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D2 Thoughts : OT4


First of all, I love how Mal, in her daydream, wanted all four of her friends to be with her in freedom. It’s not enough that she would be free, she needed her lovers friends with her.

When I first started loving the idea of OT4, I was always thinkin, “Wait, what about Mal/Carlos? How would that work? Or Jay/Mal? As lovers?” and throughout this movie, I can see snippets of what could be.

Like in Ways to Be Wicked, Mal is comfortable enough with Carlos that she’d let him do the Shoulder Thing / Kabedon mix and we see that Carlos has at least opened up to her regarding his problems with his mom and how it affects him. Maybe with nightmares or hallucinations, but in any case Mal KNOWS about it.

We see that the first thing Mal does when she gets home isn’t to thrash around like she wants to, it isn’t even to steal something or punch someone. It’s to paint portraits of her three loves because for all she knows she will never see them again.

ALL THREE OF THEM GOING TO THE ISLE. Like sure it’s half to protect Ben “Idiot King” Beast (ily ben but cmon walking into the isle by yourself??) but also to get Mal back and to support each other because they all know each other’s traumas and its their worst nightmare to be stuck back on the Isle.

And the entirety of Chillin Like a Villain? Basically shows how much the Core Four have gone through together. It’s jazzy as hell but if you want to look deeper into it, you can see that they had to learn all these things to survive the Isle and they did it together. See how in sync they are immediately, like I know it’s choreography and all but Jay and Carlos are completely in sync with each other and Evie is comfortable with them and they’re comfortable with her.

We all know Space Between is Malvie Theme Song 5ever.

Next, the “Girl Talk” scene, OBVIOuSLY. Not only does it show how much they want to be there for each other, it also shows Jay’s softer side with Mal. Even though he’s the one who said “we’ll get in and get out” he still offers to take Mal to the Isle if she was truly unhappy.

Finally, the You & Me staring at the Isle scene. Like,,, come on,,, Evie & Carlos being together and thinking about the other Isle kids who they’ve shared abuse with, Mal coming in with Jay and singing about accepting yourself.

Just, all the new interactions and looks into the core four’s relationships that we haven’t seen!

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hey mimi, i'm fairly new to bts and i was wondering if you could answer what is probably a really dumb question? What do "syub" and "bwi" refer to? i see them in a lot of urls and tags and i've tried to find the answers on my own but i still have... no idea............

Welcome to the fandom dear <3 and it’s not a dumb question at all, there are too many nicknames for the members and even the group itself have at least 5 names lol so it can be confusing ^^ 

  • Syub is one of Yoongi’s nicknames. Suga used it a lot in tweets so fans started calling him like that. 
  • Bwi is one of Taehyung’s nicknames. Bwi is the way V is written in hangul. So V end up sounding like bwi when you read it in Korean (corrected this because it wasn’t clear, hope it makes better sense now). 

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I don’t usually do manga colorings but I find it quite relaxing when I’m stressed or need a break, soooo… Here it is lol. I just wish we could get NaLu more confirmed, I don’t say the moment between them was bad but he could at least hug her back! T-T I’m pretty happy with how Fairy Tail ended, Mashima left us the open ending which means he can continue it at any moment or we can just imagine what happens next. And… GAJEVY KIDS ARE ON THEIR WAY SO I COULDN’T BE MORE HAPPY.

