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Listen I know the ‘pancakes’ scene in 6x18 has been talked to death but I just rewatched it and I can’t stop smiling. Just seeing Emma and Killian in their home in their own private, intimate bubble was so beautiful. I could talk about it forever so do you have any thoughts on the scene??

That scene was everything!

It IS everything.

The pancakes scene single-handedly saved season 6b from the scrap heap.

I think what makes that scene so special is that is has EVERYTHING (sensing a theme here.) It’s the domestic scene that CS fans were asking for all year. There should have been more, but at least when the show delivered, it DELIVERED. I can’t watch this scene without grinning from ear to ear through the whole thing.  “Intimate bubble” is a great way to describe it.  Actually, I think because of the intimacy of the moment, this is my favorite part of the scene:

 (gif source)

Killian coming up behind her and nuzzling her sweetly showed us a part of their relationship we hadn’t really seen before. It was such a sweet, tender intimate moment, where we see all the love and affection between them. My heart. However, it morphs quickly, and that is what is so great about this scene. In just a few minutes it shows us so many different facets of their relationship:

FUN – This scene is just plain fun. Emma and Killian are playful with one another and having fun with one another.  The audience sees how much they enjoy their life in that house together. Something as simple and routine as making breakfast has them bantering and enjoying just being around each other.

FLIRTY – Captain Hook is flirting with his fiancé! “Something smells delicious” Oh, you, sexy scoundrel, Killian. It’s the first glimpse in a long time of them being both at ease and putting in the effort to romance the other.  We all know how much Killian loves Emma, and how attracted he is to her, but it was nice confirmation that he hasn’t dropped his flirting and innuendo just because they are fully committed.

SEXY – This scene lets us see both characters as we’ve never seen them before, and it’s sexy. Emma’s in Killian’s bathrobe!  Did I mention Emma was wearing what had to be Killian’s bathrobe?  Plus her hair is all wild and free like they just spent all night going to town. Killian is already showered and dressed but still in process. He looks relaxed and casual and, yes, sexy.  Then with one sensuous cheek nuzzle from behind, those two crazy kids single-handedly turned pancakes into the sexiest food around.  The whole scene was charged. With sex.

PASSION – This scene goes from fun and flirty (and sexy) to HOT in a matter of seconds.  As CS fans we never wanted for steamy make-outs on screen, but this reminds how fast they can get their motors revving.  They are downright hungry for each other. It also showed how sexually attracted Killian and Emma are to one another in the quiet moments.  Their lives are so Adrenalin-fueled and emotionally-heightened by life-or-death situations, that I’m sure that partly fuels their passion.  This scene starts as a soft moment, and they still can’t keep their hands off each other.  It’s nice to know that their passion comes from just being in the presence of the other, and not just from all that Adrenalin and life-or-death emotion.

AFFECTION – This goes hand in hand with all of the above, but this scene shows us how much they like each other. From Killian nuzzling her from behind to Emma’s consoling/comforting arm caressing when they are unceremoniously interrupted.  Killian and Emma are both so open and expressive with their adoration. No walls here.

FUNNY – I don’t know about you, but I wanted to strangle Snow for interrupting them, but it was also hilarious.  From Killian finding out his mother-in-law has a key (who that’s entrusted with a key uses it when the inhabitants are at home!?! Did she even knock first? That is just bad form) to Killian needing a “bracing shower” there are some great giggle-worthy moments in this scene.

HEART – While the scene starts playful and then roars right to passionate, we also get a beautiful heartfelt moment where they confess how happy they are to each other.  Happiness has been an elusive prospect for these two, for their entire lives, but how beautiful that even when Emma’s under mortal threat, and there are still villains out their gunning for them, they are still just… happy.  And they can express that to one another.  If that doesn’t tell you how right these two are for one another, nothing will.

gif source

So, yes, I agree, I loved seeing them in their “intimate bubble.” Top to bottom, it’s definitely one of the best scenes of the entire series.  

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Do you have any bughead headcanons?

Okay, nonnie, I really tried to compile a large list of all of my complete head canons for Bughead, but all I could come up were a few little sweet things. I hope you enjoy anyway! I’m sorry for the delay (been working the last three nights) and I hope if you ever ask me for anything again in the future, I can deliver much more than this!

