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Nobody Said it Was Easy

Summary: The Apocalypse is going strong and Dean finds himself stuck with an insanely difficult decision. The only option he sees that they have left is for him to say yes to Michael. Before he leaves though he decides a good idea to have one last night with Y/N before leaving her and Sammy behind.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Bobby Singer, Michael, Lucifer, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, smut, language, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (use a condom!!), spoilers from season five, angst, fighting, Dean being a dick. 

Word Count: 4,998

A/N: This is my entry for @nichelle-my-belle 4K Angst challenge. I’ve never written a season five Dean before so I figure this would be fun! My prompt was 4. His words shattered her as though her as if her heart was porcelain and her love was a lie.  This is told through third person point of view. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I liked writing it!

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The world was going to end, and it felt like no matter what Sam, Dean and Y/N did there was no way to stop it. Sitting in the motel room Y/N let out a heavy sigh, running her hands over her face. God didn’t want to help them, he felt like the apocalypse was not his fault. Who could blame him thought, technically it wasn’t his fault at all. There really was no one to blame for this. Dean was in Hell, Y/N was hunting trying to forget about him, and Sam was being manipulated by Ruby. It felt more like this damn path was set out for them rather than them choosing it.

There was no way this was going to end well for any of them. People were going to die, probably one of their friends or make shift family. They’d already lost Jo and Ellen and countless other hunters. It was only a matter of time before one of them bit the dust, and they couldn’t afford that. All hands were needed on deck, they needed to but ten thousand percent effort into stopping the end of the world. But as much as they hoped and prayed they could win this fight, they were running out of options. Things were looking bleak and there wasn’t a lot they could do at this point.   

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I’m In Love With Him -- Jason Todd x Reader, Platonic!Roy Harper x Reader

I intended on posting this tomorrow, but thanks to some friends I’ve changed my mind. And sorry in advance, but this soulmate fic is going to be a few parts long. I have a problem, I’m sorry!

In any case, here’s part two to It Had To Be You!

Request can be found here.

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WARNING! Epiphany ahead. Also owning up to ignored feelings.

Part One

Word Count: 985

“I mean really, I just had to be stuck with him!”

“(Y/N), I think you’re blowing this out of proportion.”

You sent a seething glare to Roy. “Easy for you to say! At least you actually like your soulmate!”

This wasn’t the first time you’d had this conversation.

For the past two months, you had been in an utter state of denial. How could you have ended up with Jason Todd as your soulmate? What sort of cruel trick was fate trying to play on you? You had half a mind to slap Dr. Fate across the face next time you saw him. Not that he had anything to do with this whole mess, but it certainly would make you feel better.

After the ‘incident,’ as you liked to call it, Jason and you had avoided each other like the plague. It’s not like the two of you hung out voluntarily to begin with. Anytime Roy asked if you would like to hang out with Jason and himself, you came up with the lamest excuses to get out of the potentially awkward situation. Roy had finally broken down and came to see you without his skunk head companion.

“We don’t even like each other! How could we possibly be expected to spend the rest of our lives together?!”

“Jason likes you.”

“See?! He likes me! This is just…” You trailed off as Roy’s last statement registered in your mind. Your (E/C) eyes widened in disbelief. “No. No no no! He doesn’t like me! He can’t like me! I can’t be the only one miserable in this relationship!”

The redhead smirked at your expression. “So, you do admit that you’ve thought of you two being in a relationship?”

“I…you…shut it!”

Roy laughed as your cheeks heated up in embarrassment. You crossed your arms over your chest and scowled darkly at your best friend. How he could find any of this humorous was beyond you. You were in the middle of a major life crisis and he had the nerve to laugh at you.

“You are making it extremely hard to remember why we’re friends.”

“Come on (Y/N),” Roy reasoned after he had regained his composure. “Think about this, why do you even hate Jason so much?”

You struggled to come up with a good answer to his inquiry.

It wasn’t that you hated Jason, there was just something about him that drove you crazy. His flippant attitude could be grating on your nerves after a long day of dealing with idiots at work. He always knew which buttons to press to piss you off. His smirk irritated you as it seemed to be permanently on his lips. Even when you managed to piss him off, he still had that smirk on his face as if he knew he would win this little battle in the end. His blue eyes always had a teasing look in them just begging you to say something that he could use to torment you. His stupid white streak in his black hair only reminded you of a skunk hence the nickname you tended to call him.

These thoughts spun around faster and faster in your mind. The more you thought about why Jason made you crazy, the more you realized that you didn’t dislike Jason. No, the feelings you had for the vigilante was not those of hate or animosity. These emotions were something far different.

“(Y/N)? You still with me?”

You blinked owlishly at Roy who had snapped his fingers in front of your face. He had a worried look on his face as he studied you carefully. You opened your mouth to speak, but no words came. With shaky legs, you slumped down into the nearest open chair. You placed your elbows on top of your knees and cast your gaze to the carpeted floor. Roy knelt beside you and continued to look at you worriedly.

“Are you feeling alright? Look, if you’re still freaking out about Jason-!”

“I don’t have a good reason for disliking him.” You whispered interrupting the redhead midsentence. “I can’t believe I thought I hated him. Dear god, I’m in love with him.”

You buried your face into your hands and groaned loudly. Why hadn’t you realized this sooner? Why did it take finding out that Jason was your soulmate for you to finally figure out that you were head over heels for that stupid, arrogant, infuriating, gorgeous, funny man?

God, you could be so stupid.

You felt tears prick at the corners of your eyes. “What am I going to do?”