D. Gray-man Asks

I was kind of bored, so I decided to do this

  • 1. How did you discover DGM?
  • 2. What is your favorite moment of the manga/anime? 
  • 3. What is your least favorite moment of the manga/anime?
  • 4. Did you read the manga first and then watched the anime, or vice versa?
  • 5. Were you a fan before the anime came out?
  • 6. What are your thoughts about DGM Hallow?
  • 7. Who is your favorite character?
  • 8. Who is your least favorite character?
  • 9. If you could be in a relationship (any type) with a character, who would it be?
  • 10. Do you prefer the anime or the manga?
  • 11. OTPs?
  • 12. NOTPs?
  • 13. BROTPs?
  • 14. Who is your favorite character from the Noah family?
  • 15. Who is your favorite character from the Exorcists?
  • 16. If you had Innocence, which type would you like to have?
  • 17. If you were a Noah, what kind of Noah would you like to be?
  • 18. Favorite headcanon?
  • 19. Which character can you relate the most to?
  • 20. With whom would you like to play games and what kind of games?
  • 21. If you could be in a group with a (few) character(s), which character(s) would you choose?
  • 22. When did you join the fandom?
  • 23. When did you discover DGM?
  • 24. If something worries you, to which character would you go to to talk about your worries? 
  • 25. What kind of ability would you have in DGM?
  • 26. What are your thoughts about the Akuma?
  • 27. What are your thoughts about Innocence?
  • 28. With whom would you like to go out for a drink?
  • 29. With whom would you absolutely not want to drink with?
  • 30. If you could kill off a character in DGM, who would it be?
  • 31. How do you think DGM is going to end?
  • 32. If you could write an ending for DGM, what ending would you write?
  • 33. If the Exorcists and Noah wouldn’t exist, which characters would be your neighbours?
  • 34. With whom would you like to eat dinner with?
  • 35. With whom would you not like to eat dinner with?
  • 36. Which character would you help out in a tough situation?
  • 37. Which character would you not help out in a tough situation?
  • 38. If you were able to draw on someone’s face, who would that be and what would you draw?
  • 39. If a character would sing you a lullaby, which character should it be?
  • 40. Who would you like to prank the most and what kind of prank would you do?

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Do you think Kylo/Ben could die in episode 8/9? If not what are your reasons? Btw love your blog!!

Yes, I think it’s possible. I **highly** doubt he would die in TLJ. His story arc will not be fully realized, and we have to remember that he has to serve the main heroes in this story as much as himself.

His plot needs to help resolve both Rey’s and Finn’s, as well. So, I think we will see him live through at least TLJ.

I think it’s possible he could die in 9, but I think it’s very unlikely.

Star Wars is dark for a kid’s tale (which I love about it!), but I don’t think they’re going to end the Skywalker line in total tragedy - that’s a level of dark I, personally, wouldn’t even want to see.

Whatever happens, it’s VERY important that he informs Rey’s arc and stays central in the Force plot of things, for obvious reasons. I’d say the main thing that convinces me he’ll live - besides being the last Skywalker - is the themes of balance/yin and yang, conflict, and moral ambiguity that seem to be present in this story, in particular. I think Rey is going to find herself a bit lost at some point and Kylo - having been there before - will be able to assist her through that. And -whether romantic or not - I think they will carry on through to the end in a partnership in the Force, and I imagine the both of them together will be the founders of some new Jedi Order. Through the dark and light in both of them, they can begin to set up for a better, more balanced future of the Jedi. I also hope they will stop all this “NO FAMILY, LET’S-TAKE-YOU-AWAY-FROM-EVERYONE-YOU-LOVE-IN-CHILDHOOD” nonsense of the Jedi.

***THIS is another reason I think Reylo will become romantic - it makes a point from here on out that the Jedi can and will have families from this point onward in Star Wars. It suits not only the plot in context of these two characters searching for love and belonging, but it also helps set up a new kind of Jedi order in a very clear, discernible way that audiences of all ages can grasp easily and without too much explanation.***

So yes, I think Kylo will live through to tell his tale - albeit very sad and still regretful over what he’s done. I think he will likely end this story nearly dying, though, and that he will have been willing to sacrifice his life to save others.

I also think he and Finn will have a moment of finding mutual respect for each other, which I am looking forward to. I want to see Finn have to face that challenge, because I think it will be greatly SYMBOLIC for Finn. Once he faces Kylo I think it will be symbolic of him finally accepting his Stormtrooper past, and letting go, to realize that the Resistance IS where he is strong, a leader, and where he belongs. Being able to accept Kylo in his redemption is likely symbolic of Finn being able to accept that he came from the FO - it is a part of what defines him, and a REAL part of who Finn is as a person. Even if he is afraid or ashamed of that origin - it is a part of him. I think Finn will have to face that in TLJ, and I hope to see it resolved - in part - by his confrontation with Kylo - whether in TLJ or Ep 9.