  • He’s not a fan of football games, but he’ll go and sit in the stands, at least until after halftime, to watch Archie play and Betty perform with the Vixens. After the halftime show, he typically finds his way over to Sweet Pea and Fangs behind the metal bleachers for a secret smoke
  • He liked sneaking into her room at night when they were teens, not because he wanted to have sex but more so he could hold her close
  • Betty would imagine, in those moments, that they were married adults, living in their own home, cuddling in their own bedroom
  • Jughead couldn’t stop smiling, watching Betty give Hot Dog a bath for the first time. There were suds everywhere
  • Betty tells Jughead he should stop smoking, for his health
  • Secretly thinks it’s sexy when he smokes
  • After they were dating for two years, Betty started alternating holidays with her parents, choosing to spend Thanksgiving cooking dinner for FP and Jughead at their trailer
  • When the weather is warm, Betty and Jughead go for evening strolls in their neighborhood – “it’s not really exercise if we stop to get ice cream, Jughead!”
  • Jughead has a thing for gummy candy, but always saves the red gummy bears for Betty because he knows it’s the only candy she likes
  • Betty, with Veronica’s assistance, had Pop’s flown in to the city from Riverdale for their fifth anniversary
  • Jughead nearly cried, he had missed those burgers so much
  • He really liked that one night where Betty role-played with handcuffs
  • Still think she’s sexiest when she’s cooking dinner in her sweats with no makeup
  • Jughead chose “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran as their wedding song, knowing fully well it was overplayed but the lyrics matched their story so well and Betty would simply melt at the suggestion
  • Betty hasn’t pressed her fingernails into her palm since her and Jughead got back together their junior year


For: @todoyamas and @vikconder

Pairings: TodoDeku

Rating: T

Summary: Something very short based on this lovely collab piece between Vik and Rina. I hope you both enjoy~

“I like you,” Todoroki stated, voice clear and eyes locked with the deep green of Midoriya’s.

I like you too, Midoriya wanted to reply. And he tried to, mouth opening slightly to respond but ultimately producing no sound. All he could do was stare up at Todoroki, lips now pressed into a tight line, and face growing exponentially redder by the minute. The thought of running away, or at least retreating to get his breathing steady, popped into his mind and he took a step back. But behind him there was a wall, and Todoroki seized the chance to gently grab his face as if to keep him there. His thumbs smoothed across Midoriya’s heated cheeks and his other fingers lightly caressed the back of his neck. Though his touch was cold, he left fire in his trail.

“You look like a strawberry,” whispered Todoroki, the most tender of chuckles leaving his chest. He leaned down and placed a soft, chaste kiss on Midoriya’s forehead. “You don’t need to force yourself to answer. I already know.”

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a while back i recall you saying featherwhisker could be a turkish angora because of his feather-like tail, but they don't have the silver gene in fur. do you reckon he could be a silver somali or something else? i rlly like your headcanons for the cats and featherwhisker is one of my favs so i'm curious as to what you think

angoras actually do have the silver gene! or at least its slowly being introduced. unfortunately they don’t have any ticking or shading yet, just standard tabby patterns (mackerel/classic) 

since I HC sunstar to be a maine coon, it would also suit featherwhisker! they can have pretty plume tails as well 

here’s a black silver shaded maine coon - 

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So this might be a weird one as its abo Rebels stage but please hear me out. Ezra is bound to be lacking in education in a lot of ways and that includes sexual education, so I'm wondering if you could do a abo shot of that, Kanan and Ezra having a conversation about it and for the sake of angst, Ezra as a omega perhaps? I mean that's a angsty moment considering he came from the streets and the danger that could have been to him.

Its not that he doesn’t trust the rest of the Ghost crew.

Karabast no, not at all!

…Well at least not now, in the beginning he was nervous about them yes but that was fully justified considering the very rocky start which included basically being betrayed because he went to damn well rescue their asses on that Imperial destroyer.

And even then he could have escaped on his own but…

They had come back.

No one came back for Ezra.

And Kanan had answers, answers Ezra had wondered about for years because of course he knew that some of the things he could do wasn’t considered utterly normal.

It was not normal to be able to jump like he did and sense and know that he had to dodge.

So yeah, a month later he knew he could trust them, that they wouldn’t leave him behind like so much other trash that everyone else had.

Well not his parents, not willingly but they were still gone.

Which left Ezra alone and in his situation.

But that wasn’t the important part right now, right now he needed to kriffing man up and speak to Kanan who was slowly pouring himself a mug of kaff into the mug shaped like a loth-cat with ears.

