it was the best class ever tbh

REAL TALK THO tododeku can potentially be such a beautiful relationship??? like deku flipped todo’s world upside down and i can totally imagine him being smitten with deku and he’d try to flirt but at first he’d be sO AWKWARD because he doesn’t have any social skills and it’s not like deku is that social either so they would awkwardly tiptoe round each other 

and deku would have the cutest little crush on him but he doesn’t let himself dwell on it because he honestly doesn’t think todo would ever reciprocate it and he’d be so hAPPY!!!!!! when he finds out that todo likes him back

and tbh i can only see them being in those long term relationships where they are each other’s first and one and only and they’d keep supporting each other to be the best and they’d bring out the good in each other like MUTUALLY BENEFITICAL PARTNERS HECK YA and just being the old married couple of the class where they just smile at each other and blush and say ‘hi’ and the whole class groans my god this ship will end me

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5: Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?

sdfghjkkkjhgfd this is such a lovely question, thank you!! ♥ (be ready for a very long answer lmao i get emo)
well, it was my first italian teacher. i’ve got her as a teacher for my first two years of high school (then i changed class and everything fucked up) and we had………. a kind of hate/love relationship?? like, she used to be bitchy af with us (me and my classmates) because she wanted the best from us. she was the BEST italian teacher i’ve ever had tbh, she taught us so much and it makes me so sad sometimes, thinking i don’t have her as a teacher anymore.
during my second year, she kind of became my confessor? i was going through some bad shit (aaaaa bad times) and she was,,,,,, there??? for me???? she literally took me aside once and asked what was going on with me because she saw me being sad for days and honestly????? i died because she was too precious.
when i switched class, she wanted to start teaching in my new one only because i was there (and i was one of her best students so), and when she found out this couldn’t happen, she sent me an email thanking me for those years together and i literally lost it and cried the whole day.

i get to see her sometimes at school. my friends who still have her as a teacher, told me she totally changed after we switched classes; and i see that too. she’s way more calm now and sweet, always smiling. i miss her so very much, it’s unbelievable.



*follows directions

*the end do i have to go on? ok ill go a lil more in depth

*one of the best gpa in the whole school/country/continent

*as stated, hes rlly shy and hates presenting projects

*you two meet when he is walking out of the mens bathroom and you two bump into each other

*you turn rlly red and he turns rlly red and theres nowhere for him to go except back in the bathroom so guess what

*ends up being late for class for the first time ever bc he hid in the bathroom

*sees you again in the library and turns to walk out but walks into the door

*you help him up and he shyly thanks you but ?? he doesnt leave just stands there

*long story short he develops a huge crush on you and you two become best friends

*studies with u all the time and helps u bc hes so smart

*tbh gets picked on a lil bc he is pretty + manly all at the same time

*doesnt have any desire to make a move until


*he thinks its a safe environment where there will be nO pda bc ? its in school

*so he kinda just gets a rose and asks

* ‘hey y/n ah~… do you want to go to the dance w me?’

*actually surprisingly pretty confident

*he smiles *that* smile too

*you had to say yes

*the dance was a lot of fun & as promised, no pda

*he is a lot more comfortable with u after that tbh

*starts asking you out on more dates, mainly ice cream dates

*his uniform is always tucked in and his name tag is straight

*packs rlly cute lunches for you two to share


*wants to make sure u eat enough

*becomes rlly comfortable with u and even holds hands as he walks u to ur next class

to sum it up jeonghan is ur light in the darkness and he looks out for u even if he is v awk at first c:

It’s 4 o'clock in the morning and I am being a soppy twat tbh. For those that do not know, I left school yesterday. I am going to miss this girl a lot. She doesn’t live far from me and we hardly ever speak in person but I would class her as one of my best friends.
We started talking because if tumblr a few months back, we followed each other and I thought I’d message her just to say I like her blog. I didn’t know how close we were going to get, I didn’t think she would reply or know who I am because there is a huge popularity difference between us, she is popular whereas I’m not. It was so weird for me to be talking to a popular person as I usually hide myself away from people hoping they don’t notice. I didn’t think friendship would develop between us as we are so different, well, we seemed different. We actually have a lot in common.
Whenever I’m feeling down and alone I know I can always message her and she will make me smile even if I don’t want to. She is genuinely a nice person that is so loving and caring and I am so lucky to have a friend like her. She knows that whenever she is under the weather I’m here for her and I will try making her smile, I don’t know if I do but I try. We don’t have a lot of memories as we haven’t been friends for a great amount of time but we do have some and the ones that we do have are amazing. Now out school days are over I really hope we don’t drift and I still want to be able to talk to you and get drunk with you. I want us to stay friends for a lot longer than a few months so please stay in touch.
You’re honestly so freaking beautiful and your personality is amazing and I just love the way you are as you, never change. I wish you the best in all you do in your lifetime and I hope you achieve great things. I’m gonna miss seeing your face every day even if we didn’t speak. Please don’t change for anyone, be yourself. Message me whenever you want and stay strong. You’re amazing and great and beautiful and ughh, so many words to describe you with, I’m not going to list them all. Us fake human beings need to stuck together. I love you slut:) gonna miss youuuu