Finally, I think that since Leia will not survive, and Luke is kind of… well, seemingly quite dark and menacing in the marketing… I think that Kylo has to be the ray of hope for the Skywalkers. That through the darkest hours of the Skywalker line, he was still able to shine through and find that goodness that lies within - to overcome the curse of that Skywalker name and redeem it for the better.

Basically, it’s a space fairy tale

So, in short, I think Kylo has a long way to go in serving the characters and plot, and that he likely will survive to the end.


For anon..reader’s brother is Minho as requested. Enjoy!

“You’re dating Y/N?” Minho yelled at Newt.

Y/N glanced away as Newt let sucked in a breath.

“Of all the people in the Glade, you had to pick Y/N? My own flesh and blood?” Minho paused. “And you! Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your brother!”
“Maybe because you’d do this,” you muttered.
“I mean really! The least you could’ve done is say something!”

You let out a sigh while sneaking a glance at Newt. He couldn’t help but smirk just the slightest bit. You held back a giggle as Minho continued to yell at the two of you. Needless to say, this sent Minho on an even longer rant. This was going to be a long day.

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how to save ms paint: a psa/tutorial

so i’m sure you all have heard the news about how microsoft is dropping support for paint, and may delete it at any time in a future update. obviously, that doesn’t fly, so here’s a quick tutorial on how to move it to a different location so that when the time comes, it won’t be lost.

this process does require being an administrator, and also a smidgen of general computer literacy (though there’s no console stuff at the very least).

  1. navigate to C:\Windows\System32 (you can copy-paste that into the address bar at the top of File Explorer and hit enter). just to get it out of the way: do not touch anything in this folder unless i say so. doing so could seriously mess up your shit, as in the basic functioning of your operating system.
  2. scroll down until you find the file mspaint.exe, and right-click on it. in the menu that comes up, click on “Properties” (which should be at the very bottom).
  3. click on the “Security” tab, and then near the bottom of the window click on the button labelled “Advanced”. in the pop-up window, near the top, it should say “Owner: TrustedInstaller”, and next to that a shield icon and “Change”. click on “Change”, and give your administrator permission.
  4. in the next pop-up window, enter your computer username into the text box below “Enter the object name to select (examples):” and hit enter, then click “OK” to close the window. windows will warn you about changing ownership of system files, but you can safely ignore that. click “OK” again to close the previous window.
  5. now we’re back in the “Security” tab. click the button labelled “Edit…”. in this pop-up window, click on “TrustedInstaller” under “Group or user names:” and then the button labelled “Remove”. then, click on “Administrators (YOUR-COMPUTER-NAME\Administrators)” and then under “Permissions for Administrators” check the “Allow” box next to “Full control”, right at the top. click “OK” to close that window, and then “OK” again to close the properties window altogether.
  6. now you’re free to move mspaint.exe to wherever you want it without the system blocking you (though you will need to again give administrator permission). move it there, and in that same location, create a folder called en-US (or en-GB if your computer’s set to british english, es-MX if it’s set to mexican spanish, etc; hopefully you know your language code, but it’s fairly simple to guess).
  7. go back to C:\Windows\System32, and scroll until you find the folder whose name matches the folder you just created (en-US, en-GB, es-MX, etc). double-click on that folder to enter it, scroll until you find the file called mspaint.exe.mui, right-click on it, and click “Properties” again.
  8. repeat steps 3-5.
  9. move mspaint.exe.mui to where you put mspaint.exe (and give administrator permission), and from there into the en-US/en-GB/whatever folder. congrats! you can now double-click on mspaint.exe to open paint as normal.

optional: fixing the start menu

  1. find where you moved mspaint.exe. if you haven’t left since the first part of this tutorial, good on you; otherwise, get there.
  2. right-click on mspaint.exe and then click “Create shortcut” in the menu. the new shortcut file should appear right next to it, and be called mspaint.exe - Shortcut; go ahead and rename that to Paint. right-click on Paint and select “Cut”, or alternatively left-click on it and press CTRL-X.
  3. navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories and delete the Paint there, then paste in (by right-clicking on nothing in particular, or by pressing CTRL-V) your doppelgänger Paint. if you have shortcuts to paint elsewhere, delete and remake them from the start menu.

congratulations you’re all done! because paint isn’t where microsoft expects it to be anymore, it’s now completely safe from any and all future updates.

