left for the kitchen.

“So, you got a system in place here?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah, some chronologically, others geographically.” Sam explained.

“This thing seemed to have an accent. East European.” You hypothesized.

“Okay. That gives me an idea of where we could start.” Sam concluded, grabbing some books off the shelves and handing them to you.

Not soon after you had started flipping through the pages, Dean came out with burgers and beer that no diner or bar could ever come close too.

“Oh my god,” You said with your mouth full. “This is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

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Barcelona[Rafael Casal x Reader]

Summary: Nostalgia hits when you receive a very important call from work. 

Warnings: None, this is the fluffiest. 

Word Count: 1,872

Author’s Notes: YO THIS TOOK ME SO LONG, my goodness i’m relieved to finally release something, feels like it’s been forever since I posted anything. I wanna thank my girls @ourforgottenboleros and @tempfixeliza for helping me with this, i honestly don’t know what i’d have done without you. I hope you guys like my first Rafa fic, please feel free to tell me what you think <3

askbox | masterlist

Very little things could be compared to the call you just hang up from.  You hid both of your hands inside the arms of the Rafael’s sweatshirt that you were wearing, before burying your face in your hands not being able to hold an excited squeal.

It happened. The call you waited your whole career for finally happened.

You bit your lip, unsure of what to do next. The excitement quickly tickled your nerves, the anxiety always creeping in as it does. As you tried to shake the misgiving and the relentlessness out, you got up from the comfortable couch, heading to your boyfriend’s office.

It was now or never, you had to tell him.

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The Sound Of Silence

Bellamy + Clarke⎜Canonverse⎜OS⎜Angst⎜Hurt/Comfort

Post 4x04 from Bellamy’s POV because the Bellamy Blake Bottom Lip Tremble™ won’t leave me alone

When the heart breaks it doesn’t make a sound. There is no rip of flesh, no jarring moan, no heavy thud. There is just silence. Emptiness. Like the universe itself couldn’t come up with a sound to encompass such profound devastation. 

The screams that tore his throat to shreds die down but his heart keeps breaking in silence. With every heartbeat the tear in his heart grows, one side weighed down with grief. His sister. The other weighed down with guilt. His responsibility. Every breath he takes is a protest against his ribcage, wrestling for space against the pain.   

The chains tug at his wrists, carving deep grooves into his skin, but he doesn’t feel it. He is pulled over rocks and fallen trees, and sometimes he falls, but he doesn’t feel stone breaking his skin, doesn’t flinch against the crack of bone. Angry commands are growled in trigedasleng, but he doesn’t turn towards it or away from it. He feels heavy eyes on him, but he doesn’t look up at them. He keeps going, not hearing, not seeing, not feeling, just breaking. 

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Significance of Rumors

I think that whatever “shit goes down” this season will be partially because of the spreading of rumors/false information. We’ve seen rumors used as a plot device in prior seasons and I think one of the interpretations of the song lyrics “please don’t let me be misunderstood” in the trailer could be the ‘telephone game’ effect that rumors/miscommunication can cause and how a rumor can be the root of a domino effect of unfortunate events.

<Long rambly post about  s 4 predictions - keep reading below>

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Summary: Bruce gets caught talking to himself by a curious Dick Grayson



Bruce Wayne had learned to ignore many things in the few years since he’d become Batman. Initial irrigations had even turned to comforting reminders. The chill of the cave was a welcome shock that helped his brain transition from Bruce to vigilante. The long drive from the manor to Gotham proper had turned into a time to plan instead of wasted minutes. And the bats. Chattering. Flapping. Swooping when he was least expecting them. They’d become a welcome presence alongside him. Their noise the background to his work. Their rare visible presence a constant reminder of vigilance.

He had never considered them as companions to speak to. They were only bats, after all.

They had never answered his muttered musings to himself or offered up answers to questions not sent their way. His hushed tone had grown over time to conversational, as he worked out plans, walked mentally through crime scenes, and picked apart toxins. They were much like walls in the way that they soaked up his words and kept them tightly as their own.

He was sure that things would have gone along that way for years longer if a small, ever-curious boy had not entered his life. Dick was always asking questions. Most of which Bruce had ready answers for. Their subjects those that (most of the time) were enriching to his young ward’s mind.

