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truth or dare


This was a strange gathering if Soren had ever seen one. He still wasn’t sure how he’d been roped into this game, but in the spirit of social interaction he could avoid excusing himself until something went terribly bad.

“Well, I suppose we ought to start… whatever this is,” he commented, “though I’d imagine you all know the rules better than I do. Mist,” he added, looking to the cleric. A safe choice, hopefully. “Truth or dare?”

Rewatching “Lethal Trackdown” in TCW
  • That is some heavy-ass black eyeshadow, Aurra.
  • [”I know a good soldier when I see one.”] I know sharp cheekbones when I see them.
  • Aurra Sing is now Space Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Man, I miss Samuel L. Jackson as Mace.
  • What are they wearing?  PJs?
  • Oh God, Ahsoka’s old design.
  • Is Aurra wearing a freaking jump suit?
  • I love how even this is supposed a super futuristic time, the holograms are still echoey and shake all the time.
  • [Plo Koon] Clone Dad!
  • What is that thing?
  • I just now remembered that James Arnold Taylor also voices Plo Koon in this show, along with a bunch of other characters
  • Why do the Twilek girls look kinda ugly?  I liked the female Twilek designs a lot better in Rebels.
  • Hondo!
  • [Aurra kisses the crap out of Hondo] WELL DAMN
  • “Not mine, I take it?”  OH MY GOD!
  • Where are Hondo’s eyes?
  • “Let’s discuss this over a drink like civilized people.”  Hondo says as he then proceeds to escort his ex-girlfriend to a bar
  • I like Ahsoka’s poncho cloak thing
  • That was a stripper!  There’s a stripper in “Star Wars:  The Clone Wars!”  And this was supposed to be a kid’s show!
  • Oh my God!  The amount of background conversation that got past the freaking radar!  Jesus Christ!
  • Wait so Hondo’s gang knows about Hondo and Aurra.  Daaaaannnnggg what went down?
  • What are those dog things?
  • That’s a pretty sweet office Hondo’s got.
  • So what species is Plo Koon?
  • Hondo’s probably hearing the explosion and going “I put good money into that bar!  Meh.  At least she kicked ass though.”
  • Hondo was just waiting for the commotion to come outside!
  • OK, but can we address the fact that Ahsoka took down Slave I by herself?

HAP BIRTH MAX @mangaken!! 🎉🎉

hOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN aaaa you’ve been one of my closest friends ive made on here :’)) Thank u for sticking with me throughout these years and I apologize for any wrongdoing ive done u_u;

sentimental stuff aside FJSKF AFTER 47843 YEARS I FINALLY DREW AN ACTUAL LAPIDOT rip i know ive said ive been wanting to draw them earlier but well better late than never i suppose hAHAHA they’re really cute and because of u i got into this ship 8’’))

Imagine finding Newt in the Forbidden Forest caring for a young abandoned Niffler in your third year at Hogwarts.

“You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” Newt looked at you with fear in his eyes.
“Well, I’m not supposed to be out here either, so I guess I can’t.” Shrugging your shoulders. You sat down next to him, getting a better look at the small creature. “My name is (L/N). (F/N) (L/N).”
“Scamander. Newt Scamander.” He said shyly.
You both sat there for a long while just watching the small creature in his hand.
“Isn’t that think supposed to be kinda dangerous?” You asked.
“Not if you know how to care for it.” He ran his hand slowly down the Nifflers coat.
“Can you teach me?”
Newt found himself smiling at the request.

(And then you became best friends

Tony Stark doesn’t play well with others. What a load of crap, let’s look at who he’s had to ‘play’ with and decide:

Tony works well with the damn HULK. He prods him with a shock of electricity and they even work in a lab together. Bruce sees Tony as one of his closest friends and they might have disagreements but Tony still gets along with Bruce just fine. 

Tony works well with Vision who is a supposed non-biases humanoid with an infinity gem, whether he created him or not he works well with him.

Tony works well with Rhodey, a colonel in the military and someone who tried to take his armor from him while he was dying and his friends of decades. They work just fine together. 

Tony seems to work with T’Challa with no problem too. He never had any reason to call out T’Challa or give him any distrust like some he faced. 