Supergirl comicon fuckupery

Wow….. 😑😑😑 From checking my phone in the morning the day has just got progressively worse for the supergirl cast…. every few minutes it seems someone has done something to make it worse for themselves I think if the cast had stopped with the screaming they could of maybe redeemed themselves, but boy do they know how to bury themselves in it I legit cannot believe the things Melissa, Jeremy, Chris, Mechad and David have said/done- defending homophobia with tiredness and the fact you were on glee or have a musical background (fyi glee doesn’t make u an LGBT ally, being a decent human being does). And don’t even get me started on Jeremy’s “apology” I mean at least he actually pilublically spoke about the incedent even if it were the world’s most offensive apology I’m still gonna watch supergirl but it’s gonna be hard to watch kara, winn, james, mon-el and john on the show knowing what they’ve done- even if we shouldn’t judge characters by their actors or vice versa Katie and Odette are angels we don’t deserve and it really shows the kind of person odette is when I already love her from just her reactions to 1 interview I also like to think Chyler would of wiped the floor with the others if she were there Today has just been…. a complete and utter fuck up!! 😓

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horror games are stressful as it is the least they could do is take out the flashlight/camera-needs-batteries-and-it-runs-out-quickly-and-also-good-luck-finding-more element as if i didn’t have enough to worry about with some demonic entity on my ass i gotta hope that there are just batteries laying around with such little charge like someone just replaced the batteries in their dildo and set the old ones on the shelf like “hmmm i can probably still use those when im trying to escape the demons that come to fuck my house.”


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Based off of the request: Hey! So I was wondering if you could do an imagine thing about Peter Parker x the reader and it’s based off of the song Lost Boy by Ruth B and the reader is really lonely but ends up meeting Peter. And if you do can you please tag me? :)

Requested by @lyssathepenguin22

AN: This was so much longer than I expected… I got really into this one for some reason. Anyways, hope you enjoy!! xox 

As you walked into the bustling cafeteria, a feeling of dread flooded your veins, as it did every day at 12:15. This was your least favourite part of the day, as it meant you had to sit awkwardly alone in the corner of a room filled to the brim with people. You carefully plugged your headphones into your ears and plopped down on one of the notoriously uncomfortable plastic benches of the cafeteria tables. Pulling out a book, you began to listen to your favourite song, Lost Boy by Ruth B.

There was a time when I was alone

Nowhere to go and no place to call home

My only friend was the man in the moon

And even sometimes he would go away, too

“Is this seat taken?”

You heard the voice as a faint mumble through the music blasting in your ears. You didn’t look up from your novel, however, assuming whoever was speaking was addressing somebody else.

You heard the voice again, more persistent this time, and then felt a gentle tap on your shoulder. You jumped, ripping your headphones out of your ears and whipping around.

Staring down at you nervously was Peter Parker, one of Midtown Science’s brightest students. His finger was poised in the air as if you tap your shoulder again, his eyebrows raised. He most likely hadn’t expected you to be so shocked from someone tapping you on the shoulder, as that was a fairly normal thing for person to do, especially in a public setting like a school cafeteria.

“Is this seat taken?” Peter repeated himself a third time.

You stared up at him, opening and closing your mouth in an attempt to formulate a normal response. You had always had a huge crush on Peter. How could you not? He was absolutely adorable. He was definitely a little odd, and he had a reputation for randomly jumping up and running out of class and then disappearing for a little while before coming back with a black eye or a cut on his lip. Despite not knowing him, you always worried. You continued to stare up at him and he simply looked back at you, holding a paper bag you could only assume was his lunch in his right hand. His eyes were kind, and he didn’t seem to care that you were just looking at him, wide-eyed and blubbering like a fish.