“I think that’s up to you and Jason.” Roy spoke quietly as if not to scare you. You lifted your head and looked at him through your teary gaze. He had an encouraging smile on his face. Reaching out, he placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. “You need to decide if you’re willing to give this a chance. No matter what you choose, I’ll support you one hundred percent.”

You thought on his words for what felt like an eternity. Here you were, standing at a crossroads of a very important decision that would alter the course of the rest of your life. Having reached a decision, you gave Roy a determined look.

“Can you give me his number?”

Ten minutes and a pep talk later, you stood alone in your living room staring at your phone. On the screen was the number of one Jason Todd. You tried to hype yourself up, telling yourself the worst that could happen was for him not to answer. After all, he was a superhero, he was usually busy at night. Gathering up your meager amount of courage, you hit the dial button and anxiously listened to the ringing on the other end.

Three rings and a gruff voice answered, “Hello?”

“Jason? It’s (Y/N). Do you have some time to talk?”

Because I Like You

Word Count: 1670

    A/N: this is a touch of Jealous/Protective!Jughead, but I have one more coming out here fairly soon that will be even more jelaous-y and protective-y and possessive-y than this so yay! *squeal* I hope you all enjoy lol!

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Romance At Its Best (Dean Ambrose smut)

Dean x reader… Reader and a couple of her friends went to Raw, it was an epic night. She meets up with Dean backstage and he asks you personally out on a romantic date. And the two of you spend the rest of the night back at the hotel spicing it up. Details, daddy kink, and sexy, seductive, steamy moments!!!! Okay, so this was interesting to write. Send in requests, I write for a lot, just ask if I write it!!!! Please be kind, this was a little in the shitty side because I was half asleep when I finished.  

Warnings: smut, slightly public sex, fingering, Daddy! Kink, oral sex, slight orgasm denial, fluff, hot lil lunatic, I think that’s all

Tag List: @theelitevillian @hoodgirl163 @wweismyguiltypleasure @flawlessglamazon @neeadinghugs

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You've Got to Stop Holding Me the Way You Do' - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Inspired by ‘Water Under the Bridge by Adele, you can listen to it here.

It had started with an arm slung around her shoulders but over time it developed into arms being wrapped tightly around her waist as hers were settled around his neck. She knew it was wrong, she wasn’t his girlfriend, he shouldn’t be holding her like that. But she couldn’t resist him. Jeff made her feel wanted and protected. It had to stop before her feelings for him got out of hand, she could control a crush but her thoughts about Jeff were rapidly approaching something that bared resemblance to love.

She was shaken from her thoughts as she watched Jeff approach her from down the corridor. His smile made his entire being glow as he laughed along with Clay. They stopped in front of her, Jeff was already opening his arms as a form of greeting. Instead of accepting his embrace she turned to Clay, rearranging the collar of his shirt for him as they began to talk about their English essay and she pretended not to notice the way Jeff’s face dropped and his arms swung loosely by his sides. His expression quickly flickered about to a beaming smile as he coaxed her into a conversation.

“(Y/n), guess what?” She chuckled at his childlike eagerness.

“What?” Instead of reprimanding her boring answer he rolled his eyes and answered.

“I got a C in history which means…”

“You can stay on the team!” She was overwhelmed by the surge of pride she felt for him. On any other day, she could have congratulated him with a hug. But not today, she had to be strong. She patted him on the arm and gave him her best smile, hoping he wouldn’t find her behaviour too odd. Concern pinched Jeff’s eyebrows together as Clay gave her a confused look. They always hugged and were affectionate towards one another-it’s why half the school was convinced they were dating. Clay and Jeff shared a puzzled look when the bell rang and they parted ways, each going to their lessons.

The more she thought about it, the more she realised just how much they touched. He would grab her hand when it was cold outside, they would cuddle together when binge watching a new tv series, they’d even shared a bed together before. It scared her, she’d had boyfriends before but never felt the same way about them as she did for Jeff. The thought caused panic to spread through her veins, she couldn’t ruin her relationship with Jeff, she wouldn’t risk the best friendship she’d ever had. Clay brought her back to the present by waving his hand in front of her face with a knowing smirk.

“Don’t even say it” Her tone was firm as she frowned at Clay.


“Don’t. I’m not going to say anything and that’s it” Clay sighed while shaking his head. He gave her a stern look but complied with her wishes, he knew firsthand how stubborn she could be and he wasn’t going to push her. They walked out of the classroom in silence, slowly making their way out of the school.

“I’m sorry”

“No, I get it-it’s hard and terrifying” She was about to thank him when she heard footsteps approaching them. Jeff grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers before turning to Clay.

“What’s terrifying?” (Y/n) widened her eyes at Clay, silently begging him not to say anything.

“Y-you know umm, spiders! Big spiders” She hung her head, exasperated that spiders were the only excuse he could think of. Jeff turned back to her with a raised eyebrow, she detached her hand from his and started miming how big the spiders they were “talking” about were. He laughed at her before reaching to take her hand back in his. She declined his action, threading her fingers through her hair instead and playing with the ends. Hurt and confusion flickered across his face again. She had to look away, she couldn’t bear the guilt that way pressing on her chest. When they reached Jeff’s car, she gave Clay a hug before climbing into the passenger seat. Quickly saying goodbye to Clay as well, Jeff soon joined her in the car. They drove silently towards her house. It was the first time in their relationship that there had been an awkward silence-the worst part of it was that she knew it was her fault.

He pulled up outside of her house, she reached for the door handle and was about to say goodbye when he stopped her. His hand slowly circled around her wrist, gently keeping her in place as he started to speak.

“Have I done something?” His head was hung in shame, she let out a breath of air, searching for an answer to his question. When he lifted his eyes to hers they implored her to tell the truth.