It had been years since Bruce had to curtail his habits to anyone other than Alfred. He’d developed a public persona with strict rules and guidelines for when he was at Wayne Enterprises or public events, and the hours he put in as Batman were done as a man far removed from the man he was in the sun. His home self, the man who was neither smile nor mask was free of those restrictions. Free to frown, and rub his forehead, to be frustrated or pleasantly amused by the misplacing of his favorite book, and yes he was free to talk to himself.

“If I clip that wire, and solder it here the whole thing will run a lot faster.” He said, his hands already angling the wire clipper towards the blue line. “Then if I just–”

“Hey B. Who’re ya talking to?”

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Hey hun! Are there any fics you know of evak in their new apartment just living life. xx

Hello, lovely! Sure there are, let me make you a list :) Little heads up though, this might get pretty long ;)


  • there with me by Salambo06
    Summary: One morning, Isak comes to realise that he can’t remember the last time he woke up to Even’s side of the bed being empty. 
  • Home by i_once_wrote_a_dream
    Summary: “Are we getting kicked out?” Or, Isak and Even move in together. 

  • Firsts by XioNin
    Summary: It’s the first of many, Isak hopes. 

  • heaven help a fool who falls in love by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: “I’m going to call Even,” Eskild says slowly, “and tell him that you need rescuing from a spider. And then I’m going to go back to sleep, does that sound okay with you?” “No!” Isak cuts in frantically, “no, no, no, don’t tell him, you can’t tell-” “Cool!” Eskild says, singsong and airy. “Okay, Isak, love you too, don’t die before Even gets there.” “Eskild-” Eskild hangs up.

  • Moving In by Skamzombie
    Summary: Isak and Even’s first moments at their new apartment.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.

  • Curtains, Posters, and Cream by BraveKate
    Summary: Isak thinks their new place is cursed. There are curtains.

  • Good Grades by XioNin
    Summary: What might have happened after today’s clip (2:10:3). Isak tries to study, but even when they’re apart Even is a distraction.

  • isak x even | a place of our own by WritenStuff
    Summary: “It’s ours,” Even repeated, the corners of his lips drawing into a wide smile. “Our own place.”

  • Silence Your Phone by faerieswing
    Summary: Short fluffy scene that takes place the evening after the “Onsdag 19.04.17 12:06” clip from the biology classroom, once Isak gets home from studying. Kissing and cuteness ensues.

  • wasted on this feeling by bbyfruit
    Summary: He’s got a good grade in biology, he’s got his own place that’s full of light, and he’s got a boy with a pencil threaded between his long fingers and graphite smudged across his face.

  • take me back, to the night we met by EvenbechNeiheim
    Summary: It’s 2 am, they saw 13 reasons why and they dance in their own kitchen while forgetting about the world.

  • so you play it wild by birthmarks
    Summary: Isak is dirty. Isak is shameless. Isak is possessive. Or: before, during, and after Isak and Even made out at school on Wednesday.

  • living life gets hard to do by colazitron
    Summary: Isak and Even have been living together for two and a half months now, and things aren’t as rosy anymore. But still good. Always good. (They’re getting better at talking about things.)

  • Puppy Love by skambition
    Summary: “Babe”, Isak put his hand on Even’s cheek, stroking it softly, “we can’t get a dog. Be realistic. You may have time now, but when you’re working on another movie, you’re basically not home at all. I can’t take care of a dog. You know me, I can barely feed myself!” Somewhere in the future, Even convinces Isak to adopt a puppy.

  • Good morning Snowflake by E_Box
    Summary: Their first morning in their new apartment. Isak is just really happy so he goes buy themselves breakfast.

  • The Sleepless Night by bri_ness
    Summary: It’s their first night in their first apartment, but Isak and Even can’t sleep.

  • home has always been with you by withoutwords
    Summary: Isak finally caught on, spluttering around his coffee, “Wait, you want to move in with me?” Even had laughed about it for a long time.

  • As long as we’re together by boxesofflowers & Eeyoreneedsahug
    Summary: Isak and Even move in together. Good thing they like each other because their apartment is shit. Also, Isak doesn’t know how to use a payphone (that might just be because it’s broken).