“Is that Ruth B?” He asked softly. You blinked in shock, coming back to reality.

“W-what?” You stuttered.

“Lost Boy, right?” Peter pointed at your headphones you were clenching in your hands, and you realized that the music was still playing rather loudly. “I love that song.”

“You do?” You asked, trying to keep the excitement in your voice to a minimum. Peter nodded, cautiously taking a seat beside you on the bench and putting his paper bag down beside your book.

“I think it’s a really good song. One of my favourites, actually,” he said, looking down at his hands shyly.

“Me too!” You exclaimed, turning to face him. As your knees touched, you noticed that a blush crept up Peter’s face. “Your name is Peter, right?”

Peter looked up at you.
“Y-yeah… How did you- I mean- you know my name?”

You giggled quietly. “Of course I do. We have four classes together.”

“Oh. Right,” he laughed nervously, looking into your eyes with a small smile.

Then one night, as I closed my eyes

I saw a shadow flying high

He came to me with the sweetest smile

Told me he wanted to talk for awhile

Lunches with Peter had become a regular occurrence for you. The only time you were left alone at lunch was during his debate club meetings on Tuesdays, although he always made it up to you by bringing one of his Aunt May’s famous rice krispie squares the next day or helping you with your geometry homework, something you always had trouble with.

Your days at school had become infinitely more bearable, and when you woke up in the morning you no longer felt a sort of dread at the thought of having to go to school and be by yourself all day. Being lonely was hard, and Peter had helped you with that. He listened as you talked through your problems for the entire lunch hour, never interrupting you or making you feel like you were complaining way too much. He understood how you felt.

You formed a sort of alliance, along with his friends Ned and Michelle, and eventually you had a decent group of friends that you could look forward to seeing every single day.

He said, “Peter Pan. That’s what they call me.

I promise that you’ll never be lonely.”

And ever since that day…

“You know Peter is totally into you, right?” Michelle said one day, the both of you sitting alone at your designated lunch table and reading your current novel choices. Michelle had been reading The Sun Also Rises, in classic Michelle fashion, while you read a simple non-fiction book a little less complex.

“Excuse me?” You said, turning the page of your book and continuing to skim the pages, acting as though you were suddenly extremely interested in Chapter 4 of your ‘Knitting for Dummies’ book.

“He. Likes. You.” Michelle repeated, reaching over and pushing your book down away from your face.
“MJ-“ You began to roll your eyes when she cut you off again.

“Y/N. C’mon. It is literally so painfully obvious. Your guys’ weird sexual tension and constantly giggling and whispering kind of pisses me off, in all honesty. You need to do something about it!”

“Are you serious?” You watched her with raised eyebrows. MJ had a fairly distinct and unique sense of humour, so you were never overtly sure whether or not she was making some odd joke or not.

“Yes.” She looked you dead in the face, her expression slightly more serious than it usually was .”Plus, he told me.” She looked back down at her book.

“What?!” You nearly screamed, causing various people sitting within a 2 metre distance of you to turn and stare at you.

“Yeah. He told me. A few days ago. And I think Ned has known for a few months now.”

“Ned has-” You began to speak incredulously again when a familiar voice interrupted you.

“Ned has what?” Peter slid into the booth beside you until your knees were touching once again, sending a wave of goosebumps up both of your thighs. “Are you guys talking about that weird wart on his foot? I told him to go to the doctor and he didn’t listen.”

MJ shuddered before standing up. “I’m gonna go to the washroom.” She said, making a disgusted face at Peter before winking at you and walking away.
“Did she just wink at you?” Peter asked.

“What? No. You’re seeing things. Why on Earth would MJ-“

“Woah, Y/N. Calm down. I was just asking!” Peter laughed. You laughed nervously after a few seconds, Peter looking at you oddly while opening his familiar paper lunch bag.
“What do you have today?” You asked, trying to recover from your awkward delayed laughter and pushing your bought lunch on its dull grey tray towards him.