Peter respected the hell out of Tony and even when they just met Tony and Peter got along, even in the Homecoming trailer you see Peter looking up to Tony. 

Tony does NOT work well with Thor, who grabbed him by the throat while he was out of his armor and the ‘team’ stood by and watched. I don’t care what you have to say about Tony Stark but the team stood by while a known Norse God grabbed a HUMAN by the THROAT while he had NO PROTECTION. Angry or not Thor shouldn’t have done that and the team is even worse for not even moving a muscle to do anything to stop him. 

Tony does NOT work well with Natasha who has played double agent from the beginning and you never know who’s side she’s actually on other than her own. She started off writing a report on him that was written while he was DYING and she ENCOURAGED his behavior but then turned and wrote a report about how ‘Iron man was needed but not Tony Stark’. I’m sorry but isn’t she some kind of super spy? She knew Tony was dying, she knew he had no one to get him through this and when he asked her how she’d react she said she’d do whatever she wanted, but whenever she writes that report the circumstances are not mentioned AT ALL. She never makes a move to rectify that report and I guarantee you that plays a part in how people treat him on the ‘team’. 

Tony does NOT work well with Wanda who played with his head, set off the Hulk, worked with Ultron, attacked him for the death of her parents (Which he knows nothing about), and then only turns to the Avengers because she found out Ultron intended to kill everyone and not just Tony Stark. Need I remind anyone that Wanda knew Stark would get hurt, was even counting on it, but afterwards he takes her into his home, gives her the latest tech and costume designs, gives her food and shelter, when she never apologized for what she did to him or any other Avenger. She played with their minds and never apologized yet Tony still took her in. 

Tony does NOT work well with Steve Rogers who is a sanctimonious prick. Everyone says he’s this boy scout, I’m sorry, how the fuck is he a boy scout? No matter what his intentions were Steve Rogers went around and lied on government forms to get into the military. Yes, he had good intentions to do his part in the war, but he was still lying and breaking the law! The only reason that scientist found him was because Steve was lying again. Steve wasn’t chosen out of all these great soldiers, Steve was stumbled upon and the doctor liked him, believed he had heart. But then when Tony keeps something he lectures him on lying and keeping secrets, dude, you got your powers because you were lying! So to me, Steve Rogers is just a man and Civil War showed how flawed he was. Steve knew who had murdered Tony’s parents, or at the very least suspected, and he never said a word. Rogers knew that Tony’s parents were murdered instead of in this crash that you know Tony blamed his father for but he never said a thing. 

In the few scenes we saw of them Tony and Clint bantered back and forth and seemed to get along just fine! But all of the sudden Clint comes out of retirement to fight a war when he had told the team that he was retired and the accords didn’t have any impact on him, yet here he is fighting them when he doesn’t know them. So I guess you can say that these two are up in the air. 

And Falcon and Ant-Man? These two have not interacted with Tony enough to know him. Lang only knows him by name and hates him while Tony genuinely doesn’t know who he is. Falcon? Sam is blindly loyal to Steve and so him and Tony have a rocky relationship. 

Just a few thoughts

Imagine the boys being excited when you tell them you want to spent the Holidays with them.

“I’d ask why you’re grinning like that but- I’m really scared I won’t like the answer.” Sam mumbled with a smirk and narrowed eyes.

Dean gave him a small glare but the moment his eyes focused on his phone a grin spread on his face. He bit his lip as he typed a text back and set it down to look fully at his brother. If Sam didn’t know him any better he’d say he had met someone and had fallen in love, acting like twelve-year-old girl talking to her crush.

“Alright, first; it’s not porn if you’re thinking about that.” he gave him a smug grin as Sam rolled his eyes “And second-” he got up and walked towards his brother and the pie “-It’s something that will make you grin as well.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Sam narrowed his eyes, before rolling them as Dean dag down on the pie.

“Pack your stuff, Sammy.” he said through a mouth full, handing his brother his phone.

Sam’s eyes ran over the phone screen, reading the messages exchanged between his brother… and you. It didn’t bother him for long that you had decided to send the messages to his brother because his excitement got the best of him and a grin spread on his face.