“No, of course not! What are you talking about?” She strained to keep her tone light and cheerful. The flash of frustration in Jeff’s eyes made it clear that her attempt had been unsuccessful.

“(Y/n) what did I do? You won’t let me near you today” His words were heavy with sorrow, in that moment she realised how much their affectionate touches meant to him and how much she’d hurt him by denying him of them.

“Jeff-its just-I-” She stopped, aggravated by her inability to express herself. Her breath shook from the fear that was swirling the nerves in her stomach.

“Please, tell me so I can fix it” His kindness never failed to overwhelm her, she wanted to give him answers but she didn’t know how to. Sensing her discomfort, he moved his hand from her wrist, connecting their hands together. Her gaze settled on their entwined fingers. He deserved to know what was happening. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

“I-I really like you Jeff and-and I know that you don’t return those feelings which is” She struggled to finish her sentence, forcing the pain in her chest to dissipate “-which is fine but I can’t handle all of the physical affection. Not until I’ve-”

Her words were cut off by the soft press of Jeff’s lips to hers. She gasped in surprise but her hands worked their way to his hair as she pulled him closer. Not knowing how long they’d been wrapped up in each other they separated, both needing air. Her eyes fluttered open and immediately found Jeff’s.

“You’re wrong” He was beaming as she furrowed her eyebrows, confused by his blunt statement.

“I do return your feelings” She let out a shaky laugh, turning to him with a smirk.

“Really? I didn’t get that from the kiss” He rolled his eyes at her comment, before reconnecting their lips. The tension between them had lifted and was quickly replaced with eager excitement about their new relationship.

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And I'm sure you didn't mean it like that, but your response made me feel... weird?? Like it felt like you were just kind of saying 'well damn just shut the fuck up already, it doesn't fucking matter. Your shit opinion doesn't matter because that isn't required.' I'm sure you didn't mean it like that but it just... hurt. Wow I am terrified to send this haha.

That wasn’t what I meant honey.

I was a little irritated, and I think I was a little nasty to you, and I’m very sorry. It was unnecessary how I spoke to you. Let me rephrase that, okay?

The reason the sex aspect of this is so important to trans guys who aren’t sex repulsed is because for the longest time, they had two options: have sex without surgery and just basically be absolutely miserable b/c of bottom dysphoria (if they had bottom dysphoria, that is) or have bottom surgery and never orgasm. I know you’re sex repulsed, so we don’t have to explain that any further, but that’s why the sex is so important to some of these guys.

You, on the other hand, someone who is sex repulsed, don’t have to use to sex aspects of this at all. You could just use it to pee, and as probably one of the best packers ever. However, you could probably find a cheaper alternative since you don’t want the sex stuff.

And again, I’m very sorry I got snippy with you :(

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hi oreana! could you please write something about reader getting drunk for the first time (celebrating with the rooks, perhaps) and jacob taking care of her? :D that could be cute.. until she starts vomiting that is lmao. you don't have to ofc! i've just remembered that one quest when jacob took care of a drunk rook :')

{Awwr, I can see what I can come up with, hon. X3 I’ve had Jacob take care of someone before. It was in the request mini-series I did called ‘To Woo the One’ and the following chapter, The Pursuit, was about her being ill and Jacob remaining beside her if you find these scenes to be your thing. C:}

You were a social drinker at best…one to only bother with drinking if others were involved, and now you were beginning to regret that about yourself as you could only handle so much liquor within your body.

The world was spinning, the simplest sounds were louder than usual as they banged about in your skull and gave you a horrible headache… You leaned against the nearby brick wall to try and find some sort of reprieve in the idea the structure was cool to the skin that chilly evening, but you were a drunken mess and the best thing for you would be to stumble back to the stronghold and to find rest like most of the drunkards would do.

But where were you…? Your mind wasn’t working properly, and you couldn’t make sense of the streets or even the shops. The citizens of London would push past you, not caring for the fact you needed help. Ducking into a nearby alleyway, you heaved as you steadied yourself best you were able to prevent from falling but your hand slipped on the building you were trying to have support you and it was there you lost your footing.

“Whoa there!” came a familiar voice as an arm quickly grappled you just under your chest to keep your face from smashing into the ground below.

While the support was welcomed, the pressure it put on your upset stomach wasn’t, and it was there you lost the contents of what you had eaten and drunk prior.

“Uh…charming,” commented the tone again as he did his best to stay out of the way though being kind enough to keep your loosened hair from the sickness the liquor caused.

You were almost too embarrassed to look at him…especially since the voice (as fuzzy as it was) was starting to make sense to you now. “S-Sorry, boss…” you apologized with a bite of your lower lip. It was Jacob Frye, the leader of the Rooks and the syndicate you had joined a year or so ago.

His hold on you tightened as you were a lot more difficult to move than anticipated. Jacob’s arm urged you back against him to where your head could rest if you wished. As your ear found the gentle beating of his heart, the assassin dug about in his pocket for a clean handkerchief he kept with him to dab at your mouth and clean it for you as your body was heavy as iron and impossible to move properly. Honestly, you had surrendered that thought of caring to move at all when Jacob came to your rescue and just submitted to his touch.

“Not much of a drinker, are you?” Jacob asked with a light chuckle, hoping to make light of the situation. “Come on then!” His words strained as he positioned you again in his embrace, moved onward through the small crowds of London’s deadening night and towards the stronghold you were trying to get to. “Let’s get you to lie down at least.”

The covers of any stronghold cot were hardly delightful, but all the same, this was home, and it was better than lying on the streets like some boozed up homeless woman. “My head is killing me,” you groaned, eyes remaining shut as even the simple candlelight Jacob soon held was agitating the pain in your head.

