it was the first decent drawing i did

I mean, same difference right?

That live concert yesterday was awesome. I really need to draw Zero at some point :’D

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“First time”

Because Hanamaru and Yoshiko are finally third years, Hanamaru wants to please her girlfriend ////

idea from @saksiea thank you uvu

and 3rd grade hanamaru from @birbyonce!

Hope you all like it! I don’t know if I should do Diamari or Yohamaru next aaa

Did I seriously forget to post this here? Oops XD

Anyhoo, I recently saw the first chapter of this game, Bendy and the Ink Machine by TheMeatly, and while it was a bit slow to start in my opinion, it had a highly interesting premise that I think could be used quite well to make an exceptional game. I really hope this game gets funded! Heck, I would give to it myself if I could.
As for this drawing, I tried my best to capture that “old-time-Disney” feel here. I think I did a fairly decent job, but you can be the judge of that. X3 It certainly was fun to draw!

A messy sketch and water I’m not sure how to draw but hey it looks…decent;; OK but like I tried finding a tutorial for this kind of image but I could not find one and I did try looking up references and goodness…..I tried.

It’s a drawing of a character of mine I made but never really knew what to do with her until now I guess?? Her name is Nellwyn and she’s kind of like, a lonely soul to put it simply. Like, I’m still kind of figuring her out? First she was an older woman who lost a husband and child due to their chosen duties to heroics; eventually leading her to pursue adventuring to cope. She was a backup d&d character lol. Then she was a younger bard woman who fell in love with a hero who died on the day of their wedding because they were on a mission and gave a big sacrifice, again she was a backup d&d character. And now it’s kind of up in the air? There was a brief moment where I explored “lol she reincarnates when she dies” but yknow ideas come and go when you brainstorm.

Personality wise she’s been fairly the same. Introverted, thoughtful, finds joy in music and the simple pleasures in life, expressive, creative, she doesn’t hesitate, finds passionate heroism to be foolishness, true neutral, etc etc I guess. I have a lot of upbeat or serious characters so I’ve been trying to work on a character who’s kinda more mellow but not really like, excitable or quiet and serious. A middle ground? Yeah.


[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]

Here’s a Gilgamesh I made. His outfit is not perfectly the same, but I did not intend at first to make it identical :ˆ) And then I was too lazy to make the pockets since I didn’t want to screw my shadowing and lighting effect on those parts x’D I passed quite some time on it because a lot of things came out weird, but now it seems pretty decent enough for me to share it here x’D Knowing myself, I’ll probably rework him a bit (like I did on some of the previous one I published xD), but I was impatient to share it! So there it is xD

Hope you like it~!

And someday I guess, I’ll publish something else than my drawings x’D Oh well! x’) Not today! xD


can we just… appreciate how far i have come? Like… look at that mess to the left. Rosethorn has changed so much through the two years since i made her (also due to getting decent at art cause thats what i was just starting to draw and since ive become a better writer)

I’ve been meaning to do a comparison but that required me to look at old art, anyway, i went through the painful experience, and even though its not fully colored, its so ridiculous. Like i remember drawing the one on the left when i first got a tablet and i did it in like an hour and the one of the right was like 5 minutes wam bam all done. Like look at that claw hand, i slaved over that claw hand bruh, back when i was first getting into the httyd fandom, i draw 3 hands and 2 feet today, like it was obvi horrible but wow, i did that today.

so if y’all are ever feelin down or “my art will never be good” Just draw! Draw everyday! You will get better, here’s proof, theres proof everywhere, back then i hadn’t taken a real art class ever and then one day i picked up a pencil and decided i wanted to draw better, now i’m in a vigorous art class and looking at art colleges!!!! Like???? idk, i just thought it was kinda crazy!

so ya httyd peeps and ya other artists, you can get better, just practice!!!!!

The one thing, even after two years, is i can’t figure out what i would want her racing paint to be….


This little thingy here was inspired by @ihavetobenkyou incredibly adorable drawing of Mika in traditional Russian clothing. I thought her idea was very cool and decided to try it myself ~

I did some research, but I couldn’t find a decent article, so I apologize for any mistakes on his outfit ^^” 

Anyways, hope you guys like it  ❤

Sooo this is the first time i made G!sans.. And im personally happy with it. The very first decent drawing that i did…(squeals)

G!Sans belongs to @borurou (i think. Pls correct me if im wrong.)

I Was At The Palo Alto Chabad Seder

It was very nice! Lots of friendly people and old rituals and discussions of said rituals and singing in a dreadful and most ancient tongue. What did we singing about? Cats eating goats, apparently. In that song’s defence, it ends with G-d destroying death, so I’d say it’s pretty decent.

I think this went pretty well for my first Seder, since I’d never been a part of Jewish culture growing up and had basically been absorbed into Christian culture instead.

Draw-backs of growing up Christian: I didn’t know most of what was going on, I couldn’t read the Hebrew, and I had a bit of a hard time following along.

Perks of growing up Christian: I have mastered the all-important skill of being able to sense the opportune time to tell people about the gospel of malaria-prevention. Those Jews didn’t know what hit them.

Let’s do a bit of a throwback thursday thing haha!

This was my FIRST “DECENT digital art. What do I mean by “decent”? It was the first one which looked okay and the first one I made using my Intuos Manga which was given to me by my dad for my birthday. 

I had an old pen tablet but it didn’t function properly and I couldn’t draw using it at all. I ended up buying a Samsung tablet and I used that for drawing for a while but I really wanted to try drawing using a pentab and when I did… the feeling of it was different. Very different. 

When I made this, I was obviously addicted to Free! and I… WAS SERIOUSLY WAITING FOR THESE TWO TO INTERACT!! (I drew this waaaaay before the OVA was released xD) and after I did this… I was really happy because it actually looks okay and I really like it.

Even my friends who are amazing artists find this artwork cute and it really helped boost my confidence up.

I even showed this to a very well known soumako artist and guess what? She replied to my tweet and told me that my art was cute ^^

Being complimented really helps a person improve. 

So don’t forget to compliment people once in a while. 

It brightens up their day ~