“Uh… May gave me two cookies today. And I’ve got a salami sandwich. You like those, right?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Do you want my hot dog? It’s all they had today and I hate them.”

Peter’s laughter rang out in the cafeteria again, and your stomach fluttered at the sound.

“Of course, Y/N. Whatever you need.”

As Peter handed you his sandwich, you attempted to work up the courage to ask him about what MJ had said.
“Y/N?” He said, beating you to the punch. You looked up at him. “Can I ask you something?”

Your eyes widened.
“I- Uh- Sure.” You responded, trying your best to remain cool and collected.

“Would you- uh… Would you maybe be interested in going out with me sometime?”

You thought you might throw up. Was this actually happening? Holy shit.


“Oh my god… MJ was right…”

“MJ? What- wait. Did she tell you?!”

You looked up at Peter, a smile growing on your face. Peter began shaking his head, but he couldn’t help but smile as well.

“She did, didn’t she.”

You nodded again, smiling even wider. “Yes, Peter.”

“Yes? Yes, like-“

“Yes, I would love to go on a date with you.”

Peter shifted excitedly in his seat, before moving closer to you and placing his hands on your cheeks.

“Y/N- Wow, I could just… I could just kiss you right now.” He looked into your eyes with a sense of urgency, and he seemed to be inching closer every second.
“Do it then.” You murmured, watching him carefully. He took a deep breath, stroking your cheeks before leaning in and pressing a kiss to your lips. You couldn’t help but smile immediately, holding onto his wrists gently where his hands cupped your face. The kiss was wonderful, and everything you had been hoping for for months.

You eventually were forced to pull apart at the sound of cheers coming from the doorway of the cafeteria, where Ned and MJ were standing. You covered your face as Peter starts laughing loudly.

“Finally!” Ned exclaimed happily as he and MJ made their way over to you. You felt Peter’s fingers entwine with yours under the table and your face flushed.

“Yeah. Finally.” You agreed as Peter pressed a loving kiss to your cheek.

He sprinkled me in pixie dust and told me to believe

Believe in him and believe in me

Together we will fly away in a cloud of green

To your beautiful destiny

As we soared above the town that never loved me

I realized I finally had a family

#SupercorpWeek2k17 Dates!


I know that the last couple of days have been - to say the least - a roller coaster for some of you with regards to what went down at SDCC. I do not wish to enter into a discourse about it here except to say that however you feel about what happened, you are valid in those feelings. 

Also, that I hope you all are still excited for our characters Lena and Kara to have a week dedicated to them wherein we get to create and come together as a community who values wlw relationships. A Luthor and a Super? What could be a greater love story than that?

With that said, the votes have been tallied and #SupercorpWeek2k17 will be:

August 20th-26th!

So here’s what’s next. We will spend the next week throwing out as many prompts/ideas/themes for the days of the week as possible. You’ll have until July 31st at 11:59pm to submit as many ideas as you’d like. You can message them, reply here, reblog with your ideas… whatever you like just as long as we can see them. 

Once we have prompts, I’ll compile them into a master list so that we can vote on our faves and assign them out for our dates! Woo-hoo!

I’m so excited to see what you all come up with! 

Sending love!

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"Any sign of her, G? And anything we could possibly do? The Royal Guard's being alerted, but who knows how long it could take to get someone out here..."

“W-well, eh, Caddy has told me Dr. Greenburg is a half-golem - but those monsters are so rare, I’ve never actually seen one! There doesn’t seem to be anyone around, but my, eh, eyesight isn’t all that good, as you know… ”

“I can head a little further out, a-at least in this direction! The, eh, CORE access point is on the other side of the lab, so I can’t go there alone for obvious reasons! But if you could tell me what she’s wearing, or what color or shape she is, it might help me catch sight of her?”


…or we could make out….

#59 for Drabble Challenge 


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“Dal, hand me that book beside you.” 

He picked up the book but held it behind his back instead of giving it to me.

“Why? You don’t need it.” He grinned. I reached for the book but he just scooted farther away. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. 

