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Sailor Soldiers + First Kisses
  • Sailor Moon: Her *real* first kiss she can't stop laughing and Tuxedo Mask is kind of self-conscious about it but her giggling is also kind of spreading to him and so they're just sitting there laughing with their lips pressed against each other and not doing anything but they love it
  • Sailor Venus: Technically her first kiss was Saitou and he thought she was someone else BUT she tells everyone that every kiss is her first kiss with her first love and their wedding date is three months from now RSVP xoxo
  • Sailor Jupiter: Her first kiss was with her old boyfriend, and it was intoxicating and light-headed and she thought the giddiness would last forever. But looking back on it now she half-wishes that she gave her first kiss to someone more deserving, but also half feels like it's better this way; a first kiss is a first lesson
  • Sailor Mercury: She's in her late teens to mid twenties, after a very chaste and meaningful date where they discuss the ramifications of their joint university research. She's traveling abroad to study and she knows that she'll never see them again so she indulges herself in something out of character that catches a smile on her face years later
  • Sailor Pluto: "First" is subjective.
  • Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus: They've already said "I love you" before they even kiss. They had to wait so long because Uranus was scared that once she finally did it, Neptune would disappear, like a bubble or a dream; eventually Neptune runs out of patience and just plants one on her before she leaves for a performance and Uranus is catatonic for 2 full hours
  • Sailor Mars: Your Ass Goodbye

Omg?? Can some of y'all shut the fuck up about this “the show isn’t about Bellarke thing”?? Because we have literally endured nothing but negativity for this entire hiatus and we spent half of last season with Bellamy and Clarke being separated. So excuse me but YEA IM GONNA KEEP GOING OFF ABOUT BELLARKE because we finally have a reason to be positive in this fandom.

I’m loving the season so far. I’m so happy about Ravens leadership storyline. I’m excited that Luna is back. I can’t wait to know more about Gaia and Ilian. Hell, I can’t wait to see what happens to Octavia. Last nights episode had NO Bellarke and I still loved the damn episode.

But Bellamy and Clarke love each other and it’s never been more obvious than now so fuck u I’m gonna scream about it.
tuqburni, chapter 2, a Castle fanfic | FanFiction

She has no idea where Castle stands or how he feels, what the last two and a half years have been like for him. He’d been miserable throughout their separation, the joy in his eyes on their second anniversary, when she had broken the rules to spend it with him, the last time she had seen him happy, and that had been so long ago.

He could have moved on, jumped to the easy conclusion that she had abandoned him after that night, given up on him and their marriage, and let her go, decided to be happy with someone else.

She wouldn’t blame him.

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Now complete.

Gone (A Dean Winchester Imagine)

You resist at first. Sleep tugs at you on one side, but your responsibilities for the day call to you, urging you to get up. You roll over onto one side, grabbing your phone.

As you roll onto the bruises littering the left half of your body, you hiss softly. Last night was a difficult hunt. Demons were always difficult, with their ability to throw you against the wall with a mere flick of their wrist. The light of your phone is bright in your dark motel room.

A text from Dean catches your attention. Your brow furrows a little. Normally, given that he’s in the motel room right next door, he would thump on the wall to grab your attention, not send you a text. “Are you up?” the text reads.

Your fingers fly across the screen as you reply, “Yeah, what’s up?”

He reads the message but there’s no reply. A couple of minutes tick past and you hear a knock on the door. With a groan, you throw the duvet off you and clamber out of bed to cross to the door, flicking the light switch as you move.

Dean stands in front of you, his hands in the pockets of his coat. His eyes rake over your messed up hair and your pyjamas. “Did you only just wake up?” he asks.

You shrug and grin at him. “It was a rough night.” You look at his clothes and notice Sam sitting in the Impala behind him with the engine running. “Are you leaving already? I thought we were gonna grab lunch.”

“Can I come in?”

Your heart sinks as you stand back to allow him across the threshold, closing the door behind him. “Dean, what is this?” Deep down, you know what it is.

“Y/N, this is really hard to say but … I think we should break up.”

You walk across the room and sink onto a dining chair. “What - why? Is it because of me? Did I do something?”

He shakes his head as he sits down on your double bed. “No, god no. You’ve been great. It’s me. I just don’t feel the same anymore.”

You can’t believe what you’re hearing. A ten month relationship just being tossed away with no warning or anything. Just last week, Dean had pulled you into his arms after going out for a few drinks and told you how much he loved you. “Would it help if we took a break? Had some space?” It’s a desperate attempt to stop things from ending.