Jacob set the light source off to the side on a workbench before placing his hand upon your forehead to be sure it was just a simple trick of the alcohol and not something that required a doctor’s aid. “Water will assist you, love,” insisted the voice of your boss, causing him to take to his feet and drift across the room to see if the pipes were working as intended without making the water brown as it often did in the past.

“I appreciate this, Mr. Frye,” you murmured, voice labored still in pain as a small whine of discomfort squeezed past your lips at the ache pounding in your mind and making you wish to vomit once more.

“Perhaps next time it will teach you not to overdo it?” Jacob wondered, the sounds of his feet inching closer to you again echoed in your mind, floorboards moaning under his weight before he urged you to face him as he held the water you would need.

At his command, you rolled over onto your back, swallowing down the desire to be horribly sick once more. “I-I am not one for drinking unless…the lads do,” you whispered, lips trembling as they pressed upon the rim of the glass he guided towards you. The drink was refreshing and cooled the jumbled mess that was your stomach. When you felt you had enough, you gently urged away Jacob’s hand.

“Then perhaps, next time, you should be mindful if you can’t hold your alcohol,” Jacob teased though being honest at the same time. When he slipped the glass away from your lips, he accidentally caused a bit to dribble from the corner of your mouth. The side of his finger was quick, and it was there he snagged the rogue bit of water to do away with it. “I would offer food to you, but seeing as you near vomited on me earlier, I might withhold that thought till later when you’ve rid most of this from your body.”

You nodded, finding that to be wise as you couldn’t dream of eating anything at the moment without losing it shortly after. “You can just…you can leave me here if you want.” Feeling guilty for stealing his time, you didn’t want to be a nuisance. “I am sure I’ll be fine tomorrow…”

“Some lads have been known to overdo it before to where their body just stops working in the middle of the night,” Jacob confessed, remaining at side of the old cot he had gotten you on. He was squatting beside you, hands clasped between his legs. “I want to make sure you didn’t overdo it so much to where your body cannot function any longer, love.” With what remaining water was in the glass he offered earlier, Jacob pushed it off to the side for now. “I have nowhere to be.”

“Willing to stay here even if I vomit on you?” you asked with a weary moan of displeasure at the throbbing still happening in your head.

Jacob scoffed quietly, knowing any simple sound might upset your body further. “I’ve dealt with worse on me, love. Don’t dwell on it, and try to get some rest.” Here, he pushed himself to his feet and moved over to the nearby window to look out at the other Rooks patrolling the location, making sure everything was in order and no Blighters were trying to take the place over with you ill.

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nonnie requested: i’m feeling real hollow and empty so you don’t have to, but if you could write a cisco x reader imagine where he cares for her after being ghosted a billion times, and reassures her that she isn’t worthless, and it’s just real fluffy and lovey-dovey, my garbage heart would really appreciate it. thank you so much doll!! love your writing and i hope you’re well.

A/N: I didn’t get this request until I woke up so I’m sorry that this is delayed. I really hope you feel better about yourself. *hugs nonnie* My IM is always open if you guys need someone to talk to even if I may not reply quickly. I might not always cheer you up but I’ll try. This is more of Cisco reassuring reader than anything but I’m sure he wouldn’t leave your side if you felt bad plus I kind of don’t know what ‘ghosted’ meant and I don’t know if I did it right. Writer me is sick so my mind is a bit scrambled? Sorry? I’m glad you like my writing, so yay! And as always requests and ships are open unless stated otherwise by me.

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  » Relationship(s): Cisco Ramon/Reader (crush; eventual established) «

“Y/N, you deserve so much better than that Ben guy. He probably wasn’t worth your time anyway.” Cisco’s voice could be heard as you looked at your phone with the supposed great guy named Ben that you fell in love with but he just seemingly vanished in thin air. Not hearing a peep from him but he wasn’t the only one. And it made you feel like there was nobody out there who would love you but there was someone who did. You just didn’t know quite at that moment that it was your friend Cisco whom loved you so much.

You two met when you were just the new person with an astrophysics degree at S.T.A.R labs (I couldn’t think of anything else so I’m sorry), a very smart and quite young at the time to have such a big degree. So you definitely had brain power and a smile that could make anyone else smile, including sometimes Dr. Wells if he was in a good mood. But sadly the one thing you wanted was love and you never was quite lucky in the love game. Most men didn’t want a girl with brains and wanted her to do stuff while he was the bread winner. And you didn’t want that at all, you wanted to prove people wrong that girls can be just as smart as men.

Cisco admired your smarts and quick wit even if others didn’t see it, he was your best friend and you were happy to have him as one. “I guess I’ll never find someone Cisco. That’s just it, no guy wants a girl who is smart like me. .” You say but before you could go on, the mechanical engineer stopped your words. “No. Listen to me, Y/N. You are smart but you are also witty, kind, you are care about others before yourself. You didn’t deserve any of this and I know someone who would never leave you. .” Your E/C looked confused up at the brown ones, who? As far as you know that all the guys you’ve met were jerks. Well besides Cisco, Dr. Wells, and Barry who appreciated your smarts like Snow.

“How would you know that Cisco? Stop lying to me.” You said while curling up in Cisco’s arms as he rested his head your shoulder. “I know Y/N. .because that someone is me. I love you, Y/N. I love everything about you, from you rambling on about astrophysics to you laughing at my scfi references. I love you. And I’ll do everything I can to prove that I do love you and I’m not going to leave until you feel better about yourself. Or so help me Barry if you are going to attack me.”

For once in a long time, you cracked a smile and wrapped your arms around him, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. Cisco was always there for you no matter what, then you realized you loved Cisco Ramon back. And he never left you like Ben or Eric or whatever. Those guys aren’t important anymore after you got together with Cisco. He proved himself as you worked together to help Barry and you helped him out when he went as Vibe. From watching scfi movies to saving Central City or the world, he never left your side.