“Yes I do. I need to get this done.” I groaned. I had been trying to get my homework done for at least 2 hours now, but Dallas had been making it impossible.

….or we could make out…” He raised his eyebrows. I couldn’t help but laugh. Typical Dal. 

“Dallas, as much as I would love to, I have to get this done before we can do anything.” I giggled. He finally handed over my book. I settled back in and began working on my last few problems.

“So does that mean we get to do stuff after?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.


i think what bothers me about the shield storyline is that theres literally no reason not to include roman?? like he doesn’t even have to fight, obviously hes got better things to do. but you could at least have seth trying to play both sides of the field and go ask roman for help and just have roman reject him every week.

it would take two seconds in raws massive waste of three hours.

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iiaat to not be able to understand signs or public spaces in general? like if i go to a train station, it'll take me a LONG time to find out where i need to go because all kinds of arrow signs etc seem so vague to me! and if i need to find the bathroom, it's the same, and if i happen to see a random door in the direction of where the bathrooms should be, i have no idea whether that's the bathroom door or some door only meant for staff.

I know that I have a similar struggle and it has to do with an intense fear of breaking The Rules. What if I go in a door that’s not meant for me? What if I get in trouble? So, in my case at least, it is an autism thing as it relates to being rule oriented. 

Aside from that, it could also relate to needing specific instructions which would also be an autism thing.


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I've wondered what kind of shady business Kusanagi-San does and why he does it. Did he kind of inherit it from his uncle or something? Does the fact that he does it mean he is less moral cause it seems to contrast with his responsible self

My understanding is he inherited the bar from his uncle, the shady dealings are I think more of a Homra thing. We don’t really know exactly what he does – I know there’s reference to Kusanagi’s ‘shady backroom dealings’ at least once and of course there’s that ridiculous reward Homra offers in S1 for Shiro’s capture, but then you also have Kusanagi worrying in the Shrine Visit story about profits. I assume his dealings probably have to do with various things, like I could see him handling some mild blackmail stuff (like if there’s some rich politician type trying to cause harm to the regular people of the streets Kusanagi uses his connections to make sure that person changes their ways and if Homra gets a little extra cash out of it, well, bonus) or maybe some kind of trafficking in liquor sales on the black market, just like mild white collar style stuff in contrast to Homra’s usually more blunt way if handling things. I could also see Kusanagi running a pretty efficient information network, since Homra has such a wide variety of members and I imagine most of them would be cool in reporting things to him, which puts Kusanagi in a position where he has a lot of information that could be valuable and he just needs to know where and how to apply it. Kusanagi’s pretty shrewd so I think he would be good at finding ways to make that information work in Homra’s favor, like helping Homra track down drug dealers such as the ones they’re dealing with in the MOR cellar chapters, or getting leads on gangs that might be plotting against them. Plus Homra can’t really be everywhere at once so I could see Kusanagi using certain information to keep some hostile groups at bay, like hey don’t mess with us and we won’t reveal this secret of yours and then he doesn’t need to have Mikoto risk himself by beating people up. I don’t think any of this necessarily makes him less moral – Homra is a gang at the end of the day, after all – and I imagine that whatever Kusanagi’s doing it’s probably more on the side of trying to protect good people and harm bad ones, more or less, like I don’t see him working for drug dealers or corrupt people or trying to rip off people who are struggling. For Kusanagi I could see the backroom dealings as his own way of being responsible, again by finding non-violent ways to head off some of Homra’s problems in order to save his own people from possibly being hurt.

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"I sent a message to G, Caddy, in the hopes that he might be able to help, but you keep that Royal Guard idea on standby. I'll tell you what G says, alright?"

“Alright - thanks, Kodai. I think Dallas is on the phone to the Royal Guard already - she told me Eli’s mom has some problems with her memory, as elderly monsters sometimes do, so she might have wandered off in her confusion.”

“And thanks for calling G, too… it’s a long shot, but he might be able to spot her from the road. A lot of Hotland isn’t ‘walkable’ for most non-fire monsters, so that at least narrows down where she could be… ”