Swallowing for what felt like the fifth time, Ezra squared his shoulders up and stopped picking at his cuticles. “Kanan?” He got out.

“Hmm?” The other Jedi hummed expectantly as he reached into the cupboard for some milk powder to add to his caff.

Of course he had been expecting it. ‘We have a kriffing bond. Right, I can do this. I can do this… kriff.’ Ezra took a deep breath. “I need to talk to you. Tell you something. Well you and the others but you first.” He settled on warily, not sure he could manage to tell everyone at once.

“Alright.” Kanan nodded, outwardly calm looking but Ezra could spot the others eye twitching slightly as he came over with his coffee and sitting down on the other side of the lounge table to watch him. “Something to talk about. Something important?” Kanan seemed like he knew but that Ezra knew was impossible.

Which meant the other was faking being calm and collected and trying to be supportive of whatever it was Ezra wanted to tell him.

Fiddling a bit with the thread of his sleeve, Ezra nodded, opening his mouth then closing it before sighing. “I…”

There was a little dull thump and then a warm hand settled over Ezra’s, stopping them from pulling on the threads as Kanan kept his much larger one over his.

Flinching his eyes up to meet the others teal colored eyes, Ezra swallowed as the other squeezed encouragingly.

“… I’m an omega and I’m running out of all my suppressors and scent blockers and I don’t know where to get new ones since we’re not on Lothal and I only knew one chopshop place that sold both.” He blurted out.


‘Come on kiddo. Tell me what’s wrong. I can help you, I promise.’ If Kanan could go back a month and tell his old self that the Loth-rat that jumped in on their heist would become one of the most important things in his life in less than two weeks, then his old self would have laughed himself sick.

But that was the truth.

This bratty, sassy, damaged teenager was quickly becoming just as important to him as Hera was, firmly lodging himself under Kanan’s built up walls.

And karabast and sithspawn devils was Ezra Bridger damaged, from life under the Empire’s thumb, chunks torn from the too young spitfire that was only lightly patched over with shaking hands too small for the big task.

“… I’m an omega and I’m running out of all my suppressors and scent blockers and I don’t know where to get new ones since we’re not on Lothal and I only knew one chopshop place that sold both.” Ezra blurted it out, looking pale beneath his Lothal sun tan and on the verge of bolting.

It… wasn’t what Kanan thought would come out of his mouth. He’d been worried the kid was sick honestly with the way he kept twitching about, he knew that on the streets, sickness was one of the biggest things you hid.

Any weakness really.

But at the same time his stomach sunk like a sith forsaken stone at all the implications. Ezra was an omega, a young omega at that who had come off the street and into their home.

Hell the amount of things that could have…

Someone could have…

Kanan was around the table two seconds later and had his arms wrapped around Ezra, dragging the other into his arms and hugging him as tightly as possible.

Ezra tensed in his grip then slowly relaxed.

“…Kanan?” He questioned warily.

“We’re taking you to the closest clinic and get you equipped with proper suppressors.” Kanan quietly mumbled, tucking his hand into Ezra’s fluffy hair. “And you don’t need the scent blockers with us cause I swear, if anyone as much as look at you crossly I will punt them through a wall.” He swore quietly.

He could feel Ezra’s surprise, even a bit of shock before the other burrowed slightly against his chest, his newly discovered to be an omega padawan relaxing fully at that promise.

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Hello I hope you SIS’s are investigating the trip to Glasgow. I think “the Jimmy “ is somewhere in the UK now also...🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️

Yes we are…I think everybody is…We really don’t care much for the chocolatethingy…when you date someone, you should mention them at least once in 2 years in your SM, right? Not a like…but a comment that shows love, a pic that doesn’t look staged…a love emoji would be great too. When you have ZERO interaction like that, you either feel sorry for their boring and cold relationship or you think it could be fake. Pick your choice anon! Our is…we do not care for MM…she could stand next to Sam and never be close to him. 

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i'm just curious as to what your stance on abortion is if the birth will kill the mother?

So, dear Anon, here we are at last. I’m procrastinating on my paper once more! 

It’s a very difficult situation, to say the least. A harrowing example of this exact situation is St. Gianna Molla, who refused a very vital surgery so her baby could live. It’s an incredible story (click her name for a link to it), but it’s not the usual situation (though I hope in that situation I would also be able to give my life for my child). 