You never felt being ghosted again with him around as he was proud to show you were his.   


captaincrowcaw  asked:

I don't know how much of this kind of thing you do, but could I have some advice on drawing people or coloring things digitally? I've been having a really hard time with both of these things recently and you're really good at both of those thing and I really love you're style. C:

Thank you! I can try my best to give some advice; “coloring digitally” is a broad subject and so I don’t expect to be able to cover everything you’re looking for, nor can I talk about every aspect of my coloring in this format, but I can give some tips.

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Hi c: Can i ask for a scenario of Ez realizing that the "stupid, always tripping, never finding the ingredients he asked for, useless" Gardienne was blind all the time but +

A/N: Hi there~ Sure you can ask :D And your idea is really creative, never saw one like this. I will try to do my best ^^

How come he didn´t notice sooner? He felt so dumb right now. But she could have told him, right?

“Auch!” He heard guardienne say as she fell on the floor. 

Not being sure of what to do, Ezarel walked hesitantly towards the woman that was on the floor, extending his hand to her.

“Ezarel…Thank you…” She said as she placed her hand in his.

“…how did you know it was me?” The elf asked with curiousity.

“W-what do you mean with that? Of course I-I know it´s you…”

“I know the truth…” He said as he pulled her towards his chest, making her face land there.

“W-what truth?” She was scared. Did he really find out? If so… will he kick her out of the guard?

“That… you´re blind… Why didn´t you tell me, guardienne?” 

“I… thought you would say that I was even more useless and would kick me out of the guard… I-I didn´t know what to do… I´m so sorry..” She sobbed silently on his chest, making Ezarel show a pained look in his face.

He regretted it now… but what would it help regretting at the moment? Nothing at all…

“I see. But I would never do that to you. You might not be able to see, but there are things that only you can do that no one else can because of your special trait. If you think being blind is a curse, I consider it a blessing as well… If you had told me right from the beginning, I could have looked at other missions for you…”

“Hum…Thanks, but really I don´t want to be treated like I can´t do anyhting. I may not see, but my other senses are much better, like my ears. I can hear much better than you, who has pointy ears!” She said playfully and gave him a smile.

“Just how do you even know I have pointy ears if you never saw them?”

“Well… there was this one time where I touched them while you were asleep in the alchemy lab. I may not see but if I touch something I can create an image in my mind.”

That was something he didn´t knew about. He was surprised from hearing this and decided to do something that if someone else told him he would do, he wouldn´t have believed them.

“Ez?” Guardienne asked once she felt the elf picking up her hands and press them into his face.

“Do it. I will let you for today…” None of them said anything else and guardienne kept passing her hands through his face, trying to record every single detail of the blue haired man on her memory and to create the best image of him in her mind as possible.

Ezarel´s heart quickened up once guardienne started touching his lips, making him feel quite embarrassed from it, but he still let her.

“You´re very handsome…” She said at him as she touched his ears. “I wish I could see your ears with my own eyes, they must be really cute haha.”

“…are you making fun of me right now? Because if you are, I´m gonna make you work double than usual!” 

“I´m just stating the truth! Tch, such an evil elf. Wanting me to work even more than usual. You should be punished by the oracle!!” Trying to look like she was angry, she let go of Ezarel and placed her hands on her waist while trying to give him a pissed off pout, only making him think she looked rather adorable. Of course he wouldn´t say that out loud…

Suddenly, some little kids passed through them while running, bumping against guardienne and making her lose her balance. Ezarel saw this and caught her in his arms.

“You lil brats! Unless you wish me to use some potions in you all, I suggest you to apologize and stop running here!” He said angrily, making the kids apologize and go away.

“You shouldn´t have been so hard on them…” The woman said, only to feel the elf press her even more into his chest.

“They should´ve been carefull. From now on you will be working with me in the lab. You would be of great help at placing the herbs in their respective places, since lots of them look the same.” Nodding her head to what her chef guard requested, guardienne from then on started working in the lab, helping out with whatever she could. What she didn´t know was the fact that Ezarel wanted to be able to observe her and be able to help her right away if anything bad happened…

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I'm sorry but I'm one of those people who don't seem to enjoy the movie Tarzan as much :/ Can you please explain why you think it's a masterpiece? I'm interested in knowing why you believe that, because I always agree with your insight on everything☺️

hey no need to apologise, everyone’s entitled to their opinions and sometimes we just don’t gel with movies or books, it’s no big deal!! thank you for being so polite and for asking this, though, i really appreciate your kind words!!!

reasons why i am trash for disney’s tarzan:

  • the SOUNDTRACK. phil collins, certified pop legend, just bringing the perfect mix of rhythmic little tunes and emotional ballads and uplifting lyrics that simultaneously move the story along and get stuck in your head
  • also mark mancina is a genius honestly the score for tarzan is so beautiful, the motif for jane is one of my favourite things in the world. the score has such a unique sound and it sets the scene so perfectly and hits every emotional beat!!
  • the animation!!!! did you know that they created a brand new animation system called deep canvas for this movie?? a whole brand new system!! from scratch!!! it allows 2d characters to move through a 3d world, which is how they got the awesome effects of tarzan sliding along tree branches and swinging on vines to work so well. pay special attention to the backgrounds and you can see how many layers there are in every scene, it really does look like a proper jungle with different levels of foliage and shadow and god it’s a work of art

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation

  • the character of tarzan was animated by the legendary, mind blowingly talented glen keane (also responsible for ariel, the beast, aladdin, pocahontas, rapunzel and many more). BUT here’s the best part - he oversaw his animation from france, where he was meant to be on a sort of year long sabbatical from the disney company but loved the story and character so much he decided to do it anyway
  • MEANWHILE all the other supervising animators (including the incredible ken duncan, animator for jane porter [also meg from hercules]) were back in california. they had to collaborate across timezones and continents to create scenes where their characters interacted, and look at what an amazing job they did!!! 