  • All Those Little Things by Evakoorhelm
    Summary: Isak comes home to the apartment that he’s shared with Even for two years. To a suprise. 

  • wish i could live in your heart by cynical_optimist
    Summary: Some mornings, Even will untangle himself from Isak completely, rolling out of bed to make breakfast. More often, he will try, and Isak will hold tight, and Even will stay, chuckling to himself and murmuring about octopi. These are the mornings Isak prefers, the ones where he can stare at Even’s face until he slips back into sleep or curl into him, every part of himself warm and safe.- Or, domestic mornings and being in love.

  • take you to where the sun shines, cast shadows on your face (crawl into their deepest recess,‘til i freeze or dehydrate) by vesperthine
    Summary: They drag themselves up the stairs, and Even closes the door behind them; enveloping them both in the shadows ( – the familiar smell, dust, home – ) of the hallway. At the far end, that grey light is spilling in from the kitchen, and it’s just enough to make out the silhouette of Isak’s throat as he swallows.This is the aftermath, then; adrenaline sublimated and only the pieces and shivers left in its wake.

  • you bring me home by hippopotamus
    Summary: Even comes home to find Isak listening to Harry Styles’ album.

  • in the place of you and me by DarkBeauty_890
    Summary: “Can I tell you a secret?” Even murmurs, tracing mindless patterns- zig zags and hearts and stars and infinity signs- up and down Isak’s bare back. He circles freckles and counts them, adding them to his never ending tally of things to know about Isak. Isak snuffles sleepily, “Mmhmm.” “You have made me happier in less than a year, than I think I have been in my entire life.” Eyes flicker open, hazy green; beautiful and open, “Ditto.”

anonymous asked:

22 please :)

22. “Delete that. Now.”

Oh, Anon, I really don’t think you had this in mind.  I apologize in advance.

Rarely did Scully have time to relax these days, but she woke early on a Sunday morning with nothing to do and nowhere to be.  Quietly, so as not to wake Mulder, she slipped out bed and put on a jacket over her (or rather, his) shirt.  She tucked her sweatpants into a pair of Uggs and clipped the leash onto a very wiggly and excited Daggoo to take him for an early morning walk.

“Don’t bark,” Scully whispered to the dog.  “Do not bark.”

Daggoo didn’t bark, but he strained at his leash when she opened the door and practically dragged her down the front porch.  She thought she might head towards the lake with him to watch the sunrise.  The sky was still purple and grey with wisps of clouds in the distance.  The air was crisp and smelled of dew.

By the time she made it back to the house, the sun was burning bright and Daggoo was whining to be picked up.  She unclipped his leash and stepped out of her boots before hanging her jacket by the door.  The house was as quiet as when she left, so Mulder must still be asleep.

Quietly, Scully poured a bowl of kibble for the dog and started a pot of coffee for herself.  When that was finished, she curled up on the couch with an afghan and turned on the TV, setting the volume low.

Mulder’s DVR was 86% full.  She scrolled through the eclectic group of shows, snorting when she passed a folder of saved episodes of Dark Shadows, because of course he would.  She also had to snicker at The Princess Bride and Romancing the Stone.  

“Finding Bigfoot,” she whispered to herself, stopping on one in the list.  “Of course you’d have a show called Finding Bigfoot.”

Curious, Scully pressed play and tried not to laugh through the intro. Daggoo hopped up onto the couch and pawed at a spot in her leg until she moved her arm and he could crawl into her lap.  The next moment, she nearly sprayed her coffee out all over the place.

“We’re here in the Great Smoky Mountains today with former special agent Fox Mulder of the FBIs x-files unit,” the host said, trudging through the woods in green night vision with Mulder beside him.  “He made a career of investigating Bigfoot sightings and other phenomena and he’s here to help us today and offer insight into ‘squatch behavior.”

The scene cut to an interview with Mulder and the same host in a chair, chatting casually.  “Call it what you will,” Mulder said. “Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk ape, Yeti, Wendigo, Mapingauri, almost every culture has a Bigfoot lore, and there is a basis of fact there. People say they want proof something exists, I say give me proof it doesn’t.  Couldn’t we say the same for religion?  Has anyone seen God?  There’s more proof that Bigfoot exists than God.”

“Oh, Jesus, Mulder,” Scully mumbled.  