“She-” he only spoke as he looked up at his brother who looked just as excited “-She wants to spend the holidays… with us?” he breathed out and Dean nodded his head with grin.

“Let’s get going Sammy!”


“Coming!” you shouted as you walked down the stairs and made your way to the door. You licked the frosting from your fingers. You knew you probably looked like a mess but important thing was that the cookies were all done and the only thing left was the pie… or most likely pies, seeing as you couldn’t decide on the flavor and only one didn’t seem enough.

You ran towards the door and the moment you opened it a wide grin spread on your face. A squeal left your lips when you saw Sam and Dean casually leaning against the doorframe.

“Oh my gosh!” you squeaked as you jumped in Dea’s arms first. You hugged him tightly, the man laughing as your legs wrapped around his waist and he had lifted you off the ground.

“D” you whispered in his ear and the older Winchester felt his heart swell in his chest. He gave you a squeeze as he kissed your cheek.

You had your face buried at the crook of his neck and when you pulled away you gave him a wide grin “You came.” you breathed out and he nodded his head with a charming grin.

“Hell yeah we did.” he breathed out and you kissed his cheek. He let you go, maybe a little reluctantly, from his arms so that you stood on your feet. You turned to face Sam was not-so-patiently waiting for you to hug him.

You grinned up at the giant and jumped straight in his arms “Sammy” you whispered in a tiny voice and Sam grinned to himself. There were only two people in this world that he let call him that way and it was you and his brother.

“You’re here so fast.” you breathed out, nuzzling your face at the crook of his neck and he squeezed you, lifting you of your feet as well.

“We weren’t going to miss this for anything in the world.” he whispered and you squeezed him as well when he kissed your forehead. You pulled away and kissed his cheek as well. He too reluctantly let go of you, setting you on your feet.

“Come on-” you said breathlessly with a grin “I have already made plenty of food!”

You patted them on the shoulders as you motioned for them to get it. They both had soft smiles on their faces and once they stepped foot into the house a feeling of safety ad peace settled in. This Christmas was going to be the best one ever… especially for the one that got to share a room with you. What could you do, there was only one guest room and the couch was not one for sleeping in.


LotR Challenge

Day 11 - Favorite Couple: EOWYN & FARAMIR

“Then Faramir laughed merrily. ’That is well,’ he said; for I am not a king. Yet I will wed with the White Lady of Rohan, if it be her will. And if she will, then let us cross the River and in happier days let us dwell in fair Ithilien and there make a garden. All things will grow with joy there, if the White Lady comes.‘”

The Hawthorn mystery: why did Draco's wand work for Harry?

Hi, Anon! Hope you don’t mind me answering it in a text post! Just better formatting, I suppose. Looks better on my blog, anyways. Thanks! 💜

About the question: well, no one knows for sure, but we can talk about wandlore and maybe we can get some answers. Shall we?

(It’ll probably have a thousand typos, because it’s a shitload of text, so forgive me, my buddies. Love you.)

To be honest, this is a subject JKR failed to explore, even though the Elder Wand was so crucial to the story. We don’t really learn that much about how they work or why they are needed, besides the basic of the basic.

As we know, the wand chooses the wizard. That alone can explain a lot about why certain wands work for people and others don’t. But it’s way more complex than it sounds like.

For example: Harry was chosen by the Holly wand with Fawkes’s feather. And it makes sense, because he’s a horcrux, so he has a part of Voldemort within him. But I wouldn’t say that’s the reason, even though it seems obvious. Because the wand recognises the nature of the wizard, what they intend to do with it, who they are and will be.

No one knows how it does that, not even wand makers, but it’s more than identification, especially at such a young age. That’s why most wands stay with wizards for a long time, unless they are broken or stolen. Because even though they change as people, the core (quite literally) is almost always the same, to the wand. The signs were always there. It’s practically divination, to be honest.

