it was the best birthday ever

Way Back Home

This fic is to celebrate @word-bug and her turning a year older! Happy Birthday, Vaish, I love you! We discussed this Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani AU at length, and I hope you like it! 

I could have never perfected it without the help of my Bae-ta (ha ha!) @accio-ambition​! You’re the best, thnz

“Swan, you alright?” Killian asked, crouching in front of her.
She shook her head, the grin finally breaking through. “I’m going to London,” she announced, the first time she ever said the words out loud.

Emma Swan’s life changed that night, and she left Storybrooke to follow her dreams. But it’s time for her to find her way back home, and what better way to bring her back than for a wedding?

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Killian grinned, watching as Ruby and Dorothy went wild on the dance floor. Their arms were slung around each other, smiles wide as they danced to the beat of the music. Dorothy laughed at something Ruby said, her head thrown back. The look on Ruby’s face made him grin wider, beyond happy that his best friend seemed to have found someone to spend the rest of her life with. He might have met her only five years ago, but it seems like he’s known her much longer.

Her and Graham, he reminded himself, grunting as his mate bumped into him hard, taking a seat next to him, a glass of scotch (he assumed) clutched in his hands. “What are you moping here for, Killian? It’s a party, mate,” he slurred.

Before he could respond with a scathing remark, Ruby pulled him out of his seat, forcing him into the crowd with her. He had to stomp down the urge to grumble, knowing how important this weekend was to Ruby. After all, it wasn’t everyday your best friend gets married in Vienna of all places.

When Ruby had first told him she was getting married, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. However, he knew how much being with Dorothy had changed her, even mended her broken heart. She’d become someone different – someone who was proud of herself.

And so, he pushed aside his own heartache, knowing that no matter how much he hoped, the person he really wanted here with him would probably not show up. She probably didn’t even know that there was a wedding happening.

Suddenly, the music stopped, making everyone groan and whine, turning to the DJ for an explanation. Right before things got too chaotic, the other side with the stage lit up, the sound of a familiar song started up, making him suck in a sharp breath. When he could see who was on stage more clearly, his heart dropped to his gut. He felt Ruby’s talon like nails grip his arm, a whispered oh my God leaving her lips before she cried it even louder.

“OH MY GOD. EMMA!” she shouted, running to the stage to hug the blonde, just as We Like to Party by the Vangaboys came on, both girls singing it together, the whole club soon joining them. Killian, well, he was stuck in the same spot, his eyes never leaving the dancing goddess on stage, her cheeks red from laughter and golden hair flipping around.

She was back. Five years later, but she was actually back.

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Lisaaaaaa can you please rec me some fics that have exhibitionism???


So Baby Whenever You’re Ready : The daddyfic sequel where Harry has a birthday, Louis is a good boyfriend, and Zayn’s the most helpful best mate ever.

I Only Ever Want You :  Louis & Harry and Liam & Zayn begin to have sex in front of each other and a lot of kink-discovery results from that.

Slippage Harry and Louis have sex in front of the others. It shouldn’t be like this. They shouldn’t be so comfortable with each other that something like this is allowed to happen without anyone completely freaking out. That has to be a sign that they’ve all gotten too close, that they need some time apart.

Riding Comfortable : Harry is the 19-year-old intern, Louis is the 25-year-old CEO, and they fuck in the office a lot.

To Be the Friction in Your JeansHarry is an exhibitionist. He gets up to shenanigans.

Settlement :  It might be weird, might be a little bit fucked-up, but it’s not like they have to tell anybody about it. It’s theirs. It could always be theirs.

Down and Dirty, You’re Loving Me So Loud :  Harry’s finally twenty and there’s a few things he wants.

I though about making the youngest sisters 10 yrs later because well why not.

Here are some concepts about the ideas of designing them 10 yrs later:

-Lily is a bit fun. Since she has no clothes and is a baby, I decided to design her as my own. The color of her blouse is suppose to be her signature color like in the show. I’m was thinking about of how to design 11-yr-old Lily as Little Lily, something that would best suited for her with a slightest bit of Lincoln to go with her appearance. IE as in not too feminine and not to tomboyish. I imagine Lily as a cheerful, happy, and somewhat colorful girl who wants to be her own person sometimes.