After only a few minutes of more night vision wood combing, Scully turned the show off and then turned the TV off as well.  Her coffee started to get cold and Daggoo sighed in his sleep.

Not long after she shut everything off, the floorboards upstairs creaked and Mulder started down the stairs, heavy steps making Daggoo’s ears twitch.

“You’re up early,” Mulder said through a yawn, scratching his abdomen over his shirt.

“You’re just up late.”

“Is that coffee I smell?”

“I left the rest warning for you.”


Scully listened to him rattle around in the kitchen for a few minutes before calling out to him, “Mulder?”


“When were you in the Great Smoky Mountains.”

Mulder appeared in the doorway with a half-smile and leaned against the jamb as he sipped his coffee.  “You’re a fan of Finding Bigfoot, Scully?”

“It was on your DVR.”

“And you chose to watch it?”

“Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you chose to be on the episode.  Voluntarily.  How did they even find you?”

“I contacted them, actually.”

“Oh my God.”  Scully groaned and put a hand over her face for a moment.  “At least with COPS it was against our will.”

“Oh, that wasn’t against my will.”

“Well it was against my will.”

“You know, I’ve got that episode on the DVR too.  It reruns all the time.”

“Delete that.  Now.”

Mulder chuckled and padded over to the couch.  He lifted the blanket out of the way and sat beside her.  Daggoo opened his eyes and then sighed and went back to sleep.

“Well, did you find one?”

“You didn’t watch the whole thing?”

“Just what few minutes I could tolerate.”

“You know you’d be the first person I’d call if I found a Bigfoot, Scully.  Are you just jealous I didn’t take you ‘squatch hunting?”

“Really, Mulder?”

“Because the Monongahela National Forest is only a few hours away and it’s a hotbed of ‘squatch sightings.  We haven’t been camping in a long time.”

“Stop saying ‘squatch.  And there’s a reason we don’t go camping.”

“Wouldn’t it be cool to see a Bigfoot though, Scully?”

Scully snorted and scratched the top of Daggoo’s head as she looked at Mulder.  There was a twinkle in his eye that she hadn’t seen for quite some time.  She gave him a smile and leaned back into the couch.

“Tell me about the Monongahela sightings,” she said.

The End

Balalaika is the Perfect Strong Female Character: Part 1


There’s a reason I used the softest portrait of Balalaika for his essay that I could find: for all the talk of what a “badass” she is, she owns her femininity. She neither plays up her sexuality as a “vixen” nor downplays it as a “tomboy.” She wears her hair long because she wants to, and it doesn’t get in the way. She has long, well-manicured nails because she wants to have them, and they don’t get in the way. Anyone who makes the mistake of making assumptions about her sensitivities as a woman quickly finds out that she…thinks it’s completely irrelevant.

In essence, I think that’s what’s great about Balalaika as a female character: she just is who she is. She values her objectives above anything else. She doesn’t try to prove anything to anybody, because she stays so focused that she doesn’t have to. 

Plenty of people call her “fry face” or “that Ruski bitch” behind her back, but never to her face. That’s not because they think she’ll take personal offense, or even that one of her male subordinates will kill them to “defend her honor.” It’s purely because if you’re the type of person who would say that, you’re on unfriendly terms with her. If you’re on unfriendly terms and you see her or one of her subordinates face to face, you’re already dead. Nothing she does is ever completely personal. She is ruthless, but never malicious or spiteful. 

That’s not to say that she’s emotionally flat pragmatist robot. She clearly has a rich inner life. She often feels compassion for her enemies, and has real friendships with outsiders like the members of the Lagoon Company. In keeping with such complexity, she’s not opposed to random acts of kindness. 

The same woman who got discharged from the Russian military for saving a child in Afghanistan here…

Is the same woman who looks a child assassin (who tortured one of her subordinates to death) in the eye as she has her snipers shoot them in the leg. The show doesn’t show it in real time, of course, but apparently it takes him several minutes to slowly bleeds to death in the clip below. In both cases she did what she did because it would be “shameful” to do otherwise in a way that has nothing to do with her sex or gender. 

It’s no wonder the subordinate in question that the child murdered cried out for his “Capitán” until his last agonizing, grizzly final breath. 

