it was the one i actually wanted first of all

Ethan & Sebby together in mine, the third one!

1st one 
2nd one 
3rd one : you’re here!

This one is…. extraordinary stupid. Sorry for the stupid jokes orz
(I have a deep suspicion about lucky lunch’s ingredient hhhhhh)

Ethan is kinda con to drugs, so at first he saw Sebastian smoking weed he freaked out a little bit, resulting a little fight with seb. Now it becomes a kind of bad joke between them, and sometimes Sebastian likes to tease Ethan with this matter.

So! they are not even close to any actual mining but my prepped ideas are all gone hhhhhhh I do want to end this series properly, but I can tell for sure (sorry)

Thanks for everything!

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Hey mom, I feel bad lately and sorry to interrupt. But I slowly come to like... terms of being a bi transman, but it feels like no one wants me. Women think I'm a traitor, I disgust gay men, etc. I just feel sad. And I'm terrified of a transition. I don't want to lose anyone, esp every woman I admire. I won't probably ever find a good partner, either. Meh.

First of all, bi trans men actually make up the majority of trans guys, so you aren’t alone in how you feel. Not even close. I can promise you there are plenty of mlm and girls who would love to date you, so much of this fear is anxiety you’re building up perpetuated by the transphobia ingrained in society. You are absolutrly loveable. You’re not a traitor. You’re not disgusting.

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Heya Rui! I hope you're doing well so far! I'm not sure if you beat the game yet, but I was wondering how is Bad Apple Wars so far? I'm debating if I should get it or not, because I hear mixed reviews about it...

I did beat Bad Apple Wars and in my opinion, it’s pretty good. If you prefer the more happier, light hearted otoges, BAW is not for you. The stories are dark since it revolves around death and despair.

Personally…BAW is one of the rarer games to move me emotionally. Most otoges either leave me feeling “…ok” or nothing at all by the end of the game. BAW is the first to actually make me feel sad at certain scenes.

Gameplay wise, it’s incredibly linear. I wouldn’t even say there is any sort of gameplay involved because you don’t make any choices other than where you want to go during your free time, your name and which side you choose.

There are no dialogue options that will influence what kind of endings you get. Endings are determined by how well you bond with the character at certain moments.

In the end, it doesn’t really feel like an otoge but more of an adventure novel with bits of romance in it.

Everything wrong with Edward Avila’s video on Kyla.

Yall wanna talk about Kyla? Let’s talk about Kyla. 

First of all, the worst thing that can happen when you address a delicate subject is getting out of context and being accused of something you did not do/said or meant so I do plan on taking this slowly through the entire video to make sure I’m not being unfair.

I would never be the one to go “Ok this guy did this and now I hate him” based on the first 5 seconds and we are going to talk about it like you are supposed to.

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have you or have you ever considered writing your own story with your own original characters? your writing style and your voice are just so unique and you do a brilliant job at perfectly capturing the emotion of every moment and i'd honestly but so many copies if you were to ever write one

!!!!!!!! highkey screaming rn

I’m actually working on a novel atm!!!

I’ve been writing novels pretty much since the beginning of high school, naturally most of them are terrible bc I wrote them when I was 13-15. Then there was the one I wrote when I was 16, which I sent off to a bunch of publishers (all the major ones in Australia basically) when I was 17, most of which didn’t write back. However, one of them did after I sent them the first chapter and wanted to read the rest of it. They said it would take about three months for them to let me know their decision. Then four months later they emailed me back saying they didn’t want to publish it but apparently they had been legitimately considering it and that’s why it took so long to get back to me, and they said lots of nice things about it and tbh I did not react the way one generally reacts when one gets rejected (ie I was totally over the moon)

I mean I wrote that thing when I was 16 and I’ve heard a lot about slush piles so I wasn’t expecting much, so that was one heck of a confidence boost

SO YEAH um I’m definitely going to try to make this next one something I’m really super proud of and then we’ll see!!!