‘The wand chooses the wizard. That much has always been clear to those of us who have studied wandlore… if you are any wizard at all you will be able to channel your magic through almost any instrument. The best results, however, must always come where there is the strongest affinity between wizard and wand. These connections are complex. An initial attraction, and then a mutual quest for experience, the wand learning from the wizard, the wizard from the wand.’ - Mr. Ollivander

Now, if you take a look at each of the properties of the wands, you’ll be able to understand Draco’s wand, why it was so friendly to Harry and why it was able to help him kill Voldemort.

1. The wood

It’s chosen according to your birth tree in the Celtic tree calendar. Yes. This is something most people don’t even know, and it’s so important because it makes wandlore a bit easier to understand.

Why? Well, it obviously relates to Astronomy, Astrology, divination… So it’s easier to understand how it’s shaped to suit people’s personalities, their magic cores as wizards, etc. The wand is not the source of the power, it’s a channel to concentrate the power from within the wizard. So you could say the wood represents the nature of the wizard, what he’s already born with.

To understand how the wood alone can say a lot about a wizard’s nature, let’s take a look at what Ollivander has to say about Hawthorn, Draco’s wandwood:

The wandmaker Gregorovitch wrote that hawthorn ‘makes a strange, contradictory wand, as full of paradoxes as the tree that gave it birth, whose leaves and blossoms heal, and yet whose cut branches smell of death.’ While I disagree with many of Gregorovitch’s conclusions, we concur about hawthorn wands, which are complex and intriguing in their natures, just like the owners who best suit them. Hawthorn wands may be particularly suited to healing magic, but they are also adept at curses, and I have generally observed that the hawthorn wand seems most at home with a conflicted nature, or with a witch or wizard passing through a period of turmoil. Hawthorn is not easy to master, however, and I would only ever consider placing a hawthorn wand in the hands of a witch or wizard of proven talent, or the consequences might be dangerous. Hawthorn wands have a notable peculiarity: their spells can, when badly handled, backfire.

I think Draco’s whole storyline is in there. His conflicted nature (he’s a Gemini, for fuck’s sake!), his turmoils, how actually talented and powerful he is. 

(It’s also a sign Draco should become a Healer. Sorry, that’s my headcanon and I can’t shut up about it!)

Also, the reason Harry’s spell backfires is right there (because Harry was not evil nor wanted to kill Voldemort, he tried to save him until the end). And the fact Hawthorn is not easy to master. Keep that in mind.

2. The length and flexibility

Both aspects of wands are so underrated. 

Ollivander wrote, about the length: “longer wands might suit taller wizards, but they tend to be drawn to bigger personalities, and those of a more spacious and dramatic style of magic”. 

So it’s no surprise Hagrid’s is 16" and Ron is 14", because they are both tall and quite dramatic in their demeanour. Meanwhile, Harry is 11" and Draco, although slightly taller than him, is 10", showing how his magic is more introspective and he is more guarded, closed off. 

(Lol wands are so phallic, impossible not to giggle while you discuss lengths)

He also wrote, about the flexibility: “denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair”.

It’s no surprise, then, that Bellatrix’s wand is rigid or that Harry’s is flexible. Her wand was always intended for evil and madness, because it’s in her nature; Harry’s, on the other hand, was flexible enough to adapt to his nature, even though he was part-horcrux and could end up being evil. The wand knew better.

Draco’s wand is reasonably flexible. Which could mean it’s consistent, but if forced, adaptable. So again, it’s not in its nature to just accept changing allegiances. It will fight until the end not to be mastered.

So both its wood and its flexibility are huge indicators of how hard it would be for his wand to be mastered and change loyalties. Again, keep that in mind.

3. The core

The core is an even more complex aspect of wands. While the wood represents the wizard’s nature as a person (their body and heart), the core represents the nature of their magic. It’s in the way they use it, the potency, what they’re good at, etc.

Now let’s take a look at Ollivander’s comments on Unicorn hair, Draco’s wand core:

Unicorn hair generally produces the most consistent magic, and is least subject to fluctuations and blockages. Wands with unicorn cores are generally the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts. They are the most faithful of all wands, and usually remain strongly attached to their first owner, irrespective of whether he or she was an accomplished witch or wizard.

Minor disadvantages of unicorn hair are that they do not make the most powerful wands (although the wand wood may compensate) and that they are prone to melancholy if seriously mishandled, meaning that the hair may ‘die’ and need replacing.