Balalaika deeply respects and cares for her subordinates as much as hey respect and care for her. That becomes very apparent towards the end of the clip when she converses with the snipers who shot the boy about how emotionally difficult the entire ordeal was. If you don’t have the stomach to watch, I’ll spoil it for you now: it’s her right hand man who says “that was hard to watch.” Balalaika sincerely apologizes. 

There wasn’t a single moment of the scene in which she felt good about any of it.She simply calculated that such a method was absolutely necessary to honor the dead and maintain the reputation of Hotel Moscow, the crime syndicate that quite literally keeps Roanapur from collapsing in upon itself.

There are several moments throughout the series and OVA in which Balalaika seems outwardly calm and collected in moments of emotional turmoil. She will  will freely admit to feeling grief, regret, and/or hesitation about a ruthless action she has taken or is about to take. However, Rei Hiroe has written her win a way that never lets you think for even a second that she’s afraid to cry or express her emotions, and it is glorious!

Balalaika is so pragmatic at her core that she is more inclined to kill a rival mafia boss because their men are generally unruly rather than of any real threat they pose to her operation. She says as much to her right hand man while observing a yakuza beating Rock in an attempt to get attention from Revy. Her ire is raised not by the attack on her ally: she simply cannot stand to see “soldiers” misbehave. Both she and Sergeant Bosco (her right hand) say they wish they could wipe out the entire yakuza based on that unruly scene alone. Of course, no action is taken. She remarks upon it and moves on so as not to compromise her larger objective. 

I wouldn’t rule out possibility that she “breaks down and lets it all out” in private, and it certainly wouldn’t change my opinion of her. Given her position as the head of Hotel Moscow (and the most powerful person in all of Roanapur), those private moments are so few and far between that we never get to see them on the page or screen. Alternatively, she may be one of those people who doesn’t express sorrow with tears. Either way, you never get the sense that she’s struggling to “keep it together,”  in public, even when we know she feels emotionally devastated. That has nothing to do with being a woman: it has everything to do with being a good leader.

Unlike Berserk’s Casca, with her frequent emotional breakdowns on the battlefield over her commander/love interest, in front of her male subordinates, that gets men killed on more than one occasion…nobody feels the need to baby or defend Balalaika’s her. They respect her. They don’t treasure her as “their only flower.” (Sorry Judeau, but that line makes me cringe every time.)

Carefully observe the body language and positions of Balalaika and her subordinates carefully in this short clip.

She leads her men into battle. No henchman is ordered to handle the man who’s been running around town calling her a “fry faced Rutsky bitch,” and plotting to assassinate her. No subordinate dares to insult her by trying to handle the man himself. She doesn’t need them to because she can hold her own physically and mentally in a fight as well as any of her subordinates. 

If you pay attention to the overall context of the scene, it becomes clear that she didn’t come down there to kill him personally because she was offended by what he said about her. She felt it was necessary to maintain her relationship with Dutch and the Lagoon Company: a critical neutral party in her territory that she can’t afford to alienate. Balalaika is a very good friend to have indeed.

She’s a true leader that knows it’s her duty to protect and maintain order amongst her subordinates and the territory that she calls her own. In a better world, that would be the gold standard for leadership regardless of the sex or gender identity of the leader. 

That’s why I call her The True Goddess of War.™

Originally posted by warriormonk-devildog

NOTE: I titled this “part 1″ because there’s a lot more I want to write about her as a character. This started out as a much longer essay, but I decided to break things up for the sake of clarity and readability. Expect more Balalaika worship in the days and weeks to come. ^_~

Screencap source: Apres Moi Balalaika tribute AMV.

Special thanks to @opinionatedashellblog, @odilekuronuma (who wrote 2 of the 3 Casca analyses I linked to above) and @murasakihime. I wouldn’t have been inspired to write about any of the female characters I have from Black Lagoon thus far if it weren’t for you.

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yooo glad to hear you're feelin' better and ready to accept requests again ^-^ So could I request how Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker would do if a young child was brought into Talon, either because they have exceptional combat or tech related skills Talon wants to exploit or they're being held there as a long term hostage to ensure someone's cooperation? Like how would they interact with the kid, if at all? (sorry if the asks a bit long ;-;)

An agent picks the child up from kindergarten, but it’s Widowmaker who sits in the back of the car, a small handgun cradled in her hands that the girl eyes both frightened and awed.