Thankyou so so much for your wonderful message, I really can’t tell you how much that means to me! <3

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but how long does Tom's holiday last? does not work, does not have important roles in the movies (apart from harry potter and the flash), he does not commit himself to getting the most out of his great potential, he does nothing more. And think there are people who throw the soul on the books to get the job of dreams and he who has got everything without a minimum of effort, also has the right to take a vacation because he is tired ?! Seriously?

Excuse me, anon, but have you actually seen him in anything besides HP and The Flash? His roles might not be big, but there are some really good ones (Against the sun, Megan Leavey, The Feed). 

I understand that you want him to be more invested in his career, but don’t forget that first of all it’s his life and he lives it the way HE wants, he doesn’t owe us anything and we don’t have the right to judge. And second, being an actor doesn’t guarantee you a stable flow of projects. He does what he can. And if he wants to have a vacation, you have no right to be disappointed.

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I really hope Blake is not one of those guys that gives their girl money and tell a her to go buy them something special for their birthday. I really want to believe he is better than that and put out some effort and actual bought her a surprise, maybe a little romance.

I don’t see Blake being like that at all! This is the guy who had a lobster truck sent to the venue for Gwen and her crew after her first show. The same guy who walked around the party for his own restaurant opening with a Gwen Stefani pin on his shirt. He’s a romantic, believe me.

– M

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I saw the video and they look like father and daughter nothing more... what if she actually is his daughter ? Born from a former relationship we don't know nothing about or a one night stand ? And he discovered it recently and now wants to catch up ? He wouldn't be the first man in these situation... I know he's not Hank but why not?

Anything is possible at this point. From all that we have learned/seen/read about David, it is easy to see he is a good man and father. So, your what-if doesn’t appear farfetched at all.  

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I have a question, so I’m writing a character who I really want to be into witch-type-stuff. I don’t want it to be offensive to people who actually do witchy things, so I was wondering if you had any advice!

Hi! First of all, thank you for taking the time to research this aspect of your character :)

Witchcraft is pretty broad and there is no one way to be a witch. It is also not a religion, and people of virtually all walks of life can practice witchcraft. I’ll link you to a good witchcraft 101 page if you want more of an overview.

I’m not an authority on the subject, but as far as being offensive, I think it’s pretty sound advice to avoid having your character appropriate things from closed religions/cultures, some examples being: Voodoo, Native spirituality, Santeria, etc. Remember that language has power. 

Best of luck xox

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When I first discovered that Arisha was working gravure I was actually pretty surprised and devastated. I did not expect it at all, and I felt put off with it. Honestly it's my first encounter with gravure... though, soon I came to realize it is her choice to work in what industry she wants and I respect it. I will continue supporting her in the future, even in gravure. I wish her all the best.

That’s very good! One aspect of supporting your favourite person is being able to understand and tolerate the decision they make, and continue to support them despite it.

It does come as a surprise to a few. Even though she has done a few gravure videos (which were light gravure and she was much younger), it was during the time after Go-Busters.

At first I was indifferent to them. However, after translating her interviews and getting to know her even more, I come to understand the reason she did it. To challenge something new, to be a face that everyone will recognise, and to be involved in a lot of work; she is just a hardworking girl. We also get to see all those killer stares and abs that she can pull off

honestly keith is in a super bad mental place right now yet i haven’t really seen that many people… care?

now i hate to say this, but if it was lance going through all of what keith’s going through right now? you know the fandom would be going CRAZY.

…but it’s not. it’s keith.

his teammates all keep dying around him left and right, he keeps nearly escaping death (like when he was stuck in space in e1), and he’s being given a bad mindset just being with the blade altogether. but that’s not even all of it.

we all know keith pushes people away before they reject him, but how do you think he felt when the team, the only family and friends he hasdid reject him?

as someone super similar to keith, i can tell you that does not feel good at all.

and i know they ended it all with a hug saying they’ll always be there for him, but don’t tell me it didn’t hurt keith when not a single one of them actually said they wanted him to stay.

especially when shiro knows the blade of marmora way. victory/knowledge or death. and he knows how keith is.