I think what should be done in those instances is do everything to save both mother and child, but if the child dies of natural causes, then it happens. It’s very sad, but it does happen (it happened to a very very close relative of mine, actually). However, what should be done in those instances is to figure out which party, the mother or infant, has a higher chance of surviving, and then proceed. For instance, if the mother needs a surgery but the infant will die (as is the case of St. Gianna), then it would not be an abortion. The mother, in that instance, can have the surgery or whatever she needs to sustain her life, and it would not be an abortion. 

I do and cannot ever condone a viable child being murdered in their mother’s womb. If the child happens to die from other complications, as tragic as it may be, then it happens and it’s devastating, but it is not an abortion. Any procedure done without the intention to “terminate the pregnancy”, as they say, is not an abortion. Any procedure done with the direct and explicit intention of killing the child, however, is an abortion and is something I am not okay with at all. 

I believe, as well, that this is the typical stance of the Church in these situations. Since I really should be writing that paper, I can’t look it up at the moment, but if you would like me to provide material on this, shoot me another message and I’ll give it to you by Tuesday. 

Again, personally I hope I would be like St. Gianna if I ever found myself in that situation. I say “hope” because, as I’m not married and haven’t ever been pregnant, I’ve never been in that situation and cannot say for sure what I would do with endorphins from fear shooting through my veins. But that’s just me. 

Things I want out of “Counting On” season 7:

-Joystin’s Honeymoon

-Samuel’s birth (not going to happen but I still want it)

-Jinger and Jeremy’s new home

-Joystin finding out she is pregnant and announcing it to the fam

-1 (and only one!!!) wedding planning episode for JoKen

-2 hour wedding episode for JoKen

-JoKen honeymoon and something mentioning that Mason was born. I’d like to see some of him even if I don’t want to see Josh

-JinJer finding out about pregnancy and announcing to fam

-JoKen finding out about pregnancy and announcing to fam

-SiRen’s courtship

-Joystin’s/JoKen’s home renovations

-Gender Reveals from Kendra and Jinger

-Season Finale: Joy’s birth special

Honestly this season could be fairly interesting (at least in my opinion) if TLC does what I want them to do. So much has happened since Joy’s wedding that we haven’t gotten to see.

Starco Week 4 - Day 1: Date Night

So don’t know how many prompts I’ll get to this week, but I figure I could at the very least do the first one. Dress design is literally @anomalyah ‘s from this post. I have no experience with designing dresses so I “borrowed” hers.

If you currently follow me, please be sure to check out the @starco-week event and help spread the word!

I don’t want to set the world on fire…
I just want to start…
A flame in your heart…

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Hiiiiii!!!!! I love this blog so much. I've watched you put out art left and right and I have a strange request. I'm a starting artist and I'm trying to learn how to draw body's. And I love the way you draw yours. Do you have any sketches that could show how you do it?

Oh boy, I have never done a tutorial before and I’m really not sure if this helps anyone, honestly! But I tried and I hope that it makes at least a little sense!

If there are any other questions left (For any of you people, not only the person who send this request) - feel free so message me. Not necessarily through requests but dm too! I’m always happy to share tips


“Bobby? What are you doing here!” 

“Time to get up, kiddo. I’ve got a case for you.” He said, going to your kitchen as if he was at home. “Your house is a wreck by the way, you could’ve at least cleaned the kitchen.”

“Had I known I were having to have a guest at 3am. I’m sure I would’ve.” You grumbled, following him, rubbing your tired eyes. 


In the gif pack below, you’ll find roughly 124 gifs of the handsome Jesse Williams as Skyler in Band Aid (2017) and Dr. Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 23. Williams is an American actor and activist most known for his roles as Dr. Jackson Avery in Grey’s Anatomy, The Cabin in the Woods, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Ethnically, he is of Black (African-American), White (Swedish) and possibly Native American (Seminole) descent, so please cast him accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and as hq as I could get. There should be no repeats, any were completely accidental. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like to say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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max: well look at you, you artsy little shit.

dakota: i’m not that good.. my grandpa was a really good painter, and my mom’s pretty good too. i prefer writing and stuff, but this is fun too.

max: i wish i was good at something like that.

dakota: you’re good at math?

max: dakota, that is the most boring possible thing to be good at.

dakota: no, i think you secretly like it. i think you like being smart.


max: it has its perks. 

dakota: see!! like what?

max: well you suck at math, so it gives me an excuse to be over here every day after school helping you.

dakota: i don’t know if i should be offended or… flattered?

max: mmm flattered, definitely. 

dakota: you would be over here every day even if i could do my own homework.

max: true, but at least this way i have an excuse other than just wanting to see you.

dakota: i like that excuse too.


