it was the chicken man

okay so i know most fics are written from the perspective of “bitty has huge, he-thinks-is-unrequited crush on jack” because that’s what we saw in canon but personally??? i LIVE for ones with jack having a huge crush on bitty first!!! just!!! this poor goober of a boy completely head over heels for this ray of sunshine that showed up suddenly and not knowing at all how to deal with it!!! awkwardly trying to compliment him but not knowing how!!! “your hair is very…yellow, bittle.” yes it is jack but he doesn’t know that’s your favorite color!!! please save this awkward, hopelessly-in-love doof from himself

Dream Les Mis cast

French man with a cap and French bread as Jean Valjean 

police officer running after a man in a chicken suit isolated on white as Javert 

Drawing Illustration of Old Priest as Bishop Myriel

Angry man shouting with French flag as Enjolras 

elegant-smart-man-smiling-rich-wearing-suit-holding-bottle-champagne as Montparnasse 

Quick zoom slipping on a banana as Bossuet