-Lisa, I was thinking that she got the lab coat as a birthday present from her mom and she wore it ever since. I though about if her hair gets longer she would wear it as a bun to hold it since she loves science and experimenting and since labs (chemistry to be specific and as an example) is very recommend to your hair up especially if is long. And the boots are to protect her feet from certain chemical spillage.

-The twins don’t have much of an idea to make them older. However though, I was thinking that Lola stopped wearing her pageant gowns as regular clothes yet still goes to them and will only wear them if she entered one. Originally I intended to have Lola to hear high heals but replace with flats so she and Lana are the same height. Speaking of Lana: I though of her that she will be more hygienic when she gets older but still the biggest tomboy you have ever met and still never afraid to get her hands dirty when she needs to. I wanted to give Lana something simple in her 16-yr-old self. As you can see she wear capris shorts to go with her tomboyish ways and the hat she wears it forwards now recently.

-Lucy is interesting. I wanted her to be goth as possible as she was as a kid but I don’t know that much about goth fashion so I have to look up some images about goth girls but the most as I found is them wearing dresses which I don’t want to draw 18 yr old Lucy with it. So I decided to give her dark colors and make up to go with it. I wanted to draw Lucy with an eye exposing while the other one is still covered with her side bangs.I intended to draw Lucy with a black jacket but when I did I thought that it looks more suited if she is Luna so, I decided replace it with a sweater. I notice platform boots when I looked up the images of goth girls so I decided to give Lucy some. Frankly is also because I thought I drew too tall so the boots would help with the uh height problem there. 

Loud sisters © Nickelodeon

Happy birthday to the Demon King and our first ever, Universal Champion: Finn Balor! 🎈🎂🎉🍻

May this year be his best yet, in and out of the ring!

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To my avid reader,

You may have changed your url but I remember those times when you sent me anonymous TAs, praising my writing. I was overwhelmed for I didn’t know someone could appreciate my works in such a manner so please accept my deepest gratitude for doing so. 

Your new url best describes you. You have become a sentinel for your own heart and for others. You have tried loving yet it was a fallacy all along. Still you, tried to believe in love once again, persevering like the faithful person as you are. Believe.

Baby Samantha, continue inspiring and don’t ever give up in life. Pursue your dreams.

Happy birthday to you. I proclaim this day as Samanthantastic Wednesday.

Enjoy your day and may you attain the happiness you’ve been searching.

Smile and lots of love from me to you @faithfulprotectress.



Today is my birthday and usually I get super angsty on my birthdays. I’ve been obsessed with aging ever since I was a teenager, but for once I don’t really care? I mean, I wasn’t looking forward to my birthday and I’m definitely not thrilled or anything, but for once I’m not sitting here like absolutely depressed about getting older. I’m just kind of like…whatever. It’s inevitable, I can’t change it, and it’s just a number anyway. It’s just another day!

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Preferred Name: T, my ‘correct’ name pronunciation (it’s Sanskrit) doesn’t follow English grammar rules, and as much as I like the English version, it just sounds pretentious, and that’s not how I roll 😎.

Birthday: April 7th

Relationship Status: single, and not ready to mingle because I’m not emotionally ready ayyyyyyyy

Pets: I have two: one cat, who is a tabby and is the most precious demon you will ever meet. As well as, my lovely dog who is the only being that craves validation more than me

Wake-up time: right now I have an internship so I’m usually up by 7:30, but during the school year it’s more like 6:00

Coke or Pepsi: Neither, the blood of my enemies

Call or text: Depends on how close I am to that person :)

Last person I called: myself…. I lost my phone…. but it’s also a metaphor for my personal life

Last person I texted: A groupchat with my friends. And by text I mean stare at and never actually contribute to the conversation. ;)

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick. I don’t really like makeup

Number of piercings: my ears are pierced

Number of tattoos: none. I’m young and have commitment issues.

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‘The Family Jewels’ released February 15, 2010.

It is a body of work largely inspired by the seduction of commercialism, modern social values, family and female sexuality…Each song was intricately produced and written by myself, and my only hope is for it to be enjoyed and consumed as a story and theory that encourages people to question themselves.