“Do you work for my mama?” she asks as she fastens her seatbelt as if she’s being picked up by random men in black suits every day. The words stranger danger evidently mean nothing to her.

“It is more accurate to say that your mother works for us.” Widowmaker says. At least now she will, she adds silently. The agent lets the autopilot drive and while the car pulls out of the school’s parking lot together with half a dozen of other parents with their children, he turns around and waves his phone.

“Lets take a photo so your mommy won’t worry, alright?” he suggests and whatever else the child may be, camera shy she is not. She makes faces at the camera, makes the agent snap picture after picture, usually with Widowmaker somewhere in the background although at least once she sits on her lap and pretends to brush her hair.

“You could braid it,” the girl says and Widowmaker, whose patience for people who are not targets or her handlers runs low at the best of times, yanks her hair out of the child’s grasp.

“I don’t want to braid it.” she says and hopes that is the last of it.

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The only time I’ll talk about a theory:


So I clearly lied because here I am with another theory post. This time I’ve decided to elaborate on my previous idea (you can find it here) so that it’s easier to understand. With the release of the ‘Spring Day’ trailer I’ve realized that it could be all backwards, but at the same time it could also be in the right order. However, I’ll explain the latter in a different post. 

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To begin with my initial idea, if the entire series were backwards here is what the music videos would mean and represent: 

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Lesli Stone is Bethany Young/A.D.

This is going to be a relatively long post… so bear with me. I’m truly convinced that Lesli Stone is actually Bethany and is working as A.D. (A.D. stands for after death, and Bethany has been presumed dead all this time). Lesli Stone (anagram for Stolen Lies) and Bethany were twins separated at birth. The real Lesli is in Alison’s grave, as Bethany killed her and stole her identity.

So we just got an update on the Dilaurentis/Drake/Hastings family tree. Let’s review.

  • Veronica’s only biological child with Peter is Melissa
  • Peter had affairs with both Jessica and Mary. He had Jason with Jessica and Spencer with Mary
  • Mary Drake had Cece with Ted the Pastor
  • Jessica and Kenneth had Alison together
You may have read this by now, but people are speculating that Mary Drake had more than two children. The doctor that Spencer and Aria talked to said he delivered “two OF Mary’s babies” in a tone where it sounded as if she had more than two.

I believe that before giving birth Spencer and after giving birth to Cece, Mary Drake gave birth to Bethany Young and Lesli Stone (twins). This makes sense since Cece was born in 1988, Bethany was supposedly born in 1992, and the liars were born in 1995.

Throwback to the Halloween scene where the twins are clearly not getting along.
This could be symbolic of Bethany and Lesli’s relationship. Lesli is the twin who grabs the knife and stabs her twin, Bethany. Because of behavioral issues and inattentiveness from Mary, she loses custody of her children. They’re given up for adoption to two separate families, the Young and Stone families, but are reunited in Radley years later. In the episode, “She’s No Angel” we learn that Bethany and Lesli were roommates. However, they kept fighting and eventually got split up, so Bethany began to share a room with Rhonda. I don’t think that the other people in Radley knew that Bethany and Lesli were twins since they had different styles. Bethany wore her hair long and blonde and didn’t need glasses. Lesli kept her hair short, dyed it auburn, and wore glasses that concealed her face enough for them to not be recognized as twins.

Aunt Jessie
According to the PLL timeline, Cece, Melissa, and the N.A.T. Club all graduated in 2005. However, we hear Toby say that his mother died on October 24th, 2007. My question is, how did Cece go from being a teenage girl in 2005… to a young boy who has not yet transitioned in 2007? Marlene claims that Marion actually died in 1998, but this doesn’t make sense either because in the scene where Toby and Alison kiss before Toby’s mom walks in, they’re only supposed to be a few years old. So, either this was just one big production failure, or the only other explanation is that Cece was lying about the whole damn story of how Marion died.

My theory is that Cece actually was the one who killed Marion and she blamed Bethany for it. Why else would Jessica cover it up? Jessica felt bad that Bethany was blamed so she took her to adopt her own horse and asked her to call her Aunt Jessie (because she’s Mary’s daughter) and Bethany got angry and threw a bucket at her. This further explains the drawings of Jessica with the words “LIAR” written across her forehead.