Originally posted by tynusia2000

  • the story. i think everyone can relate to the feeling of not fitting in, of being different from everyone around you. and the emphasis on family being those who love you - the message that so long as you are surrounded by people who love you, you are home. god. it makes me emotional
  • tarzan’s parents are two of the best looking characters ever animated by disney and they’re only in the movie for like five minutes what a waste

Originally posted by timelessdisneydreams

  • tarzan is a character that works best in animation. he does stuff no actual man could ever do and what would look ridiculous if a real human did it, no matter how good the cgi is (legend of tarzan 2016 i am looking at you) works within the animated world. he moves along the tree branches like someone on a skateboard or rollerblades, he swings from vines like a gymnast, wrestles wild animals like a… wrestler? and it all works because of the medium
  • also he’s pretty hot ngl

Originally posted by theseacallsushome

  • alSO tarzan as a character. he is a genuine sweetheart. he just wants to fit in - first with his family and then with jane and her family. he tries his best at everything, and wants to learn everything, and his curiosity is so endearing
  • OMG WAIT HOW COULD I FORGET BABY TARZAN omg his little noises when kala finds him i can’t, he’s too cute for words honestly. and he blows little bubbles in the shape of a hidden mickey??? t o o  m u c h

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

  • tantor’s line of “are you sure this water’s sanitary? it looks questionable to me!” is one of my favourite lines in any film ever and it was delivered by a four year old voice actor who had to have his lines read to him because he was too little to read the script omg my heart

Originally posted by anno-m

  • terkina and the fact that she is totally bossy and unapologetic and everyone irl confuses her for a boy???

Originally posted by neverland-789

  • the professor who brings like his entire fucking science lab and the contents of his whole house on this research trip to africa. like in one scene they have a goddamn chandelier hanging over an actual dining table. in the middle of the african jungle. I LOVE IT

Originally posted by nebulosa-mente

  • random cameo by the mrs potts and chip tea kettle and cup, which inspired the fan theory of belle and the beast being jane’s (great?) grandparents which i love love love
  • the fact that the movie very obviously shows kids to respect animals and nature, but never does it get preachy or condescending to do so. it’s worked so well into the narrative, rather than hitting you over the head with a sign saying LOOK THIS MOVIE WANTS YOU TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. it’s inspiring and showcases the beauty of nature and the animals in it but doesn’t attempt to guilt trip you into caring
  • quick side note: mountain gorillas are critically endangered and we need to save them, i am not afraid to guilt trip you into caring please think of the gorillas

Originally posted by dayshavou

  • JANE PORTER. jane. porter. janey jane. my girl
  • jane wears a stylish big yellow dress complete with bustle to the jungle because she is a lady and that is what ladies wear. she hikes through the african jungle in boots and gloves and a big fucking dress because she will not let the norms of her time stop her from seeing the world. she is travelling!!!! to study science!!!! do you know how rare that was back in the victorian era???? VERY RARE!!! 

Originally posted by wonderlaaaaaand

  • but jane doesn’t care. she goes on this trip with her dad, and she knows all about his research and his study because she is a clever cookie and she cares
  • she isn’t embarrassed by her embarrassing dad, she loves him a lot
  • she talks to herself a lot and she uses her hands when she speaks and is an amazing artist and i just love everything about her okay

Originally posted by disneymoviesdaily

  • jane is a freaking excellent teacher. watch that montage of her teaching tarzan all about the humans (set to the wonderful tune of strangers like me which has the most beautiful bridge) and be amazed by her mad skills

Originally posted by i-wont-say-im-in-loveee

  • tarzan is obviously smitten by her and she’s pretty impressed by his abs eyes BUT they spend at least a few months together, learning from each other and getting to know each other, before they admit that they’re in love or ask each other for any sort of commitment. they actually get to know each other!!!!!

Originally posted by baileymckendry

  • and they are EQUALS. jane teaches tarzan about the human world and he teaches her about the jungle, swinging from vines and speaking gorilla, their partnership has give and take and neither of them force the other into staying in the jungle or leaving the jungle, they just ask and then give the other person time to think about it and RESPECT THEIR CHOICES

Originally posted by jane-of-the-wild

  • jane is the one who kisses tarzan first and i don’t know why this is important to me but it is

Originally posted by all-is-well-in-wonderland

  • over all the movie just makes me very happy
  • i think that everything it teaches children is v important and it is visually stunning and pretty to listen to and it has a smart heroine who is an artist and a scientist (because the two are not mutually exclusive!!) and funny supporting characters and scary villain because he’s super realistic
  • did i mention how impressed i am by the animation??? 

Originally posted by seasaltandcastles

  • i am very impressed by the animation!!!!

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation

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polyamorous au's that have to do with royalty?