Wow. I mean, this is illuminating, isn’t it? First of all, even though Hawthorn is contradictory, it is balanced by the hair, making it a more consistent wand.

(Oh, and it’s a great property for healers, because the Unicorn is known to be pure and its blood can keep you alive. So, again, Healer! Draco, please.)

It’s also the most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts, and that is a clear sign that Draco was never a dark wizard by nature, he didn’t want to be dark. He wasn’t dark, otherwise this wand wouldn’t have chosen him in the first place.

And last, but definitely not least, they are the most faithful, and tend to remain attached to their first owner. 

Well, there’s that then. All the aspects in Draco’s wand are adamant to it being difficult to master and even harder to change allegiances. It would fight until the end to work only for its master, and the hair could even die from it. 

So why did it change masters that easily, then? That’s the question, innit?

Here’s what JKR has said about the whole Hawthorn wand business:

‘So one would expect a certain amount of loyalty from one’s wand. So even if you were disarmed while carrying it, even if you lost a fight while carrying it, it has developed an affinity with you that it will not give up easily. If, however, a wand is won, properly won in an adult duel, then a wand may switch allegiance, and it will certainly work better even if it hasn’t fully switched allegiance for the person who won it. So that of course is what happens when Harry takes Draco’s wand from him…’

Not trying to correct JKR because she’s the fucking author, but doing it anyway: Draco and Harry didn’t duel, dear Joanne. He only took the wands in a hurry. He never disarmed him. Proof?

As Ron ran to pull Hermione out of the wreckage, Harry took his chance; he leapt over an armchair and wrested the three wands from Draco’s grip…

Well, well, well. No duel. How… interesting.

JKR’s argument here is that, even though they didn’t properly duel, Draco was disarmed the muggle way, with a good old shove. Well, again, not trying to diss her own understanding of her world, but this pathetic wrestle doesn’t count. If that was all it took, then wands would be pretty useless, hm? Their allegiance should survive a shove. They’re expensive, God’s sake!

Let’s read JKR’s own canon a bit more, shall we?

Harry looked down at the hawthorn wand that had once belonged to Draco Malfoy. He had been surprised, but pleased, to discover that it worked for him at least as well as Hermione’s had done.

Pleased. Heheh. So gay. Anyway.

It’s funny that she included this in the book, because it contradicts her own laws of wands. According to them, if you steal/borrow someone else’s wand, it won’t change allegiances, obtaining only “fair results”. The allegiance only changes if it’s won.

Well, JKR, Hermione’s wand works perfectly for Harry even though he never disarmed her. Just like Draco’s, who he also never disarmed. So why do they change loyalties, or at least share loyalties? Harry sees both wands as friendly, and he naturally uses both with no problems.

So here’s my personal theory, from everything I’ve read and all the time I’ve spent overthinking the issue without being paid a single pound: 

Harry had their complete, absolute trust.

(Ok, it sounds stupid, but bear with me.)

People were part of the war for many reasons, right? For their families, their friends, themselves, for justice and all that. They keep their reasons until the end, hopefully. Right? Even those fighting for Harry, they had their own reasons.

Now, what was the main reason Hermione ended up in the middle of this war? It’s not in her nature to fight, she’s not a warrior. But she knew she had to help Harry. It was only Harry. She didn’t have family fighting alongside her. She didn’t have any other allegiance.

Why she never, not even once, mistrusted Harry? Ron did and they were so close. That’s because his primary reason for being there was his family, not Harry (that doesn’t mean he didn’t love or trust Harry, but he would choose his family, if he had to).

This absolute trust Hermione had for Harry has the same origin as everything good in Harry Potter: sacrifice. She gave up her own parents, her own story. She made a huge sacrifice for Harry. She gave up her doubts and any other loyalty she had to follow him.

What about Draco, you ask?

He had his family as his only loyalty throughout his whole life. But that went to shit, to be honest. His whole world stopped making sense. Everything he believe was a lie. He didn’t trust his parents anymore, even though he loved them immensely. He was so confused (“I love a good turmoil”, his wand said, happily).