The Night Alison Disappeared
Bethany is fed up with Jessica so she plans to escape and hurt her. She steals Cece’s yellow top and escapes with her identity since Cece had out privileges. Lesli suspects that Bethany is up to no good, so she somehow sneaks out and follows her.

As Bethany is approaching the Dilaurentis house, Mona spots her and thinks that she’s Alison. Mona hits her with the shovel until she believes that “Alison” is dead. It makes sense that Bethany was buried before Alison, considering Melissa told Spencer that she found Bethany’s body right after Spencer walked away with the shovel after fighting with Ali. There are two different scenes that show hands reaching from the grave. In the scene where Grunwald saves Ali, Ali’s hand slowly approaches from the ground and has vines wrapped around it. A different scene shows a hand frantically thrashing around and it grabs dirt. This is likely Bethany’s hand before she is saved. (She is likely saved by Spencer, who was on drugs and wouldn’t remember).
^ Bethany’s Hand
^Alison’s Hand

After Spencer unknowingly saves Bethany, Alison is accidentally hit by Cece. She is buried by Jessica and saved by Grunwald, as we all know

Bethany walks around trying to find out who buried her in the dirt. She begins to suspect it was Jessica but then she spots Lesli who is spying on her. Bethany gets angry as she assumes that Lesli is the one that hurts her and attacks her with the shovel until she is unconscious. However, Bethany has a plan. Instead of just burying her sister, she decides to switch identities with her so that Jessica will think that she’s dead. Bethany would be able to torture Jessica and make her life hell without Jessica knowing that it is her. Bethany swap clothes with Lesli and buries her in the ground. The next day, she cuts and dyes her hair before anyone sees her and buys fake glasses. She switches the medical and dental records. She comes back to Radley as Lesli and no one ever suspects a thing. This explains the box of glasses that Spencer and Hanna find in “Lesli’s” car.

Also, check out the uncanny resemblance between the girl who plays young Bethany in Cece’s flashback and the girl that plays “Lesli”

After Lesli’s Death
Bethany, now living her life as Lesli, decides to get her life together. As we see when she is introduced in season 5, she is enrolled in college and has a steady life.

Lesli plans to take over the A game after Cece
Lesli is introduced in season 5, but the strange thing is that I’m seeing very similar parallels between the way Lesli was introduced and the way Cece was introduced. For one thing, their first scenes are both in the brew. Spencer even says on the phone during the same episode “The last time we met someone’s old friend, it was Cece!”

“Lesli” decides to borrow a book from Mona’s room before Mike gets pissed at her and tells her to put it back. And what is hidden in the side of the book? The clip of Bethany Young! “Lesli” is trying to steal it back as she doesn’t want the liars to find it and put two and two together. I think that at this point, “Lesli” knew that Cece was A and was blackmailing her. She orders Cece to retrieve the recording for her, but at the end of the episode, we see Cece dressed as A as she realizes the clip is gone. She bangs the book against the dresser out of anger, thinking that Bethany aka “Lesli” will reveal the truth about her. Why else would Cece have wanted this random voice clip of Bethany!? I can’t think of any other reason.

“She’s a bitch. She’s an evil bitch! I don’t mean nasty or rude, I mean evil, without a soul. You could be the nicest person in the world she gets them to do whatever she wants! Five minutes with her and you’d drown a bag of kittens if she asked, two minutes if you’re a man…. not destructive, self defense. It’s me or her. She’s not the only one who can make plans!” -Bethany

First of all, notice how the voice in this clip sounds exactly like “Lesli”. This clip could be about two people… Jessica or her twin, the real Lesli.

So what happens after this? “Lesli” takes the witness stand and completely ambushes Ali which makes sense if she’s Uber A. She knows that Cece is planning for the dollhouse. After the girls escape, she orders Cece to reveal her identity to the girls so that she can take the A game away from her.

Working as A.D.
If you look at the puzzle pieces on A.D.’s game board, you can see that they look freakishly like one of Bethany’s drawings.

It’s possible that after taking over the game, Bethany decided to kill Cece by pushing her off the bell tower… just like how I think Cece pushed Marion off the bell tower.

Let me know what you guys think!