If you remember a while back I made some doodles featuring Crabby Cakes! At least.. That’s what they were supposed to be! One viewer with a keen eye sorta caught on, at least.. 

It never says what Crabby Cakes are in Splatoon! So I thought it could either be something savoury like a Cod Cake or something cute like a crab themed cake!

And then I thought about it for too long and got kinda confused and fed up and just said, “Fine it’ll be both!!” So here we are! Savoury and Sweet combine to make the famous Crabby Cake! I imagine Crab is a staple in Inkling diet..


INTP: I just read a Reddit post about how INTP’s are the least attractive personality type

INFJ: yeah I could see that.


INFJ: I mean, you’re so aloof and you always look like this 😐 you have to get to know you to be attracted


INFJ: personality wise, I mean.


INFJ: but you never really show your personality



INFJ: but when you do it’s kinda bland

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Heyyy, could you recommend some songs? (or just write your faves ones lol) I've been following for a while and the few songs you have mentioned were nice! so yeah, if you could recommend some songs to me, it'd be nice :')

yeah definitely!!! i hope you like at least one of the ones i list. i’ll separate it between kpop and western music, just in case you’re only looking for kpop haha.

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tae + 77❣️

“call me if you need anything.” + husband!taehyung

Taehyung was low key afraid of what would happen once you stepped out of the household for one whole week prior to the business trip you needed to attend to for work. You were already at the hallway, doing some last minute checking if you have brought all you needed to bring when you notice that he had a cute pout etched on his lips, causing you to grin and motion him to walk towards you from the seat that he was occupying inside the living room.

“This sucks.” He groans before hugging you tightly, swaying your bodies together while you ran your fingers through his hair in comfort.

You chuckle. “It’s just one week, Tae. It’s not like I’m leaving for one whole month like what you used to do with Bangtan.”

“Yeah but that’s different.” He frowns. “We weren’t married back then so I could at least tolerate it for the meanwhile. But right now? Who’s going to take care of me when you’re gone?”

“You’re being way too dramatic.”

“I’m not!” Taehyung stomps his foot on the floor which only drives you to laugh and kiss him on the lips quickly. It seemed that no matter how old the two of you can get, he would always act and look like a baby in your eyes and perspective.

You grab your suitcase. “I’ll be back before you know it. I’m sure you can survive one week without me. You can call the other boys to accompany you if you want so you wouldn’t feel so alone.”

“I’m going to die.” He overreacts once again, opening the door for you and taking the suitcase from your possession to carry it towards the back of the car as he was going to be driving you to the airport.

“Stop talking like that, you’re going to be fine.” You insist.

He just remains pouting the whole time he arranged your luggage at the back as you stare at him who was in an obvious gloomy mood. You knew it was his way to somehow make you feel guilty but it wasn’t like you had a choice to decline going, and you two needed to experience what it was like to be away from each other eventually as well.

You go sit at the passenger’s seat and wait for him to join you inside the vehicle. Once he’s in, you prevent him from starting the car just yet to grab his hand and intertwine it with yours, smiling and trying to make him feel better by stroking the back of it with your thumb.

“Remember to call me if you need anything, alright? I’ll answer in one ring.”

“What if I just miss you? Would that be a valid reason to call you?”

You snort at his cheesy response. “Sure, why not?”

Taehyung grins at that and kisses your hand that was still holding his before finally starting the engine, planning to enjoy the next short minutes that he had left with his wife until you’re flying to a different country completely without him.

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you seriously don't see the problem with supporting cmbyn?

i do see the problem. it’s an unhealthy age gap portrayed uncritically, and financially supporting it will technically incentivize that sort of content within the industry. however, i was one person, and i went to go see it because i wasn’t sure how they would deal with the age gap, since i’d heard mixed things. i gave the theater eight dollars, and at least a few dollars of that went to the filmmakers. i ended up not liking the movie. i went as an experiment, and if i could go back in time, i would opt to not see it in theaters. but ultimately, i am one person, and it was less than eight dollars.