(which shows this shiro… isn’t s2 shiro. that shiro would’ve stopped keith from staying with the blade, like how he tried stopping him from doing the trials.)

now there are really only two reasons keith stays with the blade in the first place.

now that shiro can pilot black again, keith doesn’t feel as if he has a place on the team (similarly to lance). now we do know part of the reason he’s been with the blade so much is because he didn’t like being the leader. he didn’t want that position. he was forced into it, then always criticized for being bad at it. now he did get somewhat better near the end with the help of lance, but i don’t think he realized it. (lance is the only one on the team who ever acknowledged him as leader besides shiro, after all.)

keith tried staying off the team since s3e6, after lance opened up to him. he tried to give black to shiro (which we all know didn’t work) and he let lance have red. so he truly feels he doesn’t belong on the team anymore. the team not stopping him from just straight up leaving cemented that.

the other reason keith stays with the blade is to get a sense of identity. he’s had his knife all his life, it’s his only real connection to who he is. but he’s learning the blade way, the galra way, and it’s not good for him. they keep telling him “the mission is more important than the individual”, which shows why so many bom members we’ve seen (thace, ulaz, etc) have sacrificed themself for the greater good.

keith tried sacrificing himself not only for the mission, but because he believed the team would benefit more having him dead than alive. he didn’t say goodbye to anyone before he did it, not even matt, who he was already talking to. he doesn’t think he matters. he’s just another casualty that (would’ve) died for the cause.

in conclusion keith’s mental state right now is bad. he’s not selfish for leaving the team. he did it because he doesn’t think they need him anymore. he doesn’t think he matters.

and it’s the blade that’s really cementing this in his mind.


                                Oh! Suketora!!! Yuri!!! on ICE

                                            ◂ ◂         ▸ ▸


So since you started to be more active in social media, maybe I have a chance to show you what I made month ago, @markiplier.

This work cross-stitch is actually really special. First of all, from all of the cross-stitch works I made in my life this one is my favorite. Second, I really wanted to made this, cause in that photo from your first channel I see more then just a guy looking at the light in the darkness. I see great hopes for tomorrow and knowing that the next day will be better than yesterday (that’s why I called this cross-stitch ‘Great Hopes’ lol). So everytime I look at my work on the wall, I remembering that no matter what’s gonna happened in my life, I should never lose hope and do something to make my future better.

shitty advice of a college student.

OR: some (actually helpful) stuff my first semester of college has taught me.

disclaimer: this is from the point of view of a community college student. my experiences may be different from other students, but overall I think this list could be very helpful to anyone going to a college, university, high school, or for any students just hoping to kick procrastination in the ass. I’ll probably be uploading updated versions/parts of this in the future, but here’s some stuff based on my experience so far.

  • do. work. every. day. even if it’s just a little bit of work. don’t procrastinate.
  •  college isn’t like high school; oftentimes, professors won’t expect homework from you every single day of class. usually, you’ll have due dates of when large sections of assignments or papers are due. make the most of your time. do not wait until the night before to get 6 sections of homework done by 11:59.
  • in reality, you should be doing homework and studying for every single class. but remember that you need to put more time into the classes that are toughest for you. For example, math is my weakest subject so I usually put more homework time into doing my Stats homework.
  • if you don’t want to do it, or have been procrastinating on doing it, it should be the thing you’re getting done first!!
  • books are hella expensive everywhere. if you can’t find any free versions of your textbooks online, try to buy your textbooks used. I buy all of my textbooks used, with the exception of one book which I’ve rented. Personally, I recommend buying your books bc it’s a great study strategy to actually own the books for your classes and be able to write and highlight inside of them… but this is a personal preference.
  • doing homework on your bed makes you lazy. work at a desk, library, coffee shop, outside; anywhere that will make you sit down and focus.
  • let your phone run out of battery and leave. it. alone.
  • if u don’t have a planner/agenda/calendar already then there is nothing more I can help u with pal ur on ur own
  • make a study playlist bc you’ll need it at some point. find music that helps you study the best! for example, I strictly can only study to soft music or just instrumentals, but I know some people who study really well to rap and hip-hop. find what works for you! remember this should relax you, not distract you.
  • hydrate. I keep a water bottle right on my desk when I study so when I look up I’m reminded to take a sip. being hydrated is important!!! not only will this make your body and skin happy but it’ll also make your brain work a little harder and focus more!
  • I know things can get tough and busy but pls pls eat and sleep well I’m begging u
  • follow-up to the last point: let yourself go pee as many times as you need to. it’s ok. it doesn’t count as your break. you’re not wasting time from doing work. do us all a favor and go to the bathroom already.
  • follow-follow-up: know the difference between taking a break and giving up.
  • learn how to say no to temptations like hanging out with your friends or distracting yourself in the depths of Youtube and Netflix. you have work to do and you know it!!! don’t make yourself feel bad by suffering. if you want good grades, your education (next to your mental/physical health) should be your first priority.
  • reward yourself for working hard. this could be a night out with friends, a candy bar, boba, whatever floats your boat.
  • I know it’s a drug but I don’t care what anyone says: if I need to drink coffee then I’m drinking that damn cup of coffee.
  • priority-wise, your education should always top your studyblr. every. single. time.