“I don’t think so.”

“And now you’re just leaving?”

He nods. “We have to. I thought it would be best to go and give you some space.”

You choke back a sob. “Will I see you again?” you ask, part of you hoping he’ll say yes and the other part screaming to kick him out, tell him to fuck off and never come back.

“I don’t know.” Tears rise in his eyes and you cross the room to hold him. You’ve only ever seen him cry once. As you pull away, he stands up, wiping the tears from his eyes. “I need to go. Take care, Y/N.” He gives your shoulder a gentle squeeze as he leaves the room.

You stand in the silence of the room and hear the rumble of the impala leaving the parking lot. As you process what’s just happened, a scream rips from your throat and you grab a chair, throwing it across the room. Before you know what you’re doing, the room is trashed and you sink to your knees, sobbing. After ten months, after knowing him for over year, your best friend and boyfriend is gone. In less than ten minutes, your world has fallen apart and you don’t know if it will ever be whole again.

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Little Victories

{So I have a confession…
I am an agoraphobic. I think it’s been a month and a half since I last stepped outside of my studio apartment….that is before today.

I walked to the mailboxes in the middle of my apartments, then walked straight back inside. But I took a moment to examine my surroundings and feel the sun, even though my anxiety was at a catastrophic level and my heart was beating 16O beats a minute.

Although it may not seem like a big deal or much progress, and the phobia itself is ridiculous and pathetic to some, I am proud I was able to force myself out of the house for even a few minutes. I developed this hermit like behavior after some time when I noticed I hated the person I saw in the mirror and didn’t want anyone else to see me. I’ve been trying to disappear, but that’s no way to live my life. So, I am going to learn to love myself and realize that not everything out in the world is evil. Even though I’ve been traumatized more times than I can count, I am strong. I can beat by day. Slowly yet surely.

If you read this far, thanks for taking the time. I really only have my bf to talk to but he is honestly just an enabler 😂}

This is the face I’m seeing if her nursing break lasts longer than half an hour today.

She has been literally attached to me allllllllll day.

She has literally crapped on me and my friend today… 2 separate times.

From 5 am until now (5pm)… and continuing still…. we have been marathon nursing. She hasn’t gone longer than 1 hour without nursing but most of the breaks have been 30 minutes.

I’m so glad my friend is here because she’s been bringing me food and water haha.

I still love the mini cuddle naps I’ve been getting in between.

I never thought I would be OK with someone screaming and pooping on me for 12 hours straight. Because omg the snuggles and moments of quiet cuddles are super cute.

Newborns are wild.


Upon their arrival, several crates labelled “Blackblade and Firestone” were already present. 

Enough cured meat as well as cheeses to feed three people over the course of 2 weeks.
The bread and fruit included would keep for half that time, enough was provided to last exactly that long.
The liquid crate contained bottles of wine, sparkling juice and tea. Again enough for three people lasting almost two weeks time.

One smaller parcel accompanied the supplies, this one being labeled only with the Blackblade name and a small note inside.

“A trusted alchemist has diluted this so that you’ll only remain under for no more than 5 bells.”

There was no name provided as the sender of any of these items.

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Spoilers for Suicide Squad #12!

The story’s about the death of Amanda Waller (a death that I’m pretty sure will last half as long as Digger’s, if not reversed by next issue), and the mystery of who killed her.  Rustam’s still out there with the modern-day incarnation of the Jihad, and they beat the Squad, but he didn’t kill her.  My money’s on her faking her death to ferret out the traitor in their midst, but we’ll see.  

Anyway, Digger doesn’t do a whole lot but he gets to act annoying and gross, something at which he excels…picking his nose with his own boomerang is a new low for him, but that’s our Digger.

@ the two anons I got within the last hour and half or so about a fanfic you just read:

I think we must have read the same fic because yes??

I was really disappointed. Cute story otherwise, but… :( :( . 

Also the underlying message of OF COURSE it’s going to be that way, with Victor winning over Yuuri (in fact it pretty much literally said that) and even at one point an implication that this is something Yuuri needs to just accept. I was… disheartened. 

GSC does know what’s up.

Genyatta Week Day 1: Firsts

Me: what should i draw i can’t do sappy or serious stuff

@cactusluv: first time catching a shiny pokemon

Me: ok cool this is literally genji then