And I think sacrifice is exactly what happened to Draco at Malfoy Manor. He made it by not identifying Harry, by betraying his own family and Voldemort and risking his own life (and he does that again in the Room of Requirement).

At that moment, his only hope, his only trust in the world was Harry. Because if Voldemort won, he was fucked. Not only because he didn’t want to live in that world he once thought perfect, but because he was a shitty Death Eater, he didn’t want to kill or torture. He didn’t believe in Voldemort anymore. He didn’t have anything else to believe, at that exact moment.

When he “lost” his wand to Harry, his allegiance had already changed in such a visceral way that it was easy for them to share his wand (and the Elder Wand, by proxy). Because he trusted Harry with his heart and soul. 

If that isn’t love, I don’t want to know what is, because it’s not good enough. 

I don’t even care if you believe in Drarry or not, if you think this love I’m talking about is romantic or platonic. Regardless, it was there. You can’t deny it. I won’t let you. Because otherwise, everything we know about wands IS A LIE. And the Wizarding World doesn’t live like that. Magic makes at least a little bit of sense.

(Even though what we’re discussing is fictional. Sorry, I’m that insane.)

And remember how Narcissa’s wand didn’t “understand” Draco? 

Her wand is unknown, but it’s said to resemble Lucius’s, so it was probably Elmwood, a wand considered desirable for purebloods. Imagine that. The nature of her wand was not the same as his at all. She was selfish and didn’t have any allegiances but her own family. Even when she makes that final sacrifice, lying to Voldemort, it’s for Draco. She couldn’t care less about Harry’s life. 

So her wand not adapting to him is a huge indicator that his loyalty wasn’t with his family at all anymore. They were with Harry now (the whole “DON’T KILL HIM! DON’T KILL HIM!” shebang is like a neon sign, innit?).

And loyalty means much more than just wands in Harry Potter. The two Death Eaters who betrayed Voldemort, Snape and Regulus, sacrificed their lives, reputation, love (doesn’t matter which kind). They were something so foreign to Voldemort he never once thought they betrayed him. 

Because loyalty free of ulterior motives is love in its most visceral sense.

And the same fucking thing happened to Draco, right? Voldemort never, not even once, was able to see what happened with his wand. Because pure loyalty was involved and he never understood it.

Love is always the answer in this series. Lily’s, Narcissa’s, Snape’s, Harry’s. And Draco’s, I would say, is just as meaningful. It matters just as much in the final battle. It was the reason Harry won in the first place. 

So again, that’s LOVE LOVE LOVE and not even JKR will change my opinion (sorry, boss).

I will never accept the Hawthorn wand changed allegiances, because we have proof it didn’t have any reason to, and it’s not in its nature to just do it. Furthermore, in Cursed Child Draco even uses this old wand again. 

He never lost the wand’s loyalty completely, he just shared it with Harry.

Game, set and match again. Drarry is real™ as fuck.

Fake Chats #105
  • Namjoon: say it.
  • Hoseok: I'm not saying it.
  • Jungkook: say it.
  • Hoseok: no!
  • Jimin: hyung, I know you want to.
  • Hoseok: you traitor! You're supposed to be on my side!
  • Taehyung: just say it, you'll feel better.
  • Hoseok: ...
  • Seokjin: well?
  • Hoseok: fine. Yoongi looks pretty as a girl.
  • Yoongi: ha! I knew it! J-Hooooooooooope thinks I'm pretty! *punches the air* Take that, you suckers! But seriously, you think I'm pretty? That's a little weird. You're lucky I find you cute and funny, otherwise those punches would be in your face.
  • Hoseok: I don't feel better.

“haha that person turned out to be a sexual predator. epic Win” please look at yourself in a mirror for a really long time and wonder where your priorities actually lie bc it sounds like ppls well being ranks below well performative horn tooting. please be better than that. the goal is actually supposed to be less predators not secretly hoping for more to complete some weird villain arc you’ve imagined in your head

Witch! Jinwoo as inspired by @vonseal’s fic 👀👀 (ft. an annoyed Dongmin and a horrible sense of fashion)


Fanart for the fanfiction Rogue by RedCoaster on AO3 and FFN. If you like SNK and you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! Drawn entirely in pen and then colored with colored pencils.