  • Character A, B, and C rule their shared kingdom. While at a jousting tournament/traveling performance/royal ball/ext, Character B meets Character D, the charming and alluring ‘royal’ from an unknown kingdom. Characters A and C take this as a challenge to see who can woo Character D the fastest (even through Character D is ace, they like the challenge), but nobody suspects that Character D could actually be an assassin.
  • Growing up in the middle-class, Character A and B were best friends, but when Character C, the court magician, passed through their town, they took one look at Character B and declared that they were destined to be one of the monarch’s child’s potential soulmates. While Character A fought their way to being able to work in the castle and see Character B again, Character B lived in luxury among other people like themselves in an environment that encouraged polyamorous relationships – including sexual, romantic, and family-like bonds.
  • “What? No. I mean yeah I’m ruling with three other people, and I know that Character C is seeing another person who I’m not involved with, but like, I don’t see how I could rule this kingdom with just one other person? You must either have a very small kingdom, or one with a lot of problems.” AU
  • When Character A accidentally awakens an old family curse, they find themselves falling into long sleeping spells at random intervals. Fearing that they won’t be able to run the kingdom efficiently with Character B, they reach out to one of their neighboring kingdoms, asking for their best magician to reverse Character A’s curse. Characters C and D arrive and while they do certainly help Character A with their affliction – lessening it, observing their symptoms before Character A’s spells, helping Character A cope, ext – becoming an intricate part in both of the royal’s lives was not a part of the plan.

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Say, is a brain exam sure to prove that i have ADHD or is it more abstract than that? Because my mom and doctor don't believe me but i can still have a brain exam and i wanna be sure that it can provide actual proof

Unfortunately, it’s kinda abstract. Because, while yes the chemical composition does seem to be different, often brain scans have a hard time picking up up on mental illnesses because a) The brain-scan system will probably struggle with patients who have more than one diagnosis, b) Brain scans may not be able to detect early stages of a disease, and c) The MRI system currently uses diagnostic categories that might not be biologically valid.

Now, I’m not sure, maybe you can ask a doctor if that’ll work, but at the moment the science for that procedure is still testy. Usually brain scans are used to find things like brain cancer, physical damage, or indications of Alzheimer’s.

The best evidence you could get of ADHD is to get a diagnostic test from a psychologist or neurologist. I hope that answered your question, and best of luck!

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Bucky going into the cryo was tragic because at that moment he wasn't a scary assassin, or the winter soldier, he was just Bucky. And now he was realizing his worst fear and being locked away, frozen and alone and he doesn't know what he'll find once he'll get out. Will another decade have passed? But he does it anyway because he loves Steve and his new family and being a danger to them and himself is worth all the pain in the world b/c all he truly wants to be is free, and innocent again.

He’s always being innocent. He was forced to do everything he did so i trust him he could manage to be himself again after cryo BUT why frozen and not therapy? which one will work out best? haha i just want my baby to be okay :( i want him and steve to be happy, idc if it’s like a couple or like bros, i just like both of them to find peace. 

My Candy Love - Episode 29 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

/ or + Means my Love’O’Meter is at 100 so the result is either neutral or positive

If an answer does not have  -, /, or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result

LOM: Love’O’Meter; Low LOM is around 65 points or lower. High LOM is 65 and over.

Action Points: 300-450 depending on how lucky you are on finding people within the episode.

Illustrations: 5 Illustrations possible, one with each boy. Illustrations are not reliant on which boy you are “dating”. Choices made within the episode results in what illustration you get; which includes outfit and dialogue choices.

 Note: For each single episode replay from episode 28 and up, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to choose the boy with whom you will (re)play the episode with. This option is only available on the web and not on the mobile application. Remember the new skins will not be visible in the episode illustrations.

Auntie: She can be found in front of the science room during the objective: Gather everyone to classroom B. Gift: A drawing folder.

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Ik you criticizes sasusaku (i love them but i do too, in real life they would be a shitty couple) but do you have any ss recommendations? I recently read your ss edo tensei prompt (my favorite ever, no joke) and i feel like i've read every good fic, prompt, one shot etc. but can't seem to find more! Maybe im not looking in the right places. I'm bad at using tumblr lol.Or maybe you can recommend me to other tumblr ss writters i might not know about? idk whatever you want lol

*opens big dusty book* oh boy….. u have a big storm comin…….

okay but yeah in all seriousness I have SO MANY MORE ss fic recs than I do nh……  so brace urselves cuties…… 

  • Monomoth  by Ohtze - ongoing!! - this one is so good. so fucking good. it’s dark, it’s emotional, it’s suspenseful as fuck, and I literally check every day to see if it’s updated. that’s how good it is. it’s a must read for every ss fan and I’ve even seen non-ss fans read and enjoy it. it’s a fucked up read, but good as anything ive ever read, that’s for sure.
  • Meet the Parents  by JinnySkeans - complete!! - so good. so cute. emotional at times but definitely a nice read. probably the only fic I like where sakura’s parents are portrayed. spot-on characterization, like usual from her.
  • In Times of Peace  by SouthSideStory - complete!! - easily one of my all-time favorites. perfect characterization, amazing imagery. this person is just a flat-out good fucking writer and it shows.
  • Ayurnamat Theorem  by sasukes - recently finished. one of my first favorites that I found when I entered the fandom.
  • don’t touch my hand and call it love  by rawrchelle - complete!! - it’s been a while since I read this story, but I remember it being genuinely WONDERFUL!! go read it!!!
  • Different  by GhostofYou - ongoing!! - she hadn’t updated in a while, but it’s a very nice story that I was following for a while. worth the read.
  • Decennial  by fayevalentines - complete!! - so good. dark, emotional, angsty as shit. but good good good good god this story is so damn GOOD. this is another one of my all time favorites. if you’re looking for a good dose of angst, look no further.
  • RED  by Sherbet Mayhem - complete!! - i don’t think i’ve recommended any other story more than I’ve recommended this one. seriously my favorite naruto story ever. it’s very au and very fucking good.
  • Daimyo’s Daughter  by Sakura’s Unicorn - complete! - not a very long read, so i’d recommend it for people who dont feel like putting a lot of time/effort into reading a HUGELY long one, but reading this is a good way to spend an afternoon/night! C:
  • No Good Deed  by Blade Redwind  - complete!! - this story does have itasaku in it, but once you start reading and once the story gets going, whether you like itachi or not you’re going to be fucking GLUED to this fic!!! it IS sasusaku, so don’t be put off by the first couple of chapters!! trust me! it’s a story every ssfan should read!!!
  • The Long Way Home  by the general girl - complete!! - easily the best “memory loss” fic i’ve ever read. there are some OCs, but they aren’t off putting and the entire story is handled very well!! an enjoyable read for sure!!!