ok so i guess i’ll post this too bc now i’m getting too invested in other things and i have no idea when (or if) i’ll be able to finish the rest 

but!! these are the designs i was thinking of for the other kids y’know


So after many hours of work, I made some BATIM screenshot edits to use for whatever! Backgrounds, headers, knock yourself out.

Crediting is loved, but not necessary. Just don’t TAKE credit for them, and we’re good.

They have captions


(and right click, open in new page to see it BIG)

Keith’s Motivations this Season

Aka, “Me Trying To Puzzle Out Keith When I Still Haven’t Even Finished the First Episode.” Let’s pop off.

So the conflict this season is obviously Keith’s responsibilities as a Paladin vs his desire to help the Blades. And because Keith’s life is a melodrama, his problems quickly become everyone else’s. But the real question is: Why is he doing all this in the first place?

(cracks my knuckles) Time to one part analyze, one part predict, one part headcanon.

Here are my theories as to what Keith’s reasons are for doing anything this season:

1. Keith is a man of action. And Voltron hasn’t really been doing much lately.

I’m actually going to disagree with Keith here because, as pretty much Everyone in the episode points out, Voltron has been doing tons lately. They’ve been freeing planets, consolidating with rebels, leading parades- They’ve been winning.

But not in the way Keith wants. Keith is a very single-minded person, and he’s also… Not a pessimist, exactly, but he’s a realist. He knows that everything they’ve accomplished will mean jackshit so long as their real enemies (Lotor, namely, with Haggar close behind) are still out there. Keith is the kind of guy who’d rather get everything done first and then relax.

Voltron is the defender of the universe. But Keith focuses more on being a protector. He wants to be pro-active. In the earlier seasons, he was more used to being pro-active for himself since, y’know, loner. But now that he’s become the Leader, his instincts to strike first have gone into total haywire. Voltron is the defender of the universe, but Keith wants to defend Voltron. And to do that, he has to take out every possible threat he can, and he can’t do that if he’s parading himself in front of a crowd for the second time this week.

Also, Keith just… hates performative action. He’d rather have his boots on the ground doing something rather than sitting back and waiting for Lotor to come to them. The thought just makes him antsy lmfao. Keith probably feels fake under the attention like. He doesn’t really trust people just at their word, and this applies to himself. If he were really a Paladin of Voltron, he’d be out there suckerpunching Galra, not sitting around and waving at a crowd. He got enough  over-glorification and attention at the Garrison, thank you very much.

2. The Blades are fucking shit up and locking shit down.

Like, these guys are kicking ass. I’ll fully admit it, and I don’t even like them lmfao. Keith would much rather be out there risking his life for the cause instead of celebrating like they’ve already won. That’s just the kind of person he is.

Also, he definitely feels some sense of belonging with them, or something of a kindred spirit. I mean, throwback to NotAllGalra in season 2 lmfaoo. Plus, these guys are like the Key to Keith’s past and all the stuff he doesn’t know about himself. Of course he wants to get in on that.