When you got back home today, he was already lying face down on your bed with an ice pack on his sore back. Usually, when this happens an ice pack and advil is enough, but today, he reached for you hand and looked up at you with his puppy eyes, asking for a massage. And really, how could you say no to him?
As you work on one of the large knots in his back, his skin is so warm and beautiful under your hands. And his moans are so erotic coming from his lightly opened lips, though his eyes are closed and the rest of his face looks so innocent. You know very well that you’re supposed to be focusing on helping him feel better, but seeing his bare, muscular back and hearing him moaning underneath you are turning you on. When you look at his expression again, his eyes are open and he can definitely see how pink your cheeks are and he turns over with you still sitting on him, though now, you have the perfect view of his chest and abdomen. “Maybe it’s time I take care of you, now, baobei.” His hands move up your thighs heavily, a smirk spreading over his sweet lips.

- Admin J


“Wow, you’re looking very flash today,” Ryleigh looked Salim up and down as he took a seat next to her.

“Meetings all day remember?” he laughed. “Today’s required me to be a little more professional than yesterday.”

“It’s a good look for you,” she grinned. “Is that the kind of fancy we’re going for tonight as well?”

“If you like,” he shrugged, taking a bite of the sandwich Ryleigh had bought him. “I mean it, you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to.”

“Oh no,” Ryleigh shook her head. “I’ve already got a dress.”

“Have you now?” Salim raised one eyebrow. “Well, I suppose I better see what I can rummage up in my closet then.”

“It’s not very fancy,” she admitted, glancing down at her plate. “I was just walking past a shop this morning and saw it and liked it. It was on sale for half price so I thought ‘why not?’.”

“I’m sure you’ll look beautiful no matter how fancy it is,” he smiled warmly at her. “You always do.”

Second Edition of “I really need to take a good look at the sizes of witchy supplies on amazon before I buy them” (Check out first edition with the spell bottles for mice here)

Decided to buy some rose petals for upcoming spells, particularly 

  1. bath spells (including @starmagicks ‘s Bath Spell to Release Anger)
  2. bottle spells (including @celestinewiitch’s Self Care Spell Jar,  @feather-set ‘s A Better Me Spell Bottle, and because I’m obsessed with all of @witchy-woman ‘s jars I’m sure I’ll find a way to add it some of hers when I make more of them as well)
  3. witchy teas (including @queerbeldam ‘s Goddess Relaxation Tea which I’m so excited to try!)

Anyway…on amazon it looked like a reasonable amount. I suppose that I didn’t realize how much a pound is in rose petal amounts…the bag is pictured here with my 16 pound cat.

Seven (Young Remus Lupin x reader-- drabble)

A/N: i’m laying in bed w cramps and another headache :)))) my midterms start next week and i’m dEd,, remus always makes me feel better tho

word count: 225
warnings: none

“Hey, Moony?” You grin, sitting across from your boyfriend, Remus in the Gryffindor common room. He’s supposed to be helping you study. He doesn’t look up from his textbook; he just nods. “You know who I love?”

He sighs and pushes up his glasses, still not even glancing up at you. “I love you too, Y/N. You’ve gotta study, though or you’re gonna fail your divination exam.”

You roll your eyes. “I’m gonna fail it either way. No one actually does well in divination, Remus.” You cross your arms and pout. “Besides, how am I supposed to concentrate with you being so damn cute over there?”

“I managed it with you.” He scans the page he’s on, a smile dancing on his lips. He finally puts down his book to focus on you. “Aye, what’s with the lip? C'mon, cut it out.” He chuckles.

“Can we take a break?” You whine.

“We’ve been working for ten minutes.” He raises an eyebrow at you.

You give him a hopeful smirk. “Meaning we’ve earned ten minutes of break time?”

“Five.” He retorts.

You frown at him. “Ten.”

He scans the books sprawled across the table for a quick moment. “Seven.” He comes to a decision.

“I’ll take it.” You smile, hurrying over to him, settling yourself into his lap, and pressing a peck onto his cheek.