i’m sure I could put many more, but here are my fav multi-chaptered ones that I can think of off the top of my head (also that I have saved under my favs on whoops) you can find most sasusaku fanfic writers here on tumblr under the ssfanfiction tag!!!

but thank you for your compliments, i’m glad you like my fics! C:

I Promise – Derek Hale

Request: Derek and y/n were mates, have been for years. Y/n’s wedding day to him is coming up and he’s the one getting nervous Y/n’s human. Y/n could walk away from him at any time y/n wanted He would always be bonded to y/n; only loving y/n. He kept fearing that y/n’d not get married to him and leave him, find someone else & forget about him. He was trying to be the best mate he could be, which sucked. Mainly b/c he wouldn’t voice his fears and broke the pickle jar when he was tried to open it for y/n

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RFA (+Unknown) X MC : Matching Couple Outfits

(i didn’t do V because I haven’t really finish the whole game so I wouldn’t really know his kind of style/character!)


  • he’s the one that suggested it
  • was blushing like crazy when he suggested
  • “uhm uhm uhm can we h-have you know the kind of outfit other c-couples wear”
  • already planned hundreds of outfits when you agreed
  • you both wear LOLOL merchandise hoodies
  • he is so HAPPY 
  • HE IS RADIATING HAPPINESS omg hug this boi
  • make sure both of you are wearing the hoodie when you go and buy more LOLOL merchandise
  • everyone finds it cute tbh


  • when you first suggest it, he immediately agreed
  • i mean he wanted to show off to the world
  • you thought you could be the one that choose
  • but no
  • “i have the best fashion sense in the world watch me win mr universe”
  • no zen that’s not how it works
  • you and zen wear matching white coats
  • and shoes
  • when he knows there would be fans around, he makes sure both of you are wearing it
  • spams the chatrooms whenever he bought new couple matching outfits
  • got jumin inspired to do the same for elizabeth but how


  • “what is the point of that” 
  • you have to explain to him
  • he pretends he understand
  • but he does not
  • asks Jaehee why couples do it
  • finally understands and is actually quite excited but didn’t want an extremely cliche kind of outfit
  • in the end, both of you have matching cat ears headband
  • he is shook
  • when you both go to amusement park , he loves to match the headband with you
  • contemplating making cat ears handband for elizabeth

Jaehee (haven’t played her route so please excuse me if i got it wrong!)

  • she agrees to do it with you because you were so excited about it
  • you both bought matching pink cardigans
  • she really really loves it so much
  • loves to match with you when you both go out to eat together
  • once wear it to work and Jumin was so confused
  • “Why did I see that cardigan before”
  • she wants to get more matching outfits with you
  • the next outfit would probably be some zen merchandise


  • before you mentioned it he already bought 4 outfits
  • the first outfit you match with him was a penguin onesie
  • you both spend the whole day wearing it and sliding around the floor at home
  • until seven accidentally got ice cream on the onesie
  • insists that seven should take it out to prevent making the floor dirty
  • of course he doesn’t
  • you both end up sleeping on the floor cuddling
  • it’s so cute tbh
  • two penguins cuddling aww


  • “but why”
  • he doesn’t really like it
  • but still matches with you because he doesn’t want to disappoint you anyway possible
  • you both match with black leather jacket
  • he’s blushing inside
  • he finds it so cute on you
  • pretends he doesn’t find it cute
  • but melting inside
  • wants to go buy ice cream while wearing the black jacket matching with you
  • “are you sure you don’t like it?”
  • “nO”
  • he’s gonna keep denying it
  • but still buys spiky bracelets for you to match with him


Daryl's storyline potential

Honestly, I think that they should develop Daryl’s character so much more on the show. He was never in the comics, so he’s a blank character. They can do what they want with him essentially.

One thing that I’d love to see more of is Daryl’s past with his abuse. Maybe not flashbacks, but seeing it more within him or someone else seeing his scars, and maybe prompting him to talk about it?? I mean, we see his scars randomly one episode (I know it was during his and Merle’s storyline, but bleh), and then it’s just kind of dropped? Has no one picked up on the fact that he is a bit /too/ introverted? Why show it, just to ignore/drop it?? But seriously, maybe we could find out why it happened. Maybe his father was just an abusive c*nt or there was a damn reason why he did it (still doesn’t justify hitting your child though, really. Let’s be real). But they could do so freaking much. His character could be the best damn developed one on the show, for Christ’s sake.

Additionally, I personally believe that Daryl could be gay. I mean, Norman Reedus and many others who work on the show have said they’ve considered it. Daryl has never shown interest in /anyone/ on the show, male or female, so it could be a great storyline and plot. Also, that could maybe add onto the abuse storyline? Daryl’s father finding out that he is gay and hurting him?? I don’t know!

I just want to know more about his character! I love him so much, and he’s so damn cute and he’s a precious cinnamon roll who is too good for this world. He deserves the best and I’d just love to see more of him in general.

Ugh, I just get sooo passionate about his character. But y'all probably don’t even care tbh 😂 Sorry 😂🙈

This is v v random, and not well written, but oh well 😂