On a side note, does Keith know anything about his mom yet? I mean like. He better. If she was a Blade and Kolivan still hasn’t told Keith jack I’m going to be PISSED on his behalf. My boy nearly dies every mission and they’re still withholding information from him? Ugh.

3. Keith is trying to avoid being the Black Paladin/Leader.

There’s only so many times Keith can try to give Shiro back the Black Lion before people start getting suspicious lmfao.

Keith really, really doesn’t want to be leader. This should be obvious by now. Before, he bore the burden grudgingly, but always with the condition of ‘until Shiro comes back.’ Well, Shiro is (supposedly) back now, but he’s not taking refunds and Keith doesn’t know what to do. It was easier before, because Keith had a clear purpose: Find Shiro. And then, later on, Stop Lotor. 

Now he’s found Shiro but Lotor is gone with the wind and Keith is frustrated that he’s still stuck in this role. Also, it’s kind of nerve-wracking to Keith that Shiro is watching and judging his every move as leader. I mean like, not really, because Shiro is a nice guy, but it Feels Like Shiro Is Measuring Him Up and it’s hell on Keith’s instincts since he’s now always second-guessing himself. What would Shiro do, you ask? Well, Shiro is right here and he has Opinions. Unfortunately, Keith’s eager beaver attitude goes directly against his urge to follow his own instincts, leading to a lot of mess and a lot of bad feelings on Keith’s part. It’s not fun feeling like you’re failing someone important to you just because you’re trying to be true to yourself.

Additionally, Shiro is the one guy in the world Keith doesn’t want to let down, and now they both have to do this awkward tango where Shiro says he’s happy that Keith is the true Black Paladin when he’s very obviously Not That Okay with it. Awkward. Of course Keith wants to bail out of this situation.

“Hey, vampires! Was all that human blood you drank today tasty? Sure hope so…because that was your last supper.”

dsfsldfksldfksdf i’m honestly dead that gaming live stream was so good!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so funny and witty and natural and their banter works so well in real time and they just riff of each other so nicely and they work so well together and they flirted a fuck ton and im feeling so many things yall!!!!! here’s a v lengthy list of my fav moments: 

  • phil exposes dan and tells the audience dan makes fun of phil’s smile when they get their photos taken, and dan immediately wants to clarify he’s not being mean to phil, it’s all banter
  • dan says the big monster creature is phil’s mum and phil responds with his typical (giggling) outrage. dan immediately says he’s kidding and then says ‘love you kath’ bc he knows she watches and im gonna be honest that gave me a rush of emotion lmao 
  • phil: ‘take my lettuce’
  • dan: ‘feed me dad’ @ huge monster
  • phil: ‘plonk your tomato on my lettuce’
  • phil wants to name this ‘dan and phil’s salad dream’ dan immediately thinks that sounds like it could be a fanfic bc ofc he does
  • dan feels the need to clarify he was misquoted in one of the tweets from the jaguar event probs bc he saw the ppl dragging him for saying something that sounded like ‘millennials need products to help them go outside’ lmao
  • they have a loud faux argument when they both have to control driving the bus and my ears hurt but my heart is warm
  • phil tells dan to breathe before they start the first actual round and it’s cute
  • phil’s mostly on chopping and dishes duty and claims he doesn’t want to be sous chef. dan literally immediately responds by saying that typically the head chef is disliked by people and the sous chef is the one that actually does all the work .. wow …… what are these Emotions? it’s like when they were playing 1, 2, switch and phil was like, why do i have to be luigi and you get to be mario, and dan was like luigi’s actually the one people like :(((((( wtf :(
  • ‘get out of the way lad’ says phil to dan and i’m dying
  • dan making fun of phil for making a song reference ‘from 1982′ by fondly yelling ‘you relic’
  • dan says phil’s behavior is ‘absolute babuse’ .. and i’m crying bc they def just use this word now referencing the vid where phil predicts dan’s future and attacks him with a banana & dan probably thinks it’s hilarious that phil said it in the first place and why are they so fond of each other honestly
  • there’s a new chef in the game for round 2 who dan thinks looks like pj but phil thinks looks like the child of dan and pj and dan immediately makes yet another fanfic reference, saying a fic of that definitely exists (if there is where can i read it? does dan read parent!kickthefire fic in his free time? does phil read it bc of his mpreg fixation? i need answers)
  • phil doesn’t like soup bc is it a food or is it a drink (dan, vehemently: ‘it’s a food’)
  • dan says he’s gonna play this second round as the PJ-lookalike chef and phil takes issue: ‘i’m gonna feel like my friend has disappeared and been replaced by a slightly different replica’ dan looks at him blankly for a second and then says ’that was like a whole thing’ sdfjsldfsdf what a weird interaction ahahaha i feel like dan was a bit thrown by phil making a big deal out of dan playing as ‘himself’ in the game 
  • phil keeps reminding dan to relax and it makes dan giggle a lot. phil’s like, ‘philly says relax’ and dan just goes full dimply, crinkly smile and my heart has fully melted
  • phil says ‘oh daniel’ in a deep singsong-y voice. phil just sang a lot in general in this stream, the thing where he replaces words to common tunes with whatevers happening in the game, and he does that all the time and it’s one of his most endearing traits for sure
  • dan: ‘i’m going to give you a soup thats not on fire’ phil: ‘put it in my mouth’
  • dan’s making these horrendous spitting spluttering noises and phils just gentle and going ‘dan we’ve got another tomato to do’ a couple of times to get him to focus ahahah
  • ‘this is not a hierarchy thing. we’re both a part of this kitchen’ this feels like a metaphor
  • phil suggests they do a ‘fist bump of truth’ before starting the final round
  • ‘dan i love your butt’ dan reads from the chat, and promptly gives a dead stare to the camera before saying he’ll ignore the chat again for a bit
  • ‘don’t be upset I’m not offended’ says phil to the audience when dan screams at him and alleges that they would’ve done fine that round if phil hadn’t ‘ballsed it up.’ lmao!!!!! they’re both so aware of people thinking dan is mean to phil, its kind of funny that phil’s instinct was to laugh at dan yelling at him and then to reassure the viewers that he’s literally completely fine and no one needs to bother feeling upset on his behalf.
  • why can they just say a word like ‘potato’ and then immediately know the reference they’re both thinking of and both start singing at like the exact same time it’s disturbing
  • ‘dan and phil’s salady dreams’ says phil, he’s really into these suggestive salad phrases
  • phil: ‘don’t swear’ dan: ‘this is a christian channel. no yiffing’
  • phil: ’we’re like a well oiled machine’ dan: ’we’re symbiotic right now’ (is this them just describing their general state of being)
  • wtf was that whole ad bit??? phil had a potential contact lens issue and dan starts asking him about it before randomly breaking off to look at phil intensely and do some cutesy facial expressions and then ask in a strangely soft, almost childish voice whether he can ‘press the button’ and they both kind of just look at each other and giggle and then phil is like weird and placating in his tone and it’s ….. cute??? why was that interaction cute wtf? but it’s just a button to play an ad so they try it but literally no one actually got an ad (if u got an ad then u just missed phil getting up to check his contact and coming back in 10 seconds and dan saying like ‘hi’ ‘hello’ ‘what’s up’ or some random filler words like that)
  • when they look at the game again there’s a new chef on the screen and it’s a cat and phil is immediately like ‘i want to be the cat chef!!!’ and then dan is like ’speaking of yiff … hello there’ sdfksdflsdf i’m dying @ these actual furries
  • dan then goes on a small tangent about fursuits which was definitely him stating actual opinions about how fursuits should have more colors or like rainbow stripes, and if youre going to make one, why would u go for a cat? it should be fox or wolf or dog. in case anyone wanted dan’s opinions on that. phil looks legit uncomfortable for a fleeting second but they transition onwards quite smoothly
  • they shout out some of phil’s fav comments from the last vid which was cute and phil acknowledges his swear
  • phil: *wants to show the viewers their new fancy mic* dan: ’show me that micussy’ …. that about sums it up folks